Truck Rally – Part 3 – Rally Celebration

Sunday, June 25

Susie and Sam – Sunday morning welcoming committee. ūüôā

They stayed at our house overnight.

The Perrys provided the worship service between 10:30 and 11:30 am for about 200 people.

Following the worship service we went outside for the new chapel dedication. Cerwin opened with a few comments on how this chapel came to be – through the donation of a friend of ours – in her will.

He then proceeded with our audience participation “The Act of Dedication.”

Dan and Bunny concluded the reading of “The Act of Dedication.”

Anointing the chapel door

Bunny anointed and prayed for Cerwin and me since we will be taking this chapel to truck shows and churches Рfor promotional work and ministry to the drivers at the shows.

He then anointed Chaplain Jake and Jane Wise who will also serve with this chapel.

Another highlight of the morning¬†was praying for and anointing Dan and Melody Witwer. Dan became TFC’s President and CEO on July 1.

I am holding the mic for Bunny in this photo. If you wondered what I am doing. ūüôā If you scroll back on the photos, you can see we took turns holding the mic – depending on who was closest to Bunny.

Dan closed the program with prayer for the noon meal.

The delicious meal was catered by Country Home Catering – Dean and Carole Ziegler.

The Stoner family was in charge of cleanup in North Hall on Sunday. I like this picture of Trent and Jack in silhouette.

Their parents Sherry and Will and Grandpa Geff were behind them in normal lighting.

John Heistand removing his featured antique from North Hall.

When I saw Jack Stoner run and jump into his mother’s arms, I asked them to do it again – and loved the silhouettes I captured.

The beautiful stage – Lanita Specialized LLC – leaving the building.

A handshake ended this years rally.

It was a delightful weekend. Thank you to each volunteer and donor.

Truck Rally 2017 – Part 2

June 24, 2017 – Continued

Trucks returning from the parade of trucks.

I understand that this is a new trailer.

I commend the owner on the choice of lettering.

Effects of the early morning rain created a splash and play area. ūüôā

The 171 trucks are all back on the grounds of Lebanon Expo.

The brand new chapel had lots of visitors.

The feature pickup truck with the vendors was¬†Will Stoner’s.

West Hall was filled with vendors.

The Main Auction in North Hall

Auction table to receive numbers and pay bills.

Children’s Activities were in the two Brightbill Buildings.

Peaceable Kingdom has an interesting petting zoo.

The children enjoy this obstacle course brought by Big Bright Bounces

Judd Musser was kept busy with his “train.”

Kidz Puppet Ministry in East Hall at 4:00 pm.

5:30 barbecue supper

The Perrys opened the 6:30 pm program with a half-hour gospel concert.

Gene and Rose Gehman prayed for the ladies and men involved in trucking.

Rose prayed for the ladies – truckers and wives of truckers.

Gene prayed for the men involved in trucking.

Bunny O’Hare gave a chapel update for Chaplain Chris – concerning a lady who escaped to TFC’s chapel at Harrisburg when she realized the trucker planned to keep her for sexual favors. The lady had gotten in his truck to get a ride to Philadelphia. By the time they got to Harrisburg, she realized that he had no intention of going to Philadelphia.

Dan Witwer – TFC’s new President & CEO – gave a ministry update.

Our son Jere – Rally Coordinator – came on stage to make a few announcements before Cerwin shared a bit about the new chapel that would be dedicated the next day and the evening offering.

The Perrys closed the evening with another half-hour-concert.

John and Karen’s rig looked pretty at the end of the day – as I was preparing to head home – and most other truckers had left the grounds.


I posted all 773 pictures in a Facebook album:


Truck Rally 2017 – Part 1

Saturday, June 24

I posted all 773 pictures in a Facebook album:

If you like trucks, you are welcome to go there.

The Expo’s new sign is attention-getting.

Packaging cookies on Friday evening

This waitress is my “protector”!¬†This year she sat in “my” seat until I arrived. I am not sure¬†how many years ago this began, but the guys try to sit in this seat just to tease her – knowing¬†they will get chased away. ūüôā

This year we had about 35 volunteers take advantage of this breakfast. We have many more volunteers than that – about 200 – but these are the ones that can come to the breakfast.

The welcome banner was put up early on Saturday morning.

The truck parkers gather for up-to-date information.

This year the weather gave them a bit of a challenge. Because of heavy rain the night before, trucks could not be parked in the lower field.

Karen Sauder oversees these tables. These blue and yellow bags of goodies were donated by two chrome shop businesses.

Glenn Ober registering his truck.

Trucks were already arriving as I walked out to the end of the driveway where I placed a lawn chair Рso I would have a comfortable place for taking pictures of arriving trucks.

As I approached my chair I heard a cheerful greeting and looked up to see a pretty cardinal. It felt like a personal “hug” from God.

Jason Shelly was one of the first to arrive after I sat down.

Nelson Martin assists the drivers as they enter.

Many of the trucks arrived between 9:30 and 10:00 am.

Maybe because of the previous night’s rain, the clouds created a beautiful sky.

I love John and Karen Rissler’s truck.

Because we had several emergencies in the past few years, we hired a local EMT to be on duty for the busiest time of the day.

11:00 am – time for the parade of trucks – lead by the chapel.

Because I can’t feature all 171 trucks here, I chose some that used Truck Rally banners for the parade.

More pictures tomorrow night.

Running to Mom

Sunday, June 25 – after the Truck Rally Celebration

After I saw Jack running and jumping into his mother’s arms like this – too fast for me to get photos –¬†I asked them to replay it! ūüôā

I didn’t realize that I was going to get some¬†cute silhouettes.

The Stoners – Will and Sherry and their two boys (Trent & Jack) are on Sunday’s cleanup crew, so we and they were among the last to leave the Lebanon Expo.

In the background you can see John Hiestand driving the featured antique truck Рhis 1951 LF Mack Рout of North Hall.


Another Truck Rally photo – sneak preview. ūüôā

Supper for Out-of-Town Visitors to the Ohio Rally

Saturday Evening, July 9

DSC_2269We were honored to be invited to a nearby Mennonite church to enjoy a meal for the out-of-town visitors to the Ohio Truck Rally.

There were about 75 in attendance –¬†from Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Ontario, Canada. There were probably other states/provinces represented that I forgot to mention.

DSC_2270As you will see by these pictures, we had delicious food.







IMG_20160709_192443What a surprise when this man said to me, “You are Abby Zook’s grandma, aren’t you?”

I took this picture with my cell phone to send to Nate and Abby, saying, “You won’t believe who we are having supper with in Ohio¬†tonight.” ūüôā


Thank you Allen and Martha and those who helped you put on this meal. It gave Cerwin and me opportunity to meet new people and feel your heart for truck drivers.

TFC Truck Rally #2

Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26

8 (6)I am posting a variety of Truck Rally pictures here – for the benefit of those who don’t have Facebook.

If you want to see all 652 pictures from the 2016 Truck Rally, go to my Facebook “Album”¬†and click on Truck Rally 2016 #1 or #2.

8 (25)Drivers¬†bring some of the country’s prettiest rigs to our rally.

8 (30)

8 (33)

8 (38)The end of the parade.

8 (39)Cerwin led the parade back to the fairgrounds.

8 (55)

8 (56)

8 (59)

8 (75)

8 (82)

8 (105)

8 (115)

9 (1)This is when I began using our daughter Deb’s camera. She and I have the same model. Now I don’t have to worry about lines and red blotchy markings from a camera whose sensor is dying.

9 (3)Baked goods usually sell well at this auction.

9 (4)The Winross and model truck auction is a favorite for collectors.

9 (7)The TFC table in West Hall – the vendor room.

9 (9)

9 (18)

9 (24)I walked to the back field to get some pictures of the fleets.

9 (25)I had never done that while the parade was still ongoing and was surprised to see the trucks from a new vantage point.

9 (41)It was a great place to get some pictures as they entered the field from the entrance driveway.

9 (47)

9 (76)

9 (87)We thought this driver was going to have a problem entering through the new fenced area at the entrance, but it was a piece of cake for him.

9 (138)Children’s Activities

9 (104)Barrel train

9 (107)The corn bin is a favorite for the little ones and a great place for their mothers to visit.

9 (112)The children could get free cotton candy or ice cream if they completed the scavenger hunt.

9 (182)

9 (118)Face painting

9 (119)

9 (120)Big Bright Bounces has fun equipment.

9 (129)A new hit this year was the petting zoo.

9 (122)

9 (125)

9 (128)

9 (132)

9 (133)

9 (135)

9 (136)I got to hold the snake while this lady went for some paperwork I needed so TFC could pay them.

9 (143)Children’s Auction items

9 (150)The Main Auction

You will probably notice some of my favorite people in the auction pictures. ūüôā Deb, Ian, and Jesse.

9 (152)The one in the green staff shirt is our grandson Jordan who does a great job of overseeing¬†the auctions. Diana’s boyfriend, Donovan, on the left.

9 (166)Our son-in-law Roy (yellow shirt). The auctioneer in this picture is Dave White.

9 (173)Deb, Joel Heisey (auctioneer), Nathan, and Diana

9 (154)Jeff Batzer (plaid shirt) TFC’s Executive Vice President was manning the International Chapel and telling people about our ministry to drivers.

9 (157)The ice cream truck – a favorite place on a hot day.

9 (163)The Children’s Auction

9 (171)Josh and Allie took care of the auction table while Nevin and Theda were at the Children’s Auction – as auctioneer and clerk.

9 (174)Our great-grandson, Anthony, enjoying the caution tape which is set up to give direction to the food lines.

9 (180)Ken Martin’s Dodge was the featured antique in North Hall.

9 (184)The DKers were a hit as they juggled the story of the Prodigal Son during the 4 PM Children’s Program.

9 (195)Turning everything into gold – which the prodigal son thought he was going to do with his inherited money.

9 (200)

9 (205)

9 (210)

9 (212)

9 (215)Mike Brown was one of the winners of the registered drivers door prizes.

Gene and Rose Gehman did a fabulous job of putting these together with purchased and donated items. Frank Calaman designed the boxes.

9 (216)Our delicious supper – barbecue chicken or pulled pork by Peters Barbecuing – potatoes baked by Gerald Hoover – and the meal organized by Marv and Fay Sauder.

9 (219)

9 (234)Cerwin was the MC for the evening program.

9 (220)The Whisnants blessed our evening with fabulous gospel music.

9 (224)Gene and Rose Gehman were in charge of the Prayers of Blessing.

9 (225)Gene first asked the drivers wives to stand to be recognized and blessed with prayer.

9 (226)

9 (227)Rose prayed for the ladies.

9 (228)The drivers time of prayer and blessing.

9 (230)

9 (232)Gene prayed for them.

9 (231)TFC chaplains joined in prayer as they waited for Cerwin to announce the evening’s freewill offering for Transport For Christ.

9 (233)Bunny gave a ministry update.

9 (236)Then it was time to go home, but first we enjoyed seeing the lights of the few remaining trucks.

9 (238)One of the local fire companies gave us a light show and demonstration of some of their equipment.

9 (239)John and Karen Rissler’s rig is pretty any time of the day or night.

9a (1)The next morning (Sunday) we were back at the fairgrounds for the Rally Celebration service. These girls turned the cover page back on the program guide to show the morning’s service lineup and handed them out to those who came for worship.

9a (3)

9a (5)The Whisnants were in charge of the first hour.

9a (6)Corby Russell asked for a bit of time to give the audience an update on his dad who¬†had a medical emergency the day before and thank those who did his cleanup while he went to the hospital with his dad. Following a few tests this week, it was determined that Joe’s situation was caused by the heat.

9a (7)Chaplain Jim Smalley had special prayer for the flood victims from his home state of West Virginia. Bunny was on stage to introduce Paul Michaud.

9a (8)Paul shared his testimony of coming to salvation through Christ because of a church in Indiana who had a ministry to drivers. Then because of the TFC chapel in Massachusetts he was taught how to walk with and serve¬†the Lord – much by Bunny who was a chaplain in Shrewsbury at the time. Paul lives in Maine and often stopped at Flynn’s Travel Plaza.

9a (9)Our delicious meal was served by Dean and Carole Ziegler – Country Home Catering.

9a (12)

9a (13)

9a (16)

9a (17)

9a (18)

9a (19)A wrap-up committee meeting was the last item of the day. Our son Jere (Rally Coordinator Рred shirt) oversees this and Kristen (to his left) takes notes concerning things that need to be adjusted or changed for 2017. We will deal with those notes at our meeting in January.

9a (20)While we were having our meeting a local dealership was moving in used cars for a sale they were conducting during the next week. They filled West and North Halls and used Center Hall for their desks and computers.

So ended another Rally. Thank you everyone: Committee, Volunteers, Sponsors, Vendors, Drivers, and those who came to enjoy the day.

Before we know it will be June 24 and 25, 2017 and time to do it all over again.

Truck Rally #1

Saturday, June 25

I am going to post a few pictures here, but most of them will be on my Facebook page.

7 (1)My camera was working okay during the first hour, then I noticed strange lines and red markings on the pictures.

I was disappointed that the sensor chose this day to go bad. Consequently you will see some photos with strange, vertical lines and red blotchy markings.

7 (5)It was fun watching the Dutch Valley trucks arrive from three different directions at the same time. Most came from the north and east, then I saw another arriving from the south.

7 (19)

7 (20)

7 (28)If you look closely, you can see the vertical lines on this picture of our son Jeff’s antique pickup truck.

7 (48)

7 (52)

7 (70)

7 (89)

7 (93)Our grandson-in-law, Nathaniel, Abby, and Anthony arriving.

7 (115)

7 (118)Lining up for the 11 AM parade

7 (119)Cerwin lead the parade with the International Chapel.

7 (123)Kyrel Rissler taking pictures with his drone camera.

7 (125)

7 (133)I have a “thing” for these old trucks that have not been restored.

7 (137)

7 (158)A wide view of a truck leaving the fairgrounds.

7 (182)

7 (206)If you like to see trucks, go to my Facebook page – Doris Jean High – where I have downloaded the first half of my pictures.

Preparing for the Truck Rally

1 (1)Wednesday, June 22 РCerwin asked Ian to help him get the International Chapel ready for the Truck Rally. The first four photos are by Inge.

1 (2)

1 (3)The chapel under construction for Texas is in the background.

1 (4)When Ian was finished washing the chapel, he mowed yard at the International Office.

2Friday evening, June 24, was setup for the rally. This group of people are packaging cookies for the Saturday evening meal.


2bWe had a heavy downpour just as most of us were arriving at the Expo.

6-24-16 (5)Curt Martin got caught in the rain when bringing the stage for North Hall, so he and Gene Gehman spent a lot of time cleaning the rig.

6-24-16 (3)On the left: Gene Gehman and Curt Martin drying the truck. On the right Cerwin and Jere setting up tables for the Main Auction.

6-25-16 (2)Saturday morning our team meets for a 6 AM breakfast at Quentin Haus Restaurant.

6-25-16 (1)

6-25-16 (3)When I arrived at the Rally, I found Jason & Renita Shelly’s daughter polishing the wheels of her dad’s truck.

6-25-16 (4)

6-25-16 (5)Drivers were arriving early, so Randy and Karen Sauder and their children set up the registration table.

6-25-16 (6)The first 125 drivers received nice goody bags from Chrome Shop Mafia.

6-25-16 (7)Barry Grim registering the antique truck he planned to drive in the parade.

6-25-16 (8)

6-25-16 (9)It was good to see the lot filling up so quickly after having a rainy, stormy day last year when lots of drivers didn’t bring their trucks and we had to cancel the parade.

6-25-16 (10)Even though there is no judging, everyone makes sure their rig looks good.

6-25-16 (11)Then they relax and watch the others arrive.

6-25-16 (12)

6-25-16 (13)

6-25-16 (14)

6-25-16 (15)

6-25-16 (16)

6-25-16 (17)

6-25-16 (18)

6-25-16 (19)The drivers have a new challenge this year as the Expo put fence posts at the entrance.

6-25-16 (21)Yes, I know this is not a truck! ūüôā It’s our grandson Nathan arriving in his sharp Camaro. He was out with us for breakfast, then went to a car wash before coming to help his brother Jordan set up for the auction.

6-25-16 (22)

6-25-16 (24)

6-25-16 (25)

6-25-16 (26)

6-25-16 (27)

6-25-16 (28)All this activity and it is only 9:00 AM.

There will be a lot more pictures tomorrow night.

A Variety of TFC Activities

June 1 to 15

6-1-16 Chrome Shop MafiaWednesday, June 1. I received a call from Chrome Shop Mafia saying they had just shipped a partial skid of goodies to our office.

I was expecting a box of “goodies” from¬†them, because they¬†offered to give us goody bags for the first 125 drivers who register at the Truck Rally, but a partial skid surprised me. They sent really nice stuff.

I got 125 yellow bags, 125 catalogs, 125 calendars Рalso a model truck, several hats, 2 t-shirts, and 2 DVDs.

If you are bringing a truck to the Truck Rally this Saturday, come early to get a goody bag.

6-11-16 HACC (2)Saturday, June 11 РOur TFC staff (Bunny, Cerwin, Chris, and Jerry) were invited to take the International Chapel to Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) for the Pennsylvania State Truck Driving Championship.

6-11-16 HACC (3)More than 100 drivers from across the state came to showcase what it takes to handle a big rig by competing in a variety of skill events.

6-11-16 HACC (4)This is another opportunity for our staff to let the drivers know that Transport For Christ is available to encourage and assist them in many states and provinces across North America.

6-11-16 HACC (5)

6-11-16 HACC (6)

6-11-16 HACC (8)This is the view the guys had from their seats at the chapel, as they watched the drivers compete in a very difficult driving skills course.

6-15-16 (1)Wednesday, June 15 – Jesse, Jared, and Gloria went with me to WalMart to shop for the Children’s Auction at the Truck Rally on June 25. Ian was helping Cerwin with chapel construction.

Many people bring good used items for the Children’s Auction, but we also buy $300.00 worth of new things (paid for by a sponsor).

6-15-16 (2)I told them to each spend about $75 and I would spend $75. We did very good. The bill was a few cents over $300 :).

6-15-16 (3)Taking our things to the car.


This week I am putting the finishing touches on the things I do for the Truck Rally. It looks like we are going to have a beautiful day this year.

Truck Rally Flyer 2016We’d love to see you there.