TFC York-Adams Chapter Banquet

Tuesday Evening, April 8 – Union Fire & Hose Company, Dover, PA

We showed a slide program of truck rallies and ministry announcements as people gathered and ate their meal.

Bill Menges, York-Adams Contact Person, welcomed everyone.

He wanted to get several young people involved in the program, and asked this young girl to open with The Lord’s Prayer

This young man repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

We started with an appetizer of fruit.

The meal was prepared and served by the Fire Company Auxiliary.

Preparing for the featured music program.

Set Free Bluegrass Gospel blessed us with a fabulous concert.

Martha Martin shared about her journey from tragedy to grace. She talked a bit about adjusting to having a truck driver for a husband – and then the day her husband and two boys were killed in a trucking accident – on the screen behind them.

She and their oldest daughter had considered going along on the trip, but Martha was pregnant with another daughter and there was a lot of garden work to do so they decided to stay home.

God blessed her with another husband – also a trucker – and two more daughters.

Bill shared a spiritual challenge by comparing a road atlas, GPS, and the Bible.

Cerwin gave a ministry update.

Set Free gave a closing concert.

We were blessed.

Red-bellied Woodpecker & Easter Eggs

Monday, April 3

This female Red-bellied woodpecker looked pretty in the morning sun.

The day got even better when my sister brought 6 freshly-made eggs – 4 peanut butter and 2 coconut. The peanut butter eggs have decorations that begin with the letter P – pink and purple.

I eat the coconut and Cerwin eats the peanut butter. 🙂