Springtime in Our Yard

Tuesday, April 19

Springtime (2)

Springtime (3)

Springtime (4)

Springtime (5)

Springtime (6)May Apples in the woods behind our yard.

Springtime (7)

Springtime (8)Some wild violets in among the may apples.

Springtime (1)

Springtime (9)Tulips on the trash heap in the thick woods area.

Springtime (10)A neighbor was working in his field.

Springtime (11)

Springtime (12)

Springtime (13)

Springtime (14)

Springtime (15)Our dogwood trees are pretty this year.

Springtime (16)

Springtime (18)

Springtime (19)

Springtime (20)

Springtime (20a)

Springtime (21)

Springtime (23)We have enjoyed our tulips.

Springtime (24)

Springtime (25)

Springtime (26)I brought a few inside.

Springtime (27)Then added a branch of dogwood flowers.

I love living in an area where the seasons change.


Tuesday, March 8DSC_8805These are my favorite spring flowers, because my mother gave these bulbs to us 42 1/2 years ago for our 10th wedding anniversary – September 14, 1973

DSC_8823She gave us a small bag of bulbs – probably 10 of them – and said, this gift isn’t very pretty, but they will be pretty in spring.

DSC_8826She died fairly on March 16, 1974 – at the age of 52 – about the time our crocus’ always bloom. She went to the hospital thinking she had appendicitis and died two weeks later from complications from cancer.


DSC_8832They have multiplied, and sometimes we find them in the woods area of our lot because we accidentally remove a bulb when we do yardwork – and throw the dirt and leaves on our leaf pile.

DSC_8838Now you know why these are my favorite spring flowers.

Friday Morning at the Myers

Friday, September 4

Morning at the Myers (1)I went outside early Friday morning to see what was growing and blooming at Mark and Diane’s house in mid-coast Maine. The sky was clear – with only one noticeable cloud.

Morning at the Myers (3)This year Diane’s garden consists of buckets since buying a house and moving is in their 2015 plans.

Morning at the Myers (2)

Morning at the Myers (4)

Morning at the Myers (5)

Morning at the Myers (6)What had been their garden in previous years is filled with interesting flowers and weeds.

Morning at the Myers (7)

Morning at the Myers (8)The wooded area surrounding their previous garden is filled with a bamboo-type bush which is also flowering.

Morning at the Myers (9)

Morning at the Myers (10)There are also flowers that Diane has planted and nurtured. Some will probably go with them when they move.

Morning at the Myers (11)

Morning at the Myers (12)

Morning at the Myers (13)

Morning at the Myers (14)When I come inside, I noticed the sun glistening on several things in their kitchen and dining room.

Morning at the Myers (16)Vinegar and olive oil bottles in the center of their kitchen table.

Morning at the Myers (17)

Morning at the Myers (18)Cookbooks

Morning at the Myers (19)Hannah has her own apartment, but came to the house to make breakfast and say hi to us.

Morning at the Myers (20)Bratwurst from Bisson Farms where she works. Oh, yum.

After breakfast Cerwin and I went to Thomas Point Beach (two miles away) to enjoy the first day of the bluegrass festival.

Beauty in Ohio Amish Country

Friday Morning, July 10

Friday Morning (1)We woke up to a warm, drizzly morning in Berlin, Ohio

Friday Morning (2)I walked one mile on the motel treadmill (while Cerwin watched the news in our room) before exploring the gardens and area around our motel.

Friday Morning (3)The outside entrance to our room.

Friday Morning (4)The patio area.

Friday Morning (5)Though the rain had stopped, many leaves and flowers were dripping with water.

Friday Morning (6)

Friday Morning (7)

Friday Morning (8)There were many beautiful flowers.

Friday Morning (9)

Friday Morning (10)

Friday Morning (11)

Friday Morning (12)

Friday Morning (13)

Friday Morning (14)

Friday Morning (15)

Friday Morning (16)

Friday Morning (17)

Friday Morning (18)

Friday Morning (19)

Friday Morning (20)

Friday Morning (21)After photographing flowers, I walked down the hill to the antique mall.

Friday Morning (22)It wasn’t open yet as it was only 8 AM, but there were some interesting things outside.

Friday Morning (23)

Friday Morning (24)

Friday Morning (25)By the time we were ready for a drive through Amish country (8:45 AM), it was drizzling again.

Friday Morning (26)

Friday Morning (27)I love when we have time to travel leisurely over country roads.

Friday Morning (28)

Friday Morning (29)

Friday Morning (30)

Friday Morning (31)

Friday Morning (32)Windmills are a sure sign of an Amish home or farm.

Friday Morning (33)More Ohio Amish country tomorrow night.

Sunset In Our Valley

Several days ago I noticed a yellow glow outside our windows and went for my camera.

1 (1)It was a beautiful evening.

1 (2)

1 (3)

2 (1)The day lilies looked pretty in the evening sun.

2 (2)

2 (3)

DSC_4993Since I only have a few weeks to enjoy the daisies, I try to advantage of pictures.

DSC_5005Changing the angle of the sunlight changes the picture.


DSC_5009Daisies and sunsets make me smile.

















DSC_5036The sunset revealed a spider web that I didn’t notice before.

Mother, Doris, Lydia and Our Daisies

Cerwin’s youngest sister Doris, from Minnesota, and Mother had a delightful time when Doris spent a week (plus) in Pennsylvania while her husband was in Grenada preaching at a week-long crusade. (Doris doesn’t do well with that kind of heat and humidity, so Bob suggested that she spend the week with her Mother.)

Visiting Mother and Daisies (1)Doris took Mother outside in her wheelchair almost every day. They had meals together, visited Mother’s friends who live at Landis Homes, and saw the peacocks and swans.

Visiting Mother and Daisies (2)Since the weather turned warm, we try to get Mother outside as often as possible.

This week our granddaughter Lydia is with us, so yesterday we had lunch in the courtyard outside the café.

Visiting Mother and Daisies (5)Lydia is spending the summer going to work camps in various places.

She and her group spent the first ten days in the Dominican Republic – painting a church and interacting with the locals. From there she went to Americus, Georgia, where she and another group served at Koinonia Farms – working in the bakery and weeding the blueberry patch. Her next work camp was in New Orleans where they worked in the ninth ward (Hurricane Katrina area) – helping in a garden and building a aquaculture system.

She is here until July 5 when she flies to North Fort Myers, Florida, to work with ECHO. After that she will visit her parents in Maine and come back to Pennsylvania before flying to Canon City, Colorado, to work at New Horizons Ministries.

After her summer work camps, she will go back to school in September and continue her college studies in Brunswick, Maine.

Visiting Mother and Daisies (6)Back in our yard, the daisies are in bloom and adding a lot of beauty.

Visiting Mother and Daisies (7)

Visiting Mother and Daisies (8)

Visiting Mother and Daisies (9)Love daisies.

Traveling To Maine

Thursday, May 14

DSC_2858This is what the moon looked like when we left the house shortly after 5 AM.

DSC_2859Thirty-five minutes later we were driving into the sunrise.

DSC_2860It was a beautiful time of day to be snapping pictures.

DSC_2861I took these in the order they are posted.











DSC_2883Early morning traffic in New Jersey.

This is the last picture I took before we arrived at Mark and Diane’s house, as I spent the time relaxing, enjoying the day, and reading.

DSC_2887A beautiful tulip in Maine.

DSC_2889Come back again tomorrow night to see where we traveled to the next day, as we spent another five hours on the road.

Pretty Flowers And A Squirrel

1I don’t know what this flower is, but it was blooming at the Middle School when we went there for a concert the other week. (Our friend Sam Rittenhouse tells me this is a viburnum – either a Carlisi or Marlisi.)

2I can tell when our Lily of the Valley is blooming – even before I see them – because of the scent.

They always make me miss Grandma Hawthorne and my Mother.

DSC_2006I wish these guys would stick to eating shellbarks in our yard.

DSC_2012We were so please that our azalea bush bloomed this year. We thought the harsh winter had killed it.