Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken like the first morning

Blackbird has spoken like the first bird

Praise for the singing

Praise for the morning

Praise for them springing fresh from the world

Sweet the rain’s new fall, sunlit from heaven

Like the first dewfall on the first grass

Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden

Sprung in completeness where his feet pass

Mine is the sunlight

Mine is the morning

Born of the one light Eden saw play

Praise with elation, praise ev’ry morning

God’s recreation of the new day.

Putting Lime on Our Yard

Wednesday, May 10

It was the perfect afternoon to put lime on our yard.

From the Internet: When lawns are weedy, patchy in spots or turn yellow, it may be a sign that the pH balance of your yard is out of whack. One of the primary methods of correcting the problem is to add lime to your lawn to restore depleted nutrients and repair the damage. 

Such was the case of our yard this spring, so Cerwin decided that it needed lime.

Cerwin works hard at keeping our lawn green and healthy.

New, Springtime Growth

Tuesday, April 18

There is nothing quite like a Carolina Wren to announce the arrival of springtime weather.

He sings at the top of his little lungs many times throughout the day – trying to attract a partner to a newly built nest.

There is new growth and pretty flowers all around him and in our yard.

May Apples are covering our woodlot floor wherever there is no grass.

The May Apples are native to our woods.

I brought the ferns from another area many years ago. I forget where I got them – maybe from Jeff and Chris.

I enjoy seeing them when they are young and unfurling.


A mixture of creeping perennials

I can soon cut some mint tea.

I don’t know the name of this little flower.

When I took this picture on the 18th, the azalea were just budding – now they are in full bloom. (Pictures in a week or two – when I get to that date.) 🙂

Springtime is Blessing My Soul

Saturday, April 8

Fire bush leaves are popping.

Robins are plentiful

Cerwin preparing to mow our yard for the first time this spring.

I love when the sun shines on our pretty red-bellied woodpeckers.

This one is a male. The red covers his entire head.

The forsythia bush is adding color to our roadside bank.

We have a variety of hyacinth colors.

Inge, this is your feline graveyard.

Pretty daffodils remind me of my Dad.

He loved them.

Springtime is certainly blessing my soul.

Around Our Place

A collection of pictures from the past week that didn’t fit into another post.

1-1Cerwin had a TFC truck home for the weekend – so it would as here for the Sunday afternoon truck convoy to honor Elam Martin. (see my Monday post)

1-2It’s the time of year when Cerwin brings out his “red neck” leaf catcher.


4-2I can’t get enough of the skies these days.


3We still have a few pretty flowers.


dsc_8105I am enjoying the beauty of these warm fall days.

Common True Katydid

Friday, September 2

dsc_5616We don’t often see Katydid’s in our woodlot, but we DO HEAR them. They get so loud at night that it becomes difficult to talk when we have a picnic. 🙂

The cicada (locust) sing during the day, then about dusk the katydids join them with a deeper song. By dark the cicadas are quiet and the katydids continue their chorus. If you take time to listen at dusk, you can hear the difference.

dsc_5618When doing research on this one, I discovered it is a male Common True Katydid. The male has a brown area on its back like the one above.

It was on our garage door for several hours.

From the Internet: The Common True Katydid is incapable of flight. The males have a dark brown stridulatory field. It is extremely difficult to capture these katydids because they are usually high up in trees, especially oaks, and they blend well with their surroundings. However, during the breeding season they may sometimes be found walking across roads, moving in the direction of dense choruses.

Songs are given from dusk into the night, with males singing from perches high in deciduous or coniferous trees. They often form huge choruses, their combined songs drowning out nearly all other sounds. [I can affirm that!]