Bluegrass Festival in Maine – Day 3

Sunday, September 6

We were at the beach early – 8:30 – for the morning worship service with Mike and Mary Robinson.

Bluegrass (1)This small boat was anchored here all weekend, and looked different each time I went by – depending on the tide and time of day.

Bluegrass (2)We watched these birds from a distance while waiting for the service to begin.

Bluegrass (3)

Bluegrass (4)Mike (blue shirt – center) and Mary (blue dress/red blouse) invite others to join them for the Bluegrass Gospel Sing and Jam.

Bluegrass (5)

Bluegrass (6)We sang songs like “Will the Circle be Unbroken”, “Amazing Grace”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, and “Do Lord.”

Bluegrass (7)

Bluegrass (8)

Bluegrass (9)Mark, Diane, and Hezekiah are in the back row – close to the camera – 3rd, 4th, and 5th from the right. Elizabeth is in the front on the right. Cerwin was next to Hezekiah, and Hannah and Lydia came after I took this picture.

Bluegrass (10)

Bluegrass (11)Some listened from their canoes.

Bluegrass (12)The man in the white “Bluegrass” shirt often whistled the chorus.

Bluegrass (13)

Bluegrass (14)

Bluegrass (15)

Bluegrass (16)The festival sketch artist was sitting next to me.

Bluegrass (17)I asked him if he has been sketching his entire life.

He replied, “My brother said I was born with a pencil in my hand.”

Bluegrass (18)Pastor Mike’s Sermon was about the significance of Peter walking on water and applying it to our lives.

Realize – a trouble or need

Recognize – that the solution is Jesus

Respond – get out of the boat

Rely – on Jesus to finish well

Bluegrass (19)

Bluegrass (20)If I remember correctly this was a grandson and grandfather singing.

Bluegrass (21)

Bluegrass (22)

Bluegrass (23)

Bluegrass (24)

Bluegrass (25)

Bluegrass (26)Going for a cup of water.

Bluegrass (27)

Bluegrass (28)Got it

Bluegrass (29)

Bluegrass (30)The Larry Stephenson Band opened at 10:00 on the stage.

Bluegrass (31)Della Mae

I enjoy their style and sound.

Bluegrass (32)Town Mountain

Bluegrass (33)Photos from my lunch walk.

Bluegrass (34)

Bluegrass (35)

Bluegrass (36)The sketch artist was putting the finishing touches on the morning worship service.

Bluegrass (37)Lonely Heartstring Band

Bluegrass (38)The Blue Angels are back for their final show of the weekend.

Bluegrass (39)

Bluegrass (40)Someone said, “It doesn’t get any better than a weekend of Blue Angels, blue skies, and bluegrass. 🙂

Bluegrass (41)

Bluegrass (42)Our last sight of them.

Bluegrass (43)Heze’s sweet Sarah joined him for the evening program.

Bluegrass (44)Another plane leaving the naval base.

Bluegrass (45)Evening reflections at high tide.

Bluegrass (46)

Bluegrass (47)There’s that boat again.

Bluegrass (48)My favorite group of the day – The Gibson Brothers. The two brothers are in the center playing banjo and guitar.

They have great sibling harmony and comedy.

Bluegrass (49)Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives closed the stage show. They are incredibly talented musicians.

After the stage shows, there is the Late Night Stage (10:30) under the tent with Tennessee Mafia Jug Band with Leroy Troy. Town Mountain was on at 11:45.

I can’t stay awake that late, but Diane, Elizabeth, Hannah, Heze, and Lydia stayed until sometime after midnight. Mark went home early because he had to be at work before sunrise on Monday morning.

Bluegrass (50)It was an incredibly relaxing three days.

Bluegrass Festival in Maine – Day 2

Saturday, September 5

Bluegrass Saturday (1)Cerwin wanted me to get a picture of this Mack as we entered Thomas Point Beach..

Bluegrass Saturday (2)

Bluegrass Saturday (3)Williamson Branch girls doing a bit of clogging while their parents played the music.

Bluegrass Saturday (4)Larry Stephenson Band

Bluegrass Saturday (5)Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show

Bluegrass Saturday (6)Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa

Bluegrass Saturday (7)The beach is a great place for digging and playing – especially when the tide is out.

Bluegrass Saturday (8)

Bluegrass Saturday (9)Town Mountain

Bluegrass Saturday (10)A lobster!

Bluegrass Saturday (11)Beaches are great places for flying kites.

Bluegrass Saturday (17)

Bluegrass Saturday (12)These young people were having fun on a floating couch.

Bluegrass Saturday (13)Rose hips

Bluegrass Saturday (14)

Bluegrass Saturday (15)A beautiful afternoon for sailing.

Bluegrass Saturday (18)The air show has begun at the naval base just behind these trees.

Bluegrass Saturday (19)

Bluegrass Saturday (20)

Bluegrass Saturday (21)

Bluegrass Saturday (22)

Bluegrass Saturday (23)

Bluegrass Saturday (24)

Bluegrass Saturday (25)

Bluegrass Saturday (26)Evening reflections

Bluegrass Saturday (27)

Bluegrass Saturday (28)

Bluegrass Saturday (29)The lady said she walks with him so she get attention. 🙂

Bluegrass Saturday (30)An evening row

Bluegrass Saturday (31)I was looking for this – and found it in the main lodge. The banjo flower arrangement that was given to Pati during the opening program on Friday.

Bluegrass Saturday (32)

Bluegrass Saturday (33)Doyle Lawson & Quicksliver always give a great program. I especially like their Gospel songs.

Bluegrass Saturday (34)The closing group for the day was The Earls of Leicester. Oh, my they were good!

It was another relaxing, wonderful day.

Bluegrass Festival – Day 1

Friday, September 4

Thomas Point Beach is a beautiful venue for a bluegrass festival.

Bluegrass day 1 (1)We arrived an hour early on Friday morning – to set up our lawn chairs. We also had chairs for Mark and Diane’s family for Sunday. We put some on the lawn and others under the tent – to protect us from the heat of the afternoon sun.

Bluegrass day 1 (2)This man was testing the sound before the opening ceremony.

Bluegrass day 1 (3)Since I had time, I looked for some photo opportunities.

Bluegrass day 1 (4)There were geraniums in hanging pots under the roof of the main lodge.

Bluegrass day 1 (5)Cerwin liked the side rails on this pickup truck.

Bluegrass day 1 (6)The truck and guitar necks were an advertisement for Bourgeois Guitars.

Bluegrass day 1 (7)

Bluegrass day 1 (8)Cerwin enjoyed talking to a staff person from Bourgeois.

Bluegrass day 1 (9)The opening ceremony included “Oh, Canada” and “Star Spangled Banner”.

Bluegrass day 1 (10)There was barely a breeze in the morning (as you can see in the previous photo) so I took another picture of the flags later in the day.

Bluegrass day 1 (11)Pati Crooker Mulligan (center with blue glasses) owner of Thomas Point Beach was honored with a banjo flower arrangement – by her two sisters.

Bluegrass day 1 (12)Opening group: Michelle Canning and Rough Edges

Bluegrass day 1 (13)Williamson Branch is a regular at this festival and a favorite of ours.

Bluegrass day 1 (14)Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa – my favorite group this year.

Bluegrass day 1 (15)

After lunch I went for a walk around the campground.

Bluegrass day 1 (16)A broad view of the grounds. Some of our chairs were near the blue umbrella on the left. We had several other chairs under this white tent.

Bluegrass day 1 (17)The tide was coming in.

Bluegrass day 1 (18)This is a great place for clamming.

Bluegrass day 1 (19)Not sure why there was a wagon full of stuffed toys near the beach fence.

Bluegrass day 1 (20)It was a beautiful afternoon.

Bluegrass day 1 (22)

Bluegrass day 1 (23)

Bluegrass day 1 (24)

Bluegrass day 1 (25)I love the sights, scents, and sounds of the campground.

Bluegrass day 1 (26)Behind the vendors and the stage (right)

Bluegrass day 1 (27)

Bluegrass day 1 (28)

Bluegrass day 1 (29)

Bluegrass day 1 (30)My favorite vendor at this festival. Love the lobster roll and the crab cakes are incredibly delicious.

Bluegrass day 1 (31)Twisted Pine

Bluegrass day 1 (32)There were two large Jenga games on the grounds.

Bluegrass day 1 (33)

Bluegrass day 1 (34)

Bluegrass day 1 (35)

Bluegrass day 1 (36)Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen

Bluegrass day 1 (37)Lonely Heartstring Band

Bluegrass day 1 (38)

Bluegrass day 1 (39)The home of a Maine Osprey.

Bluegrass day 1 (40)One side benefit of being at Thomas Point Beach this past weekend was the air show at Brunswick Naval Base – next door.

Bluegrass day 1 (41)Friday was the best day to see the Blue Angels, because they were practicing for Saturday and Sunday shows – giving us many opportunities to see and hear them.

Bluegrass day 1 (42)

Bluegrass day 1 (43)

Bluegrass day 1 (44)

Bluegrass day 1 (45)

Bluegrass day 1 (46)

Bluegrass day 1 (47)

Bluegrass day 1 (48)

Bluegrass day 1 (49)

Bluegrass day 1 (50)

Bluegrass day 1 (51)

Bluegrass day 1 (52)

Bluegrass day 1 (53)There were five of them.

Bluegrass day 1 (54)

Bluegrass day 1 (55)

Bluegrass day 1 (56)

Bluegrass day 1 (57)Foghorn Stringband

Bluegrass day 1 (58)

Bluegrass day 1 (59)I went for another walk during the dinner break.

Bluegrass day 1 (60)

Bluegrass day 1 (61)

Bluegrass day 1 (62)

Bluegrass day 1 (63)

Bluegrass day 1 (64)

Bluegrass day 1 (65)

Bluegrass day 1 (66)

Bluegrass day 1 (67)While walking along the beach I came upon this artist and talked to her a bit.

Bluegrass day 1 (68)She was pleased that I asked to take pictures of her.

Bluegrass day 1 (69)

Bluegrass day 1 (70)

Bluegrass day 1 (71)

Bluegrass day 1 (73)

Bluegrass day 1 (72)

Bluegrass day 1 (75)

Bluegrass day 1 (74)  Bluegrass day 1 (76)It was a cool evening, and after ordering a cup of decaf coffee to help me stay warm, I also purchased something new for me – fried dough. This was my supper. 🙂

It was a bit like a donut and came with maple syrup. Cerwin ate about half of it.

Bluegrass day 1 (77)Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa were back after supper.

Bluegrass day 1 (78) We went back to Mark and Diane’s house after Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen because it had gotten quite cold.

We did not stay to hear the Del McCoury Band.

It was a most delightful day.

Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass ~ Sunday

Sunday, August 31

01-DSC_8534The concert began with an extremely emotional, mostly gospel program by White Mountain Bluegrass as it was the last performance by the parents.

02-DSC_8535The New England Bluegrass Band

03-DSC_8541Lydia (our granddaughter) and Diane (our daughter) made us the neatest lunch! We each had our own jar of salad and dessert.

04-DSC_8543I felt so “cool” eating lunch from a jar.

05-DSC_8549You are always guaranteed a fun-filled concert when The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band With Leroy Troy is on stage.

06-DSC_8560Balsam Range

07-DSC_8565Twisted Pine was the winner of Thomas Point Beach Showcase Band Contest on Thursday.

08-DSC_8567Thomas Point Beach Children of Bluegrass with Williamson Branch

09-DSC_8569The weather forecast predicted rain by 5:00 PM ~ and it was accurate!

10-DSC_8572We quickly decided to go back to the tent while there was still room.

12-DSC_8576We were surprised at how many people stayed in the open with umbrellas.


14-DSC_8580Anyone who knows anything about bluegrass is familiar with Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys.

15-DSC_8582He is 87 years old, and this summer was supposed to be his farewell tour – but he changed his mind. He is going to keep going. 🙂


17-DSC_8592I walked toward the front to get a picture of the group when this band member played this ram’s horn shofar.

It was amazing. I stood there almost expecting the Lord to return.

18-DSC_8594This is what the tent looked like as I approached our seats.

19-DSC_8600The final performance for this year’s festival was Dailey & Vincent. There is a reason that they are last. They are the best and have won many awards.

I liked the way the stage was framed by the people and tent in front of me.

Shortly after I took this picture (about halfway through their concert) a thunder storm approached and a flash of lightening lit up the audience, and within seconds Pati (owner of the campground) wisely stopped the concert.

We picked up our chairs and headed home – satisfied that we had a fabulous weekend.

Some of our grandchildren stayed and enjoyed music under the tent, and I think there was some singing in the Snack Bar.

Thomas Point Bluegrass Festival ~ Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday, August 31

1 (1)We have never attended the 9:00 AM worship service on the beach ~ because we like to stay in touch with the church friends where Mark and Diane and their family attend.

But this year we decided that we were going to join the beach fellowship ~ and we were glad we did.

1 (2)We were excited to see so many people at the service.

1 (3)

1 (4)Pastor Mike and Mary Robinson spend most of the year in their motor home traveling up and down the east coat to bluegrass festivals sharing the message of faith and music.

1 (5)

1 (6)This man was gathering clams, and got to enjoy the music as he worked.

1 (7)There was a cross for a backdrop.

1 (8)

1 (9)Preparing to sing Amazing Grace


3 (1)

3 (2)It was nice that the morning clouds hid the sun as the crowd was facing east.

3 (3)They led us in singing several songs, every now and then featuring some of the people who practiced with them the day before.

3 (4)

3 (9)After about half an hour of singing, Mike shared a challenging message on creation.

3 (10)

3 (11)

3 (12)

3 (5)They closed the service about 9:45 so we could get to the festival music which was starting at 10:00 AM.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow night.

Thomas Point Beach ~ Bluegrass ~ Day 1

Thursday, August 29

1 (2)The day always begins with the national anthems of the United States and Canada. This man sang, O Canada.

1 (1)Canada is honored because a few musicians are from Canada and there is a good representation of Canadians in the audience.

1 (3)Rhonda Vincent sang The Star Spangled Banner

1 (4)Mike Mulligan (son of Thomas Point Beach owner, Pati Crooker) led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

1 (5)The music began with Barefoot Movement. Yes they sang barefooted!

1 (7)The Steel Wheels quickly became my favorite group of the weekend. I loved their sound, which was bluesy-mountain-folk in style.

1 (6)They called this their ugly stick, and used it to keep time in a few songs.

1 (8)Williamson Branch was a delight to listen to, as many of their songs were Gospel. The group is made up of a father, mother, and three daughters.

1 (9)They asked a friend (banjo) to join them for the weekend. The girls did some clogging as one of them is a champion clogger.

1 (10)The Lonely Heartstring Band

1 (12)I went for a walk shortly after lunch.

1 (11)Mike made two large Jenga games that many people played during the weekend.

1a (2)It was a pretty time to walk around the grounds as the tide was in.

1a (1)High tide usually means there are a few boats and canoes in the water. These two amused me, because it looked like they were on cell phones. 🙂

1a (3)Rhonda Vincent’s bus

1a (4)Vendor row

1a (5)This view of the water was from the campground.

2 (2)The sound of people playing instruments was everywhere as I walked through the campground.

2 (1)

2 (3)

2 (4)

2 (6)

2 (5)This lady said she was taking her “baby” for a walk.

2 (7)Back at the concert The New England Bluegrass Band was on stage.

2 (8)Rhonda Vincent & The Rage are a crowd favorite. When she sang “His Promised Land” you could have heard a pin drop.

Outside music events are not usually real quiet because there are vendors and lots of people walking around talking, but this song got everyone’s attention. I said to Cerwin, “Listen to the silence.”

2 (9)Reno & Harrell

2 (10)My favorite The Steel Wheels were back.

2 (11)I noticed this girl playing Jenga during supper break.

2 (12)The Maine Youth Bluegrass Ensemble opened the evening program.

2 (13)I enjoyed an evening walk as I listened to the music.

2 (14)It was now low tide.

2 (15)

2 (16)

2 (17)

2 (18)I got a delicious lobster roll here.

2 (19)Back to the concert.

2 (20)

2 (21)Rhonda back on the stage

2 (22)Her two son-in-laws play in her band.

3I enjoy the tight harmony of The Gibson Brothers which was the closing concert for the evening.

I should correct that. They were the closing concert on the stage. There is always field picking and singing, but that music is not amplified around the grounds.


It was a delightful, relaxing day. Thomas Point is only about two miles from Mark and Diane’s house, so it doesn’t take us very long to get home each evening.

Thomas Point Beach – Day 3

We went to church with Mark and Diane – Brunswick Church of the Brethren – before joining the Bluegrass Festival. There was a worship service on the beach, but we like to spend some time with our friends at the church in Brunswick.

0 (1)Mark and Diane joined us for the afternoon.

They left in the early evening because Mark had to be up early on Monday to deliver a refrigerated load.

0 (2)Hannah (and Hezekiah) stayed until the late night.

0a (1)A highlight for Cerwin was being able to listen to Bobby Osborne and Rocky Top Express.

0a (2)Bobby is part of the old bluegrass guys – from way back when Cerwin learned to love bluegrass. Bobby will be 82 this year.

The lineup for the day was: Rick Lang and Friends, The Boxcars, Balsam Range, Thomas Point Beach Children of Bluegrass with the Sawyer Family, Bobby Osborne and Rocky Top Express, The Whites, Della Mae, and The Gibson Brothers.

1 (1)   I took an early afternoon walk around the grounds. There are campers everywhere there is space – even outside the campgrounds.

1 (6)Not far from where we sit there is a vendor who sells hula hoops and has many that are available for children (and adults) to try.

1 (7)  As I walked around the campground and beach area, I looked for beauty to capture with my camera.

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)

2 (1)

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)

3 (1)There were about a dozen egrets feeding on the mud flats.

3 (2)

3 (3)Another one arriving.

3 (4)Not far from the egrets there was a great blue heron grazing for food.

3 (6)Toward evening I decided to take a second walk to see what was happening at the beach. Several people were enjoying the incoming tide.

3 (5)This young guy was preparing to go kayaking.

3 (7)

3 (8)   A nearby camper had these pretty lights hanging on the fence that separated the campground from the beach.

3 (9) This is why there are festival rules against high back lawn chairs. 🙂

After someone removed their chairs in front of us – and we were deciding if we should move front – this man put his chair in front of me. Needless to say, I moved a bit to the left so I could see the stage.

3 (10)While we enjoyed music, people continued trying out the hula hoops – which was directly behind us.

3 (11)

3 (12)Among my favorites of the day were The Whites – Buck White and his daughters Sharon and Cheryl. Buck is also a longtime bluegrass entertainer. He will be 83 this year.

3 (13)

3 (14)The last onstage group was The Gibson Brothers – who are incredibly talented.

Like I mentioned earlier, Hezekiah and Hannah stated for the Late Night Music with the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band. We enjoy hearing and seeing their antics, but it was just too late for me.

It was a delightful, relaxing few days.

We plan to spend Labor Day with the Myers.

Thomas Point Beach – Day 2

We planned to get breakfast at the festival, so after parking took the scenic walk to the food area.

0 (1)The tide was high, so the beach looked different from my afternoon walk yesterday.

0 (2)

0 (3)

1   A view of the seating area from the food court – before the music started.

Our seats are to the left of the picture. The yellow building is the campground gift shop and food area. However, they do not serve breakfast.

2The first group of the day – Snap Jackson – is an acoustic quartet from Stockton, California.

Their Americana, Bluegrass, Soul, and Old Time Music is easy to listen to in the early morning.

2aaBy noon I was ready for my daily walk through the campground.

2abThat looks relaxing.

3 (5)The seagulls were taking advantage of low tide to look for lunch.

3 (7)This clam digger’s work also needs to be done during low tide.

3 (8)This boat is now mired in mud.

3 (9)As I sat in a shady area of the grounds, an egret landed and began looking for food.

3 (10)

3 (11)

3 (12)   A view of the stage as I was walking back to my seat.

3 (13)

3 (14)We were surprised a few hours later when Elizabeth (left) brought Hezekiah to the concert.

He surprised his parents and us by coming home from college in Presque Isle for the holiday weekend. I think Hannah was the only one who knew he was coming.

He traveled with another college guy who lives in this area.

3 (15)The Travelin’ McCourys were delightful to listen to in the late afternoon.

They are talented musicians.

3 (16)My favorite group of the day was Daily and Vincent.

They do a fabulous job of mixing bluegrass and gospel.

3 (17)My favorite song of the day was when Daily and Vincent came out into the audience and sang Wonderful Grace of Jesus – acapella.

It brought the audience to their feet.

3 (18)Wonderful grace of Jesus, Greater than all my sin; How shall my tongue describe it, Where shall its praise begin? Taking away my burden, Setting my spirit free; For the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.


Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus, Deeper than the mighty rolling sea; Wonderful grace, all sufficient for me, for even me. Broader than the scope of my transgressions, Greater far than all my sin and shame, O magnify the precious Name of Jesus. Praise His Name!

Wonderful grace of Jesus, Reaching to all the lost, By it I have been pardoned, Saved to the uttermost, Chains have been torn asunder, Giving me liberty; For the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.


Wonderful grace of Jesus, Reaching the most defiled, By its transforming power, Making him God’s dear child, Purchasing peace and heaven, For all eternity; And the wonderful grace of Jesus reaches me.

3 (19)   A view of the audience from under the tent – which is behind a driveway, behind the main concert grounds. There was a very large Saturday night crowd.

3 (20)Someone was handing out glow sticks. Hezekiah chose to wear his on his head – giving him a “angelic” look.

Do angels wear baseball caps? 🙂 I bet they do.

3 (21)My favorite instrumental of the day was a fiddle tune by Steep Canyon Rangers.

This guy’s style and talent is amazing.

Thomas Point Beach – Day 1

It is so relaxing to be here…

1 (1)…relaxing in the sun and listening to bluegrass and mountain music.

1 (2)After a few hours of sitting, reading, and listening to delightful music, I took my camera for a walk around the grounds.

1 (3)The osprey (or whatever kind of bird it was) noisily left the nest as I walked under it.

I was taking it the scenery around me, including people and campers and was not prepared with my camera.

1 (4)The tide was out, so people were clamming on the mud flats.

1 (5)

1 (6)There were also egrets and sea gulls taking advantage of the food in the mud.

2   I love the variety of scents in a campground – especially when there are pine trees.

3 (1)

3 (2)This walk through the grounds brought me to the back of the stage where there were preparations for the next show.

3 (3)  A lunch must for me at this festival is a lobster roll. Oh, yum!

3 (4)Cerwin does not like lobster, but looks forward to a sausage sandwich with all the fixings.

3 (5)At first I thought this kite was a strange bird.

5It is nice to have time to sit and look up to the sky.

3 (6)It was a warm, sunny day, so hats were part of the dress code for many.

3 (7)The Quebe (Kway-bee) sisters were one of our favorite groups. They are from Texas and sing a variety of western swing, vintage country, and bluegrass, along with very good fiddling.

4I love to read a good book with bluegrass in the background – sometimes reading, sometimes listening.

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)

6 (4)

6 (5)This kind of relaxing is good for my body and soul.