Traveling Home & A Visit With Cerwin’s Mother

Howe, Indiana, to Marietta, Pennsylvania – Tuesday, December 10

12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (1)For some reason this song kept running through my head as I watched the day break on Tuesday.

Morning Has Broken – by Eleanor Farjeon

Morning has broken, like the first morning 

Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird 

Praise for the singing, praise for the morning 

Praise for the springing fresh from the word

Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven 

Like the first dewfall, on the first grass 


12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (2)Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden 

Sprung in completeness where his feet pass

Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning 

Born of the one light, Eden saw play 

Praise with elation, praise every morning 

God’s recreation of the new day.


12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (3)

12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (4)We were a bit concerned about the roads as we neared Pennsylvania because there was enough snow to close schools earlier in the day.

12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (6)However, it was warm enough that the roads were clear by the time we neared the TFC office near Marietta.

12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (5)I thought this Christmas decoration looked pretty with the snow-covered branches.

12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (7)

12-10-13 Howe, IN, to Marietta (8)

12-11-13 Sunset & Visiting Mother (1)It was good to see the sunset from our own house that evening.

12-11-13 Sunset & Visiting Mother (2)On Wednesday evening we planned to visit Cerwin’s mother.

She called that afternoon and asked if we would like to come for supper.

12-11-13 Sunset & Visiting Mother (3)She made a delicious pot of chicken noodle soup.

12-11-13 Sunset & Visiting Mother (4)How blessed we are to have a ninety-six-year-old mother who still enjoys cooking for us.

12-11-13 Sunset & Visiting Mother (5)

Dessert: Cookies (Deb, I imagine you recognize these.) and rhubarb Jell-O.

Yes, it is good to be home.

First Worship Service In The Hudson Chapel

Sunday, December 8

1We were glad for a warm chapel on this frigid (about zero degrees) Sunday morning.

2This is the view of the chapel from the truck stop restaurant.

3 (1)Chaplain Tim worked until a bit after midnight to get the interior of the chapel ready for Sunday morning. He was doing the kind of organization that only he knew where he wanted to place things.

3 (2)Cerwin and I helped him do the final set up on Sunday morning – sweeping the floor, setting up the chairs, and cleaning the door window.

3 (3)A stack of Highway News that is ready to give to drivers as Tim walks the lot and goes through the truck stop inviting them to morning worship.

3 (4)At 11:00 there were two drivers, us, and Tim’s family.

4By the time introductions were over, we were joined by a volunteer chaplain and another driver. Another local person (one who helped with the set up the day before) came after these pictures.

After I took this picture, one of the men asked why I was taking the pictures from the back. I said, “Because I have to get your signed permission if the pictures show your face. They all said, “We will do that!”

5Here they are, those who came to the chapel on the first Sunday.

Tim shared a challenging Christmas message:

Christmas is as we make it.

Jesus is our gift from God – a living gift that keeps on giving.

Matthew 11:28-30 – I give you rest.

John 6:33 – I give you life.

John 14:27 – I give you peace.

A Tour of Hudson, Wisconsin

Sunday, December 8

DSC_1525When Chaplain Tim asked if we would like a quick tour of Hudson on Sunday morning, before chapel services, he got an enthusiastic YES from me.


DSC_1532The old courthouse.


DSC_1542I was a bit disappointed that the day was overcast – meaning there was no chance of seeing eagles, but that disappointment was wiped away when we arrived at the spot where Tim said they usually see eagles, and saw hundreds of Trumpeter Swans, Canada Geese, Mallards, and maybe a few other species.

DSC_1539What a noisy place – with the swans making most of the noise. Their call is a hollow, nasal honking.

DSC_1545I learned that the Trumpeter Swan is the largest North American waterfowl.

DSC_1550The largest group of fowl in this open area of water was Canada Geese.


DSC_1556The brown-toned swans are immature ones.



DSC_1564If it wasn’t so cold (zero degrees) I would have enjoyed staying longer.

DSC_1567It amazes me that birds and animals can endure incredibly frigid weather.



DSC_1555Time to move on to the next area.


DSC_1572At this point we were looking across the St. Croix River to Minnesota as Tim told us about some of the river’s history – and that there is an ice road (a few miles from this spot) during the cold winter months which connects the two states.


DSC_1580This boat sank during the summer months and had recently been brought to the surface. Tim did not know if would be sea-worthy again.

DSC_1582Then we went to the top of the town for a beautiful view.

DSC_1593This is another place where we could have seen eagles on a clear day.

DSC_1585Thanks Tim for the interesting tour of your city.

It made us want to come back.

Hudson Chapel Set Up

Saturday, December 7

DSC_1456Ready to begin the set up of the new chapel.

DSC_1467Bringing the steps out of the chapel.


DSC_1480It’s the first time we set up a chapel in zero degree weather with ice and snow on the ground.


DSC_1490Chaplain Tim’s son Garret helping to unpack and remove boxes and cardboard from the new chapel.


DSC_1496A driver stopped by to talk to Tim.

DSC_1500Unpacking new items and bringing things in from the old chapel.





DSC_1514Making sure the chapel is level.

DSC_1519The final job on Saturday evening – putting up the awnings.

DSC_1524After the final awning was in place, the guys came inside the restaurant for supper. When we were about finished eating, they noticed that the chapel was dark, meaning there was something wrong electrically. After a bit of real concern, and checking out the source of the problem, they discovered that it was a truck stop problem. (sigh of relief!)

Tim says there will be a service on Sunday morning, but the inside is a long way from ready.

Moving the Chapels

Friday evening, December 6

DSC_1406After we arrived, Tim and Cerwin removed some exterior attachments to the old chapel. I’m not sure what everything was, but they looked like antennas and such.


DSC_1413The mechanic preparing to do his “thing.”

DSC_1414By 3:45 in the afternoon they decided that it may move, so Chaplain Tim got in the cab.

DSC_1417The trailer wouldn’t budge.

DSC_1425More discussion

DSC_1424Cerwin crawled under the trailer and loosened the slack adjusters, then hit the brake shoes to release the brakes. (I don’t know about things like that, but that is what he told me he did.)

DSC_14284:30 p.m. ~ It moved!

DSC_1436Tim moving it off the lot.

DSC_1441Cerwin bringing the new one in – but first a few cars had to be moved.

DSC_1443Cerwin, Tim, and the volunteers were so pleased to have the new chapel in place by the end of the day – 5:00 p.m.

That was not something they thought would happen in the early afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us on Friday.

God was truly WITH us.

DSC_1452Then it was time to celebrate with supper in the truck stop restaurant. This picture includes some of the setup helpers, Tim, his wife, Char, their three children, and a few friends.

It was surely a time to rejoice!

Gary, Indiana to Hudson, Wisconsin

The last leg of the new chapel delivery.

Friday, December 6

1 (1)Cerwin did not want to take this route, but a detour mandated that we go this way.

1 (2)He asked me to help him keep an eye on the signs and routes as we maneuvered through the busy early morning traffic.

1 (3)I can’t imagine what happens to traffic here when there is an accident. (This was still very early – just before 6:00 a.m.)

But on this day everything went well – and kept moving and we got around Chicago very quickly.

1 (4)By daylight, traffic was still busy but there weren’t so many changes and choices to make.

1 (5)

1 (6)Before long Cerwin said, “Now this is my kind of trucking.”

…and we were still praising the Lord that the road was dry, because the snowstorm wasn’t that far to our south – especially in the area of Chicago.

1 (7)As we traveled north – into the frigid weather – lakes and rivers were frozen. It was 7 degrees when I took this picture.

2About this time we began seeing signs of snow – the first since the high elevations in western Pennsylvania.

DSC_1323Enjoy some of the scenery.






DSC_1344About the time we saw the truck in front of us pull over because of an obvious problem, we noticed that we were getting into some beautiful winter scenery.

DSC_1348Deb, this is about the time you called me – the reason I was exclaiming over the beauty surrounding us.


DSC_1358After we arrived in Hudson, Chaplain Tim said the reason for the beauty happened a few days earlier when they had snow – just before the deep-freeze hit the area.


DSC_1379Even the sign looks cold!

DSC_1384If I looked back – through Cerwin’s side window – the ice glittered in the sunlight, but it was difficult to capture.


DSC_1390The red buildings looked pretty with a backdrop of white.

DSC_1392The frosted tree scenery lasted for about half-an-hour.

DSC_1393Jeff and Chris, this picture is for you.

DSC_1396This is the second flock of turkeys we saw on Friday.

DSC_1399This beautiful scenery lasted right up to the truck stop.

DSC_1401After finding a parking spot, we called Chaplain Tim and met him at the old chapel.

DSC_1403Then it was time to talk over plans for moving the old chapel out and the new one in (to the same location).

Tim (gray sweatshirt) hoped to have it moved out by the time we got here, and did have the tractor running – after a lot of work on his and the mechanics part, as it hadn’t been run for a while.

Delivering a New Chapel to Hudson, Wisconsin – Day 1

Thursday, December 5

DSC_1262Leaving TFC’s shop near Marietta, Pennsylvania – about 5:30 a.m.


DSC_1272We drove through some light, morning fog in areas, but not too bad.

DSC_1276We saw our first – and only – sign of snow for the day in the high elevations on I-80 in western Pennsylvania.


DSC_1285We were hoping to deliver a clean chapel. However, a few rainy areas changed our plans.

DSC_1288It was an uneventful day – and we like uneventful when delivering a chapel.

DSC_1290The highlight of our day was when a driver got our attention on the CB by asking, “Transport For Christ?”

Cerwin replied that he had his CB on.

“Is that the chapel for Hudson, Wisconsin?” the driver asked.

Cerwin said, “Yes, it is. We plan to be there on Friday afternoon.”

The driver: “When I saw the chapel, I thought, I bet that is the one for Hudson. Chaplain Tim told me it is coming. He is anxiously waiting for you.”

That was fun!

We stopped at a rest area near Gary, Indiana, where there was a small store and restaurant.

It was a good day, and both of us slept well in our cozy bunks in the truck.

Another TFC Chapel Is Ready For Delivery

I thought you might like to see what is happening with the latest chapel construction.

1 (1)Cerwin picked it up at Mervin Weaver’s paint shop (Merv’s Painting) on October 23.

1 (5)Merv, his dad, Amos, and their employees do an amazing job of sandblasting and painting our old trailers.

1 (2)Our grandson Josh spent a day with Cerwin in the shop and did a great job of attaching reflective tape.

1 (3)The interior on October 28.

1 (4)

2Rohrer’s One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning installed the heating and cooling system.

3They install a unit in the living quarters and another in the chapel area.

10-29 (4)

11-7 (1)Glenn Fahnestock checking out the lighted cross he had just installed.

11-7 (2)Stiegel Valley Flooring installed vinyl in the chapel area…

11-7 (3)…and carpet in the living quarters.


Thanks to Glenn Fahnestock for being at the shop on the day this company installed the spray foam insulation under the trailer when we were on our trip to Missouri, and Inge Koenig for taking these three pictures.


It was fun to receive the pictures by email from Inge so we could see what was happening.


4aNotice the insulation under the trailer. Cerwin likes to have this done to chapels that go to areas where the winters are cold – as is the case in Hudson, Wisconsin where this one is going.

11-8 (7)The sofa bed looks nice in the living quarters.

11-21 (1)Glenn also took the chapel to Charlie Eckert’s for lettering. It was a blessing to have Glenn help Cerwin with a few of the final details while we were in Missouri.

11-21 (3)As of today, the chapel is packed and ready for travel to Hudson – next Thursday, December 5 – after two Thanksgiving meals and Cerwin goes on one more hunt.