Easter at Jere & Kristen’s House

Sunday Lunch, March 27

1I enjoyed their festive decorations.


3 (1)

3 (3)

3 (4)Look at the base of this flower arrangement.

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (8)

3 (9)

3 (10)

3 (11)There were containers of gifts for everyone – from Roy & Deb.

3 (12)

3 (14)

3 (15)

3 (16)

3 (13)This was our gift from Jere and Kristen.

3 (17)The ham before it was cut

3 (18)Brussels sprouts before they were baked

3 (19)Time to eat

3 (20)Candy by Allie

3 (21)The amazing fruit salad had a lime dressing on it.

3 (22)The gift that was in Jesse’s container.

What a fun lunch.

Dustan & Jenna’s Wedding – Reception – Part 1

Saturday, September 12

I have a lot of reception pictures, so I will post them in two parts.

Reception (2)The hors d’oeuvres table.

Reception (3)

Reception (4)

Reception (5)

Reception (6)

Reception (7)

Reception (8)Kristen and Dale finish lighting the the candles.

Reception (9)

Reception (10)

Reception (11)The cupcake table

Reception (12)Cupcakes by our niece Amy Rohrer. These are snicker doodle.

Reception (13)

Reception (18)

Reception (15)These and the lemon are my favorite.

Reception (17)Reception (16)

Reception (19)

Reception (20)

Reception (21)

Reception (22)People filling up the room

Reception (23)

Reception (24)

Reception (25)

Reception (26)

Reception (27)Waiting for the wedding party.


Final wedding entry tomorrow night.

Friday Morning at the Myers

Friday, September 4

Morning at the Myers (1)I went outside early Friday morning to see what was growing and blooming at Mark and Diane’s house in mid-coast Maine. The sky was clear – with only one noticeable cloud.

Morning at the Myers (3)This year Diane’s garden consists of buckets since buying a house and moving is in their 2015 plans.

Morning at the Myers (2)

Morning at the Myers (4)

Morning at the Myers (5)

Morning at the Myers (6)What had been their garden in previous years is filled with interesting flowers and weeds.

Morning at the Myers (7)

Morning at the Myers (8)The wooded area surrounding their previous garden is filled with a bamboo-type bush which is also flowering.

Morning at the Myers (9)

Morning at the Myers (10)There are also flowers that Diane has planted and nurtured. Some will probably go with them when they move.

Morning at the Myers (11)

Morning at the Myers (12)

Morning at the Myers (13)

Morning at the Myers (14)When I come inside, I noticed the sun glistening on several things in their kitchen and dining room.

Morning at the Myers (16)Vinegar and olive oil bottles in the center of their kitchen table.

Morning at the Myers (17)

Morning at the Myers (18)Cookbooks

Morning at the Myers (19)Hannah has her own apartment, but came to the house to make breakfast and say hi to us.

Morning at the Myers (20)Bratwurst from Bisson Farms where she works. Oh, yum.

After breakfast Cerwin and I went to Thomas Point Beach (two miles away) to enjoy the first day of the bluegrass festival.

A Going Away Luncheon For Michelle

Monday, August 24

Michelle (1)Michelle has been part of the TFC team at the International Office for the past few years, but her dream job – working in the church office where her husband is pastor – came available, so we all reluctantly released her. 🙂

Michelle (2)Cerwin thanking Michelle for her excellent service to TFC.

Michelle (3)Katie, the newcomer to the office, was hired to take Michelle’s place.

Since Katie’s last name is Hershey, we talked family as my maiden name was Hershey. Her husband’s grandfather Isaac and my grandfather Milton were brothers!

Michelle (4)Each of us brought food for the luncheon.

Michelle (5)

Michelle (6)

Michelle (7)

Michelle (8)

Michelle (9)

Michelle (10)Enjoying lunch in the board room.

Clockwise from the top of the table: Scott, Mike, Cerwin, Jeff, Peg, Bunny, Jane, Dan, Katie (hidden), Carol, Michelle, Ruth, Lynn, Inge.

Michelle (11)

Michelle (12)While we were eating, Trucker Ron called Michelle to wish her well and pray with her.

Our prayers and love go with you, Michelle.

Supper With Inge at Inn 422

Thursday evening, July 30

Inge and I have worked together with TFC (mostly via computer) for more than twenty years.

DSC_8291It was maybe late 2006 or early 2007 when I began doing all bulk mailings for TFC. This included doing the monthly, single mailings of the Highway News & Good News.

Before doing a bulk mailing I run the list through software generated by Pitney Bowes – using the Post Office address listing. One day, several months later, probably in a bit of frustration, Inge replied to several rejections. “If we ever have a month where there are no rejections, we are going out to eat at T J Rockwell’s.”

Rejects happen because new donor addresses are added at TFC’s International Office on a regular basis and sometimes an address is misspelled or placed in an incorrect field. Maybe a donor gives their residential address, but their mail is received at a PO Box. Rejects also happen when people move or are temporarily away.

In May Pitney Bowes began using a new online software that automatically changes addresses when people move – so this has reduced the rejected list considerably.

It finally happened in July. I could not believe my eyes, and double-checked the rejected listing to make sure there were no addresses there – then emailed Inge.

DSC_8307After a few emails, we decided to go to Inn 422 in Lebanon – one of my favorite local restaurants. Inge had never been there.

DSC_8303This was the day Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock left to take the chapel to Ocala, Florida, and a few days before my week got really busy.

DSC_8305I was in the mood to do something special, and Inge enjoys going to new (for her) restaurants.

DSC_8294I always delight in the atmosphere of this old structure – formerly a home owned by the Colemans – a wealthy local family in the early 1800s. (You may remember I mentioned that they owned the mansion at the Wolf Sanctuary, which I wrote about last week.)



DSC_8286Inge checking the menu which has a very large listing of available entrees.

If you cannot find what you want, you can ask for the breakfast or lunch menu. They serve food from all three menus anytime during restaurant hours.

DSC_8287Inge ordered this strawberry chicken and said it was way beyond anything she expected.

DSC_8288I ordered two appetizers – lobster stew…

DSC_8292…and this shrimp/spaghetti dish.

DSC_8293We had a most delightful evening – eating and visiting – and both ordered this small lemon dessert – a perfect ending to our meal.

DSC_8284If you would like to read Inge’s take on the evening, go to her blog at http://iekohen.blogspot.com/2015/08/a-memorable-dinner.html.

John J Jeffries

Saturday evening, July 25

1This meal was to celebrate Roy’s birthday

1a (1)Lydia got to celebrate with us because she was going to spend the next week and a half with Roy and Deb.

1a (2)

1bTobacco leaf chairs – because John J. Jeffries Restaurant is part of a large complex that used to be a tobacco warehouse when Cerwin and I were young.

1c (1)

1c (2)These are in the lounge area where we waited until the hostess came for us.

1c (4)The birthday boy.

1dStairs to the motel rooms.

1e (1)Pretty rose arrangements.

Real roses.

1e (2)



DSC_8230After we ordered, Lydia gave Roy a few fun gifts.

DSC_8231This is a tiny moose that will “grow” after it is put in water. 🙂

DSC_8232I enjoy the French press coffee this restaurant serves.

DSC_8233We each got an “on-the-house” appetizer.

It was a delicious, cold, squash soup.

I forget who got which entrée.

DSC_8234.From the Internet: Chef Cavanaugh has visited small organic family farms in Lancaster County to source the perfect ingredients for your dining experience. Our Lancaster, Pa. restaurant is the leading consumer of local organic meats and vegetables in Central PA, showing a true commitment to the local economy and healthful food.





DSC_8238I do know that this was my meal. I ate light because I wanted dessert. 🙂

Soup Duo: Roasted sweet corn bisque and tomato-sweet onion bisque with tomato-corn relish.

I was expecting two small bowls of soup – instead I got this delightful duo. It was delicious.
Before our meal, the waiter asked if we were celebrating a special occasion. We told him Roy’s birthday. They surprised him and us with a candle in his dessert.
Keswick Creamery Quark Cheesecake
Deb’s ice cream sampler – Singing​ Dog Vanilla, Mint Chocolate Chip, Roasted Sweet Corn & a butter cookie.
Cerwin’s Kallari FTO Chocolate Pate – Peanut butter mousse and raspberry sauce.
Lydia’s plum sorbet.
My Tres Leches Cake & Berries: Sponge cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and cream with sea salt caramel.
Oh, my that was delicious!
Afterwards Lydia put her suitcase and overnight things in Roy and Deb’s car.
They headed south and we headed north.
We got home to a beautiful evening sky.
It was a delightfully, delicious day.

Cooking by Lydia & A Helicopter Overhead

Tuesday, July 21

Since Lydia is studying culinary arts, I thought it would be fun if she cooked a meal for us before going to her last work camp for the summer – to Colorado – and then home to Maine.

DSC_8100She went shopping for the ingredients she needed.


DSC_8104Sautéing garlic

DSC_8106Delightful, delicious venison steak, potatoes, and soybeans (edamame).

She sliced potatoes and sweet potatoes, put olive oil in cupcake tins, seasoned and layered them in cupcake tins, baked, and served them with sour cream.

Everything was delicious.

DSC_8147It was a beautiful, cloudy evening. When I was outside enjoying the weather, a helicopter flew overhead.


DSC_8150I love a day when someone cooks for me and the evening is filled with the sound of a helicopter.

A Day Of Picnics

Sunday, July 19

Picnics (1)This is what muggy looks like on a Sunday morning.

Picnics (2)Sunday, July 19 was one of the warmest, muggiest days we had this summer.

Picnics (3)

Picnics (5)We had the Hershey Reunion at the pavilion at lunch time.

This reunion is my dad’s siblings and their families. As reunions usually go, this one seems to be getting smaller. Daddy and his brothers are no longer living, so not many of the next few generations choose to attend.

Picnics (6)There is always the option for a hot dog roast.

Picnics (7)

Picnics (8)Everyone brings a hot and cold dish. Daddy’s two sisters are the youngest in the family, and it is fun to visit with them. Lois is on the left, and Julia is third from the left – behind my step-mother. The youngest one there was our great-grandson, Anthony, right, held by his mother, Abby.

Picnics (9)

Picnics (10)

Picnics (11)I enjoy covered dish meals because of the nice variety of food.

Picnics (12)

Picnics (13)

Picnics (14)

Picnics (15)Following an afternoon of visiting, we prepared for another picnic.

Picnics (16)Our Sunday school class came for the evening – also bringing a hot and cold dish.

Picnics (4)Though it was a warm, muggy day, it was very comfortable at the pavilion.

Father’s Day Meal

Sunday afternoon, June 21

Father's Day (1)Our plans were changed slightly during our time at Big Rig Sunday (previous post) as Jere and Kristen had to go to the hospital to be with their adopted seventy-year-old special-needs son who had just been admitted to the hospital.

We had been invited for lunch, and since everything was in crockpots, Jana served the meal – then the boys gave Cerwin his Father’s Day presents.

Father's Day (2)Jesse’s package

Father's Day (3)

Father's Day (5)Stetson cologne

Father's Day (6)Ian’s package

Father's Day (7)

Father's Day (8)


Father's Day (9)More cashews. They know they are grandpa’s favorite.

Father's Day (10)I love how the boys decorated their paper.

Father's Day (11)Jesse wanted me to take a picture of his art project.

Father's Day (12)He did a great job.

Father's Day (13)Then we had dessert – a delicious grape pudding and…

Father's Day (14)…ice cream cake.

Thanks, Jana, for serving us. You did a great job. Thanks Jere and Kristen, we missed you.


As of today, Gregg – their adopted son – continues to deteriorate. He is blessed to have the love of Jere and Kristen’s family as he is moved into hospice care.

Shopping & Celebrating

Monday, June 15

I had Jere and Kristen’s three youngest boys while they took Jana to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for a test to follow up on her SMA – a secondary problem to her stomach pain and nausea – probably due to fast weight lost. (Superior mesenteric artery syndrome is a rare digestive system disorder)

Shopping and Celebration (1)I took the boys to Wal-Mart to shop for the Children’s Auction for the Truck Rally on June 27.

The first thing Jared found was this pack of fireworks. I thought that may be popular at the auction.

Shopping and Celebration (2)Just about the time we finished shopping I received a phone message from Kristen saying that the SMA had disappeared! This is a short excerpt from what Kristen wrote on Jana’s Caring Bridge note:

Both radiologists came into the room, and said ,”We just don’t understand, she is completely open, there is no blockage today” The older of the two radiologists said, “Could this be a fluke? We haven’t seen this before, but the SMA is gone.” Jere and I looked at each other, and said, “No fluke. She has thousands of people praying for her, and this is a true miracle.” Neither of the Radiologists could say anything, except for the fact that they would call her GI specialist and give him the report. 

Jana had been placed on a high calorie, high fat, liquid diet three weeks earlier, and said she wanted to go to Olive Garden for her first meal when she could eat solid food again.

Within a few minutes of getting the message that the SMA was gone, Kristen asked if we wanted to join their celebration at Olive Garden. I said, “Yes! Yes!”

Shopping and Celebration (4)Jere helping Jesse with his personal pizza.

Shopping and Celebration (5)Ian

Shopping and Celebration (6)

Shopping and Celebration (7)I think this was Kristen’s meal.

Shopping and Celebration (8)Jana and Deb

Shopping and Celebration (9)Josh

Shopping and Celebration (10)My dessert

Shopping and Celebration (11)Several shared these small desserts.

Shopping and Celebration (12)The entire group

Shopping and Celebration (13)Jared acting silly – like he was stuck under the table.

Shopping and Celebration (14)Jere showing Jared and Jesse how to make a “tornado” in Jesse’s water.

Shopping and Celebration (15)

Shopping and Celebration (16)Roy and Deb

Shopping and Celebration (17)When we got back to Jere’s they set off a set of fireworks – to continue the celebration.

Shopping and Celebration (18)Jake got all excited. We could hardly believe it, because he had been afraid of fireworks before this.

Shopping and Celebration (19)Kristen eventually put him in the garage, because they thought he might get hurt.

Shopping and Celebration (20)

Shopping and Celebration (21)To finish the celebration, Jere lit an oriental lantern.

Shopping and Celebration (23)We watched it take off and float away…

Shopping and Celebration (24)…until we couldn’t see it any more.

Shopping and Celebration (25)

Shopping and Celebration (26)Oh, what a day!

The doctors have tested Jana for everything that could possibly be causing her nausea and pain and everything has been eliminated during the past ten months. One of the first things eliminated was her gallbladder, but she is always tender in that area, so a surgeon is going to remove it on July 8. Join us is praying that removing her gallbladder will remove her pain.