Great American Outdoor Show – Part 1 of 2

Monday, February 8

Great American Outdoor Show (1)I don’t derive great joy in going to where there are great crowds of people, but Cerwin, Jeff, Jordan, Donovan, Diana, and Gloria were going – and it was my birthday.

Great American Outdoor Show (2)What I do enjoy is watching activities that are going on in the Large and Small Arenas while the others are visiting the outfitters.

There are also exhibit halls filled with any kind of outdoor and hunting equipment imaginable.

Great American Outdoor Show (3)I looked at the schedule and chose the DockDogs Jumping Contest – Training Seminar in the Large Arena. There were some trained dogs, but anyone could bring their dog for training. This one was not about to jump off the dock.

Great American Outdoor Show (4)They tried the ramp, but he wasn’t real excited about that either.

Great American Outdoor Show (5)This one stood on the dock and barked, because he wanted to get his toy, but he wouldn’t jump, they tried the ramp, but he would not go in the water.

Great American Outdoor Show (6)Then they showed us what happens with a trained dog.

Great American Outdoor Show (7)

Great American Outdoor Show (8)He knew how to wait for the command.

Great American Outdoor Show (9)Then caught the object mid-air.

Great American Outdoor Show (10)Trying to train another one. He didn’t like the dock.

Great American Outdoor Show (11)This one went off the ramp but not the dock.

Great American Outdoor Show (12)Trying to coax another one to retrieve.

Great American Outdoor Show (13)Nope. Not jumping.

When that program was over, I had time to go to see the Outfitters in Main Hall where Cerwin, Jeff, and Gloria were  talking to Joel from Track Down Kennels and Lodge near Fort Kent, Maine. I never did see Jordan, Diana, and Donovan.

Great American Outdoor Show (14)My favorite thing in the Outfitters Hall is the beautiful animals on display by the taxidermists.

Great American Outdoor Show (15)

Great American Outdoor Show (16)

Great American Outdoor Show (17)

Great American Outdoor Show (18)

Great American Outdoor Show (19)My favorite thing of the day was watching Birds of Prey: Raptors The Ultimate Hunters in the Small Arena.

Great American Outdoor Show (20)

Great American Outdoor Show (21)The first bird was a beautiful Barn Owl.

Great American Outdoor Show (22)

Great American Outdoor Show (23)He told us about the history of Falconry and how he got involved.

Great American Outdoor Show (24)I don’t know where I’ve been, but I did not know that falcons are used for hunting.

Great American Outdoor Show (25)There are 4,849 falconers in the United States. He highlighted three states – Pennsylvania because that is the state in which the show was being held. Ohio because there were a lot of visitors from our neighboring state, and West Virginia – his home state.

We also saw license plates from New York, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Great American Outdoor Show (26)His second bird was a Red Tailed Hawk.

Great American Outdoor Show (27)

Great American Outdoor Show (28)

Great American Outdoor Show (29)

Great American Outdoor Show (30)It was interesting to learn that to become a falconer you must capture your own hawks, owls, and falcons.

Great American Outdoor Show (31)

Great American Outdoor Show (32)I think he said this one is a Harris Hawk.

Great American Outdoor Show (33)

Great American Outdoor Show (34)I will show you pictures from the rest of my day in my next post.

Road Trip – Part 18 – The Lake

Monday, April 13 to Friday, April 17

The Lake (1)This is Bob and Doris’ back yard.

The Lake (2)

The Lake (29)

The Lake (30)

The Lake (3)

The Lake (4)It is unusual to not see or hear water fowl during this time of year.

The Lake (5)Bulrushes that survived the cold winter.

The Lake (6)There were many red-winged blackbirds who perched on them and did everything they could to get my attention with their noisy song.

The Lake (7)

The Lake (8)

The Lake (9)

The Lake (10)I enjoyed catching the bulrush’s fluffy seed heads in the morning or evening sunlight.

The Lake (11)

The Lake (12)

The Lake (13)

The Lake (14)When I mentioned to Loraine that I was going to the lake to take pictures, she offered to go along. 

The Lake (15)There were trumpeter swans making a lot of noise as they came in for a landing.

The Lake (16)They landed beyond my sight, so I did not see them in the water.

The Lake (17)During our time there I saw a variety of ducks and waterfowl.

The Lake (17a)

The Lake (18)I am not an accomplished birder, but I think these are goldeneyes.

If I have identified any of these incorrectly, please let me know.

The Lake (23)Hooded mergansers

The Lake (23a)

The Lake (24)Wood ducks

The Lake (28)Canada goose

The Lake (26)Pretty Reflections

The Lake (27)

The Lake (31)

The Lake (32)If I lived next to this lake, I would have to retire so I could take pictures all day.

Road Trip – Part 11 – Bees & Bee Trailer

Monday, April 13 to Thursday, April 16

Bees and Bee Trailer (1)Bob and Doris are also beekeepers.

Bees and Bee Trailer (4)Two of their hives survived the winter – this one was quite busy when we were there.

Bees and Bee Trailer (2)The other was not as busy, so most of my pictures came from the other one.

Bees and Bee Trailer (5)Bees were constantly coming and going.

Bees and Bee Trailer (6)

Bees and Bee Trailer (3)Notice the yellow pollen on several bees.

Bees and Bee Trailer (7)Every now and then a bee was so pollen-laden that it had trouble moving into the hive.

Bees and Bee Trailer (8)A freshly painted trailer frame.

When not doing something with maple syrup, Cerwin and Bob worked on a trailer that Bob plans to use for transporting hives of bees. (He has purchased many more bees which will be delivered in the near future.)

Bees and Bee Trailer (9)As you can see by their shirt sleeves, the weather was quite warm in Minnesota on Wednesday and Thursday.

Bees and Bee Trailer (10)Wiring the trailer

Bees and Bee Trailer (11)

Bees and Bee Trailer (12)

Bees and Bee Trailer (13)

Bees and Bee Trailer (14)Working on the platform that will hold the bee hives.

Bees and Bee Trailer (15)The reason Bob is making a mobile bee hive trailer – for 8 hives – is to move them to areas where trees and flowers are blooming. (Notice: The lights are working.)

Bees and Bee Trailer (16)I took this photo for a side view of the trailer, but also captured a pretty sunset on the lake.

I Want To Be LIke This Corn Stalk

 Each time I drive by this single corn stalk in the field near our house, I think…

I want to be like this corn stalk. I want to be strong enough in my faith in God to stand strong – and alone if necessary.

DSC_9329I want to trust God when the news is frightening.

Because He said I should.

I want to show love to the person who is being cruel to me.

Because He said I should

I want to live a life of joy when things are tough.

Because He said I should.

I want to show patience when waiting is difficult.

Because He said I should.

DSC_9331But sometimes…

I worry when I should pray.

I react with words of frustration when I should wait.

I complain when things are not as I like.

I am impatient when I think God is moving too slow.


I am grateful for a loving God who patiently molds and makes me (even when I make mistakes) and I know that when I trust in Him, and wait on Him, He will give me strength to stand strong and tall – just like the corn stalk


Plant your roots in Christ and let him be the foundation for your life. Be strong in your faith, just as you were taught. And be grateful. Colossians 2:7 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Scenic Drive Behind Pleasant Cove

Saturday Evening, May 24

1 (1)Diane is a daughter after my own heart.

As we were concluding our meal at Taste of Maine, she said, “Let’s go right at the end of the drive, then take the next right and see what is on the other side of the lake.”

1 (6)I love back roads, and it didn’t take long before we left the blacktopped road.

1 (2)Our first sighting of wildlife was a turkey.

1 (3)Then we saw the restaurant where we had just eaten.

1 (5)

1 (4)

1 (7)I love traveling over mountain roads.

1 (8)

1 (9)

1 (10)Many of the areas were lined with stone fences.

2This looked like a double-decker nest.

We weren’t sure if it was built by an eagle or an osprey, as both build new nests on top of old nests.

3 (2)We saw a few items ~ made out of scrap metal ~ designed by a man who lives in this area.

3 (1)There was a pair of turkeys near someone’s house.

We think they were being fed or eating birdseed.

4 (1)We came upon a rather tumbledown farm with a few friendly ducks.

4 (2)I think they were hoping that we had food for them.

5The guinea fowl wasn’t quite as friendly.

Oh, that was a fun drive.

Prayer Walking In Maine

When visiting ~ I try to find a least one morning when I can take a relaxing walk and breathe in some Maine air ~ and pray.

1 (1)I love to walk and notice what is going on around me.

1 (2)I thought about the sand that lines both sides of the road ~ because we are not far from several ocean inlets. At home our roads are lined with rich, brown soil.

1aThe train goes by their house fairly often ~ sometimes several times a day. At home I never see a train (or tracks) on my two-mile walk.

1b (1)Nor do I see lobster traps in the countryside where I live.

1b (3)About the time I saw this osprey nest ~ a delightful sight to my eyes ~ I looked up and saw the occupant fly away from a nearby tree.

1b (2)

1c (1)The next series of pictures is a display of some of the beautiful things I saw on my walk ~ as I give you an idea of how I pray for myself ~ every day.

1c (2)The prayer of a person living right with God is something powerful to be reckoned with.  James 5:16 (The Message)

1c (3)Lord, I want my prayers to be something powerful to be reckoned with.

1c (4)I need your help today to stay focused on You.

1c (7)Empower me as I begin another day of active duty in spiritual warfare.

1c (6)Stay in my face – intrude in my life.

1c (10)Keep me from stupid sins, from thinking I can take over Your work.

1c (9)Because You are my shepherd – I have everything I need.

You WILL provide.

1c (8) Remind me that: Love is kind.

Love does not give up.

1c (5)If I want to embrace life and see this day fill up with good…

I must cultivate good.

I must run after peace for all I am worth.

1 Peter 3:10-2 (The Message)

1c (12)I love remembering that You are as close to me at the clothes I wear.

Romans 13:14 CEV

1c (11)I love setting my heart to serve you at the beginning of each day.

1c (13)I want to be a vessel of Your powerful Spirit

Part of the “bride of Christ”.

2 (1)Remind me to give up my own desires

to not plan my own rescue strategy

or our children’s rescue strategy

or our grandchildren’s rescue strategy.

I want to lay down my desires and let them go.

2 (2)I want to be a “Resurrection Person”

One who believes that hope rises from dead places

That impossible stones can be rolled away.


A Beautiful Spring Day

These pictures are left over in my file from about a week and a half ago.

A Pretty Spring Day (1)On this kind of morning, I am glad we live in the country and I can walk around our yard in a house coat – at least in the backyard. 🙂

A Pretty Spring Day (3)It was warm, a bit foggy, and trees were just beginning to bud.

A Pretty Spring Day (2)

A Pretty Spring Day (4)The moon was still bright and high in the sky.

A Pretty Spring Day (5)

A Pretty Spring Day (6)

A Pretty Spring Day (7)Hyacinth were blooming in woodsy areas where we had not yet cleaned up the debris from fall and winter.

A Pretty Spring Day (8)

A Pretty Spring Day (9)Perennials were beginning to push up through the leaves in our memory garden.

A Pretty Spring Day (10)We are going to have a lot of sticks and branches to pick up in getting the pavilion ready for summer.

A Pretty Spring Day (12)Mayapples were just beginning to show tender sprouts across the woods floor.

A Pretty Spring Day (11)Pretty flowers on one of the bushes in front of our house.

A Pretty Spring Day (14)After supper I went outside again.

A Pretty Spring Day (16)As I walked around the house, I noticed the setting sun.

A Pretty Spring Day (15)This maple tree will soon have leaves.

A Pretty Spring Day (17)Oh it was a glorious evening!

A Pretty Spring Day (18)   I love beautiful, warm spring days!

Bears ~ The Movie

Friday Evening, April 18.

Jere and Kristen invited us to go with their family to see Bears at a local cinema ~ as an early birthday gift for Cerwin.

DSC_8001 It is a rare occasion for us to go to a cinema, so we looked forward to the evening with great anticipation.

We noticed that there were about 15 different movies playing – meaning there are that many theatres in the building. Plus there is an IMAX next door.

DSC_8002Roy, Deb, and Jana were loading up on popcorn, sodas, and soft pretzels when we arrived.

DSC_8003It would have made our evening complete if it had suited Jeff and Chris’ family to come as well.


DSC_8008Kristen, Jere, Ian, Jared, and Jesse, plus two friends of the boys were making their purchase when Cerwin got in line for our soft pretzels and soda.

DSC_8014Then we settled in for the one-hour-and-seventeen-minute movie which began at the end of winter ~ inside the den of this mother bear and her twin cubs.

Before long they began their trek down the mountain to the rivers and meadows.

DSC_8015The photography was fabulous and the story extremely well narrated.

DSC_8016It is fun to watch a wildlife movie on a huge screen.

DSC_8018There were a few scary moments when we wondered if the babies were going to be okay ~ especially the little boy who tended to loiter or explore.

DSC_8019Thanks Jere and Kristen.

It was a wonderful gift to spend the evening with you.

DSC_8027We headed home just as the sun was setting.




DSC_8058It was a glorious close to a wonderful evening.

Springtime Variety

Early April

DSC_6941I am enjoying springtime more than ever ~ after the l-o-n-g winter…

DSC_7205…and seeing flowers with fresh joy.

DSC_7193Sunshine on flowers is delighting my eyes.

DSC_7222Early one morning a pair of mallards came waltzing through our yard ~ also aware that it is springtime.

DSC_7727Cerwin raking and picking up thousands of nuts and shells from our shellbark trees ~ left behind by resident squirrels is another sign of springtime in our yard.

DSC_7429Then came April showers to nourish the earth ~ promising even more flowers.






DSC_7423At the end of one rainy day last week we were treated to a delicious meal by Jeff and Chris – along with her mother ~ at a local restaurant.

It was refreshing and relaxing.

Thank you.

DSC_7441As always happens ~ the sun came out again ~ bringing even more flowers to bloom.


My entire being is enjoying the love, hope, joy, warmth, rain, and flowers of springtime.

My Afternoon Walk ~ Today

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon for a two-mile-plus walk around the neighborhood.

DSC_7838I could see evidence that the trees are beginning to bud.

DSC_7842There are many small ground flowers along the road…

DSC_7844…including dandelion.

DSC_7846Pretty tulips in a neighbor’s yard.

DSC_7852A few more steps and I was in front of the cows.

DSC_7855A pretty daffodil.


My first stop was at Jere & Kristen’s place. I wanted to deliver a slice of chocolate/raspberry cake to her.

DSC_7857The children were outside but did not recognize me until I started walking across the yard – instead of going up the driveway. Jesse yelled, “Hey, guys. It’s grandma”, and came running. 🙂

DSC_7859Jake came running too ~ but his excitement doesn’t show on his face. 🙂

DSC_7862A neighbor girl who was visiting, Jared, and Jana also came when they saw it was me.

After delivering the slice of cake ~ to Kristen’s surprise and delight ~ I visited a bit before continuing my walk.

DSC_7865These were along the road in a neighbor’s yard. I am not able to identify them. (My friend Inge identified them as grape hyacinth – and I agree with her from her internet photo. Thanks, Inge.)

The neighbor came home just after I walked by her driveway, and pulled up beside me to talk a bit. She knows that I am a fair-weather walker and acknowledged that I had chosen the perfect day for my first walk of the season.

DSC_7868Another neighbor was out for a horseback ride.

She also stopped to visit.

DSC_7869She was on her way to ride horse with a few neighbors ~ just beyond Jere and Kristen’s house.

DSC_7872From this spot I could see our house across the fields.

DSC_7879This neighbor was leaving for a motorcycle ride.

DSC_7884A closeup of the tree that is behind him in the previous picture.

DSC_7887Getting ready to mow yard.

DSC_7888I love his old truck.

DSC_7892These little guys made lots of noise as I walked by their yard.

DSC_7896Chickens enjoying the beautiful afternoon.

DSC_7898Reading on the trampoline while a mule grazed nearby.

DSC_7899Another guy on a cycle

DSC_7906.The Pennsylvania Turnpike across a field of corn stubbles.

DSC_7910An American flag beyond the trees.


DSC_7914Daffodils in a yard ~ just before I turned onto our road.

DSC_7919The forsythia bush on the property next to us is just beginning to bloom.


I love our country neighborhood.

I wish you could have come along.