Fun with a New Gadget

Saturday, December 2

It doesn’t take much for me to have fun with a new gadget. 🙂

Cerwin bought a cell phone holder to attach to our RAV4 dash vent so we can use it for a GPS when necessary.

I learned that it is a great place to store my phone when traveling – even when I don’t need to use it as a GPS.

While doing some grocery shopping on Saturday, I wondered what would happen if I put it on camera mode.

Every so often I took a shot of the road and was surprised at how clear the photos were.

This was while traveling on a back road from Lititz to Manheim.

Traveling toward home from Manheim

Well, that was a fun experiment.

Giant’s Stairs – Bailey Island, Maine

Monday, September 11

Following lunch, Elizabeth left us to go to work while Diane, Lydia, Cerwin and I drove toward Land’s End.

I thought that I may be able to post all of my photos from Giant’s Stairs and Land’s End in one post, but noticed I had a total of 249 pictures, so I divided them by subject and deleted duplicates.

Today’s post is about our drive and walk to Giant’s Stairs which is part of the town of Harpswell on Bailey Island.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed scenes that are unusual to this Pennsylvania woman.

We found a parking space at the Episcopal Church for our walk to the rocks.

There were unusual and many photo opportunities.

The path to and along Casco Bay is six-tenth of a mile long, but seemed more like a mile because of the detours we took up and down the rocks. 🙂

We were fascinated by the flowers and plants growing out of the rocks.

Our view of Casco Bay included lobster trap buoys.

I expect if we had stayed into the evening or were here in the early morning, we may have seen lobster boats.

This view of the bay – looking toward the Atlantic Ocean – was a bit hazy because of the evening sun.

It seems that small ducks in a large bay that opens into and even larger ocean would feel intimidated, but they seemed quite comfortable riding the waves.

A single gull also looked small above the blue expanse of water.

Rose hips were plentiful along the path.

A clear sign that beach roses had been blooming earlier in the summer.

The Queen Anne’s Lace seemed small compared to the ones I see in Lancaster County.

We returned to the Episcopal church long before I was ready to get back in the car.

Tomorrow night – my pictures of Land’s End.

Scenery on Our Drive Home

Tuesday, August 29

Foggy morning in southcentral Ohio

Cerwin liked when we were on roads like this.

I prefer the back roads.

There was interesting beauty and scenery as we traveled north on Route 7 along the Ohio River. West Virginia was on the other side.

Nuclear plant

Rivers present many opportunities for industry.

Bringing coal across the river – from West Virginia

Another coal mine

By the time we got to Pennsylvania it was raining.

Tunnels – a familiar sight on the western part of the Pennsylvania turnpike

The roads of home looked good after a week on the road.

Nashville to Ohio

Monday Afternoon and Evening, August 28

I loved the drive into the countryside of southcentral Ohio – to look for the place where Cerwin and some of Jeff’s family are hunting for the first time this fall.

The GPS told us to turn left at this dilapidated old church – Turkey Hill Church – but there was no access to the road. 🙂

So we stayed on the road on which we were already traveling.

Before long we arrived at this doublewide where they will be staying.

I think the guys are going to enjoy the challenge of this place – and the fields and mountains.

The 2014 census for this village was 85.

A few views of the fields and mountains

Cerwin is looking forward to the experience of hunting here.

We had about a half-an-hour drive to our motel in Piketon, Ohio.


It was a nice relaxing day.

Our Sunday in Nashville – Part 4

Sunday Evening, August 27

Supper at Hezekiah’s place

I love having our grandchildren cook for us!

It was a beautiful evening to have supper on his patio.

Oh, yum!

Kayla suggested that we might enjoy finishing our time in Nashville by going to the top of a hill and overlook the city at nighttime.

It was a warm, beautiful evening.

Thanks, Kayla, it was a truly beautiful view.

Our Sunday in Nashville – Part 3

Sunday Afternoon, August 27

We had to wait on this pedal vehicle before pulling into the parking area to the left.

As we pulled into the parking lot a man yelled at us – “Good luck in finding a spot.” (We didn’t realize that the Titan’s were playing just across the walking bridge.)

About the time the man yelled to us, a car near the entrance pulled out of his spot! We hadn’t even properly pulled into the parking lot. 🙂 I wondered if the negative man noticed that we got a spot immediately.

Hezekiah wanted to take us to the Johnny Cash Museum.

There was a lot of interesting information about Johnny and his family – including his time in prison. Cerwin wanted me to take a picture of him behind bars.

There is a huge walking bridge nearby with people playing music (for donations) and selling water.

Our view of bridge a bit upstream from the walking bridge as a boat goes under it.

I noticed that there were still people in the Titan’s stands as a mass of people were walking away from the stadium and asked Kayla why so many were leaving before the game was over. She said, “Because the Titan’s are loosing.”

Heze and Cerwin enjoying the view at the top of the bridge.

The view from the top.

The man sitting behind the drum set was playing and making up rhymes about people as they walked by – quite nice things – when a pedestrian stopped and matched his beat. I loved it!

Thanks, Heze and Kayla for the nice time in downtown Nashville.


Later in the day we had supper at Hezekiah’s house – pictures tomorrow evening.

Our Sunday in Nashville – Part 2

Sunday Lunch, August 27

We could have walked across the street – from Cowboy Church – to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, but chose to drive so our cars would be there when we finished lunch.

I remembered the beauty of the interior of this hotel complex from a visit many years ago and wanted to have lunch here.

Kayla and Heze

There is the restaurant I remembered.

Hezekiah and I got sushi and Cerwin and Kayla got a sandwich and fries.

Beauty above us. Notice the hotel rooms that overlook the river, trees and flowers.

Beauty below the walkway.

As we walked toward our exit, we came to the check-in area where two musicians were playing and singing.

My two guitar players

More beauty

I could have spent the afternoon here, but there were other things to see and do in Nashville. Pictures tomorrow evening.

Our Sunday in Nashville – Part 1

Sunday Morning, August 27

We were not familiar with any churches in Nashville, so decided to go to the Cowboy Church in Texas Troubadour Theatre, and were pleased to have Hezekiah and Kayla join us.

There is a museum adjoining the theatre. Cerwin was fascinated with Ernest Tubb’s bus. The Cowboy Church uses the theatre on Sundays only.

We had heard about Cowboy Churches and have seen a few services on TV.

The service is on the radio – and opened and closed by this man.

From the Internet: Cowboy Church is a fast moving, well-paced interdenominational service featuring your favorite country music artists, as well as local songwriters performing their personal favorite gospel songs, combined with the music and ministry of Dr. Harry Yates and Dr. Joanne Cash Yates.

This program is broadcast into over 110 countries, reaching millions through WSM Radio, WWCR (World Wide Country Radio) and streamed live on 

Local singers

Dr. Harry Yates was the MC and introduced the musicians.

Bobby Abraham is from Ireland and was in the USA on his honeymoon. Loved his songs and accent. Afterward I asked him if he is a professional singer in Ireland. He said, no, he just sings in churches.

Russ Roberts shared a short testimony and sang a few songs.

Of course cowboy hats are used for offering plates in a cowboy church. 🙂

Joanne Cash Yates sang a song before the message.

She is the wife of Dr. Harry Yates (the preacher) and younger sister of Johnny Cash. Her hair is a bit unusual (white in the front and black/gray in the back). However, it is not blue. The blue is from the lights. 🙂 She is a delightful, friendly lady. She talked to me a bit before the service – when I had no clue who she was.

Dr. Yates preached a sermon on getting weary. “How do you react when you are weary and people “push your buttons? Aren’t you glad God never gets weary of our requests and needs.

It was a short but challenging message.


We went across the street to Gaylord Opryland Hotel for lunch. I will post those pictures tomorrow evening.

Our Saturday in Tennessee – Part 3

Saturday Evening, August 26

After taking Kayla home for a family event, Cerwin, Hezekiah, and I went to Riverview Restaurant & Marina for supper.

Part of the Nashville skyline – on the way to Ashland City.

Hezekiah watching the activity outside the restaurant.

The Cumberland River

We watched a variety of boats go by as we enjoyed supper.

 This one came to the dock.

It’s a treat to watch the activity on a river while eating a meal. Our meals are usually enjoyed with a view of northern Lancaster County farmland in Pennsylvania.