Jana’s 17th Birthday Party

2 (1)How did that happen?

It seems like she should still be a preschooler – but she is now a loving, delightful seventeen-year-old.

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)A “creative” 17. 🙂

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)Opening her gifts

2 (8)

2 (9)

2 (10)The funny part of the party.

2 (11)I thought she and her dad were doing a selfie until I saw the picture.

2 (12)Jana has some kind of phone ap that exchanges the faces. 🙂

2 (12a)This is Jana with Josiah’s beard. 🙂

2 (13)Sylvia and Kristen laughing at someone’s face exchange.

2 (14)Sylvia is a second mom to Kristen. She was a vital part of Kristen’s growing up years.

2 (15)Jana and Kristen’s exchange.

2 (16)Roy and Deb looking at their facial exchange.

2 (17)It is so much fun to have a lot of belly laughs.

Maine Visitors During Mother’s Funeral

Saturday March 5 & Sunday, March 6

What fun to find these in my camera. Nsimba was taking pictures. 🙂

DSC_8664Our oldest granddaughter, Elizabeth

DSC_8668Elizabeth and her sister Hannah

DSC_8673Lydia (Elizabeth’s youngest sister) Anthony (their nephew – our great-grandson), and Elizabeth.

DSC_8677Elizabeth and Nsimba wanted pictures with us before the family left for Maine on Sunday morning.

DSC_8683Posing for a few pictures





DSC_8695Can you tell that they are good friends? 🙂

1 (2)Then the Myers were on their way home – and I was left with my birds.

Shoveling Snow & Golden Sunset

Tuesday, January 26 – a few days after the big snow.

DSC_7558Cerwin was concerned about the amount of snow on the roof, so pushed it to the ground – which meant the boys had to shovel again. 🙂

DSC_7560Their big brother Josh (left) and his friend Sam arrived to hang out in the man cave and enjoyed the moment of watching the younger guys working.


DSC_7562That evening the sun created a sea of golden snow.

Wednesday, January 27 – We had a delightful birthday supper with Jeff and Chris at Cat’s Meow in Manheim.

Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Reception – Final Entry

Saturday, September 12

1 (1)Pictures while waiting for the wedding party.

1 (2)

1 (3)

1 (4)Us

1 (5)Debbie and her dad.

They had no idea that I was taking this picture.

1 (6)Garth (grooms cousin)

Everyone had a s’more package – a gift from the bride and groom – so roasting marshmallows over candles became a good way to spend time while waiting for the wedding party.

1 (7)Jesse (bride’s cousin)

1 (8)

1 (9)Valarae (grooms sister)

1 (10)

The Reception (60)

1 (11)

1 (12)

2Watching the rain

The Reception (42)

The Reception (44)It was really raining.

The Reception (45)I looked for things around the barn that I had previously missed.

The Reception (46)

The Reception (47)

The Reception (48)

The Reception (49)The hors d’ oeuvres table

The Reception (50)Salad


Then we heard the rumble of the trucks – meaning the wedding party had arrived.

The Reception (51)

The Reception (52)

The Reception (53)

The Reception (54)

The Reception (55)Time to roll up shirt sleeves

The Reception (56)The delicious meal was prepared by Country Home Catering.

The Reception (57)

The Reception (58)

The Reception (59)Several tapped on glasses – and were rewarded with a kiss.

 The Reception (61)Cutting the cake

The Reception (62)

The Reception (63)

The Reception (64)

The Reception (65)I just missed another kiss. 🙂

The Reception (66)

The Reception (67)

The Reception (68)Well wishes before leaving the reception.

The Reception (74)Having fun with our great-grandson, Anthony.

The Reception (70)Cousins

The Reception (72)A close up of Jenna’s pretty dress.

The Reception (73)Watching people

  uOh, what a wonderful, delightful day.

Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Part 4

Saturday, September 12

The Receiving Line

1 (1)After the wedding party and parents left the sanctuary, Nate gave the audience directions for the rest of the afternoon.

1 (2)Pictures from the receiving line.

This is my brother Dale and his wife Dot. They had to be the first ones to leave the church, as they were in charge of lighting candles at the barn where the reception was being held.

1 (3)

1 (4)

1 (5)

1 (6)-001

1 (7)

1 (8)

1 (9)

1 (10)

1 (11)

1 (12)

1 (13)

1 (13a)The sign in board

2 (1)Maria – Flower Girl

2 (2)With her escort and brother – James

3 (1)I missed inserting this photo the other night, so will place it here. Cerwin and me with our four children.

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)Who could be wearing pink camouflage socks to a wedding?

3 (5)

4 (1)Maria watching people

4 (2)Our niece Chelsey and her handsome Jared

4 (3)

5 (1)The truck drivers who will be escorting the wedding party.

Dustan will drive his own truck.

5 (2)

5 (3)Walking in the rain

5 (4)

5 (5)

5 (6)Corey and Diana

5 (7)Blaine and Chelsey

5 (8)Nate and Marcia

5 (9)Maddie and Jordan

5 (10)Josh and Gloria

5 (11)

5 (12)

5 (13)…and they are off – with noise and smoke

5 (15)

5 (16)

5 (17)

5 (18)

5 (19)

5 (20)

5 (21)

5 (22)

5 (23)Tomorrow night – The Reception

Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Part 3

Saturday, September 12

The Ceremony



DSC_0226The guys all came in together: Dustan, Corey, Blaine, Nate, Jordan, Josh

DSC_0228Gloria was the first bridesmaid to come down the aisle.

DSC_0229Gloria, Maddie, Marcia, Chelsey, Diana

DSC_0231Here comes the bride!

I took all these pictures without flash, so the focus is soft and if there was movement there is a blur, but I am keeping them for the memory of the moment.





DSC_0236Ron had a great meditation on how a husband can love and care for his wife and how a wife can respect and honor her husband.




DSC_0240Dustan’s Grandpa Shenk performed the ceremony.



DSC_0244Dustan’s vows

DSC_0245Jenna’s vows

DSC_0249Parents’ Prayer




DSC_0253Sand Ceremony










DSC_0266Mr. & Mrs. Dustan Rohrer


Tomorrow night ~ the receiving line.

Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Part 1

Saturday, September 12

The first thing we did on the wedding day was go to the barn where the reception would be held. We had punch to deliver for the hors d’oeuvres table.

1 (1)This sign was beautifully decorated with flowers when we came back that evening.

1 (2)



3aI was responsible for the punch bowl, and this is the mixture I used to make a red punch – requested by our granddaughter, Jenna. To each gallon of punch, the attendant added a 2 liter container of ginger ale. I didn’t follow a recipe, just found red punch and added some real fruit juices. I thought it was pretty good.

3bAn overview of the room from a ladder. If you look through the closest ladder you can see a white door.

3cThis is where everyone would get their name tag which directed them to their table and seat.


4We were here a bit the day before – to learn where to put the punch, ginger ale, and frozen ice hearts.

4aWe saw Jeff, Chris, her mom, Jenna, Dustan, Diana, and Chelsey doing some of the setup.

4bThe wedding party’s table.

4cThe father of the bride was responsible for the marriage license.

4caIt was fun seeing the room before guests arrived.

5 (2)Thank you gifts from Dustan and Jenna – ingredients to make a s’more.

5 (3)Can you tell this is a family of hunters by the centerpiece on each table?

5 (4)We found where we will be sitting.

5 (5)

5 (6)

5 (7)

5 (8)

5 (9)

5 (9a)Our sister-in-law Dot, did a great job on the flower arrangements at the reception.

5aJeff and Chris’ old truck was where gifts would be stored.

5bIt was supposed to be outside, but rain was predicted, so Jeff pulled it inside.



DSC_0111Tomorrow night – family pictures before the wedding.

Labor Day With Our Maine Family

Monday, September 7

Nothing – positively nothing – outside of my relationship with the Lord – makes me happier than to enjoy time with our children and their children and getting a glimpse into their lives.

Monday was a relaxing day for us – no deadlines or appointments.

1 (1)Elizabeth looking through a cookbook.

1 (2)Mark on his cell phone. He was just back from his job of driving a big rig – delivering bread products.

1 (3)Cerwin reading one of the Myers’ books.

1 (4)Diane putting away breakfast dishes.

1 (5)

In the early afternoon we went to see where Hannah works. She had been milking cows part-time while working at ReStore (Habitat for Humanity). She fell in love with milking cows, and now does that fulltime and volunteers at ReStore.

L.P Bisson also raises beef cattle and hogs and has an in-house butcher shop. The above sign is outside their farm store where they sell milk and meat products.

1 (6)We timed our visit to coincide with the afternoon milking, so the cows were waiting to go to the barn.

1 (7)Hannah has a cute apartment on one end of the farm house. She just recently moved in because they owners wanted to redecorate first.

1 (8)I love the kitchen/dining area wallpaper.

1 (9)

1 (10)Welcome-to-your-house-flowers.

1 (11)I think she said they were from the farm owners.

1 (12)She is drying the rose that was given to her for her work with a local business club.

1 (17)Lydia was looking for a job that fit in with her college studies and the farm was looking for another milker. They were able prepare a schedule that worked for Lydia.

1 (16)During the days she milks, she stays with Hannah. The girls are enjoying this arrangement.

1 (13)The barn is ready for the cows.

1 (14)Some new calves.

1 (15)

1 (18)If we had been more alert to the beef cattle, we probably could have seen this one being born. We were their awhile when I noticed the mother cleaning it.

1 (19)Lydia talking to the cows just before it was time to open the gate.



2 (35)

2 (41)

2 (43)

2 (45)

2 (46)Waiting for another farm worker to get the cows moved toward the gate.

2 (50)Before opening the gate she checked to make sure there were no vehicles coming up the road.

2 (52)

2 (55)

2 (56)If I remember correctly they milk sixty-plus cows.

2 (57)

2 (68)

3 (1)Back at the house Elizabeth asked grandpa for help with playing guitar.

3aMark grilled chicken for supper.


4 (1)I set the table.

4 (2)Loved spending the day with the Myers.