Leaves Of Winter

Can you tell that life has slowed down for me a bit as Cerwin has spent much of the past few weeks hunting.

My pictures involve sunsets, birds, and weather. ūüôā

DSC_2539Since I began putting Bible verses and thoughts on photos, I have been looking for new ideas.

I took these pictures on November 15.







DSC_2547I remember last year – when taking a photography class – hearing the instructor say that he had a friend who stopped taking pictures because he ran out of things to photograph.

I am not there yet!

Beginning To Feel Like Winter

Thursday, November 13

DSC_2298This fire bush is one of the few pretty things left in our yard.

I decided to remember the beauty with a photo before it also gives in to shedding its leaves.

1 (1)It looks brilliant next to the other trees and bushes with bare branches.

1 (2)Some trees are not totally bare, but they still look wintery.

1 (3)

1aThe trees that do have leaves, are brown and dry.

1bThe floor of the woods and pavilion area is covered with leaves that used to be green –¬†giving us summer shade.

1c (1)

1c (3)It was only a few months ago that this lilac bush was beautiful and covered with pretty lavender flowers.

2The fern stems are also prepared for a cold winter.

3 (1)Our hosta are telling us that their season is over for another year.

3 (2)

3aThe once beautiful roses look aged and ready to be clipped.

4Most of the green of summer and color of fall is gone.

5There are only a few trees left in our yard with colorful leaves still attached to the branches.


1aaBut by the looks of the ground below, they will soon join the others with bare branches.

6 (1)Then as I was walking up the steps to our patio, I was surprised by a bit of beauty Рthe last four flowers of the season.

6aTwo light lavender and a pink yarrow.

6 (2)And the prettiest of all, a yellow one.

I went back inside my warm house to finish a mailing for one of our staff chaplains and was so surprised the next time I looked outside.

It was snowing!

DSC_2342No wonder it felt wintry today.


DSC_2346Yes, I now know why it felt wintry all day.

October Nature

I went¬†through photos from October – before we delivered the chapel to Pass Lake – and gathered a potpourri of shots for tonight’s post.


Wednesday Evening, October 8

0 (1)A pretty sunset

0 (6)The blood moon was beautiful in the night sky.


Thursday, October 9

1 (2)Evening sky

1 (7)When walking toward the house from the previous shot, I noticed one azalea bloom. This bush is usually in full-bloom in spring.

It is rare to find flowers in fall.


Sunday, October 12

2 (2)Morning dew

2 (12)

2 (6)

2 (16)Golden sunset

2 (17)The golden sunset created copper-colored leaves to one of our shellbark trees.

2 (18)

2 (19)


Thursday, October 16

10-16-14 Spotted moth (1)At first I thought a leaf was stuck in our front door Рthen noticed that it was a moth.

10-16-14 Spotted moth (2)I looked up leaf-colored moths. The closest match I could find was the spotted moth. That may not be correct. There are many varieties of leaf-colored moths.


Sunday, October 19

10-19-14 (1)Morning sunshine on our front yard trees.

10-19-14 (3)

10-19-14 (2)


Friday Evening, October 24

10-24-14 (1)When I looked toward the west to check on the sunset, I noticed movement Рat a distance Рin the field across the road and saw a rather attractive fox .

10-24-14 (2)Even though we know there are foxes in our area, we don’t remember ever seeing one in this field.

10-24-14 (7)That evening the Lord painted one of the prettiest sunsets of the month.

10-24-14 (6)

10-24-14 (4)

10-24-14 (3)So ends this series of nature shots.

Local Landscape

I still have a few pictures from early November Рwhen the leaves on the trees in our area were beautiful.

1 (1)It was a delightful time to take a quick picture now and then as I traveled over some local roads.

1 (2)I am sure that those of you who live in our area know where this road is by the painting on the barn on the right.

1 (3)You probably have to live pretty close to me to recognize the next few pictures.

1 (4)

1 (5)

1 (6)

2 (2)I was coming home from the Lititz area when I took these two pictures.

2 (1)

2 (3)I went home a different way than usual to take these two shots.

2 (4)

3 (1)At home our Red Maple tree caught my attention because it was so brilliantly red this year.

3 (2)

3 (3)

4The pretty leaves are gone now, as we experience the late Fall (which feels like early Winter) weather in Pennsylvania.

Autumn Is Here In All Its Glory

I took these pictures in a variety of places during the past week.

1 (1)Leaves are everywhere these days Рin the yard and on the patio steps.

1 (3)Those still on the trees seem to be at their peak this weekend.

1 (4)The decorative grasses are also beautiful right now.

1 (5)

1 (2)   I thought these sheep looked pretty in the early morning sunlight as I traveled to Curves a few days ago.

1 (6)A view of our pretty valley.

1 (7)

1 (8)Almost home.

1 (13)Eli (Amish neighbor) had his corn fodder raked in rows so it could be gathered – probably as bedding for his horses.

1 (14)We had a heavy rain storm about 7:30 on Friday morning.

It didn’t last long, but the wind and rain pounded against our southwestern windows.

1 (15)Afterward I found this pretty leaf stuck to one of our windows.

It stayed there most of the morning.

1 (16)Today I took our four youngest grandchildren to Chuck-E-Cheeses and Overlook Roller Skating Rink (photos in a few days). It was a beautiful fall day.

1 (17)

1 (18)The trees in our yard were beautiful in the late afternoon sun.

1 (19)

1 (21)

1 (22)

2 (1)The evenings have been cool and delightful this week.

2 (2)

2 (3)¬†¬† I love living in an area where there are four seasons…

8a…and beautiful sunsets.



10-24 (1)Good night on this last day of daylight savings time.

It’s Fall At Our House

These pictures were all taken from our yard during the past few weeks Рin a variety of directions.

1 (1) I love being outside on a warm fall morning when the early light is coming through the trees.

1 (2)

2 (1)It is different every morning.

2 (2)

3 A foggy morning.

2 (3)When I am outside at noon I like to look up to see what is happening in the sky.

2a (1)

2a (2)

fall (9) I love the sound of walking through the leaves on warm (or cool) autumn days.

fall (10)

4 (1)Our crepe myrtle seems to be blooming longer than usual this year.

3a (1)I can tell when there is a pretty sunset Рeven before I look toward the west, because the fields to the south turn yellow.

3a (2)

4 (2)The already colored leaves turn even brighter in the sunset.

4 (3)

4 (4)

Sunset 1These are three different sunsets.


Sunset (2)  I love beautiful fall days.