Jared’s Graduation From Grade School

Tuesday Morning, June 9

1 (1)This was Jared’s picture on the back wall of the school’s stage.

1 (2)

DSC_4655The photos spelled 2023 – the year this 4th grade class will graduate from high school. Jared’s picture was somewhere in the second two.


DSC_4663The welcome by Mr. Fink, the phys. ed. teacher

DSC_4665Entrance of the students

DSC_4666They walked across the stage before going to their seats.

DSC_4670Each child had a headpiece of graduation caps.

DSC_4672Mrs. Hess, Doe Run (grade school) Principal gave out the Principal’s Award to several students.

DSC_4675Jared was one of them. Yeah, Jared!

DSC_4680Mr. Hoke gave the band and string awards. The girl in pink (left) is our great-niece Emma.

DSC_4683Jared received an art award from Mrs. Dissinger.


DSC_4689Jared watching the awards ceremony.

DSC_4693Standing to be honored for participating in a club.

DSC_4695Everyone received a backpack for graduating to middle school.


DSC_4701When the program was over, the class posed for a group picture.



DSC_4715With his mom and the awards.




DSC_4716His graduation backpack


DSC_4732Shortly after I got home, Kristen called to say they were coming over because she forgot to take a picture of me with Jared.

I guess by this time you figured out that it did not suit his dad and grandpa. Jere had a work meeting, and Cerwin had men helping him with the chapel construction.

DSC_4728By that time Jesse was home from his last day of first grade.

This fall he will be our last grandchild in grade school.

DSC_4731 Congratulations Jared and Jesse for doing a good job at school – also to Ian, Gloria, Jana, and Diana.

It is hard to believe that out of sixteen grandchildren, we have only six who are still in school.

Class of 2015 – Homeschool Graduation – Part 2 of 2

Thursday Evening, May 21

2 (1)The graduate’s siblings were invited to the stage to join in a family prayer.

2 (6)

2 (2)Joanna’s family

2 (8)

2 (3)Daniel’s family

2 (9)

2 (7)Corey’s family

2 (10)Tanner’s family

2 (11)Sam’s family

2 (12)I didn’t realize until I was preparing to post these that I didn’t have a picture of Abigail’s family. They are behind the “Congratulations Graduates” sign.

2 (13)Following prayer, there was a slide show of the graduate’s younger days.

2 (14)Tanner

2 (15)Joanna

2 (16)

2 (17)

2 (18)Daniel

2 (19)

2 (20)

2 (21)Corey

2 (22)

2 (23)Abigail

2 (24)

2 (25)

2 (26)Sam

2 (27)

2 (28)

2 (29)

2 (30)Daniel’s dad, Jon, gave the closing remarks.

2 (31)The parents prepared a delicious snack.

2 (32)

2 (33)

2 (37)

2 (34)

2 (35)

2 (36)

2 (38)

2 (39)

2 (40)Sam’s youngest brother, Ben. 🙂

2 (41)We had a “table dancer” while we enjoyed our snack – our great-grandson, Anthony.

2 (42)He makes me smile.


Thank you, Sam, for inviting us, and thanks to the graduates and their families for planning a delightful evening.

We were blessed.

Class of 2015 – Homeschool Graduation – Part 1 of 2

Thursday Evening, May 21

We were invited to this program by Sam – one of our faithful man cave guys – who was graduating in this ceremony.

1 (1)Each family is a member of the same homeschool co-op.

The graduates each had a table that displayed things of interest to them.

1 (2)Tanner Fahnestock

1 (3)Daniel Martin

1 (4)Joanna Rogers

1 (5)Abigail Wantz

1 (6)Samuel Zuck

1 (7)Corey Rohrer

1 (8)Corey’s youngest sister, Valarae, gave out programs

1 (9)

1 (10)Daniel’s sisters were positioned with programs at the other side of the door. He is the only graduate who does not attend our church, so I do not know their names.

1 (11)The ceremony

1 (12)Sam’s brother Nathaniel Zuck (our grandson-in-law) led the congregational songs.

1 (13)Welcome by Corey’s dad, Scott Rohrer.

A bit of unrelated information: his and Deb’s oldest son, Dustan, will marry our granddaughter Jenna in September.

1 (14)

1 (15) Special music by the graduates – Daniel, Corey, Joanna, Abigail, Tanner, and Sam.

1 (16)Their graduation challenge came from John Minnich


Take time to learn what God has wired you to do.

You have been given much. From the Gospel of Luke: to the one who has been entrusted much, much is expected.

Seize the day. You are a blank canvas. Do not waste your youth. Opportunities are there. Movement doesn’t mean progress.

Serve the Lord. You are six amazing people. God has a plan for you. Put Him first. You are God’s masterpieces.

1 (17)Enjoy the trip of life. Take mission trips. Don’t take life too seriously. Pay off your credit cards. Floss your teeth. Enjoy sunsets. Smell the hay. Live within your means. Honor your parents.


Be blessed by God.

1 (18)John introduced the parents, then said, “Graduates, I talked to your parents about you.”

Joanna – Your parents are grateful that God placed you in their family. They see you as a woman of courage – with grace under strength.

Tanner – Your parents are pleased to see you growing spiritually and are excited to see what God has in store for you.

Corey – Your parents are your greatest cheering squad and said that you gave your best effort during your school years.

Sam – Your parents see you as a young man who is thorough and thinks things through before taking action.

Abigail – Your mom is blessed to see your passionate heart and talent for preparing food.

Daniel – Your parents say that you are gifted in hands-on-work and love hunting and fishing. They are pleased that you are a good example to your younger siblings.

1 (19)Dustin Martin presented the students and parents.

1 (20)Tanner and his parents, Dwight and Rose

1 (21)

1 (22)

1 (23)

1 (24)Daniel and his parents, Jon and Gwenda

1 (25)

1 (26)Joanna and her parents, Dave and Bev

1 (27)

1 (28)

1 (29)Corey and his parents Scott and Deb

1 (30)

1 (31)

1 (32)Abigail and her mom, Doretta

We are used to seeing Doretta alone, as her husband, Buddy, died in a swimming-related accident many years ago. However, his presence was especially missed at this ceremony.

1 (33)

1 (34)

1 (35)Sam and his parents, Dale and Luanne

1 (36)

1 (37)

1 (38)There will be another set of pictures tomorrow night.

Celebration Meal With Hezekiah and Lydia – The Graduates

Saturday Evening, May 16

1By the time we got back to Brunswick, Maine – from Presque Isle – it was time for supper with the Myers Family. This was the restaurant the two graduates chose.

1aLeft to right – clockwise: Lydia, Hezekiah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Cerwin, Diane, and Mark.

It was fun hearing about Lydia’s day since we missed her graduation, but we will be there, Lord willing, when she graduates again in 2017.

DSC_3366Lydia, Hezekiah, and Elizabeth look over the menu.

DSC_3370Some of the food choices.







DSC_3380That was a fun dinner.

I love having meals with our children and grandchildren.

DSC_3402When we got back to the house, I arranged the two commencement programs and caps for a photo shoot.



DSC_3419We were honored and delighted to participate in this day.

Hezekiah’s Graduation From College – Part 2

Saturday Morning, May 16

1 (1)Waiting for his name to be called.

1 (2)

1 (3)

1 (4)Hezekiah Abram Myers

Diesel Hydraulics Technology – Associate in Applied Science Degree

1 (5)

1 (6)

1 (7)

1 (8)

1 (9)

1 (10)

1 (11)Benediction by Reverend Bud Fancy, Presque Isle Wesleyan Church

1 (12)I like this picture of Mark waving and Diane taking a picture as Hezekiah walked by.

2 (4)We had to wait about fifteen or twenty minutes before we could go behind the curtain to see our graduate.

2 (1)Heze and Josh

2 (2)Heze and Grandpa

2 (3)

2 (5)Getting a kiss from Mom

2 (6)

2 (7)Gideon and Obadiah giving him a gift.

2 (10)

2 (9)

2 (11)

3 (2)Delicious food and drink was available to everyone.

3 (1)

3 (3)

3 (4)

3 (5)One of the bagpipers walked by me.

5 (1)With his friend Garth.

5 (2)Garth’s dad (left)



5 (3)This cook said she is going to miss him.

5 (4)Hillary came for a final “Heze hug.”

5 (6)A few posed pictures on the stage.

5 (8)

5 (9)

5 (10)

5 (11)

5 (12)

5 (13)

5 (14)

5 (15)A final shot of the flowers on the stage.

5 (16)A final shot of The Forum and Presque Isle.


Tomorrow night I will post pictures of our evening celebration with both graduates – Heze and Lydia and their family.

Hezekiah’s Graduation From College – Part 1

The Graduating Class


Northern Maine Community College

announces its

Commencement Exercises

Saturday morning, the sixteenth of May

Two thousand and fifteen

at ten o’clock

The Forum

84 Mechanic Street

Presque Isle, Maine

I need to insert here that our granddaughter Lydia (Heze’s sister) was graduating at exactly the same time – from York County Community College, Wells, Maine. One in northern Maine. The other in southern Maine.

Lydia decided that we and her parents should go to Heze’s graduation, because she will be having another college graduation in two years. Her sisters Elizabeth and Hannah represented the family by going to her graduation.

Graduation 1 (1)Cell phone photo

Our day started with breakfast in our motel restaurant.

Graduation 1 (2)We thought it was interesting that the coffee and cups in our motel room were “Jana” brand with the same spelling as our granddaughter.

Graduation 1 (3)These signs directed us to The Forum in Presque Isle.

Graduation 1 (4)Outside The Forum.

Graduation 1 (5)Just checking the lighting with my camera.

Graduation 1 (6)That’s a large stack of diplomas.

Graduation 1 (7)Pretty flowers on the stage.

Graduation 1 (8)Looking down on Diane, Mark, their friends Sarah and Josh and boys Gideon and Obadiah.

After sitting there for a bit, I realized that I would not see very much, so I went to the side bleachers. Cerwin joined me after he realized that I was staying. 🙂

Graduation 1 (9)

Graduation 1 (10)The room was filled with family and friends of the graduates.

Graduation 1 (11)

Graduation 1 (12)The ceremony began with bagpipers Scott Heney and Lynn Alexander.

Graduation 1 (13)

Graduation 1 (14)There he is!

Graduation 1 (15)

Graduation 1 (16)

Graduation 1 (17)Looking for his family.

Graduation 1 (18)

Graduation 1 (19)Trying to see Hezekiah.

Graduation 1 (20)From our view on the bleachers, we could see the decorated caps.

Graduation 1 (21)Invocation by Reverend Bud Fancy, Senior Pastor, Presque Isle Wesleyan Church.

Graduation 1 (22)

Graduation 1 (23)Canadian National Anthem by College Chorale

Graduation 1 (24)USA National Anthem

Graduation 1 (26)Welcome by Dr. Dottie Martin, NMCC Academic Dean

Graduation 1 (27)Charge to Graduates by Timothy D. Crowley, NMCC President

Graduation 1 (28)

Graduation 1 (29)Student Address by Duska Kingsbury who is married, has five sons, and was graduating with a 3.9 grade average.

Graduation 1 (30)Sign language

Graduation 1 (31)

Graduation 1 (32)Greetings from the Board by Robert Clark, Executive Director, Board of Trustees, Maine Community College System.

Graduation 1 (33)Commencement Address by Luke Shorty, Executive Director, Maine School of Science and Math.

  • Reflect on your personal journey.
  • Thank the people who helped you.
  • Prepare for what likes ahead of you.

Tomorrow night – Degrees and Certificates and Presentation of Graduates.

Science Fair

Tuesday Evening, March 31

1Thank you, Ian, for inviting us to the science fair at your school.

2 (1)He did his project on the physics of a rifle.

2 (2)This was a project that was of special interest to Cerwin.

2 (3)

2 (3a)

2 (4)


3He did this project at a neighbor’s shooting range. You can see our woodlot in the upper left.





5Good job, Ian. That was interesting.

Our Three Graduates – Part 2

Josh and Jenna’s Graduation Ceremony

1 (116)

1 (32)We watched a split screen as pairs of students arrived through two separate hallway entrances.

1 (39)Our two gave each other a “high-five” as they came into view of the photographer.

1 (40)They were pleased to walk together – which happened alphabetically.

1 (45)

1 (52)Welcome by the school principal.

1 (54)The Star Spangled Banner

1 (59)

1 (61)Josh and several other classmates were honored for receiving certificates from Lancaster County Career & Technology Center.

1 (67)Waiting for their names to be called.

1 (68)Jenna High

1 (71)Joshua High

1 (74)

1 (78)Changing their tassels.

1 (79)

1 (82)

1 (93)

1 (94)

1 (97)

1 (98)

1 (107)

1 (101)Our Pennsylvania graduates!

1 (112)Continued tomorrow night…

Our Three Graduates – Part 1

I will begin with Hezekiah, because he was the first to graduate.

Hezekiah grew up in Maine, and is the sixth child of our oldest daughter Diane and her husband, Mark.

Mark and Diane’s children: Elizabeth, Hannah, Josiah, Abigail, Elijah (died at 5 months), Hezekiah, and Lydia.

The photos were taken by Diane and Elizabeth.

2-DSC09481Pemaquid Point, Maine

Hezekiah graduated with a home school and GED diploma – also with a certificate from Region 10 Technical High School, Brunswick, Maine.

043On May 23, all seniors at Region 10 Technical School walked the stage and had comments made about them.

034Heze was pleased that his friends Andrew and Peter could be at the ceremony.

wallet 4He had perfect attendance, received high honors, and was a student of the quarter both this year and last.

032With his Auto Collision Repair teacher, Mr. Carr, and Automotive Technology Teacher, Mr. Giroux.

047He and two other guys were each awarded a $500.00 Peter E. Groves scholarship.

050The three guys with a brother and sister to Peter. Peter’s family started the scholarship in his honor this year.

Peter was a man from Harpswell, Maine, who died at age 49, and loved his ’66 Chevelle.

052They had to look under the hood!

Quad carburetors for those who care. 🙂

045The three guys were also given tickets to the barbecue they are having after the cruise later this summer.

7-DSC09693He has been accepted at Northern Maine Community College, Presque Isle, Maine, to study diesel hydraulics technology.

He is currently working for Skillins Greenhouses.

Congratulations, Heze.

I love this handsome young man.