Preparing for Sunday, and Saturday Supper with Nsimba and Elizabeth

Saturday Evening, September 9

Later in the afternoon Diane went outside to get green beans for Sunday lunch.

While she finished gathering beans, I went to her basement pantry to show you her canning shelves.

Outside again – their Mexican Heather is beautiful

She filled her bucket.

Cerwin and I soon had the beans snapped for a Sunday lunch dish for the fellowship meal at their church.

While we snapped the beans, Diane prepared a fresh peach dessert for the fellowship meal.

I liked how the evening sun captured these items in their kitchen window.

Elizabeth and Nsimba invited Mark, Diane, Cerwin and me to their place for supper.

Mark drove there directly from work.

They prepared a delicious fish and rice meal.

We had a delightful evening.

An Attitude of Celebration

An Attitude of Celebration

Doris High

I often think about the attitude of celebration during holidays, birthdays, and events that bring cause for celebration – and the many who refuse to celebrate.

However, what triggered this article was reading the story of the prodigal son in Luke 15:28 when the older son refused to celebrate.

I’ve read and heard that story since I was a child, but this time I saw it with new “eyes.”

I always knew the prodigal came home, that the father was ecstatic with joy, and that the older brother was angry, but I never realized that the older brother would not even come into the house.

He was the only one not having a good time!

The family’s celebration did not stop because of the older son’s bitterness and stubbornness.

The older I grow, the more I realize that the world is full of selfish, unhappy people who won’t go to a celebration because someone hurt them.

However, the family, church, business, or ministry celebration goes on.

You can refuse to go to a certain church because someone hurt you

But the church will go on.

You are the loser.

You can refuse to go to a family dinner or celebration

But the family will go on.

You are the loser.

You can leave a business or ministry because of anger or bitterness

But the business and ministry will go on

You are the loser.

God is planning a large celebration someday – in Heaven

The Supper of the Lamb

Those who choose to follow Him will celebrate with Him

The celebration will go on

With our without you!

Gospel Music Festival – Part 1

Friday Evening, September 1 – American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA

Triumphant Quartet opened the evening with God Bless America (or was it our National Anthem). I forget.

I did not write down the name of this very talented man who opened with prayer and lead an audience song.

When he led audience singing, he reminded me of Cliff Barrows (Billy Graham Crusades). At one point he mentioned that Cliff was someone he deeply respected.

Jeff and Sheri Easter and their daughter Morgan

Aaron Wilburn was the MC and added a bit of comedy to the evening.

Triumphant Quart closed the evening.


We enjoyed blessing Lydia and a friend with seats for this fabulous concert.

The timing of this three-day music festival is good for us – after a busy summer. I love relaxing in a very comfortable venue and being filled with the words and tunes of gospel music. I like that we can keep our same seats from one year to the next.

Creation Museum – Part 2

Wednesday, August 23

The grounds outside Creation Museum are beautiful – especially on a sunny, warm, late summer day.

The lighting on this flower was a bit shaded, but I like that the shot captured a bee.

In this photo you can see part of the zipline challenge course.

The petting zoo is in the middle of the walk through the gardens.

Wallabies are animals that look like God used a few leftovers when making them. 🙂

A cow looks pretty ordinary to me.

After leaving the petting zoo we were in the next section of gardens.

I like swinging bridges.

Across the lake from the museum

The bridge was closed for repair, so we had to go back through the petting zoo.

This time the camel was out – checking on the people.

I think he/she is the one used for camel rides.

What an interesting animal.

Getting a scent on me.

I wonder what it is thinking?

I’m not sure what it means when they hold their heads up extremely high.

Checking the area for grass and grain.

Look at those feet.

Cerwin took a picture of us – the camel and me – with his cell phone.

Leaving the petting zoo

Pretty berries that I did not notice on the first walk through the gardens.

Leaving the museum

Cerwin told me to choose a restaurant on our GPS. The first one that came up was Riverwatch. It sounded interesting so we followed the directions to Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I think it was about three or four miles from the museum.

Loved the uniqueness of this location on the Indiana side of the Ohio River.

Our table was on the left in the open area of the restaurant.

The view above us.

The view behind me.

The view to my left. There were also restaurant tables on the dock to the right.

We enjoyed watching boats go by. This one docked behind us and the people came into the restaurant to eat.

The ducks were hoping for restaurant crumbs.

Cerwin’s hamburger That is an onion ring between the bacon and cheese.

My shrimp

I chose a small entrée (appetizer) so I could enjoy a piece of key lime pie.

A tug and barge came by as we were enjoying dessert.

Leaving a most delightful atmosphere behind us.

It was difficult to imagine that the river got this high.

The blue tag – high water mark – is that blue plaque on the upper right. The river below is where we had supper.

Our motel – on the outskirts of Lawrenceburg – was a welcome place at the end of a full day.

Our next day visit was the Ark Encounter.

Come back to see the pictures from that visit.