Springtime in Our Yard

Tuesday, April 19

Springtime (2)

Springtime (3)

Springtime (4)

Springtime (5)

Springtime (6)May Apples in the woods behind our yard.

Springtime (7)

Springtime (8)Some wild violets in among the may apples.

Springtime (1)

Springtime (9)Tulips on the trash heap in the thick woods area.

Springtime (10)A neighbor was working in his field.

Springtime (11)

Springtime (12)

Springtime (13)

Springtime (14)

Springtime (15)Our dogwood trees are pretty this year.

Springtime (16)

Springtime (18)

Springtime (19)

Springtime (20)

Springtime (20a)

Springtime (21)

Springtime (23)We have enjoyed our tulips.

Springtime (24)

Springtime (25)

Springtime (26)I brought a few inside.

Springtime (27)Then added a branch of dogwood flowers.

I love living in an area where the seasons change.

Relaxing With Our Houseguests

Wednesday Evening, August 4 and Thursday, August 5

Two relaxing days (1)Reuben and Judi spent part of the evening (after their day in court) having fun with their children.

Two relaxing days (2)The next morning I relaxed on our patio – with coffee, bread, and my Nook – where I keep my devotional readings.

Two relaxing days (3)It is kind of difficult to concentrate on reading when the sun is coming up over the neighbor’s cornfields.

Two relaxing days (4)But it was easy to be grateful for this beautiful day in our part of the world.

Two relaxing days (5)

Two relaxing days (6)Morning moon

Two relaxing days (7)

Two relaxing days (8)Silhouetted wren

Two relaxing days (9)Playing in the yard

Two relaxing days (10)Miss K and I decided to walk to my brothers’ farm.

Two relaxing days (11)

Two relaxing days (12)

Two relaxing days (13)


Two relaxing days (17)Checking out the calves

Two relaxing days (18)

Two relaxing days (16)

Two relaxing days (15)

Two relaxing days (20)Reuben, Judi, and Little K came to join us as we approached the dairy barn. They drove in our van.

Two relaxing days (21)

Two relaxing days (19)There was a brand new calf in the maternity section. It looks like the next calf is going to be #2500.

Two relaxing days (22)Other pictures around the farm

Two relaxing days (14)

Two relaxing days (23)

Two relaxing days (24)

Two relaxing days (25)

Two relaxing days (26)It was nice to have a relaxing day.

Manure & Sheep

Wednesday, February 25

1 (1)We awoke to a certain “country scent” in the air after manure was spread on the field next to our house.

1 (3)Thankfully we did not smell it indoors.

1 (4)It is interesting that God created birds to love this kind of thing.

1 (5)That way, the corn and grain that was eaten by the cows becomes food for the crows.

2 (2)I enjoyed seeing a farmer’s sheep as I traveled to the post office.

2 (1)

3 (1)Sheep always make me think about Psalm 23.

3 (2)

4This was the scene directly across from the sheep pasture.

5There is a lot of pretty winter scenery around here this winter.

The Sky & The Neighbor’s Cows

Wednesday, October 8 & Thursday, October 9

1 (1)We woke up to a beautiful sunrise on Wednesday, October 8.

Can you tell that I am back to regular posting – and catching up with October photos? 🙂

1 (2)

1aI love morning fog.


1aaa (1)Later in the day we enjoyed seeing a beautiful blue sky with a few clouds sprinkled here and there.

1aaa (2)

1b (1)A local business asked if it would be possible to use some of my cow and harvest photos for their website and maybe for a calendar.

1b (2)I looked through my photos from the past few years, then took several more to add to the collection.

2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)

3 (1)When I noticed these cows in a neighbor’s meadow, I stopped the car and got out – getting their attention.

3 (2)

4 (1)

4 (3)

4 (4)

4 (5)

4 (7)

4 (8)The closer I got to them, the closer they came to the fence.

4 (8a)

4 (9)I wasn’t their only subject of curiosity – these two cows were in a meadow on the other side of the road.

4bMy favorite cow photos were of this one.



Cutting Down The Grandpa Tree

Monday, October 13

1 (12)We call this the “Grandpa Tree” because our great-grandfather planted it in 1889 – making it 125 years old. Due to lightening strikes and grubs the old silver maple had deteriorated and needed to come down.

This is our family homestead – the place my great-great grandpa bought for my great grandpa. Consequently it is where my grandpa and his siblings grew up, where my dad and his siblings, and my siblings and I grew up. It is also where my brothers Dale and Steve and their wives (Dot and Brenda) raised their children.

1 (7)This local Amish man did a fabulous job, so I want to advertise for him – if you live in our area and need someone to take a tree down call him.

1 (15)

1 (21)We were surprised at the large logs his helpers put in this wood chipping machine.

1 (27)It was kind of a sad day for my family, but we decided that if our grandpa and dad were here they would sit with us and watch too. And our mom would have made a special meal. 🙂

1 (36)Jackson, the newest of the youngest generation was there for the event, but he will have to look at pictures to know anything about it.

1 (38)Our sister-in-law Brenda served warm sweet rolls and coffee.

It tasted good on a cool drizzly morning.

1 (41)She served grapes for those who wanted to eat healthy.

1 (49)If you look close, you can see the “daughter tree” in front of the main tree. My brother Steve planted it several years ago using a seedling from the old one.

1 (58)Sisters-in-law Dot & Brenda

1 (71)

1 (84)Some time during the morning we began collecting tree souvenirs. This one was collected by Maddie.

1 (90)

1 (96)

1 (113)Elliot and Laura

1 (117)Lincoln trying someone’s cold coffee.

1 (128)

1 (140)

1 (146)

1 (156)

1 (163)

1 (169)By this time there was more lumber on the ground than in the tree.

1 (177)Caleb

When the men went for a skid loader to pick up the logs, the children began building things.

1 (183)Benny

1 (174)Caleb and Molly built a seat for Elliot.

1 (180)He loved his new seat.

1 (189)Lucy

1 (205)Brenda with eight of her grandchildren – Maddie, Lincoln, Bella, Benny, Lucy, Elliot, Molly, and Caleb.

1 (210)Benny

1 (211)Cutting a souvenir for me.

1 (216)Someone else’s piece.

1 (267)Maddie with her piece of the tree.

1 (226)Getting ready to cut down the large trunk and tying it to the skid loader to pull it in the right direction.

1 (228)

1 (230)Dale and Dot with their grandson Jacob. Dot is holding Jackson.

1 (231)

1 (251)

1 (258)Look what Uncle Dale found on a piece of wood.

1 (253)

1 (263)

1 (264)Loading the last of the logs. Most of them went to Dave and Laura’s place – for heating the greenhouse.

1 (266)

1 (282)

1 (290)

1 (303)

1 (305)There it goes!

1 (306)

1 (310)This is a better picture of the daughter tree – with the shovel propped up against it.

1 (325)Ten of the children who were watching.

1 (342)This is the first time we have been able to see the entire house.

I guess we will get used to this view, but it looks naked.

Soybean Harvest

Thursday, October 9

1 (1)I heard machinery outside and noticed that the soybeans across the road were being harvested.

1 (2)

1 (3)

1 (4)Someone had recently asked me to do some harvest photos for their business, so I thought this was a great opportunity.

1 (5)

1 (6)

1 (7)

1 (8) While waiting for the soybean harvester to get to the truck, I noticed corn harvest equipment coming up the road – heading to a neighbor’s field.

1 (9)Back to the soybeans

1 (10)

1 (11)

1 (12)

1 (13)

1 (14)

1 (15)

1 (16)I like this picture of our home farm from the field.

1 (17)There were a few unshelled soybeans nearby, So I opened the shells to see what they look like at harvest.

1 (18)

1 (19)


3I love living in the country.

Manheim Farm Show

Thursday, October 9

When my brother Clair emailed me to say that he was in the area for a farm meeting with our brothers – and could he stop in. I asked if we could do lunch.

0He liked the idea, and because neither of us had been at the Farm Show in a long time, we decided to meet our sister Nancy there.

1I parked and walked across the covered bridge.


1abPotatoes for French fries.

1b (3)My brother Clair and sister Nancy. Nancy’s granddaughter Ashleigh (red shirt) was helping to sell French fries.

1b (4)Before long we came upon our brother Dale.

1cThen we met our brother Steve. Too bad our brother Dale wasn’t still with us – then we would have all five been in one spot.

1d (1)After visiting with my siblings, I walked around to see the displays and animals.

1d (2)All Pennsylvania-made products.

1d (3)Canned items

1d (4)Flowers

1d (5)

1d (6)

2a (2)Our niece Chelsey’s goat named Milton

2a (1)


2a (3)

2a (4)


3aI could barely get close enough to get a picture of this pig nursing her new-born piglets.

3bA bit later there was more space – because the little pigs were finishing eating – and I was able to capture a picture of the Farm Show queen holding a sleeping one.

4 (1)

4 (2)

4 (4)

4 (5)

4 (6)

4 (3)

4c (1)



4c (2)

5 (1)

5 (2)

5 (3)

5 (4)

5 (5)

5 (6)

5 (7)

5 (10)

5 (8)

5 (9)

5 (11)

5 (12)

5 (13)Then I crossed the same bridge – on my way back to our car.

5 (15)On the way home I drove by Jere and Kristen’s house and saw the three youngest boys playing in the driveway. They quickly backed up when I turned in the driveway.

5 (14)I just wanted to say hi to them.

5 (16)They quickly came to see what I wanted. They (and I) got hugs, and I was on my way.