Ice Sculptures

It has been so cold in our area that ice sculptures from the 10th Anniversary Fire and Ice Festival in Lititz are still intact.

The festival was held from February 13-16.

DSC_5892This one is in front of Hershey and Gibbel Insurance on Broad Street.

DSC_5895The five I photographed are all from Broad Street.


In front of the Police Station.


I would have enjoyed driving around town and seeing more of the 50-plus sculptures that were handcrafted by DiMartino Ice Company, Jeannette, PA.

Designed By Ice

Pictures of the ice around our house on Wednesday, February 5.

Ice (1)This is the beauty we woke up to the other week.

Ice (2)Of course, it always gives concern for wires and branches.

Ice (4)

Ice (5)

Ice (6)

Ice (7)

Ice (11)

Ice (10)

Ice (9)

Ice (8)

Ice (12)

Ice (16)

Ice (15)

Ice (14)

Ice (13)

Ice (17)

Ice (21)

Ice (22)

Ice (20)

Ice (19)

Ice (18)

Ice (23)

Ice (24)

Ice (25)

Ice (27)

Ice (28)Everywhere I looked there was incredible beauty – designed by ice.

Snow Scenes #2

A continuation of my walk on the snow-covered road that goes by Mark and Diane’s house.

Saturday, January 4

1 (1)I walked slowly so I wouldn’t miss any of the beauty.

1 (2)White picket fences do not show up very well in white snow. 🙂

However, it still made a pretty picture.

2I expect that a lobsterman lives here.

3 (1)

3 (2)This is one of my favorite scenes from the walk.

I was fascinated to see this house nestled in the snowy landscape as I walked up the hill.

3 (4)There was very little noise except the squeaky, crunchy sound of my boots as I walked on the frozen snow.

3aBranches were heavy with ice and snow.


3bbThe silence was broken by the sound of a jet flying far above me.


DSC_3048The noon sun caused every icy branch to glitter against the clear blue sky.

DSC_3058It was much prettier than my camera captured.

DSC_3060Ice abounded on bare branches.

DSC_3062I often stopped in awe of the incredible beauty surrounding me.




DSC_3051In other areas red berries stood out against the wintry backdrop.

DSC_3057I have one more set of pictures from this snowy, beautiful walk.