Christmas Day โ€“ Part 2

Monday Afternoon, December 25

A pretty decoration on the table.

Jesse wanted a picture next to Roy – with his shirt. ๐Ÿ™‚

The dessert table

These peppermint candy spoons – made by Kristen – were for stirring coffee or tea.

Red velvet cake roll

Pumpkin cake roll

Singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus

Our afternoon craft was designing Christmas balls for next Christmas by removing the hanger attachment and dropping paint inside the ball and creating designs by moving the ball.

These were the same size balls we used for the sparkling cider for lunch – see previous post.

We dried the balls by placing them in a paper cup.

That was fun!

Jere and Kristen gave us gifts.

The guys got a measuring tape with a digital reading.

The girls got an insulated grocery bag and candy and nuts from Roy and Deb. Cerwin and I also got a beautiful wooden tray from Jere and Kristen.

These four played Qwirkle for quite a while.

I went out to the chicken pen with Jere when he gave them the turkey carcass – which they love.

Jere said it wouldn’t take them long to have it pecked clean. I think Colt wished that he could have some too. (He had his fill of skin and pieces from the ham and turkey.)

The nests were filled with eggs – just before the evening gathering.

Apparently a golf ball helps them know where to lay their eggs.

I don’t remember why we took these pictures.

Roy, Jared, and Jesse played an old computer game – which was new to them this Christmas. It was their family gift.


That was a fun Christmas Day.

Christmas Day – Part 1

Monday, December 25

We woke up to a pretty snow flurry.

Diane gave us come granola

Josiah and Diane joined us in two games of Qwirkle

The guys were the winners.

We were invited to Jere and Kristen’s for lunch. The ham was done in their smoker – and was delicious.

The turkey was roasted in the oven and was also delicious.

While waiting for the meal to be ready, Mark and Diane had a bit of face-time on their cell phones.

Kristen and Jere usually get to see Jana (via cell phone) on Fridays – her day off from serving with Youth With a Mission – but since it was Christmas, she was at a team leaders home and had access to Wi-Fi. However, they were not able to make the connection until later in the day – and I think it was only by messaging. I guess the ocean was too wide that day. ๐Ÿ™‚

The beautiful table setting.

I liked these pretty table decorations…

…then learned that they were more than decorations. They were for the sparkling cider.

Lunch will soon be ready

Josh and Roy watching TV

Josiah on his cell phone and Lydia watching the meat carving.


Our family in the area who didn’t have other Christmas plans: Cerwin, Diane, Kristen, Jere, Roy, Jesse, Deb, Lydia, Josiah, and Josh.

Ian and Jared had their own table.

More tomorrow night.

Christmas Eve – Evening

Cerwin, Diane, Lydia and I were invited to Nate and Abby’s for a light supper. (Josiah was attending another Christmas dinner.)

We took soup and ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches while Abby made hors d’oeuvres.

These were made with brie cheese, jelly and nuts.

While they baked and we prepared the soup and sandwiches, Great-grandpa and Anthony played a game.

Abby made the sandwiches with a panini press.

The finishedย hors d’oeuvres were delicious.

Lydia came after work. Anthony had gotten a fireman’s hat earlier in the day and insisted that Grammy Diane wear it.

Nathaniel and Cerwin checking out something on the cell phone.

There were a few gifts.

These were specially shaped pasta from Maine.

The shapes were things like moose and bear.

Showing them to his parents

A gift for his parents.

Something for Anthony

Looks like some books – from Pappy and Grammy

A gift for Lydia

Anthony wanted a close up shot of his mouth. ๐Ÿ™‚

Diane’s new socks from another event.

Checking out a selfie


It was also nice to see Nate and Abby’s place as they had recently exchanged houses with his parents. They are now in the farm house while Dale and Luanne are in the apartment at her mother’s place.

Christmas Eve Afternoon – Pizza and Ferdinand

December 24

Jere and Kristen invited us to go with them to Pizza Hut and Penn Cinema to see Ferdinand.

Clockwise: Jared, Cerwin, Jesse, Jere, Sandy (hidden), Josiah, Kristen, Diane, Deb, Roy, Ian, and Josh

Not sure why Jesse was balancing a cup on his head – but he was. ๐Ÿ™‚

After it was securely balanced, Jere threw something into it and promptly tipped it over.

A pretty Christmas tree at Penn Cinema

Jere, Jared, Josh, Jesse, Ian, and Kristen. We missed Jana this year – but are glad to know that she is enjoying her time across the ocean with YWAM (Youth with a Mission).

We were the first in the theatre – but more arrived before the movie started.

Jesse was in charge of the large container of popcorn. As needed, he filled smaller cups for the rest of us.

This was an incredibly good movie about a bull.

If you know the storyline, he cared more about flowers and his friend – a girl – than he did about being a mean bull.

We took time for a few pictures afterward. Jere, Diane, and Deb.

This Christmas Eve ritual – of lunch and a movie began when Jere and Kristen’s family and Roy and Deb were the only family members without something special to do on Christmas Eve. Then when the extended High Family meal was changed to another time of the year, they invited Cerwin and me to go along – because we were no longer busy planning for a large family meal the next day. It was especially fun to have Diane and Josiah with us this year.

Roy and Deb

Cerwin and me

Following an Amish buggy on the way home.

Longhorn Restaurant for Josiah’s Birthday

Saturday Evening, December 23

Diane was pleased to be in Pennsylvania for Christmas and to go along with Josiah for his 2017 birthday gift from us.

Warm bread

Josiah and Cerwin

Me and Diane

Josiah’s steak and spaghetti squash

Diane’s parmesan crusted chicken and spaghetti squash

My salad with blue cheese dressing was so good I ate some of it before I remembered to take a picture.

I also got an appetizer of mushrooms and cheese.

Cerwin had soup and a side. I forget what he had. ๐Ÿ™‚

I enjoy playing with my camera and the car lights at nighttime.

The rain helped make the lights glisten.

It was a rainy, cool winter day.