Lydia’s Homeschool Graduation ~ Gifts & Campfire

Thursday, May 22

1 (1)Girlfriends

1 (2)

1 (3)Opening gifts

1 (4)


3 (2)With her friend ~ MaryEllen

3 (1)Emily

4 (2)Lydia

4 (1)Billie

3 (3)Sisters Alice and Franzi

4 (3)Rachel

4 (5)Heather

4 (4)Kari




DSC_0361I went out back to get a picture of the group around the fire pit ~ and of MaryEllen and Heze playing Othello.

It was dark ~ except for the fire ~ and my cameral flash lit up the area and startled the girls.


DSC_0369Heze won this one ~ I think. If I remember correctly, this was their second game in recent months and they agreed that they will need a third game to break the tie.

fWe were honored to be invited to Maine for this graduation celebration.

Lydia’s Homeschool Graduation

Thursday Evening, May 22

DSC_0217Her graduation announcement.

DSC_0220We decorated a porch table with lilacs.

DSC_0223Lydia wanted Gerbera daisies on the tables.

DSC_0225Setting the dining room table.


DSC_0228The gift & card table


DSC_0232Flowers that Lydia made for the cake.


DSC_0236Hannah decorated Lydia’s chair.

DSC_0250The family and Hezekiah’s friend Peter ate in the dining room. Cerwin grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.

DSC_0255Diane made a delicious salad of lettuce, cauliflower, bacon, and hard-cooked eggs ~ with a mayonnaise dressing.

DSC_0258I arranged the left-over fruit that we and Lydia brought home from vo-tech graduation the night before.

DSC_0249Lydia and her friends ate at a table that was set up in the living room. Lydia, Kari, Emily, Franzi, Lydia, Rachel, Heather, Billie, Alice, MaryEllen.


DSC_0261Kari helping adjust her cap and gown.

DSC_0262Mark reading her homeschool diploma.






DSC_0282More pictures tomorrow night.

A Delicious Snack Following Lydia’s Graduation from R10 Tech

Wednesday May 21

DSC_0164I enjoyed watching these girls celebrate with Lydia after the graduation ceremony.

DSC_0165The food trades students prepared a delicious layout of snacks for everyone to enjoy.







DSC_0174Lydia designed the beautiful flowers on this cake.


DSC_0180When I noticed that someone was taking their pictures outside the cafeteria, I quickly went to capture some of my own.

DSC_0183We agreed that they should be facing the sun for better pictures, so they moved across the lawn as one.

DSC_0184Then turned around.

DSC_0205As they walked across the yard, I noticed this scene inside the window.

DSC_0187Much better lighting.

DSC_0193It didn’t take them long to want to do fun pictures.




DSC_0204So ended our wonderful evening of celebrating Lydia’s graduation from R10 Tech.

Lydia’s Graduation From Region Ten Technical High School

Wednesday, May 21

Brunswick High School, Crooker Theater, Brunswick, Maine

DSC_0100Our first sighting of Lydia ~ after arriving at the high school ~ was with her friends Lydia and Franzi.

DSC_0102Sitting with her Food Trades class.

DSC_0104Lydia’s friends Lydia, Franzi, MaryEllen and her sister Elizabeth sat behind us several rows.

DSC_0107A picture of Lydia during the slide show of students as we waited for the program to begin.

DSC_0116Welcome and introductions by Mr. Lohnes, Director.

DSC_0120The program began with three awards ~ Student of the Year and two scholarships. We and Lydia were delighted and surprised when she won the Susan P. Ripa Scholarship of $1,000.00.

DSC_0121Her next honor was when she walked with the National Technical Honor Society.

DSC_0126It was delightful for us to watch her ~ a homeschooled student ~ win these awards. Good job, Mark and Diane ~ and Lydia.


DSC_0135Waiting for their diplomas in Food Trades



DSC_0140Presenting a gift to her Food Trades Instructor


DSC_0148Receiving her diploma in Early Childhood Education.

DSC_0151The Early Childhood graduates presented a gift of flowers to their instructors.


DSC_0163Friends, Greg, Jill, and daughters Emily and Kathryn congratulating her afterwards ~ as well as her mom and sister Elizabeth.

DSC_0161The wrist corsage we gave her.

DSC_0156Because Mark and Hezekiah missed the awards program, Diane suggested that she show her dad the scholarship.


DSC_0159Her sister Hannah congratulating her.

More tomorrow night.