Sunrise & More Snow

Wednesday, January 21

DSC_5036It was a cold, beautiful morning, but I wanted to go outside and get a photo of the pretty sunrise.


DSC_5040On the way back I noticed the frosty grass and leaves beneath my feet.

DSC_5083Thursday, January 22 – We woke up to another layer of snow.

DSC_5086Reuben and his girlie shoveled the driveway.



DSC_5102Then she helped Cerwin carry a few of the lighter mail bags to the car – after her mom and John, Kathy, and Jason Diffenderfer helped label the individual Highway News.

DSC_5103It was a beautiful drive to the post office.

DSC_5106After the post office we went to have lunch with Cerwin’s mother.

DSC_5107On the way home from Landis Homes we met lots and lots of Manheim Township buses – on the way to pick up students.




DSC_5119We also saw a farmer rescuing his tractor and manure spreader. It slid off the road and down a steep embankment before stopping in the creek. It could have been a very dangerous situation, but it appeared that it did not roll – so I expect the driver is okay.

Snow & Doves

It’s been a snowy week – beginning with Wednesday, January 21



DSC_5051The Dark-eyed Juncos were busy.








DSC_5066As I looked for photo opportunities, I saw a dove that I had missed.

DSC_5070Then I saw another.

DSC_5071and another.

DSC_5076I was surprised to see how many doves were perched in the branches.

DSC_5073They were at first camouflaged to my eyes because they looked like large leaves until I started recognizing them.

DSC_5081I was surprised to see a whole bevy of them in one tree.


It was a beautiful, snowy day.

Hannah’s House

Sunday, January 4

1 (1)Because church services were cancelled, we had a relaxing morning – enjoying coffee, pastry…

1 (2)…and an egg, spinach, and sausage casserole.

1 (3)Our plans were to go to see Hannah’s apartment in the afternoon.

I went outside a bit early to get a few more snow pictures.

1 (4)

1 (5)

1 (6)

1 (7)

2 (1)We traveled over some pretty, snow-covered roads during our seventeen-mile drive to where Hannah lives. (She lives in the apartment on the right. That’s her car next to the building.)

She moved here the day after Christmas.

2 (1a)

2 (2)

2 (3)

2a (1)The view from her dining room window.

3a (1)

2a (2)

2a (3)

3 (1)

3 (1a)

3 (2)She loves having her own place.

3 (3)Diane and Hannah in her kitchen.

3a (2)

3b (1)I loved Hannah’s creativity in decorating – especially making a stovepipe cover look like a hat.

3b (3a)

3b (2)

3b (3)

3c (1)Elizabeth and Diane going through the things Elizabeth chose for Hannah – from Grandma High’s things a few nights earlier.

3c (2)She got sheets, glassware, Tupperware, and a bread tray.

3c (3)Opening a gift from her sister Abby – from Pennsylvania.

3c (4)A nice, warm hoodie.

4 (1)Almost ready for a 1:00 PM lunch.

4 (2)Ingredients for a taco salad

4 (3)

4 (4)She also invited her landlady – Gail – to come for lunch.

Gail lives in the main part of the house. They have a connecting door between their apartments – with a doorbell.

5Gail and Hannah are good friends. Gail’s children are grown, so she has been renting this side of the house for several years. She volunteers at Restore where Hannah is a manager. That is how Hannah learned that this apartment was available.

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)My coffee cup

6 (4)Enjoying lunch.

6 (5)Gail brought dessert – an ice box cake.

6 (6)Getting ready to play Now-You-Have-It-Now-You-Don’t.

After that game we played several hands of Scum.

6 (7)Her front door.

It is great for us to know that Hannah has found a nice place with a good landlady.

We went to evening church in Brunswick.

Snow In Maine

We awoke to a snowy landscape outside our windows on Sunday morning.

1Mark had to shovel his way to the car so he could go to work.

1aChurch was cancelled in the morning because of the snow and ice.

2Consequently we could stay inside and look at the beauty from a warm place.

3 (1)

3 (2)

3 (6)

3 (4)

3 (3)

3 (5)

3 (7)

3 (8)



6 (4)

6 (3)

6 (2)

6 (1)I love being in Maine when it snows.

Still A Bit Of Snow

Friday, November 28

1We had some errands to run today: Weaver’s Store (Fivepointville), Wal-Mart (Ephrata), and Landis Homes (Lititz) – including a short visit with Mother when there.

In some areas there was still some snow and ice on the ground.

2As we neared Landis Homes, we noticed the Amish were building a new barn. It wasn’t real large, so there only a few men working on it.

3There was a trailer with trusses and lumber on it at the end of the lane.

4 (1)

4 (2)When approaching a Landis Homes office entrance, I noticed some pretty ornamental cabbage.


After a quick stop at Wal-Mart, I was glad we didn’t have a lot of shopping to do. The store was full of people and lines were long. Weaver’s Store was quite busy as well. Cerwin needed to return a hunting item.

We spent the rest of the day at home, and at one point Cerwin noticed that our water heater was leaking. Consequently, I had to heat water tonight to clean up after supper. It isn’t a good weekend to discover we need a new water heater.

We may have to spend the weekend heating our water. Oh, well, it could certainly be worse. At least we have water. 🙂

Snow On The Pumpkin

Wednesday, November 26

DSC_2718I had two bulk mailings ready to take to the post office in Lititz, and did that first thing this morning (8 AM) so I would beat the snow.

DSC_2722It began snowing as I was driving home.









DSC_2744Male cardinals always look pretty in the snow.



DSC_2753Females are pretty too, but not quite as brilliant.





DSC_2768Now where did I hide that nut.

DSC_2769Found it!



DSC_2777We didn’t get a lot of snow – just a few inches.

Enough to make it pretty outside.

It’s still snowing a bit as I post this.

Great American Outdoor Show ~ Continued

Tuesday, February 4

B (1)More pictures from our walk through the building where all the outfitters were advertising their hunts.

B (2)

B (3)

B (4)Taxidermy fascinates me.

B (5)Maybe it’s because I get to look at these beautiful animals up close.

B (6)

B (7)

B (8)

B (9)Cerwin considered going hunting here this fall, and had talked to the guys on the phone, so he was looking forward to meeting them.

B (10)He chose Hunt West Kentucky (see yesterday’s post), but will keep this one in his memory file. Dates didn’t work out for him this year.

B (11)Cerwin hunted bear at Trackdown Kennels in northern Maine – twice – several years ago.

B (12)He enjoyed talking to Joel (left) – the owner. Joel is French so it is pronounced Jo ‘el.

B (13)After meeting all the outfitters on his list, we bought smoked brisket sandwichs and went to the Small Arena to enjoy lunch.

B (14)While sitting there we learned that Chris Brackett was going to do a show of “Archery Trick Shooting”.

B (15)

B (16)

B (17)Answering questions.

B (18)Most of his targets were moving – after someone threw them into the air.

B (19)After shooting at his own items, he asked for things from the audience. He shot holes in a lot of hats.

B (20)

B (21)A ball.

B (22)A Lifesaver!

B (23)It took him a few tries, but he eventually hit it.

B (24)A can of soda.

B (25)This was his finale.

He stood at the far end of the area and had to hit a certain area of the black box for the two-liter bottle of soda to explode.

It happened on the first shot.

B (26)By the time we left for home, the snow had melted slightly.

I told Cerwin the trees now looked like tall cotton plants.

I guess we were driving through “high cotton.” 🙂