A Successful Hunt

Cerwin loved the view from his tree stand/sissy shack on Monday and took a few cell phone pictures.



DSC_0703While he enjoyed seeing several doe, a few small buck, a nice buck at a distance, squirrels, and turkey, I took a walk around the hotel and boat dock – also enjoying the beautiful weather.

DSC_9068You may remember that I planned to work on my counted cross stitch photo of our grandson Ian while Cerwin was hunting – and I did. This is what it looked like when we arrived in Osage Beach.

DSC_0756This is what it looks like now. The hotel was a perfect place to work on my stitching – as I sat in the lobby, visiting with other women and hearing from the hunters out in the field.


Shortly after 4:00 p.m. I received a text from Cerwin saying that he had an eight-point down.


It was not one that scored high, but he was pleased to be one of 49 hunters to get a buck. There were 171 hunters, so getting a buck on his first hunt with Whitetail Trophy Hunt made him quite happy.

4aCraig (co-owner of Whitetail Trophy Hunt) arrived very soon after Cerwin called in and took him to the slaughter-house.


DSC_0752Cerwin has been hunting since he was 15. He said he doesn’t remember ever having a better hunt.

A Windy Day In Osage Beach

Many of the hunters said this was one of the windiest days in which they have ever hunted.

0At least it was fairly warm and not raining.

1 (3)Even the birds perched on the ledge of the window (next to where I sat in the lounge doing my counted cross stitch) to get away from the wind.

1b (2)

1b (4)

1b (5)

2We were surprised that the wind did not curtail a few fishermen – on the lake next to the hotel.

2aMany ladies gathered in the meeting room next to the lounge to work on a Christmas craft.

2b I just watched and took pictures.

3 (2)

3 (4)

3 (7)It will eventually be a Christmas tree decoration.

3 (10)His nose lights by flipping a switch in back of his head.


3bA finished one.

A neat back story on this photo. It was about 10:00 a.m., and there were still no reports of any deer being harvested. This woman was one of the first two to hear that her husband had gotten a deer. She was so excited that her hand was shaking – the reason she was trying to stabilize the snowman for me to photograph.

4 (1)This was the other of the first two women to hear that their husband had gotten a deer. She is looking at a picture that he had just texted her. The hunt officials had not even reported it to us yet.

4 (2)In the afternoon, several vendors brought their wares to the lower level of the restaurant in the hotel – hoping to entice us to purchase something.

4 (3)

4 (4)

4 (5)

4 (5a)By evening this was the final count of deer that were shot – 12 – not too bad for the very windy day. Many of the hunters reported that they had not seen anything.

4 (6)We feel like soldiers wives waiting for our men to return from battle. 🙂

4 (7)

4 (8)Finally mine showed up. He was in the last of the twenty vans, because there were two late shots and the deer had to be taken to the slaughter-house. Cerwin had a good stand, but only saw a few doe. Many of the hunters didn’t see anything.

Whitetail Hunt in Osage Beach, Missouri

Day One of the Hunt.

These pictures are from my perspective, as Cerwin did not take any pictures while out in the field. He was on Farm N – Stand #2 – while I enjoyed the comfort of the hotel and the fellowship of the other ladies.

1 (1)The ladies enjoyed a meet and greet breakfast in the hotel restaurant. I took most of these pictures without flash – the reason for the soft focus.

1 (2)

1 (3)One of the hunt organizers showed us a quilt that will be given away at the banquet on Monday night. A similar quilt will be given to her dad (hunt co-owner) at the same banquet.

1 (5)Each lady was given a gift bag which included small gifts from local merchants.

1 (4)

1 (6)After breakfast several ladies went shopping for the day – some with one of the hunt vans, while others went on their own. Many ladies stayed at the hotel. Some enjoyed the quiet of their room to read or watch TV. A few of us stayed in the lobby where there was a lot more activity.

1 (7)It was a windy, cloudy, rainy day in the Ozarks – not particularly good for hunting. Deer are not comfortable walking around when it is windy because they cannot pick up the scent of danger.

1 (8)This was the view above my head where I sat in the lobby doing my counted cross stitch next to the large window overlooking the lake.

1 (9)It was a great place to get some stitching done, talk to other women, and hear what was going on out in the 30,000 acres of woodland where the men (and a few women) were hunting.

2This is what I am working on right now – a picture of our grandson Ian. I stitch photos of our grandchildren when they are at a preschool age. As you can see, it is done in quarters as the pattern comes in four pieces. I will finish the third quarter today. When  I finish the final quarter, I will get it professionally framed.

I have finished 14 pictures – as I have also stitched one of our grandson Elijah who only lived for 5 months. Ian is #15, then I will do Jared and Jesse. After they are finished, I will do some creative pictures for our children.

3 (1)The ladies who sat at the far left were the ones who took the phone calls when someone harvested a deer – and his farm location. I could hear the conversations, so that was fun. As ladies returned from shopping (center) they looked over the list of those who had gotten deer – hoping to see their husband’s name.

3 (2)Toward evening I moved away from the window to one of the well lighted tables to continue stitching. (It is more comfortable in the chair next to the window, but this works for a short period of time.) Next to me a lady was working on the puzzle, and at the next table they were deciding what game to play. One of the women bought three new games while out on her shopping excursion.

3 (3)By 6:15 p.m. the unsuccessful hunters began coming in, and checked the successful hunt listing before going to their room.

It was difficult to pick out Cerwin because the hunters were all dressed alike. 🙂

3 (4)This was the final listing for day one. Chris – #12 on the list has the largest scored rack so far (see below).

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (7)All twenty racks were hung in the banquet room.

3 (8)It was a fun day.

Whitetail Hunt Orientation

While Cerwin went through orientation and met other hunters, I went outside to photograph memories from this hotel in Osage, Missouri.

1 (1)It was a beautiful day for a walk.

1 (2)Nineteen of the twenty vans that will take the hunters to their locations on Saturday morning. #15 van was missing when I took this picture.

1 (3)The entrance area of the hotel is the fourth floor – because it is built on a hill overlooking a lake. Our room is on the second floor.

1 (4)

2I went inside to locate the hunters who were in orientation. There were three different times throughout the day for the hunters to attend – each orientation was the same, so they had to only attend one.

2aThe 10:00 a.m. orientation when Cerwin attended. He is wearing the orange shirt, and never knew I was there because I did not use a flash to take the picture.

2bThe owners of Whitetail Trophy Hunt are Don and Craig – father and son – and this is Craig’s wife Julie who takes care of the clothing store.

3 (1)Cerwin thought that he would be pleased with a rack like this. 🙂

3 (2)The meals at the hunt begin with supper, so we went out to Bandana’s for a light lunch.

3 (3)This is where Kevin and Mark took us for supper the night before, and the smoked meat was a draw for Cerwin, even though there were many restaurants much closer.

3 (4)Cerwin’s lunch of a smoked beef sandwich and potato salad.

3 (5)My lunch was this grilled corn on the cob. Yum!

3 (6)On the way back to the hotel, Cerwin noticed that our speedometer had all the same numbers.

4 (1)There is a puzzle being put together in the lobby next to where I am working on my counted cross stitch.

4 (2)It is a very appropriate puzzle for a white tail hunt.

4 (3)6:00 p.m. supper is on the third floor – just below the lobby.

4 (4)The room was filled to capacity with 171 hunters and many non-hunting spouses. Julie (owner’s wife) thought there are 60 non-hunting spouses. I will probably find out the exact amount today when we have our first meeting.

4 (5)This man “spoke a blessing” on the hunters.

4 (6)Owner Don welcomed everyone.

4 (7)His son Craig also shared a few words.

4 (8)This hunt is a big deal – with lots of prizes – because they are celebrating their 25th anniversary. This man (left) was awarded a free hunt because he has hunted with White Tail Trophy Hunt all twenty-five years.

4 (9)After the meal, the hunters learned where they will be hunting in the morning. Cerwin is writing down N-02 which is what hunt the computer chose for him.

4 (10)Then he found table N to learn about his tree stand. We understand that 02 means that he has Stand #2 on that farm.

4 (11)The taxidermist recommended by this hunt has a display in the banquet room lobby.

5The view outside our motel window before we went to bed.

We went to bed early because Cerwin’s alarm will ring at 2:30 a.m. He will eat breakfast, pick up his lunch bag, then be at the door at 4:15 when his van will be at the door to take his group of hunters to the farm.

Arriving At Inn At Grand Glaize, Missouri

Today begins a new hunting experience for Cerwin.


DSC_0385The beautiful view from our room.


DSC_0380This looks like an area that I will want to explore while Cerwin is hunting.


DSC_0388There are lots of beautiful mounts in the lobby – from previous Whitetail Trophy Hunts.


DSC_0389Kevin, right, is the man who recruited Cerwin for this hunt when he represented Whitetail Trophy Hunt at Worship Center’s Hunter’s Supper last spring.

DSC_0390The lobby is bustling with hunters who are checking in. I am looking forward to getting to know the non-hunting wives in the next few days. They are expecting 175 hunters. I didn’t ask how many non-hunting women will be here, but have already met several.

DSC_0395Four of us went to Bandana’s for supper. I liked their lighting tubs.

Tomorrow is orientation for the hunt.


The taxidermist called to let our guys know that their mounts are ready.

1 (1)Jere stopped in after getting this nice mount from his 2012 Pennsylvania hunt in Tioga County.

1 (2)Cerwin got this European mount from his 2012 Kentucky hunt and showed it to Jordan.

1 (3)   I am glad that we have a lot of space on our garage walls for his mounts.

I am not all that excited about European mounts, but it’s a “guy thing” and pleases Cerwin. He’s not always thrilled about some of my “girl things” either. 🙂