Visiting Great-Grandma High

Friday Evening, August 7

1 (1)Miss K helped me feed the birds before we left to have supper with her Great-grandma High.

1 (2)Going to visit Great-grandma – pushing Little K.

1 (3)

1 (4)After supper Judi played a song for Grandma in one of the visiting areas.

1 (5)A picture with grandma before they catch an early flight out of Harrisburg in the morning.

1 (6)

1 (7)


2Great-grandma and Little K

2aThese hands are 97 years apart in age.





DSC_8556Love the contrast between little brown hands and old, weathered hands.

Relaxing With Our Houseguests

Wednesday Evening, August 4 and Thursday, August 5

Two relaxing days (1)Reuben and Judi spent part of the evening (after their day in court) having fun with their children.

Two relaxing days (2)The next morning I relaxed on our patio – with coffee, bread, and my Nook – where I keep my devotional readings.

Two relaxing days (3)It is kind of difficult to concentrate on reading when the sun is coming up over the neighbor’s cornfields.

Two relaxing days (4)But it was easy to be grateful for this beautiful day in our part of the world.

Two relaxing days (5)

Two relaxing days (6)Morning moon

Two relaxing days (7)

Two relaxing days (8)Silhouetted wren

Two relaxing days (9)Playing in the yard

Two relaxing days (10)Miss K and I decided to walk to my brothers’ farm.

Two relaxing days (11)

Two relaxing days (12)

Two relaxing days (13)


Two relaxing days (17)Checking out the calves

Two relaxing days (18)

Two relaxing days (16)

Two relaxing days (15)

Two relaxing days (20)Reuben, Judi, and Little K came to join us as we approached the dairy barn. They drove in our van.

Two relaxing days (21)

Two relaxing days (19)There was a brand new calf in the maternity section. It looks like the next calf is going to be #2500.

Two relaxing days (22)Other pictures around the farm

Two relaxing days (14)

Two relaxing days (23)

Two relaxing days (24)

Two relaxing days (25)

Two relaxing days (26)It was nice to have a relaxing day.

A Day In Court

Wednesday, August 5

This was the day I kept Reuben and Judi’s little ones while they were in court concerning Little K’s adoption.

Reuben and Judi's children (1)Our daughter Deb brought Lydia back to our house so she could help me care for the little ones.

Reuben and Judi's children (2)Deb rescues many orphaned baby animals during the spring and summer months (deer, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, and opossums), then releases them – and usually brings something along when she comes to visit.

Reuben and Judi's children (3)Little K enjoyed the baby raccoon.

Reuben and Judi's children (4)

Reuben and Judi's children (5)Eating a pop tart.

Reuben and Judi's children (6)

Reuben and Judi's children (7)Jesse was along as well, because he was spending the week with Roy and Deb.

Reuben and Judi's children (8)

Reuben and Judi's children (9)

Reuben and Judi's children (10)Miss K wasn’t comfortable touching the raccoon.

Reuben and Judi's children (11)

Reuben and Judi's children (12)

Reuben and Judi's children (13)

Reuben and Judi's children (14)Gathering shellbarks for Deb’s squirrels.

Reuben and Judi's children (15)

Reuben and Judi's children (16)Uncle Cerwin is home.

Reuben and Judi's children (17)Miss K loves to play this game on one of my old computers.

Reuben and Judi's children (18)I’ve had this game since our oldest grandchildren were little.

Reuben and Judi's children (19)I like this game for little children because they can feed animals, plow fields, play songs, feed children, pick up toys, and help a dog find a bone by pressing the space bar on the keyboard.

Reuben and Judi's children (20)While they were in my office, Little K and I were in the living room.

Reuben and Judi's children (21)We learned to not put any trash in this waste can while they were here because he loved trying to play on top of it or throw toys into it.

Reuben and Judi's children (22)

Reuben and Judi's children (23)He was standing quite well while they were here, and taking a few steps. He began walking shortly after they returned home.


Reuben and Judi came home with fairly good news – that the parent’s previous signatures to the adoption arrangement almost guaranteed that Reuben and Judi could keep Little K. The judge was going to look over everything and get back to them in a week or two.


Update: I received a “Praise the Lord” email the other day informing us that the adoption has been approved, and will be finalized sometime this fall. We are so excited for them.

Going To The Airport

Monday, August 3

DSC_8355I took this picture just after dropping my camera. I thought I had my purse and camera strap in my hand, but I had my purse strap twice – consequently my camera fell from my lap to the concrete floor when I got out of our van. The lens cover shattered, but the lens and camera are okay.

DSC_8358Mel and Velda (Cerwin’s sister) took me and our van to the Harrisburg Airport to get Reuben and Judi and their family who had flown in from the Midwest. (Cerwin was on his chapel delivery trip to Florida.)

I was grateful that it suited Mel to drive, because driving to the airport is not my favorite thing to do. We took our van because Reuben and Judi would be using it for the next four days – and it held car seats I had borrowed for the children. Thanks Crystal and Keri.

DSC_8356They are in our area for another court date concerning Little K’s adoption.

DSC_8361It has been a long journey.

Reuben and Judi stayed with us a year ago when he was born – planning to take him home with them. However, after seeing him, his mother decided to keep him. They went home in tears. Four months later they spent a month with us after his mother determined that she could not keep him. After visiting Little K at Hershey Medical and then bringing him here, Reuben and Judi waited for approval to take him back to their home – across state lines. That happened toward the end of January.

They came back In May, thinking it could be the final court date, but the father (who is in jail and not married to the mother) decided to cause a ruckus. So they went home without any decision from the judge. Now they are back again, hoping this will be the final court date before his adoption.

DSC_8365Judi and Velda visited while Reuben, Mel, and Miss K went for their luggage.

DSC_8363Returning with the luggage.

DSC_8369Miss K was so pleased to have her own backpack – which held her toys and supplies for the trip.

DSC_8370By this time she is quite familiar with our house and knows exactly where she is going.

DSC_8373I look forward to see what God has planned for them during this stay with us.

The First Weekend In August

DSC_8331This is what the moon looked like when I woke up on Saturday morning, August 1.

~ I love getting awake to a beautiful moon.

DSC_8335This is what I saw in our kitchen when I woke up on Sunday morning, August 2.

~ I love getting awake to a note like this.

Jana and a few other young people were in our man cave the night before. The guys do allow girls in there now and then. 🙂

This has been the “note pole” since our children could read and write. There were not cell phones then, so this is how we left messages for each other. I love that the grandchildren know where to leave notes. 🙂 That little white clip must be 40 years old – or more. At one point we had 3 note clips on the pole. Now one suffices.

DSC_8339A pretty catbird contemplating a bath on a warm Sunday afternoon.


DSC_8346A finch waiting for the catbird to finish bathing.

~ I love watching birds

DSC_8348The Hawthorne picnic was at the pavilion in our woodlot on Sunday evening.

DSC_8349Everyone brings a hot and cold dish.

DSC_8351We had a small group, but a fabulous time.

DSC_8353These are three of my mothers siblings – Orpha, Lester, and Joyce. My Uncle Vernon lives in California. Their four oldest siblings – Leroy, Florence (my mother), Anna Mary, and Betty – are living in heaven.

~ I love visiting with the Hawthorne family and being reminded of my mother. They talk and laugh like her.

Pleasant Surprise

Today, August 14

20150814_145611We were surprised when two of Mother High’s brothers stopped in to visit her this afternoon when we were there. All three live in different areas of Landis Homes. Amos was surprised to find John there when he arrived fifteen minutes later.

20150814_145617John (next to Cerwin) will be 100 in December. Amos (foreground) is 86. Mother will be 98 in a few weeks. Their sister Naomi is 95 and lives in a Denver, PA, nursing home, and their youngest brother Luke (early 80s) and his wife live at Fairmount Home. John and Amos get around in electric scooters. Their other siblings: Alice, Aaron, and Laura are deceased.

A Day Of Picnics

Sunday, July 19

Picnics (1)This is what muggy looks like on a Sunday morning.

Picnics (2)Sunday, July 19 was one of the warmest, muggiest days we had this summer.

Picnics (3)

Picnics (5)We had the Hershey Reunion at the pavilion at lunch time.

This reunion is my dad’s siblings and their families. As reunions usually go, this one seems to be getting smaller. Daddy and his brothers are no longer living, so not many of the next few generations choose to attend.

Picnics (6)There is always the option for a hot dog roast.

Picnics (7)

Picnics (8)Everyone brings a hot and cold dish. Daddy’s two sisters are the youngest in the family, and it is fun to visit with them. Lois is on the left, and Julia is third from the left – behind my step-mother. The youngest one there was our great-grandson, Anthony, right, held by his mother, Abby.

Picnics (9)

Picnics (10)

Picnics (11)I enjoy covered dish meals because of the nice variety of food.

Picnics (12)

Picnics (13)

Picnics (14)

Picnics (15)Following an afternoon of visiting, we prepared for another picnic.

Picnics (16)Our Sunday school class came for the evening – also bringing a hot and cold dish.

Picnics (4)Though it was a warm, muggy day, it was very comfortable at the pavilion.

The High Reunion

Sunday Afternoon, July 12

High Reunion (1)Cerwin’s cousin John was grilling hamburgers and hot dogs when we arrived at High Sports for the lunchtime reunion.

High Reunion (2)The pavilion is located in a pretty area next to the miniature golf course.

High Reunion (3)

High Reunion (4)Prayer before the meal.

There is a tent next to the pavilion to give more space.

High Reunion (5)

High Reunion (6)I had fun watching two bunnies searching for their lunch.

High Reunion (7)

High Reunion (8)

High Reunion (9)

High Reunion (10)A small waterfalls next to the tent.

High Reunion (11)The pretty flowers surrounding the pavilion and tent got my attention.

High Reunion (12)

High Reunion (13)

High Reunion (14)

High Reunion (15)I love a beautiful Sunday afternoon at a family reunion.

The Baptism of Bryan & Crystal

Sunday Afternoon, May 31

This was an incredibly happy day for the High family – especially Cerwin’s mother who led Crystal to the Lord last year. How exciting is that – leading a granddaughter to the Lord at the age of 96?

Baptizing (1)Baptizing was in Landis Homes pool so Cerwin’s mother could be there.

In the above photo, an LCBC pastor is talking to Mother. He made sure that she had a front-row seat.

Baptizing (2)

Baptizing (3)Family and friends arrived just before 3 PM to witness their baptizing.

Baptizing (4)I like the reflection in several of these photos.

Baptizing (5)

Baptizing (6)The pastor asked the audience if they knew why we are baptized.

Baptizing (7)I was impressed with the good answers.

Baptizing (8)

Baptizing (9)Bryan and Crystal are siblings – children of Cerwin’s brother, Elvin, and his wife Pat.

Both are married with young children.

Baptizing (10)

Baptizing (11)

Baptizing (12)

Baptizing (13)

Baptizing (14)

Baptizing (15)

Baptizing (16)

Baptizing (17)

Baptizing (18)

Baptizing (19)

Baptizing (20)

Baptizing (21)

Baptizing (27)

Baptizing (28)

Baptizing (29)

Baptizing (30)

Baptizing (31)

Baptizing (32)Pat and the family prepared a nice supper for us.

Baptizing (33)

Baptizing (35)

Baptizing (36)

Baptizing (34)

Baptizing (37)

Baptizing (38)We were in the community room not far from the pool.

Baptizing (39)Cerwin was asked to pray before the meal.

Baptizing (40)The happy parents – Elvin and Pat – with Crystal and Bryan.

Baptizing (41)Imagine how different this world be if everyone allowed Christ to make a difference in their lives.

Blessings upon blessings to you Bryan and Crystal.

Memorial Day Work

Monday, May 25

Memorial Day (1)Jere was here early Monday morning to spray our yard with weed killer.

Memorial Day (2)

Memorial Day (3)Memorial Day is usually the day my siblings and our families clean up the pavilion area in the woods behind our house. My brother Dale (above) and I do the weedeating and start about and hour before the others so they can rake the leaves easily – and without us in their vicinity.

Memorial Day (4)Our grandson Nate was in charge of starting the fire.

Memorial Day (5)Ian

Memorial Day (6)Jere

Memorial Day (7)Ian and Jared

Memorial Day (8)

Memorial Day (9)Jesse cleaned the tree house.

Memorial Day (10)My coffee and weed eater fuel in the lower left.

Memorial Day (11)The younger boys enjoyed watching Nate light the fire.

Memorial Day (12)In a few years they will be big enough to help with the fire.

Memorial Day (13)My sister, Nancy. Jere and Cerwin in the background.

Memorial Day (14)Our sister-in-law Dot.

Memorial Day (15)Heidi

Memorial Day (16)Miranda

Memorial Day (17)Lindsey

Memorial Day (18)Jeff came after work and relieved Nate of his fire-burning duties.

Memorial Day (19)

Memorial Day (20)Nancy with her daughters Chelsey and Amy raking the bocce court.

Memorial Day (21)Our sister-in-law Brenda, Jake, and Ian.

Memorial Day (22)Emma, Dale, and Jared

Memorial Day (23)Nancy preparing lunch. We decided that it was a good idea to have our Hershey Spring Get-Together the day before this so we could use some of the left-overs.

Memorial Day (24)Emma, Gloria, Ian, Jesse, and Jared roasting hot dogs.

Memorial Day (25)

Memorial Day (26)Memorial Day is a memory-making day for our family and it is nice that the pavilion is ready for summer picnics.