Helping Great-grandpa

Friday, April 1

Helping (2)Anthony loves doing anything with sticks, so when Cerwin said that he was going to work in the yard, I got my large wagon.

Helping (3)

Helping (4)

Helping (5)

Helping (6)

Helping (7)

Helping (10)He also put some small logs into Jere’s trailer – from a downed tree.

Helping (8)Then he went back to his wagon.

Helping (9)

Helping (1)When Cerwin arrived with his wheelbarrow, Anthony offered to help him.

Helping (11)Cerwin was picking up shellbark nuts that he had raked on piles earlier in the week.

Helping (12)Grandma came to help with yard cleanup.

Helping (13)While outside, I noticed our blooming hyacinth.

Helping (14)Then it was time to take Anthony to his other grandma and meet Deb for lunch.

I will tell you about that tomorrow night.


What fun to keep our great-grandson Anthony for a few hours last week.

1 (2)Playing with one of great-grandpa’s flashlights

1 (1)

1 (3)

1 (4)

2 (5)A magnet from the refrigerator

2 (6)

3 (1)Trying to figure out how to get the deer magnet from behind the grandfather clock where he dropped it.

3 (2)Maybe I’ll play with this decoration instead.

4 (1)Posing for great-grandma

4 (3)

4 (4)

4 (2)Sure I can smile for you.

Pictures from Mother High’s Funeral

Wednesday, March 2 ~ Friday, March 4 ~ Saturday, March 5

1 (1)It’s nice to see a pretty bird on a sad day.

1 (2)Kristen and Debbie came here to design our family’s picture board for the viewing and funeral.

1 (3)Arranging pictures

1 (4)Kristen is an avid scrap booker, so her Cricut was a great help.

1aEveryone’s photo boards at Mother’s funeral. The flowers were from the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren.


2bMel & Velda’s family

2c (1)Elvin & Patti’s

2c (2)

Bob & Doris’

3 (1)Casket Bearers preparing to go to the gravesite.

3 (2)

3 (3)Grandsons and a grandson-in-law: This side – left to right – David Richard, Ted Clements, Bryan High, Japheth Stauffer. Back side – left to right – Jeff High, Donald Rhoads, Jon Stauffer, Jere High. There was a funeral director behind the casket.

3 (4)Mike Zimmerman – right – conducted the graveside service.

3 (6)Preparing to release balloons

If you missed that, you can see it on my entry the day of the funeral –

3 (7)Elizabeth’s friend Nsimba and Inge speaking Portuguese.

3 (8)Enjoying a delicious meal in the basement of Erb Mennonite Church.

3 (9)During open mike, we were asked to share memories of Mother. Jesse told his dad that he wanted to tell everyone about a memory Great-grandma shared with him just a few days before her death.

She told him that when he was quite little – during a Christmas gift exchange – he touched every present and asked, “Mine? Mine?”

3 (10)That reminded Jere of a Christmas when Grandpa and Grandma forgot to get him a gift. He was just a little guy, so was quite disappointed. But she made up for it by bringing him two gifts from a trip to Florida – just after Christmas.

3 (11)Dorretta shared a few of her favorite memories.

3 (12)After lunch our great-grandson, Anthony, stood still just long enough for me to get a picture.

3aCasket flowers from mother’s children

3bPretty flowers from our TFC president and his wife – Scott and Karen.


3ccThe large bouquet of flowers from her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

3dThis is what it looked like after each of the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-grandchildren took a flower or bouquet to keep in her memory.

DSC_8650I designed a bouquet out of the leftovers when everyone else was finished.

Friday Morning at the Myers

Friday, September 4

Morning at the Myers (1)I went outside early Friday morning to see what was growing and blooming at Mark and Diane’s house in mid-coast Maine. The sky was clear – with only one noticeable cloud.

Morning at the Myers (3)This year Diane’s garden consists of buckets since buying a house and moving is in their 2015 plans.

Morning at the Myers (2)

Morning at the Myers (4)

Morning at the Myers (5)

Morning at the Myers (6)What had been their garden in previous years is filled with interesting flowers and weeds.

Morning at the Myers (7)

Morning at the Myers (8)The wooded area surrounding their previous garden is filled with a bamboo-type bush which is also flowering.

Morning at the Myers (9)

Morning at the Myers (10)There are also flowers that Diane has planted and nurtured. Some will probably go with them when they move.

Morning at the Myers (11)

Morning at the Myers (12)

Morning at the Myers (13)

Morning at the Myers (14)When I come inside, I noticed the sun glistening on several things in their kitchen and dining room.

Morning at the Myers (16)Vinegar and olive oil bottles in the center of their kitchen table.

Morning at the Myers (17)

Morning at the Myers (18)Cookbooks

Morning at the Myers (19)Hannah has her own apartment, but came to the house to make breakfast and say hi to us.

Morning at the Myers (20)Bratwurst from Bisson Farms where she works. Oh, yum.

After breakfast Cerwin and I went to Thomas Point Beach (two miles away) to enjoy the first day of the bluegrass festival.

Highlights of Three Beautiful Days in July

July 22, 23, & 24

Highlights (1)How is this for a Wednesday morning highlight – our great-grandson, Anthony, and his aunt, our granddaughter, Lydia?

Anthony was here for a short time while his mom (Abby) ran a few errands.

Highlights (2)These three are cell phone pictures so we could send pictures to his grandma (Diane) in Maine.

Highlights (3)Love that cookie-covered face.

Highlights (4)

Highlights (5)Thursday: I love the view from our patio when the sun is highlighting corn tassels.

Highlights (6)Cornfields line the road near our house.

Highlights (7)Friday: Our daughter-in-law Kristen brought a bag of fresh corn – ready-for-the-freezer

Highlights (8)There were more than a dozen freezer bags.

Highlights (9)Thanks, Kristen. I kept one bag out of the freezer for supper. It tasted like fresh corn. Yum!

Highlights (10)I never tire of a clear night and a beautiful moon – whether it is waxing, full, or waning.

Highlights (11)Sometimes I like to think about the fact that it is the same moon God created thousands of years ago – and the same moon that each of our family members see – no matter where they live or are traveling.

Class of 2015 – Homeschool Graduation – Part 2 of 2

Thursday Evening, May 21

2 (1)The graduate’s siblings were invited to the stage to join in a family prayer.

2 (6)

2 (2)Joanna’s family

2 (8)

2 (3)Daniel’s family

2 (9)

2 (7)Corey’s family

2 (10)Tanner’s family

2 (11)Sam’s family

2 (12)I didn’t realize until I was preparing to post these that I didn’t have a picture of Abigail’s family. They are behind the “Congratulations Graduates” sign.

2 (13)Following prayer, there was a slide show of the graduate’s younger days.

2 (14)Tanner

2 (15)Joanna

2 (16)

2 (17)

2 (18)Daniel

2 (19)

2 (20)

2 (21)Corey

2 (22)

2 (23)Abigail

2 (24)

2 (25)

2 (26)Sam

2 (27)

2 (28)

2 (29)

2 (30)Daniel’s dad, Jon, gave the closing remarks.

2 (31)The parents prepared a delicious snack.

2 (32)

2 (33)

2 (37)

2 (34)

2 (35)

2 (36)

2 (38)

2 (39)

2 (40)Sam’s youngest brother, Ben. 🙂

2 (41)We had a “table dancer” while we enjoyed our snack – our great-grandson, Anthony.

2 (42)He makes me smile.


Thank you, Sam, for inviting us, and thanks to the graduates and their families for planning a delightful evening.

We were blessed.

Anthony’s First Birthday Party

Saturday Evening, May 2DSC_1368

DSC_1380Back – left to right: Grandma Myers, Grandma Zuck, Great-grandma Myers, Great-grandma Zuck. Front: Great-grandma High and Great-grandma Hershey, and Anthony.

DSC_1406Grandma Myers and Grandma Zuck

DSC_1393Looking at pictures: Anthony’s Great-grandpa Myers, Great-grandma Myers, Uncle Josiah, and Grandpa Myers. Aunt Adrielle is in the background.


DSC_1396Nathaniel (Anthony’s daddy) grilling chicken.


DSC_1408Supper is ready.


DSC_1410Josiah and Cerwin visiting with Anthony’s Aunt Melita.


DSC_1424Their lilacs are just beginning to bloom.


DSC_1434Eye-to-eye with Daddy.

DSC_1437Guess who gets the cupcake?

DSC_1438Homemade ice cream

DSC_1444Posing with Mommy and Daddy

DSC_1447One year old



DSC_1461Oh, look what’s coming.

DSC_1464My cupcake





DSC_1486Aunt Melita

DSC_1499Uncle Sam, Aunt Melita, and Uncle Ben

DSC_1505Grandpa and Grandma Zuck

DSC_1518Great-grandma and Great-grandpa High

DSC_1535Great-grandma and Great-grandpa Myers

DSC_1541Great-grandma Zuck

Can you tell he is getting tired of pictures?

DSC_1601Bubbles helped distract him.

DSC_1546Mommy and Daddy


DSC_1590Uncle Josiah, Aunt Hannah, Pappy Myers and Grandma Myers

DSC_1610Having fun with Pappy and Mommy.

DSC_1644With Daddy, Mommy, Uncle Joram and Aunt Ashley.

DSC_1627Opening gifts



DSC_1638It was a fun evening.


Saturday, January 31

Our oldest daughter, Diane, had an opportunity to come here (from Maine) for a short weekend – with two van loads of people going to a youth conference.

DSC_5486Their grandson draws her here like a strong magnet. 🙂

DSC_5491Eight-month-old Anthony doesn’t have the “smile for the camera” routine down yet.

DSC_5492Diane treasures her time with him and we were delighted to have him here on Saturday evening while Nathaniel and Abby went out for supper.

DSC_5493He doesn’t crawl yet, but he sure gets around.

DSC_5495Watch him during this maneuver.









DSC_5507Later in the evening Diane’s best friend from school days – Karen – stopped in to visit. We had a good time talking about childhood memories and the recent death of Karen’s dad.

DSC_5512Though Anthony enjoyed his time with us, he was delighted to see his mama.


It is so much have having a baby in the family again.

A Visit By Granddaughters

October 11 – 13

1It was DELIGHTFUL to have Lydia and Hannah spend two days with us during their quick trip from Maine.

2It also meant we got to see a bit more of Nathaniel and Abby (Hannah and Lydia’s sister) and our only great-grandchild, Anthony.

In this picture Nathaniel was shopping for something online and Abby was getting Anthony ready for bed.

3 (1)I had a unique view of Anthony from my seat at the table and had fun taking pictures of him.

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (7)

3 (8)

3 (9)

3 (10)

3 (11)

3 (12)

DSC_0799Little did we know that when I took this picture on Monday morning, October 13, that this car would be totaled before they got home to Maine that night.

1457715_10204722426768275_1856867211540808021_nPhoto from Hannah’s Facebook page.

We are grateful that both are safe – with only a few bruises and cuts.


Photo from Abby’s Facebook page

Just to close on a lighter note, Abby recently posted a picture of Anthony enjoying his newest skill – sitting.

Shopping With Granddaughters

August 12 & 13

8-12-14 Lunch With ElizabethCell Phone Photo

Our oldest granddaughter, Elizabeth, came to spend a week with us ~ the evening before Reuben and Judi went back to Wisconsin.

A few days later I asked if she wanted to go along to AC Moore to get some supplies for Cousin’s Week. We had a delicious lunch at Coffee Co. which is just across the parking lot.

The next morning I heard Elizabeth and Abby talking about going shopping, and as I thought, “It would be fun to go along,” I derived a plan, and told them that I would drive if they invited me to go along.

These sisters are smart girls, and took me up on the offer. 🙂

8-13-14 (1)Elizabeth buckling in Anthony (Nathaniel and Abby’s baby – our great-grandson) before we went shopping.

8-13-14 (2)Our first stop was a roadside vegetable stand where Abby bought a basket of peaches, and I bought a tomato. I love garden-fresh tomatoes and ours weren’t  ripe yet.

8-13-14 (3)We bought a lot more at Sharp Shopper. I got some good food bargains for Cousin’s Week.

8-13-14 (4)Abby bought another basket of peaches at Glenwood Farms and I found a few more things for Cousin’s Week.

8-13-14 (6)By the time we got to Wal-Mart, Anthony needed lunch, so Abby stayed in the van to feed him while Elizabeth checked on a special tea that Abby wanted (they didn’t have it) and I bought Subway sandwiches. (Our Wal-Mart has a Subway inside.)

8-13-14 (5)We opened the van windows and enjoyed a delightful picnic.

8-13-14 (7)

Internet picture

Since Anthony was full and happy again, Abby asked if we could stop at Madelyn’s Closet in Ephrata (a thrift store). It was half-price day, and she was looking for little boy clothing for Anthony.

I found a light, dressy Chico jacket that was a perfect fit for me. As I was examining it for flaws, I noticed that it was new – with an original price tag of $88.00 ~ then marked down to $52.99. The thrift store price was $9.85 ~ and since everything was half-price, I paid $4.93. 🙂

8-13-14 (8)

Internet picture

Our last stop was Good’s Store where I bought two air mattresses for Cousin’s Week as Cerwin was taking two of ours along on a chapel maintenance trip to Shrewsbury, Massachusetts ~ during Cousin’s Week.

Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock were replacing a chapel door and making several other repairs ~ that would take more than one day, so they were going to sleep on the chapel one night.

Elizabeth 2014Elizabeth spent the next week ~ August 17 -26 ~ in New Windsor, Maryland, with other members of her team as they trained for a one-year term of volunteer service in Lewiston, Maine, with Brethren Volunteer Service/Brethren Revival Fellowship.