Youth Group Singing Program

Sunday Evening, April 17 – White Oak Church of the Brethren

1Our youth group did a fabulous job of singing and honoring the Lord – led by John Diffenderfer.

The Theme: Attributes of God

Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!
How Deep the Father’s Love for Us
The Great Physician
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – featuring Emily Bollinger, Janessa Diffenderfer, Tyler Minnich, and Matt Patches.
No, Not One
How Great Is Our God – featuring Janessa Diffenderfer, Jason Diffenderfer, Briana Fahnestock, Tyrell Greiner, Anthony Hess and Hali Negley


2 (1)The Children’s Lesson was about a village where the children stuck stars on each other when they did something well.

(I didn’t use a flash – thus the soft focus.)

2 (2)

2 (3)But this one guy couldn’t seem to get anything right – so they stuck circles on him.

2 (4)He was discouraged until he met a girl without any stickers – because they didn’t stick to her – the “praise” stars nor the “can’t-do-anything-right” circles.

She explained that she liked how her “Maker” made her, and encouraged him to visit his maker.

2 (5)It was a great children’s lesson on how God has created us individually and special – and that his love is what really matters.

2 (6)The offering was to benefit youth group activities – especially the fall retreat.

DSC_0169The last half of the program:

My Savior, My God
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name
Give Thanks to the Lord – featuring Tyrell Greiner
The Comforter Has Come
Awesome God – featuring Josh Diffenderfer


Ladies Fellowship – Day of Refreshment – Part 1 of 2

Saturday, January 30

White Oak Church of the Brethren

Ladies Fellowship (2)I always enjoy seeing how the hospitality committee decorates the narthex and fellowship hall for the refreshments and lunch.

Ladies Fellowship (2)This year the decorating theme was pine boughs.

Ladies Fellowship (3)Refreshments before the morning program.

Ladies Fellowship (4)Korina was overseeing this table.

Ladies Fellowship (6)

Ladies Fellowship (7)

Ladies Fellowship (8)

Ladies Fellowship (9)

Ladies Fellowship (10)

Ladies Fellowship (11)

Ladies Fellowship (12)

Ladies Fellowship (13)

Ladies Fellowship (14)

Ladies Fellowship (17)This is where you got your program and name tags if you had pre-registered.

Ladies Fellowship (16)Deb and Sheila are prepared for the walk-ins – those who had not preregistered.

Ladies Fellowship (18)

Ladies Fellowship (19)

Ladies Fellowship (23)After taking pictures in the narthex, I went to the fellowship hall and kitchen to see what was happening there.

Ladies Fellowship (20)The decorating committee also did a fabulous job here.

Ladies Fellowship (21)I understand that my Uncle Glen designed the candle holders.

Ladies Fellowship (22)

Ladies Fellowship (29)

Ladies Fellowship (24)Our sister-in-law Brenda was overseeing the lunch and also sharing about the home ministry in which she and my youngest brother, Steve, are involved.

Ladies Fellowship (25)Bethany and Andi (Brenda’s daughter) working on lunch preparations.

Ladies Fellowship (26)Martha – Brenda’s mother

Ladies Fellowship (27)Bethany, Andi, and Martha

Ladies Fellowship (28)Kate – Brenda’s daughter

Ladies Fellowship (30)Brenda’s oldest daughter, Laura, and her two youngest children – Elliot and Anna.

Ladies Fellowship (31)

Ladies Fellowship (32)Since I was using PowerPoint photos later in the program, I ran many of my Bible verse photos while the ladies gathered in the sanctuary.

Ladies Fellowship (33)By the time I got back to the narthex, it was filling up with ladies who came to enjoy the day.

Ladies Fellowship (34)There will be more pictures in my next post.

Church Service Highlighting Our Maine Churches

Sunday Evening, August 23

Church (1)This was a special Sunday evening service at our church focusing on our Church of the Brethren ministry in Maine. Ron (one of our preachers) was in charge of the evening program.

Church (2)Jim and Lois Ann were part of the first group who moved to Maine to help develop a church fellowship in Lewiston – more than thirty years ago. He opened with devotions and shared a bit about their move from Pennsylvania to Maine, and the stroke he had several years ago that brought them back to Pennsylvania.

Church (3)Jim shared how Church of the Brethren volunteer units in Maine eventually developed into church fellowships.

Church (4)Zach and his wife, Monica, were last years house parents, and agreed to serve in Maine for another year. He gave an update on the past year and introduced the four volunteers who will be serving in the unit this year.

Church (5)After a brief service, we went to the fellowship hall where there was more to learn about the ministry in Maine. Our granddaughter Elizabeth (left), who served in the unit last year, gave us a taste of African culture with a variety of samosa (meat filled pockets).

Church (6)Lewiston is home to many immigrants, and The Root Cellar helps them adjust to the American culture. The volunteers also learn about of other cultures.

Church (7)

Church (8)

Church (9)Jim and Lois Ann hosted the Maine Churches area where there were scrapbooks and slides. We currently have three church fellowships in Maine – Lewiston, Wales (where our daughter Diane, son-in-law Mark and their family attend), and Sanford.

Church (10)

Church (11)

Church (12)Kezia (in black) was in charge of the children’s coloring section. She will be serving with the 2015-2016 Maine unit.

Church (13)The Root Cellar is a location in Lewiston where our volunteers spend a lot of time. I understand the word “root” means to help develop roots.

Church (14)Beverly (in navy) was stationed here to help answer our questions. She served in the unit for the 2014-2015 term.

Part of The Root Cellar’s mission statement is: We work together to provide empowering opportunties for the many children, teens and families in Downtown Lewiston.

Church (15)

Church (16)A photo of Elizabeth (bottom left) during her time in Lewiston.

Church (17)Two of the guys who will be with the 2015-2016 team began their time of service by recording encouraging greetings from our church to the churches in Maine.

Church (18)It was an informative and interesting evening.

Championship Game

Monday Evening, August 10

We had only gotten to one church game this summer, so when we heard that our church’s Red Team was in the championship playoffs, we made time to get there.

Championship Game (1)Preparing for the game against Chiques Gold.

White Oak Red went into this championship with an advantage of having already won two of the “best of five” games.

Championship Game (2)Our grandson Nathan (24) is assistant coach.

Championship Game (3)Prayer

Championship Game (4)

Championship Game (5)Nate

Championship Game (6)Our nephew Tristan came dressed to impress. 🙂

Championship Game (7)Can you tell by the body language that this game is not going well.

Championship Game (8)Phil

Championship Game (9)

Championship Game (10)Our granddaughter Jana (left) and two of her friends watching the game.

Championship Game (11)Diana (granddaughter) and Donovan stopped to talk to Jana before going to their seat.

Championship Game (12)

Championship Game (14)

Championship Game (13)The second game did not go well for the Red team either.

Championship Game (15)That means the championship games were now tied – White Oak Red won 2 and Chiques Gold won 2.

We will go back the next evening to watch the final game.

A Day Of Picnics

Sunday, July 19

Picnics (1)This is what muggy looks like on a Sunday morning.

Picnics (2)Sunday, July 19 was one of the warmest, muggiest days we had this summer.

Picnics (3)

Picnics (5)We had the Hershey Reunion at the pavilion at lunch time.

This reunion is my dad’s siblings and their families. As reunions usually go, this one seems to be getting smaller. Daddy and his brothers are no longer living, so not many of the next few generations choose to attend.

Picnics (6)There is always the option for a hot dog roast.

Picnics (7)

Picnics (8)Everyone brings a hot and cold dish. Daddy’s two sisters are the youngest in the family, and it is fun to visit with them. Lois is on the left, and Julia is third from the left – behind my step-mother. The youngest one there was our great-grandson, Anthony, right, held by his mother, Abby.

Picnics (9)

Picnics (10)

Picnics (11)I enjoy covered dish meals because of the nice variety of food.

Picnics (12)

Picnics (13)

Picnics (14)

Picnics (15)Following an afternoon of visiting, we prepared for another picnic.

Picnics (16)Our Sunday school class came for the evening – also bringing a hot and cold dish.

Picnics (4)Though it was a warm, muggy day, it was very comfortable at the pavilion.

Baseball Tournament

Saturday, April 25

DSC_0852We didn’t have a lot of time to be at our church’s baseball tournament this year, but went for lunch, because we wanted to help raise funds for the ones chosen this year.

DSC_0853Our grandson Nate is coaching “Red.”

DSC_0855We got there about noon when the homerun derby was going on.





DSC_0860Our “soon-to-be grandson”, Dustan taking his turn at trying to hit homeruns.


DSC_0867First base spectators.






DSC_0880Homerun derby winners – Damon (center – first place) and Wendell (right – second place) receive their awards from Melissa and Jason and Keith.

DSC_0885Melissa & Jason and Keith were recipients of this years fundraiser tournament due to expenses from health issues.

DSC_0887Time for afternoon baseball.

DSC_0888It looks like “orange” and “retro” are playing this time.

DSC_0891Retro is a nice way of saying “the old guys.” 🙂

They are men who used to play on one of the three teams – Gray, Red, or Orange. Many now have sons playing on the regular teams.







DSC_0920A future baseball player.







DSC_0934When I saw Carl and Cerwin talking, I thought, “They may be at a baseball game, but I bet they are talking truck – maybe propane hauling – and probably Carl’s upcoming retirement.

I asked Cerwin about their conversation on the way home. I was correct.


DSC_0910Since we only stayed for an hour and a half, I am not sure who won the tournament.

It was a nice day to play ball, eat lunch, and enjoy fellowship with friends.

Church & Lunch With Mother On Palm Sunday

Sunday Morning, March 29

1 (1)Every so often we like to go to morning worship with Mother High in the chapel at Landis Homes.

1 (2)Our friend Parke was in charge of the welcome and opening devotions. Cerwin has known Parke since they were teenagers.

1 (3)One of the reasons we chose this day to worship with Mother was that Glen Sell was preaching. He was a favorite speaker for our TFC staff when we held conferences at Camp Hebron.

1 (4)After church each resident and visitor was given a palm frond.

1 (5)

1 (6)

1 (7)Glen held his shepherd’s staff while greeting people.

1 (8)Cerwin pushing Mother out of the sanctuary.

1aMy palm leaf.

2 (2)Cerwin and Mother checking out the food in the cafeteria.

2 (1)

2a (1)We are anxious for the weather to get warmer so we can eat in the courtyard – just outside the dining room.

2a (2)On our way back to Mother’s room.

DSC_7760Stopping to see some signs of spring in a courtyard.

2a (4)I got ahead of them for this picture.

I like to stop and check out the puzzles at  this table – and sometimes add a piece or two.

2a (7)

3 (2)Cute “flowers” at the nurse’s station near Mother.

3 (1)

2a (6)While Cerwin got Mother settled in her room, I took pictures of shelves outside several rooms near Mother.

2a (5)

4 (1)

4 (3)

4 (2)

4 (4)

5Cerwin was looking through Mother’s mail when I got to her room.

Notice the pretty tulips in her window. They were a gift from her niece Dawn when she visited a few days earlier.

6A closer look at the tulips.

It was a great morning.

Sunday School Class Luncheon

Sunday Afternoon – March 22 – After Morning Worship

1Someone prepared tables ahead of time in the fellowship hall.




DSC_7472Candy for our sweet tooth.

DSC_7477Lorraine, Doris, and Cathy slicing sandwich rolls which would be filled with hot, barbecued chicken.

DSC_7480Joe lighting candles

DSC_7487The kitchen was filled with cooks preparing what they brought or helping someone else. Cerwin and I were in charge of coffee and tea, so that was an easy set up.  (You can see our table in the first picture.)

DSC_7483Ruthclaudene, Ruth Ann, and Fern dishing fresh fruit.

DSC_7484Jane and Mary



DSC_7495A strawberry topped pudding.

DSC_7496Blueberry cheesecake

DSC_7499Time to eat!

DSC_7501We enjoyed eating and visiting with class members and teachers before cleaning up and heading home to relax for the afternoon. I think the tables were set for 40 people.