To Honor Timothy & Barnabas

Not from the Bible – but my friend’s cats.

1I took this picture for Inge, to show her that the daffodils she planted last fall – over Timothy’s grave in our back yard – were up and soon ready to bloom.

3-12 (1)

3-12 (2)She was here a few days later – to go along to Bill Rumpf’s Memorial service in Huntington Valley – and saw the daffodils for herself.

3-18 (3)Then several days later she came with the ashes of Timothy’s brother, Barnabas.

3-18 (5)I don’t think I ever saw an animal’s ashes.

I am not sure what a pet funeral director is called, but this one certainly cared for Barnabas’ ashes with tenderness.

3-18 (7)

3-18 (9)Inge put his ashes next to Timothy’s gravesite.

Timothy was buried in December 2014 before the ground was frozen. Since the ground was frozen several weeks ago when Barnabas died, Inge had him cremated.

3-18 (12)

3-18 (15)Barnabas’ paw print

12-12-06-25[1]I took this picture of Barnabas and Timothy in 2006 when we had dinner at Inge’s apartment.

DSC_9187Inge, this is what one of the daffodils looks like today.

February Birds

We enjoyed a nice variety of birds in February – probably because of a few snow storms.

DSC_5429Female Downy Woodpecker



DSC_5430Sparrow and Downy Woodpecker


DSC_5435Female White-breasted Nuthatch

DSC_7080Male White-breasted Nuthatch

DSC_5498Squirrels also enjoyed birdseed.


DSC_5508House Sparrow and European Starling

DSC_5736Male Hairy Woodpecker


DSC_5839Mourning Dove


DSC_5843Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

DSC_5848American Goldfinch in its winter colors

DSC_6449Male Red-bellied Woodpecker

DSC_6459Female Red-bellied Woodpecker

DSC_6453Blue Jay


DSC_7083Male House Finch


DSC_8211Female Hairy Woodpecker and Northern Flicker

DSC_8213A windy February day

DSC_8216It was interesting to look back on several cold, mid-February days after enjoying a very warm Tuesday in March.

A Day In Court

Wednesday, August 5

This was the day I kept Reuben and Judi’s little ones while they were in court concerning Little K’s adoption.

Reuben and Judi's children (1)Our daughter Deb brought Lydia back to our house so she could help me care for the little ones.

Reuben and Judi's children (2)Deb rescues many orphaned baby animals during the spring and summer months (deer, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, skunks, and opossums), then releases them – and usually brings something along when she comes to visit.

Reuben and Judi's children (3)Little K enjoyed the baby raccoon.

Reuben and Judi's children (4)

Reuben and Judi's children (5)Eating a pop tart.

Reuben and Judi's children (6)

Reuben and Judi's children (7)Jesse was along as well, because he was spending the week with Roy and Deb.

Reuben and Judi's children (8)

Reuben and Judi's children (9)

Reuben and Judi's children (10)Miss K wasn’t comfortable touching the raccoon.

Reuben and Judi's children (11)

Reuben and Judi's children (12)

Reuben and Judi's children (13)

Reuben and Judi's children (14)Gathering shellbarks for Deb’s squirrels.

Reuben and Judi's children (15)

Reuben and Judi's children (16)Uncle Cerwin is home.

Reuben and Judi's children (17)Miss K loves to play this game on one of my old computers.

Reuben and Judi's children (18)I’ve had this game since our oldest grandchildren were little.

Reuben and Judi's children (19)I like this game for little children because they can feed animals, plow fields, play songs, feed children, pick up toys, and help a dog find a bone by pressing the space bar on the keyboard.

Reuben and Judi's children (20)While they were in my office, Little K and I were in the living room.

Reuben and Judi's children (21)We learned to not put any trash in this waste can while they were here because he loved trying to play on top of it or throw toys into it.

Reuben and Judi's children (22)

Reuben and Judi's children (23)He was standing quite well while they were here, and taking a few steps. He began walking shortly after they returned home.


Reuben and Judi came home with fairly good news – that the parent’s previous signatures to the adoption arrangement almost guaranteed that Reuben and Judi could keep Little K. The judge was going to look over everything and get back to them in a week or two.


Update: I received a “Praise the Lord” email the other day informing us that the adoption has been approved, and will be finalized sometime this fall. We are so excited for them.

Cousin’s Week – Day 5 – Graystone Ridge Alpacas

Friday Morning, July 17

1 (1)When looking for local things to do for Cousin’s Week, I came upon this alpaca farm owned by the Longeneckers. I rarely drive on this road, and was not aware there was an alpaca farm so close to Manheim.

1 (2)Donna Longenecker is on the left. It is easy to tell that she loves their alpacas.

1b (3)

1a (1)

1a (2)They had “circus week” a few days before our visit, and some of the white alpacas still had markings from the paint.

1a (4)

1a (5)

1a (3)The Longeneckers breed their alpacas for their fiber.

1a (6)Donna had stories about each one and their personalities.

1b (2)

1b (4)

1b (5)

1b (6)

1b (7)

1b (1)They also have angora goats.

1b (8)

1b (9)

1b (10a)

1b (11)

1cFree range chickens round out the menagerie of animals at this barn.

2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)Alpacas only have lower teeth and upper molars – but no upper front teeth. For that reason they have an interesting way of chewing their food.

2 (5)

3 (2)

3 (1)Donna said this one always has a hungry look because of her big eyes.

3 (2a)

3 (3)

3 (4)Donna told us a cute story about this bell.

They installed it, hoping to teach the animals when it was time to eat.

3 (5)A few days later, the alpacas (or goats – I forget which) reached over the fence and began ringing the bell when they were hungry. 🙂

4Jared was interested in the fiber that was displayed in bags. They had recently been sheared.

5 (1)

5 (2)Our last stop was their store.

5 (3)She had several things they had felted – which is similar to shrinking wool.

5 (4)Jared with an alpaca hat.

5 (5)Jesse with the hat, a finger puppet, and a pair of socks.

5 (6)

5 (7)

5 (8)A headband.

5 (9)These two were next to the driveway as we left the farm. The barn is to the left of this picture.

I was glad we took time to learn about alpacas.

Jared’s Birthday Party

Friday Evening, May 22

0Roy and Deb arrived with several baby raccoons that were recently rescued. I think these were from someone’s backyard.

0aThe owners of the property knew something happened to the mother because the babies were squealing and I think these are the ones that were falling out of a tree.

1Jared giving one a bit of love.



DSC_4034Time for supper.





DSC_4040They will be ready for release before too many weeks.

DSC_4046I forget what happened that tickled Jared’s funny bone.

DSC_4049He was supposed to close his eyes until the candles were lit.

DSC_4052His favorite – chocolate cake with peanut butter icing.

DSC_4053I missed him blowing out the candles, but snapped the picture just as he finished.


DSC_4057Opening presents

DSC_4058A cute card from his brother Josh.

DSC_4059Hey, Brother! This card can’t be opened unless an extremely charming, witty, and fun person touches it!

I didn’t get a photo of the inside, but it said something like – No problem. I touched it.


Birthdays are so much fun.

Road Trip – Part 15 – Visiting Aimee & The Children

Wednesday, April 15

After leaving Japheth’s shop, we went to their house to see Aimee and the children.

1 (1)They have a great woodlot and property for children to run, explore, and play.

1 (2)


DSC_0024Loraine and Rose were enjoying the warm sunshine.

DSC_0025Wayne was reading.

DSC_0048Japheth Jr. and  Aimee were doing school work.

DSC_0052Jeremiah was doing school work on the computer.

DSC_0050Rose and Lynne were assembling a toy.

I somehow missed taking a picture of Jaden – and I think Lily was taking an afternoon nap.

DSC_0026Violet and Lynne wanted to see a “read aloud” story in my Nook.

DSC_0027Children enjoy these because the Nook does the reading and sound effects.

DSC_0029I asked Lynne if she would take me to see the goats.

DSC_0046Along the way I noticed their neatly stacked wood pile.

DSC_0043There are three female goats – and each is pregnant.






DSC_0032We had never seen their house or property, so I was glad we had time to visit on this trip.

A Birthday Party ~ A Goat ~ A Flock Of Geese

Saturday, March 21

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention Cerwin during my mud sale posts…

1 (1)…that’s because he was at a 75th birthday party for our friend Gene.

1 (2)His and Cookie’s son Mark – in black.

1 (3)Their other son Matthew – center – wearing brown.

1 (4)

1 (5)It sounds like the guys had a great time.

2After lunch we went to visit Cerwin’s mother and met these Amish girls walking home from the mud sale. You can tell they were there by their boots.

2a (1)Shortly after getting to Mother’s room, Roy and Deb stopped in. Since they had their little goat “Moxie” in the car, we asked a nurse if they could bring her in.

2a (3)The nurse said, “Positively!”

Some of these pictures are from Cerwin’s cell phone, others are from Deb’s camera.

2a (2)Mother enjoyed watching her chew on paper.

2a (3)

2a (4)Cerwin’s sister Velda and her husband Mel were also there during our visit.

2bNotice Moxie wears a pamper. She would make quite a mess if she didn’t wear that, as it seem she is always eliminating something. 🙂

3 (1)This is the time of year we see and hear many flocks of Canada geese flying overhead – especially in the evenings.

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (7)

3 (8)

3 (9)It was a busy full day from beginning to end.

Manure & Sheep

Wednesday, February 25

1 (1)We awoke to a certain “country scent” in the air after manure was spread on the field next to our house.

1 (3)Thankfully we did not smell it indoors.

1 (4)It is interesting that God created birds to love this kind of thing.

1 (5)That way, the corn and grain that was eaten by the cows becomes food for the crows.

2 (2)I enjoyed seeing a farmer’s sheep as I traveled to the post office.

2 (1)

3 (1)Sheep always make me think about Psalm 23.

3 (2)

4This was the scene directly across from the sheep pasture.

5There is a lot of pretty winter scenery around here this winter.

Mules In The Snow

Wednesday, February 18

After labeling the individual March Highway News and Good News, we headed to the Lititz Post Office. (Thanks Mel, Velda, Mary and Lois for helping.)


1 (1)A small stone wall at a Lititz traffic light looked pretty in the snow.

1 (2)

1 (3)Cerwin putting the 14 bags of mail on the post office dock.

Because we are halfway to Landis Homes when we go to the post office, we usually have lunch with Cerwn’s mother on Highway News and Good News mailing day.

Velda (Cerwin’s sister) and Mel joined us.

2 (1)To my delight, the mules were out grazing in the snow-covered field near Landis Homes.

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (4)



DSC_5880Seeing the mules made my day.