Traveling Home from Ohio

Saturday, July 8

Beauty outside our motel in Berlin

I was glad that our GPS took us over country roads as we headed toward the interstate.

We see wheat shocks on occasion in our area, but not like in Ohio.

Love seeing Queen Anne’s Lace

I was almost sad to leave this beautiful Amish country.

Leaving Ohio

It was a relaxing day of driving. We arrived home in the late evening.

Hershberger’s Farm & Bakery

Friday, July 7

We had seen this advertisement in previous years when we were in Ohio for TFC’s Truck Rally, but always had other things to see. This year we decided to stop.

One of the first things I noticed was goats on the roof of the barn – and wondered how they got there?

Upon closer observation I noticed the ramps.

Tickets are needed for any of the rides. The petting area is free.

A rather peaceful looking bull.

Most animals were in pens, but there were a few free range sheep who hoped the people would feed them.

Food could be purchased for the animals.

This large, beautiful, gentle horse was in an entrance pen – always looking for food.

This man had a carrot for him.

Across the aisle was a mother and baby.

A broad view of the barnfull of farm animals.

Close ups of several animals

Horse rides

The barn and buildings were full of visitors.

Pony ride

Carriage ride

I wanted to photograph these pretty chickens, but struggled with the focus due to the wire surrounding their pen.

Not bad

After looking at the animals and going through the antique and craft shops, we sat down and shared an order of fries and a fresh peach sundae. The only thing we bought.


A carriage ride returning to the barn

There was a delightful scent coming from this area of a building – so I investigated to see what he was making. It was kettle pop corn.

As soon as it began popping, he covered the kettle with a screen.

A lady was in the background putting the finished product in bags.

Another batch ready to be bagged.

This sign was near where they were making popcorn and the produce area.

Across the road

Then it was time to go back to the motel and relax a bit before going to Kidron Auction where the trucks would be gathering for the 7:00 PM parade of trucks.

We got into a downpour before getting to the motel.

Then we were back in sunshine again, with very wet roads.


Tomorrow night – The Parade of Trucks – from Kidron Auction to Mt Home Auction.

Morning in Ohio

Friday Morning, July 7

We had just gotten on the road when Cerwin’s hearing aide beeped, so we went back to the motel. He forgot to bring extra batteries along in the car.

We had rain during the night so it was a rather wet, but beautiful morning.

While Cerwin went back to our room on the 4th floor (top center) for his hearing aide batteries, I took pictures of the beauty around the front of the motel.

Planters at the entrance door.

By this time Cerwin was back and we drove to Mt. Hope Auction to check that everything was going okay for our TFC friends Gary and Jason who oversee the Ohio Truck Rally.

They had volunteers coming and everything was going well, so we traveled to Millersburg to see Guggisberg Cheese.

We could view the cheese vats – where cheese was being stirred – from the interesting gift store.

It has a look of Switzerland.


From there we went to Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery – not so much for the bakery, but for the petting zoo. We drove by on the way to¬†Guggisberg Cheese and the parking lot was packed. That is a good sign for an interesting stop.

I will tell you about it tomorrow night.

Traveling Home from Maine

Monday, May 15

We left the Myers just before 7:00 AM – in a sprinkling of rain.

It was early springtime in Maine – with very young leaves.

Two hours later we were in work traffic.

Then it rained again.

Keeping up with a Greyhound

When we are going through Hartford we are about halfway home.

That’s a nice sleeper

This one was being towed – not a good day for this trucker.

A cute rear window windshield wiper. ūüôā

Inge, this picture is for you!

We arrived home to Mother’s Day cards and flowers.

I brought this gift home from Maine. (bird suet)

I love our creative children: A gerbera daisy (which grows well in our patio flower bed), suet for our birds, the promise of a restaurant date, and a date to see bald eagles.

My heart felt blessed.

Traveling Home from Maine

Thursday, January 5

We left the Myers’ house shortly about¬†6:30 am and were soon heading south on the interstate.

Sunrise created a pretty silhouette of these buildings.

Leaving Maine

By 8:15 we were at our usual stop for fuel and a McDonalds breakfast sandwich.

I think we have been stopping at this exit for thirty years.

It began because we enjoyed having breakfast at the Pewter Pot Рwhich is no longer there.

Back on the road, Cerwin said, “Get your camera ready. It looks the truck ahead of us is hauling a train.”

I wonder where it was going.

A tug boat and barge on the Hudson River.

The sun was setting as we approached our home at 4:00 pm.

Thank you, Lord, for safety on our 500-mile trip.

Driving to Maine

New Year’s Day 2017

We were up early (3:45 am), out of the house by 5:15 am, and on the road for two hours by daybreak.

8:00 am

Crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge (8:10 am) and seeing the progress of the new bridge.

We could see New York City through the bridge railings.

Traveling at bridge speed made interesting vertical markings on the photos.

We stopped for a Subway breakfast at a Connecticut service plaza. We had a coupon for a free breakfast sandwich. This seagull was looking for crumbs.

We began seeing snow in Connecticut.

It was a beautiful day for traveling, listening to gospel bluegrass, and calling in to our home church to listen to the sermon¬†by¬†cellphone. We have an auxiliary cord so listen through the car’s sound system.

It looked quite wintry by the time we reached Maine.

Some of the inlets are frozen and snow covered.

Other inlets still have open water.

We arrived at Mark and Diane’s (our daughter) about 2:30 pm. Hannah had fun sorting the K-cups that were sent with us by Uncle Roy and Aunt Deb.

I needed a 2017 photo of Hezekiah.

The Myers’ back yard

The reason we did not have a picnic supper. ūüôā

Diane’s birthday flowers from Mark – for her 51st birthday on January 1.


We enjoyed evening worship with Mark and Diane’s church family. It’s good to be here again for a few days.

At Trip to Greensboro, North Carolina

November 6, 7, and 8

Cerwin needed to do some maintenance on the Greensboro, North Carolina, chapel, but we had trouble finding three days in a row when nothing else was going on.

2-1Finally we decided to leave after taking Josh and Allie out to lunch on the 6th (see last nights post) and travel to a motel about an hour and a half away from the chapel.


2-3By sunset we were enjoying the hills of Virginia.







2-13Time for a motel.

2-13aThis was the scene from the window of our motel room the next morning.


2-16We heard on the news that there would be some local fog. We didn’t see any until we got to a valley that included a river.


2-18Because of the hills, there were several runaway truck ramps on the down side – just in case a truck has brake problems.

2-19Cerwin spent several hours working on the chapel – checking that the vents were clear and clean, installing a new air conditioner in the living quarters, and painting the roof.

2-20I did some reading, got some delicious sweet tea (I love southern sweet tea.), then walked the truck lot – looking for colorful truck shots and praying for the drivers.


2-21He saw me taking pictures and invited me to take his picture with their new puppy. His wife was working in the bunk area. When he asked what I was doing, I told him I was looking for good truck pictures and praying for the drivers.


2-24aBack at the chapel, Cerwin was still painting the roof. White paint on the roof helps reduce the wear and tear of the air conditioners.


2-28Then we were back on the road – heading north. I thought this mountain looked like a sleeping, snoring giant.


2-30I love to notice unusual loads on trucks.

2-31I thought it was interesting that this old barn had a pretty red roof.


2-33We stayed at the same motel as the night before.

2-33aWe walked to an interesting restaurant in the same parking lot. I ordered an appetizer of fried green tomatoes.

They made me want to watch the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” again. ūüôā

2-34In the morning we continued our northward journey. Because the Virginia hills are always spotted with cattle, I am often reminded of the Bible verse in Psalm 50: For all the animals of field and forest are mine! The cattle on a thousand hills! And all the birds upon the mountains! (TLB)




2-35We came upon a traffic jam Рbehind an early morning accident that was being cleaned from the road. We learned that it was a lumber truck that rolled over and caught fire.

2-38There is a certain beauty in bare trees when the lighting is just right.

2-39We crept slowly north for about half an hour.

2-40Then we were moving again.

2-43I think we must have been near an army base.

2-44The crew was doing a flyover of some sort, because they were quite low. Maybe the pilot was in training or landing nearby.

dsc_0017The sight of Three Mile Island along the Susquehanna River is always a sign that we are almost home.

dsc_0024Home again – to new corn fodder bales in the field below us.

A Relaxing Sunday in Maine and Traveling Home on Monday

Sunday, November 13

After worshiping with¬†friends at Brunswick Church of the Brethren and enjoying a baked potato bar lunch in¬†the¬†fellowship hall, we had¬†a relaxing afternoon at Mark and Diane’s house.

dsc_0691Now that the wedding was over, Diane had time to enjoy Anthony.


dsc_0696Anthony’s mom, Abby, showing him something on her cell phone.

dsc_0703Anthony loves books about trains Рand this series adds Christian principles to the stories.




dsc_0711I kept seeing pictures on Facebook about the beautiful super moon, but it was hidden behind¬†the trees in Mark and Diane’s back yard, so I walked¬†up the driveway behind their house. This is what I saw.

I had to wait for it to get higher in the sky.

dsc_0717Later, when we drove to our hotel in Auburn – to meet Nsimba and Elizabeth for supper – I was able to see it.

dsc_0723After a busy few days, it was delightful to relax with Nsimba, Elizabeth, Mark, and Diane. Nsimba and Elizabeth were staying at the hotel where their wedding was held before going to New York City for their honeymoon.

dsc_0727Mark and Nsimba ordered salmon for their 2016 birthday gift while the rest of us ordered other things that tempted our taste buds. I ordered creamy vegetable soup Рexpecting it to be something like I was used to in Pennsylvania.

Wow! It was the most delicious soup I have ever tasted. The vegetables were roasted squash and mushrooms and the creamy broth was amazing.


Monday, November 14

dsc_0731After a good nights sleep at the hotel, we went to Mark and Diane’s to pick up Josiah, then after a¬† few hours, stopped at the Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, chapel where Chaplain George Freeman was on duty. It was good to visit with him while Josiah and Cerwin made a repair.

You may remember that we also stopped here on the way to Maine. Cerwin needed a part, which he got at Home Depot while we were in Auburn.

dsc_0736It was good to be back home after a ten-hour drive and see one of our pesky squirrels.

dsc_0738I think it is telling me that the bird feeders are empty.

dsc_0743By Tuesday morning, while doing laundry and unpacking my suitcase, I noticed the pretty daytime moon.


I love family weddings and the excitement that goes with them, but it is nice to return to the routine of life.

A New Camera Lens

Friday, October 14

My Nikon 55-300 lens stopped working during the summer Рno longer doing automatic focus. I played with it for awhile Рusing manual focus, but eventually got weary of that and took it to the repair shop. The cost of repair was more than we wanted to pay for an old lens.

dsc_8142Cerwin did some research and I talked to the camera shop tech. We decided to buy a Tamron 16-300. I love it. This picture was taken at 16. Notice the pickup truck outside the window to the right of the door.

dsc_8143I didn’t move from the spot – just changed the zoom to 300.

dsc_8145From the camera shop we went to Costco. While playing with the lens focus and zoom, Cerwin asked me to focus on his hair. Look what I got Рfrom the passenger seat.

dsc_8155A pregnant cow.

After Costco, we took a few back roads on the way to have supper with Roy and Deb. She wanted to see my new lens.

dsc_8158The animals all seemed to be on my right – which was facing west – the wrong way for taking photos with the evening sun.

dsc_8160Waiting on a driver




dsc_8178Traveling down the Buck Hill РRT 272 south of Lancaster.

dsc_8184We were early, so Cerwin took another back road.



dsc_8197Finally got good lighting on an animal


dsc_8203I am going to like this lens.

Penn’s Cave

Tuesday, August 9

Penn's Cave (1)

Penn's Cave (2)

Penn's Cave (3)Our group walking to the cave.

Penn's Cave (4)Waiting for our boat to come in. ūüôā

Penn's Cave (5)The lights of the boat.

Penn's Cave (6)

Penn's Cave (7)The sights of the cave.

Penn's Cave (8)

Penn's Cave (9)

Penn's Cave (10)We saw lots of stalactites (hanging like icicles) and stalagmites (growing up from the floor like statues).

Penn's Cave (11)

Penn's Cave (12)

Penn's Cave (13)

Penn's Cave (14)

Penn's Cave (15)

Penn's Cave (16)

Penn's Cave (17)

Penn's Cave (18)Meeting another boat

Penn's Cave (19)

Penn's Cave (20)

Penn's Cave (21)

Penn's Cave (22)

Penn's Cave (23)

Penn's Cave (24)

Penn's Cave (25)

Penn's Cave (26)

Penn's Cave (27)

Penn's Cave (28)

Penn's Cave (29)

Penn's Cave (30)

Penn's Cave (31)This picture and the next two were taken at the same spot – with different lighting.

Penn's Cave (32)

Penn's Cave (33)

Penn's Cave (34)

Penn's Cave (35)

Penn's Cave (36)Daylight at the other end

Penn's Cave (37)

Penn's Cave (38)The same elk herd we saw a short time earlier on the wildlife tour.

Penn's Cave (39)

Penn's Cave (40)



Penn's Cave (41)

Penn's Cave (42)

Penn's Cave (43)

Penn's Cave (44)

Penn's Cave (45)

Penn's Cave (46)

Penn's Cave (47)

Penn's Cave (48)Back to where we started at the boat dock.

Penn's Cave (49)

Penn's Cave (50)Thank you Kristen and Jere for inviting us to go along.

Penn's Cave (51)

Penn's Cave (52)Ian, Jared, Jere, Kristen, Jesse, and Jana. Josh was working on this day.

Penn's Cave (53)

Penn's Cave (54)

Penn's Cave (55)It was an interesting, delightful day.