New Chapel Construction

This is a used 53′ trailer and will go to the Pilot in Ocala, Florida, I-75, Exit 358.

If you read our latest newsletter and thought it was going to be a promotional chapel (used to take to churches, truck shows, etc.), that was changed a few weeks ago when funds were raised for the Pilot.

The trailer was donated by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company and was brought here from Texas.

1 (1)Cerwin backing it into the shop.

1 (2)Preparing to remove the back doors.

2Back doors removed

3 (1)Doors and windows cut into the side of the trailer.

There is also a window on the other side.

3 (2)

3 (3)January 26 – Installing base flooring and insulation.

Glenn, Clarence and Reuben were helping Cerwin on this day.

4 (1)February 3 – the wall framing was finished.

4 (2)February 23 – the ceiling was framed.

4 (4)Doors and windows installed

4 (5)That is pretty much what it looks like today.

The men worked on installing the rough wiring on Thursday (February 26), but Cerwin did not remember to take a picture. 🙂


Tentative plans are to deliver it to Florida this summer.