Winter Tea ~ The Hats

Part 1 of 3

RD’s American Grill, Quarryville, Pennsylvania, put on a fabulous tea on Saturday afternoon, February 28.

I think there were about 70 ladies and girls.

DSC_6224I loved seeing the wide variety of hats and headgear ~ and thought you would too.
















DSC_6234Tomorrow night I will feature the ladies and a few more hats.

Valentine Dinner

Friday Evening, February 13

2Cerwin and I had a delightful, relaxing evening with two other couples – eating delicious food and enjoying great conversation.

DSC_5821Roy and Deb set up the evening for us and their friends…

DSC_5820…Melanie and Sterling

1The restaurant created a romantic ambience.



3 (1)We started with soup.

3 (2)My lobster bisque.

3 (4)Appetizers

3 (3)

3 (5)

3 (6)Venison Entree

3 (7)Tuna

3 (8)Lobster

3 (9)Steak and Crab Cake

3 (10)Dessert

3 (11)

3 (12)Oh, it was a delicious, wonderful two hours.


Saturday, January 31

Our oldest daughter, Diane, had an opportunity to come here (from Maine) for a short weekend – with two van loads of people going to a youth conference.

DSC_5486Their grandson draws her here like a strong magnet. 🙂

DSC_5491Eight-month-old Anthony doesn’t have the “smile for the camera” routine down yet.

DSC_5492Diane treasures her time with him and we were delighted to have him here on Saturday evening while Nathaniel and Abby went out for supper.

DSC_5493He doesn’t crawl yet, but he sure gets around.

DSC_5495Watch him during this maneuver.









DSC_5507Later in the evening Diane’s best friend from school days – Karen – stopped in to visit. We had a good time talking about childhood memories and the recent death of Karen’s dad.

DSC_5512Though Anthony enjoyed his time with us, he was delighted to see his mama.


It is so much have having a baby in the family again.

The Benefits Of Having A Man Cave

I don’t often feature our man cave – because I like to respect their privacy – but today is the right time to honor the guys and girls who come to our house.

DSC_5472One day – last week – I looked outside and noticed Josh shoveling our driveway.

DSC_5475He is in truck driving school and didn’t have class because of the weather.

DSC_5573A few days later – after another few inches of snow – Sam texted me to say he was coming to shovel the driveway.

DSC_5575He didn’t have work because of the weather and knew that it was supposed to get brutally cold later in the day. The snow was wet and too heavy for the snow blower.

DSC_5584This evening we were surprised with pizza and wings for supper – from Donovan and Diana.

DSC_5586I think they were celebrating that she passed her driver’s test yesterday. Go Diana!

That means that 11 out of 16 grandchildren are driving – and the 5 who aren’t driving are too young. 🙂


I love the guys and gals who come to our house on a regular basis. I think it has been about 4 years – maybe more. It began because of our grandchildren and their friends wanted a safe place to hang out while watching sports and playing Xbox. Several are now married and no longer show up. (A few guys still come if their wife is away for an evening or weekend.)

Some come on a regular basis – others have only been here a time or two. The close of baseball, basketball, hockey, and football seasons are popular times.

They also seem to enjoy that we keep pizza, Hot Pockets, iced tea, ice cream cones, etc. on hand.

We are honored by their respect for us in obeying the list of “guidelines” we have posted in the room, and that they choose only Xbox games of which we approve. We went through a trial an error period with the games, but are now at a good place with those.

Each one has become a source of my prayers. As of today my list of those who have used the man cave contains 54 names – and there are a few whose names I do not know.

Oh, how, I love these young people and pray that God will use them mightily in His Kingdom.

Traveling Home From Maine

Thursday, January 8

I never like goodbyes, nor do I like the end of vacations, but I have learned that it is just a part of life. We said goodbye to Diane and Lydia (the only two in the house) about 6:50 AM so we would be at Wayne and Betty’s by 7:00 AM.

DSC_4569Our friend Betty (left) and her family live about two miles from Mark and Diane, and asked if we would be interested in having a passenger on our drive to and from Maine. It worked out well for us, and we were pleased to have Betty’s friend Alice (right) with us.

Though we don’t live far apart, we had never met. We enjoyed getting to know her during our 18 hours ( 9 each way) on the road.

DSC_4571It was a frigid morning in Maine, -9 degrees when we left the house.

DSC_4578We saw -10 on our car’s thermometer a few minutes later.

DSC_4582Thankfully it was nice and warm in our car.


DSC_4599We thought of Hezekiah while following this Hartt truck, as he works as a mechanic for them when he is not in college.

DSC_4601I spent most of the day reading a book that I downloaded on my Nook.

I saw it advertised online one day – Measure Of A Man by Martin Greenfield.

DSC_4602When I read the reviews, I noticed that he had survived Auschwitz, but what really captured my attention was that he also survived Buchenwald.

We visited Buchenwald when we were in Germany a few years ago.

DSC_4604He wrote a captivating story of his family’s capture when he was 15 – the last time he saw his parents and siblings – to his release from Buchenwald – to coming to America.

Today he is a tailor to presidents and celebrities.

DSC_4607The sun was beginning to set as we approached home.


DSC_4610It looks like winter at home in Pennsylvania – as well as in Maine which we left behind hours earlier.


DSC_4614As we followed a car carrier on RT 501 – not far from our house – I said to Cerwin, “You know you are getting close to home when you follow a car carrier on a Thursday evening.” – because of the weekly auto auction in Manheim each Friday.

It was good to be home again – and catch up on the lives of our house guests – Reuben, Judi, and their two little ones.

Heze, Hannah, and Elizabeth

Tuesday, January 6

DSC_4446Hezekiah showing off the afghan he got from Great-grandma High’s things.

DSC_4449Elizabeth chose it for him because of the colors. He loves John Deere.

DSC_4452He was pleased to know that Grandma crocheted it.

DSC_4451He is on winter break from college in Presque Isle in northern Maine.

DSC_4456I needed a current picture of him – with hair. He had a buzz cut last summer when we were in Maine.

During school  breaks he works at night – as a mechanic for Hartt – a freight company. He is in school to be a big rig mechanic.

DSC_4491After having breakfast with Michelle (yesterday’s entry) we stopped for Cerwin – then went to visit Hannah in Topsham and Elizabeth in Lewiston.

DSC_4492I enjoy going to the ReStore store to see what has come in.

DSC_4494ReStore is a branch of Habitat for Humanity.

They carry building supplies and items that can be used in construction or in remodeling a house.


DSC_4496It was a cold day in Maine.

Most rivers, lakes, and ponds are frozen solid.

DSC_4499After visiting Hannah, we went to the Root Cellar in Lewiston where Elizabeth is serving – along with the others in the Brethren Volunteer Service unit.

DSC_4501We were pleased to get there during a time when the entire unit was there – as they had just returned with groceries from the food bank.


DSC_4505Monika and Jaden

DSC_4507Zach (right) with one of the young men who comes to the Root Cellar.

DSC_4508I broadened the photo and captured another one of the young men who benefits from the Root Cellar.

They have a program that helps low income families with food.

DSC_4509Elizabeth gave us a tour of the facilities.

DSC_4510This is a room where children come for after school assistance.

DSC_4511I think Bev and Cerwin were talking hunting here. 🙂

Her mom and our daughter-in-law Chris are first cousins. Our son Jeff sometimes hunts on their farm.

DSC_4513Their busy time is after school.

DSC_4514Bev was working on some craft ideas.

DSC_4515I captured Zach, Emily, and Monika in the kitchen – putting groceries away – when we were in the sewing room.



DSC_4522The yellow house is where the unit (house parents and three girls) live.

DSC_4526Elizabeth’s room is on the third floor. Emily and Bev have rooms on the second floor. It is also where their living room is located. Zach, Monika, and Jaden live on the first floor which is also the location of the kitchen and dining room.

DSC_4529Zach and Monika are the house parents – assisted by their son Jaden.

DSC_4530While in Lewiston, Diane showed us where Mark picks up trailers for delivery of baked products.

He drives for First Fleet – a truck similar to the red one at the dock.


DSC_4536First Fleet is leased to Country Kitchen in Lewiston.

We stopped at Burger King for lunch, then got a few groceries for supper. I used a recipe that was on a box of specialty noodles I brought along from Pennsylvania and an apple/pear/craisin salad recipe from my niece Amy. I also made a pot of homemade tomato soup from canned, diced tomatoes. (I love homemade tomato soup.)

DSC_4543Lydia made this yummy dessert.

DSC_4544After supper we exchanged Christmas gifts. This was our gift from Mark and Diane.

Breakfast With Michelle In Bath, Maine

Tuesday, January 6

1Southgate is a comfortable little restaurant across the street from the shipyard.


DSC_4482Michelle and Diane met many years ago and quickly became friends.

Because of their friendship, Michelle and I became friends because of our mutual love of photography.

DSC_4487It was so good to spend time with her – during a delicious breakfast – and catch up on each others lives.

Thanks, Michelle, for taking time out of your busy life to spend time with us.

Monday ~ A Day Of Pampering & Relaxation

Monday, January 5

Oh, I needed a day like this!

Monday (1)The view from my massaging chair in Elizabeth Nails.

Diane, Lydia, Mary Ellen (Lydia’s friend), and Hannah

Monday (2)A manicurist offered to take a picture that included me.

Monday (3)Needless to say, we enjoyed the pampering on this cold winter day.

Monday (4)

Monday (5)Hot rocks! Yes.

Monday (6)Feet packed in paraffin felt wonderful on a cold day.

Monday (7)Mary Ellen’s mom, Leslie, enjoyed her very first manicure and pedicure.

Monday (8)After taking Leslie and Mary Ellen home, we went to Mae’s for lunch.

Cerwin and Heze were looking for things at Home Depot and Sears – and had lunch at Firehouse Subs in Topsham.

Monday (9)We chose Monday for our pampering because it is Hannah’s day off.

Monday (10)

Monday (11)Diane, Lydia, and I got Latte’s. Hannah had orange juice.

Monday (12)Diane’s Eggs over sweet potatoes.

Monday (15)My yummy cup of lobster stew.

Monday (14)Lydia’s crab meat melt on a grilled croissant.

Monday (13)Hannah had chicken tarragon salad.

We came home and each did our own “thing” for the afternoon.

Monday (16)Mark got home from work about 5:30 – just in time for our 6:00 pm appointment at Scarlett Begonias.

Monday (17)This was their annual birthday dinner – a gift from us.

Monday (18)It is a quaint bistro.

Monday (19)It’s not far from Bowdoin College and the Brunswick Train Station.

Monday (20)

Monday (21)Mark ordered the pizza special.

Monday (22)Diane and Cerwin got hamburger specials.

Monday (23)

I didn’t take a picture of my shrimp appetizer and house salad.

Monday (25)Cerwin, Diane, and I shared this delicious chocolate cake.

Monday (24)Mark had a large cookie.

It was certainly a fun day of pampering our bodies. 🙂

Loving Burial Of Our Friend’s Cat

Sunday Evening, December 21

P1080170Inge had this picture of Timothy on her blog,, yesterday announcing his death.

DSC_3656She knew this was going to happen – sooner rather than later – and called us several days ago, asking if we still had a burial spot for him.

We assured her we did.

DSC_3658Yesterday was the day when she had to say goodbye to him and brought her friend Nancy along.

We checked a few spots before settling on this area. We have many trees in our yard, so had to find a root-free area, and I wanted a place where she can plant daffodil bulbs.



DSC_3665We don’t have house pets, but I can only imagine how difficult it is to say goodbye to a pet who has been your friend for many years.


She got Timothy and Barnabas as small kittens. I don’t have any pictures of them as kittens, but knew I had some from the evening we were invited to her house for a Brazilian supper in 2006, so looked through my old files.

12-12-06 (25)Barnabas, Timothy, and Inge – December 2006.

12-12-06 (30)Timothy under Inge’s Christmas tree – 2006.

Mighty Hunters

Today ~ November 30

1This morning as the sun was rising, I was saying goodbye to four special hunters.

2The Pennsylvania whitetail hunt opens tomorrow, and these hopeful hunters were on their way by 7:00 AM.

This is the first hunt for Jana and Ian.

Jere has been hunting for thirty-something years. I am not sure when he first went deer-hunting. He was probably twelve when he shot his first squirrel.

Cerwin has been hunting deer for fifty-eight years. He shot his first white-tail when he was fifteen. He went with Uncle Amos, and barely knew what he was looking for.

3 (1)

This afternoon – after arriving at the motel where they stay – they set up their blinds on the private farm where they hunt. Ian and Grandpa will be in one blind and Jere and Jana in the other.

3 (2)

Jana and Ian.

Me? I cannot imagine why anyone would want to be outside in freezing temperatures waiting for a deer to walk by. 🙂 Going along is not even a temptation. I would rather stay home – even in a house where the hot water heater is not working. (The repairman will be here in the morning.)


My day:

I had a good morning with Cerwin’s mother. It was her first Sunday in the Oregon House section of Landis Homes, and I thought it would be nice if someone went with her to the worship service. Since East Bethany Chapel is in the Personal and Nursing Care building, almost every one comes to church with walkers or in wheel chairs. I felt very young.

Laura, a friend of Mother’s from Erb Mennonite, lives in Cedar (Personal Care) and heard that she is in Oregon House, so came to visit her after lunch. It was fun listening to their conversation. Laura had polio as a baby and has never walked without the aid of crutches. Today she uses an electric cart.

Mel and Velda came about 1:00 – after their church’s fellowship meal.

I left about 1:30 PM – timing myself to go to the viewing/visitation for John Ebersole who died a few days ago following a massive stroke. I have known John and Dolores for many years (she made my wedding dress), and their children are friends with our children. The viewing began at 2:00 PM. I got there at 2:00 and the church was already filled with family and friends. I waited an hour and fifteen minutes to see the family.

It is always sad for a family to say goodbye to their husband and father.