February Birds

We enjoyed a nice variety of birds in February – probably because of a few snow storms.

DSC_5429Female Downy Woodpecker



DSC_5430Sparrow and Downy Woodpecker


DSC_5435Female White-breasted Nuthatch

DSC_7080Male White-breasted Nuthatch

DSC_5498Squirrels also enjoyed birdseed.


DSC_5508House Sparrow and European Starling

DSC_5736Male Hairy Woodpecker


DSC_5839Mourning Dove


DSC_5843Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

DSC_5848American Goldfinch in its winter colors

DSC_6449Male Red-bellied Woodpecker

DSC_6459Female Red-bellied Woodpecker

DSC_6453Blue Jay


DSC_7083Male House Finch


DSC_8211Female Hairy Woodpecker and Northern Flicker

DSC_8213A windy February day

DSC_8216It was interesting to look back on several cold, mid-February days after enjoying a very warm Tuesday in March.

Day After The Big Snow

Sunday, January 24

Day After (1)Enjoy the scenes from the day after our big snow – more than two weeks ago.

Day After (2)A view outside our dining area window.

Day After (3)

Day After (4)Our crepe myrtle bush – deep in the snow.

Day After (5)I brought the tray to the surface once again, added some black oil sunflower seed and a suet block.

Day After (6)A junco relaxing in the morning sun.

Day After (7)

Day After (8)Enjoying the birdseed.

Day After (9)Sunbathing

Day After (10)

Day After (11)

Day After (12)

Day After (13)

Day After (14)Jesse is ready for going outside.

Day After (15)Jared

Day After (16)

Day After (17)Ian

Day After (20)

Day After (18)

Day After (19)

Day After (21)Going to Sarah’s – next door – to help her with shoveling.

Day After (22)Opening a way to our mailbox

Day After (24)Cerwin needed to open our driveway so he could go to TFC’s International Office to open the parking lot.

Day After (26)

Day After (27)

Day After (28)

Day After (29)

Day After (30)

Day After (31)How about a cup of coffee on our deck?

Day After (32)Our nephew Larry opening Anne’s driveway – below our yard.

Day After (33)

Day After (23)

Day After (34)

Day After (35)

Day After (36)Sunset

Morning Moon ~ Evening Moon

Saturday, March 7

Icy Sunrise (1)The morning moon was brilliant at 6:00 AM.

Icy Sunrise (2)Two hours later the sun lit up the snow that was left in the fields.

Icy Sunrise (3)

Icy Sunrise (4)

Icy Sunrise (5)

Icy Sunrise (6)Icicles glittered.

Icy Sunrise (7)It was a great Saturday morning for snowmobiling.

Icy Sunrise (8)The bush is no longer totally covered with snow.

Icy Sunrise (9)By mid-afternoon the icicles were dripping.

Icy Sunrise (10)Some came lose from the roof and ended up sideways on bushes.

Icy Sunrise (11)The evening moon was as brilliant as the morning moon. However, my vantage point was from behind trees – creating interesting pictures.

Icy Sunrise (12)Come back again for my next evening post and see who we took out for supper on Saturday evening.


Thursday, March 5

I had been wanting a real snowfall, and it finally came last Thursday.

1 (1)

1 (2)By the end of the day we had about 10 inches of new snow.

1 (3)

1 (4)Since all the birdseed was covered with snow, I put out several suet blocks.

1 (5)They became quite popular and caused several fights.

1 (6)

1 (7)

1 (8)

1 (9)

1 (10)

1 (11)

1 (12)

2Snow creates incredible beauty.

3 (1)

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)

3 (5)

3 (6)

3aBy noon we could barely see the landscape in front of us.

4 (1)I felt bad for the birds who were searching for food, so put a large plastic platter on our patio table and filled it with birdseed.

It took less than a minute for the seekers to come.

4 (2)

4 (16)

4 (3)The suet blocks were also popular.

4 (4)Our back yard.

4 (5)We were surprised to see our mailman.

4 (6)

4 (7)

4 (8)

4 (9)

4 (10)

4 (11)

4 (12)

4 (13)

4 (14)Another brave traveler.

4 (15)By 1 PM the snow had slowed down significantly so Cerwin decided to open our driveway.

4 (17)

4 (18)

4 (20)By evening there was another few inches of snow, so Cerwin moved it with a shovel.

4 (19)That looked like fun.

I love a snowy day!


When Cerwin called his mother that evening, she told him that one of the nurses took her out in the snow so she could see and feel it. 🙂

5The next time we visited – and that nurse was there, she showed us this picture.

I asked her to send it to me.

Snow, Ice and Flowers From Last Week

Monday, March 2 through Wednesday, March 4

0We went from snow and ice (last week) to a warm, rainy, spring-like week, so it’s difficult to remember that these pictures are from just a week ago.

1Morning shadows on the snow.


1b (1)Sam (man cave “grandson”) was kept busy shoveling snow for several days.

1b (2)The ice and glitter were pretty, but a bit dangerous.

1b (3)

1b (4)There is a bush under that snow and ice.

1b (5)It had been a while since we saw our patio bricks.

1b (6)

1b (7)A pretty Downy Woodpecker was glad for the suet I put in the holder.

It looks like it’s time for another suet pack.

1b (8)I found some French fries in the man cave waste can and threw them out on the snow.

2 (1)Most feeders were covered with ice.

2 (2)

3By evening the trees were ice-covered.

4Cerwin came home with a bouquet of pink carnations – from the grocery store – one evening.

The fresh flowers and color were a welcome reprieve from winter’s snow and cold.

DSC_6460His thoughtfulness reminded me of the verses from Psalm 1 that describe him so well.


1Happy is the man who does not walk in the way sinful men tell him to, or stand in the path of sinners, or sit with those who laugh at the truth.

But he finds joy in the Law of the Lord and thinks about His Law day and night.

This man is like a tree planted by rivers of water, which gives its fruit at the right time and its leaf never dries up. Whatever he does will work out well for him.

Sibling Supper At Mother Hershey’s House

Sunday Evening, March 1

DSC_6370Mother called me in the morning – before church – to see if we still wanted to come for supper since snow and ice was predicted.

DSC_6372Our dad would have been proud of us, because each one said they liked the challenge of driving through snow.

Daddy enjoyed driving in snow.

DSC_6374Our evening drive to her house.



DSC_6381Our step-mother had the table set beautifully.

DSC_6382Some of the dishes belonged to our mother who died when we were young. I am the oldest, and was thirty when she died from cancer.

DSC_6383Mother was busy putting fresh fruit in small dishes when we arrived.

I finished that project while she attended to other things.

DSC_6384Clockwise around the table: Cerwin, Dale, Dot, Tristan (Steve & Brenda’s youngest), Chelsey (Marlin & Nancy’s youngest), Nancy, Marlin, Brenda, Steve, and Mother.

Clair and Kate, we missed you.

My siblings: Dale, Clair, Nancy, and Steve.

DSC_6385Tristan and Chelsey are the only unmarried grandchildren so are invited to this event.

DSC_6386We never lack for conversation.


DSC_6389Following the fresh fruit appetizer, we had baked chicken breast, bread filling, gravy, mixed vegetables, a variety of relishes, and pie and ice cream for dessert.

Cerwin and I both took mince pie, so don’t remember the other choice. We think it was apple.

At the close of each meal she always serves a salty mixture and candy.

Thanks, Mother, we had a wonderful evening.

Snow Plows & A Pretty Sunset

Friday, February 20

DSC_5989One mailbox down!

Apparently a snowplow hit it during the night. Cerwin was able to repair it without much trouble.

DSC_5993Later in the morning a front end loader came through to push the snow farther into the field in preparation for another snow storm.



DSC_5999A regular snow plow followed to make sure the road was clear.

DSC_6003That evening the sun set with a lot of fanfare, creating a beautiful sky.


DSC_6015I love when God closes the day with a beautiful sky.

A Blustery Day


Every time I looked outside or heard the wind, I thought of Winnie the Pooh.






My version of our blustery day.


2 (1)It is difficult to take a picture of “bluster”, but in this photo you can see the bird feeders swaying. I won’t add bird seed until the wind dies down.

2 (2)Along with the wind, it has been very cold.

As I enter this at 7:00 PM – the temperature on our thermometer is at 1 degree.



2b (1)Blowing snow across our valley.

2b (2)Our roads were plowed this morning, but blowing snow caused minor drifting.

2cAs vehicles got to the level area of the road in front of our house there was not much drifted snow, but I noticed that they drove quite slowly between us and the farm.




4 (1)

4 (2)The sunset even looked blustery.

Snow – Again

Monday Afternoon and Evening, January 26

DSC_5396It was a gray, cloudy, snowy day – making the lighting poor for getting a picture of a dark gray bird.

DSC_5399He even looked gloomy.






DSC_5423By evening there were icicles and…

DSC_5425…more snow.




DSC_5434Cerwin keeps the snow shovel nearby this winter.