Penryn Mud Sale – Part 2 of 3

More pictures from my morning at the mud sale that is less than two miles from our house.

2 (1)This tent was filled with a lot of men and only a few women.

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)This one was filled with many women – and a few men.

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)

2 (8)

2 (9)

2 (10)

2 (11)

2 (12)This is where I have to resist buying things that I don’t need – because they are so creative.

2 (13)

2 (14)

2 (15)

2 (16)

2 (17)

2 (18)

2 (19)

2 (20)

2 (21)More pictures tomorrow night.

Penryn Mud Sale ~ Part 3 of 3

Saturday, March 21

3 (1)

3 (2)It was full in the quilt tent, making it difficult to get good pictures – but I got a few.

3 (3)

3 (4)

3 (6)

3 (7)The ones up for auction were put on an Amish clothesline – a very creative way to display them.

3 (5)

3 (8)Pretty quilts waiting to be sold.

3 (9)

3 (10)This is why I got lunch early – there were long lines by late morning.

3 (11)

3 (12)Pretty boots

3 (13)A good place to visit – out of the mud.

3 (14)A successful purchase.

3 (15)For sale

3 (16)

3 (17)

3 (18)

3 (19)

3 (23)

3 (20)

3 (21)Some of the children didn’t even try to avoid the muddiest areas. 🙂

3 (22)

3 (23a)

3 (25)On the way to my car, I noticed the robins were incredibly happy with the wet ground.

3 (26)

3 (27)My boots

3 (28)My purchases – a cute gourd and filled donuts (one for each of us).

4 (2)I somehow missed our granddaughter’s (Gloria) mini mule, but am glad that Roy and Deb were there when he was sold.

These are Deb’s pictures.

4 (3)The note says: My name is Joey. I’m 29 inches tall at the withers. I am a mini mule, and I’m 1 year old. My mom is a miniature horse and she is 33 1/2 inches tall at the withers. My dad is a donkey.

4 (1)Gloria (in teal) and her good friend Ashlea watched as he was sold. We were so happy for her that it brought a price way beyond what she expected.


So this closes another mud sale.

Penryn Mud Sale ~ Part 2 of 3

Saturday, March 21

2 (1)Love her boots.

I was there only fifteen minutes when I met our Canadian friends.

2 (2)I was so pleased to see Merle & Rita (left), because we were unable to attend the ministry banquet the night before. He is CEO of Living Hope Native Ministry, Red Lake, Ontario, Canada.

They were with our good friends Orpha and Gary (right).

2 (3)After a short visit, I moved on to look for more photo ops so our daughter Deb has some good choices for the Mud Sale Magazine.

2 (4)

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)

2 (8)Furniture tent auction

2 (9)Homemade ice cream

2 (10)I noticed these young ladies making smoothies as I waited in line for a cup of chicken corn soup.

2 (11)This was my view in the craft tent where my sister had a front row seat reserved for me.

2 (13) I listened to the auction, relaxed for awhile, and enjoyed my chicken corn soup.

2 (12)

2 (14)Oh, look who just joined us!

2 (15)Our great-grandson, Anthony, and his mama Abby.

2 (17)I walked around the tent and looked at crafts that would be coming up for sale.

2 (16)This little guy made me smile – I think I will bid on him.

I got him for $10.00.

2 (18)

2 (19)Bird feeders

2 (20)

2 (21)This was my favorite moment of the mud sale – when a young Amish girl picked up a plaque and showed it to her dad. I waited for his expression before snapping the picture.

2 (22)This is why he was smiling.

2 (23)By the time I left the craft tent, the mud had gotten even worse, as the temperature had risen and the snow was melting.

2 (24)Lots of young boys earn tips by hauling purchases for successful bidders.

2 (25)

2 (26)

2 (27)I will post Part 3 tomorrow evening.

Penryn Mud Sale ~ Part 1 of 3

Saturday, March 21

1 (1)This is the largest yearly event in our nearby, very small village.

1 (2)It brings in lots of people – many Amish – as funds raised are for the fire company and a local Amish school.

1 (3)As you can see, it snowed the night before the sale…

1 (6)…and the morning sun was hazy from the cloudy sky.

1 (4)There are lots of steel wheel items – as Amish are not allowed to use rubber tires.

1 (7)

1 (5)The first people I met were Ashela (our great-niece) and our granddaughter Gloria.

1 (8)Lots of interesting equipment lined the field behind the fire hall.

1 (9)

1 (10)

1 (27)

1 (11)Need any hay?

1 (12)There were lots of people there, and many auctions had begun when I got there at 8:30 AM.

1 (13)

1 (14)Getting a swing ride on a swing set that was for sale.

1 (15)This pussy willow tree was the only outside thing that tempted me, but I didn’t feel like waiting in the cold. We had a pussy willow tree at the farm when I was a girl.

1 (16)Wagon wheels for sale

1 (17)A yard chicken.

1 (18)As snow melted, it became a “real” mud sale.

1 (19)Checking out items.

1 (20)Wagon auctions.

1 (21)

1 (22)

1 (23)

1 (24)

1 (25)Someone made a successful purchase.

1 (26)Mother and daughter boots.

Local people will recognize them in the previous picture – on the right. I think they were just arriving, because Kim’s boots are still clean.


Part 2 tomorrow evening.

Mud Sale ~ Final Photos

 Saturday, March 15

I have a few more pictures to help you visualize what it was like to attend our local mud sale.

a (2)Outside wagonload sale

a (5)Outside the furniture tent.

a (4)There were some “interesting” things in the field rows.

a (6)

a (3)

b (1)I went back to the animal pens because there were too many people there during my first visit.

b (2)

b (3)

b (4)

b (5)


d (1)This little guy was mesmerized with the calves.

He stood there for a long time without moving.

d (2)Even when his dad talked to him, he didn’t move.

e (2)I am fascinated with carriages, but since I don’t have a horse, I didn’t bid on any. 🙂

e (1)

e (3)

e (4)I had never seen inside a buggy, so opened the door and was surprised by the beautiful interior.

f (3)

f (2)Notice the second seat.

g (3)Cerwin was disappointed that I didn’t take a picture of the dashboard.

g (1)I was parked at our nieces home not far from the back field, so my last pictures were taken when I stopped and turned around to look at the line of straw, hay, and corn fodder bales.

g (2)

g (4)Our small village comes alive with buggies, cars, buses, and people on this day.

g (5)People park their vehicles anywhere there is a spot (and it’s not roped off), and shuttle buses take people back and forth from the fire hall to several local churches – including  ours.

g (6)After I got home, Cerwin and I shared one of the delicious (cream-filled) donuts I had purchased.

So ended my annual visit to the mud sale.

Mud Sale Quilts and Young Entrepreneurs

Saturday, March 15

Quilts (1)My view of people as I walked toward the quilt tent.

Quilts (2)

Quilts (3)

Quilts (4)The auctioneer was selling small quilted items when I was there, so I had to settle for pictures of the few quilts that were hanging or those folded neatly on the rack.

Quilts (5)

Quilts (6)

Quilts (7)

Quilts (8)

Quilts (9)

Quilts (10)

Quilts (11)

Quilts (12)

Quilts (13)After visiting the quilt tent, I again walked through the food area.

Quilts (14)

Quilts (15)Then I went on to observe the wagon-load auctions.

Quilts (16)This one seemed to be of interest to collectors ~ sports cards, model trucks, etc.

Quilts (17)Young entrepreneurs could be seen in most areas of the property – looking for someone who needed their items delivered to a car, buggy, or waiting shuttle bus.

I don’t think they charged for their service, but hoped for a tip.

Quilts (18)The shrubbery and flower sale was going on as I approached.

Quilts (19)

Quilts (20)These two were transporting a load of plants for someone.

Quilts (21)I didn’t notice the tag on back of the wagon until I cropped this picture ~ so cropped the tag and darkened it to see what it said.

Quilts (22)

Quilts (23)Another set of young delivery boys. It appeared that they were working for the lady on the left.

Quilts (24)There will be one more set of pictures tomorrow night.

Food & Crafts At The Mud Sale

Saturday, March 15

Food & Crafts  (1)There was a tempting array of baked goods and lunch items inside the fire hall.

Food & Crafts  (3)

Food & Crafts  (4)

Food & Crafts  (2)We love homemade bread, so I bought a loaf of wheat bread.

It is so moist and delicious!

Food & Crafts  (5)

Food & Crafts  (6)

Food & Crafts  (7)The aroma of grilling chicken carried to anyone who was downwind of this area.

Food & Crafts  (8)I took this picture as he was turning the large grate.

Food & Crafts  (9)

Food & Crafts  (10)The ice cream wasn’t just any ice cream ~ it was homemade ~ turned by this creative machine.

Food & Crafts  (11)

Food & Crafts  (12)My next stop was the craft tent.

Food & Crafts  (13)If I had time to stay all day, I am sure I could have found something I “needed.”

Food & Crafts  (14)

Food & Crafts  (15)

Food & Crafts  (16)

Food & Crafts  (17)

Food & Crafts  (18)

Food & Crafts  (19)

Food & Crafts  (20)

Food & Crafts  (21)

Food & Crafts  (22)Tomorrow night I will show you some of the quilts.

Mud Sale

Saturday, March 15

Mud Sale 1It was a cool ~ sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy day ~ a wonderful Saturday morning to walk around our local mud sale.

Mud Sale 1b (2)Mud sale you ask?

What is that?

Mud Sale 1b (4)They are an area phenomenon ~ benefit auctions for fire companies and Amish schools.

If you really like them you can find one almost every Saturday from the last Saturday in February through the last Saturday in June ~ and several more during the summer and fall months.

Mud Sale 1b (3)They are called mud sales, because most are held in spring when there is lots of mud.

Mud Sale 1b (1)This one, which is located in our neighborhood, attracts hundreds of people ~ and there are auctioneers in tents and on wagons across the entire fire company property.

Mud Sale 1aThere are all kinds of items for auction.

Mud Sale 1b (5)Wagons

Mud Sale 1b (8)Tractors

Mud Sale 1b (7)Carriages for horses to pull.

Mud Sale 1b (6)

Mud Sale 1b (9)Cute calves

Mud Sale 1b (10)

Mud Sale 1b (11)

Mud Sale 1c (2)Even an artificial cow.

Mud Sale 1c (4)We thought Jere should buy it for his milk-testing office, but we couldn’t reach him.

Or ~ Cerwin suggested that I could buy it to put in our family’s yards for birthdays.

Mud Sale 1c (3)Our children and grandchildren are lucky that I didn’t stay to buy it. 🙂

Mud Sale 1c (1)The furniture tent

Mud Sale 1d (1)Baskets

Mud Sale 1d (2)Crates

Mud Sale 1d (3)Creative things

Mud Sale 1d (4)

Mud Sale 1d (6)

Mud Sale 1d (5)

Mud Sale 1e (1)And yes, there was mud.

Mud Sale 1e (3)Verification of the name ~ Mud Sale.

Mud Sale 1e (2)More pictures tomorrow night.