TFC York-Adams Chapter Banquet

Tuesday Evening, April 8 – Union Fire & Hose Company, Dover, PA

We showed a slide program of truck rallies and ministry announcements as people gathered and ate their meal.

Bill Menges, York-Adams Contact Person, welcomed everyone.

He wanted to get several young people involved in the program, and asked this young girl to open with The Lord’s Prayer

This young man repeated the Pledge of Allegiance.

We started with an appetizer of fruit.

The meal was prepared and served by the Fire Company Auxiliary.

Preparing for the featured music program.

Set Free Bluegrass Gospel blessed us with a fabulous concert.

Martha Martin shared about her journey from tragedy to grace. She talked a bit about adjusting to having a truck driver for a husband – and then the day her husband and two boys were killed in a trucking accident – on the screen behind them.

She and their oldest daughter had considered going along on the trip, but Martha was pregnant with another daughter and there was a lot of garden work to do so they decided to stay home.

God blessed her with another husband – also a trucker – and two more daughters.

Bill shared a spiritual challenge by comparing a road atlas, GPS, and the Bible.

Cerwin gave a ministry update.

Set Free gave a closing concert.

We were blessed.

Spring Cleanup at TFC Headquarters

Saturday morning, April 1

The first two pictures are borrowed from Inge’s blog.

Dan Witwer, Vice President of Staff Development, organized some friends and TFC staff to do spring cleanup on the grounds.

If you would like to see the other people and pictures, go to Inge’s blog:

Before everyone went home, they stopped in to see the new chapel which is under construction. Cerwin took this picture with his cell phone.


Cerwin said the grounds look so much better.

TFC Lancaster Chapter Dinner Concert

Saturday Evening, March 25

Gene Gehman (left) – MC for the evening. Chaplain Joe Matthews (right) – praying for the meal and evening program.

Yoder’s does a fabulous job of cooking and serving the meal.

I haven’t received the exact count, but we were prepared for 625 people. There were probably a few less than that because I noticed a few empty seats.

Inge took this picture of us.

I returned the favor by taking a picture of her and Howard Jones, TFC President Emeritus.

Dessert was shoofly and peanut butter pie – with ice cream.

Look who sat across the table from me. Our daughter Deb was holding Bryan and Leslie’s little guy – our grandnephew, Caleb. His momma was just to the left of the photo.

The Mullet Family blessed us with songs and testimonies of their strong faith in Jesus Christ – even through struggle and pain.

Their son died as a teenager when his body rejected a second heart transplant. His first transplant was given to him as a young child. The daughter on the right also lives with a transplanted heart and is doing well.

The young girls did a cute song about wining – which included motions and singing, “Waa, Waa, Waa.” 🙂

Dan Witwer gave the ministry update. He is TFC’s Vice President of Staff Development.

Cerwin shared a bit about chapel construction before the evening offering.

The Mullett’s closed the evening with another half hour of singing and testimony. You could have heard a pin drop as he shared about the time their son died.

We were blessed and received many positive comments concerning the evening.

TFC’s Lancaster Chapter Prayer Breakfast

Saturday morning, February 18.

We left the house about 6:45 and drove toward a beautiful sunrise.

There was beauty everywhere as we drove from Brickerville to New Holland on RT 322.

Then as we turned off of 322 we were greeted by this beautiful row of trees and bushes.

I love seeing bare trees on a horizon.

Ken, Chapter Contact Person, opened with a short devotional challenge.

Cerwin shared his challenge on The Great Commission.

After he finished, I shared excerpts from a few letters from our staff chaplains to add to Cerwin’s Great Commission challenge.

Then we enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a time of visiting.

We were in the area of “Team Mennonites” and enjoyed seeing several buggies.

Their buggies are black, so we knew they weren’t Amish.


It was a good morning.

Planning a Truck Rally & Dinner Concert

Sunday, January 8

The Pennsylvania Truck Rally Committee met on Sunday afternoon to fine-tune details for this year’s rally on Saturday, June 24.

There were lots of good ideas for continuing to make it a special day to honor the drivers and their family.

Our son Jere and his wife, Kristen, oversee this meeting and the rally day.

Randy and Karen (left) are their assistants and add a lot of insight due to their trucking experience.

The next day we received the LargeCarMag magazine in the mail and because we wanted to make sure the committee saw the article, I asked Steve and Michelle for permission to reprint it or quote from it.

Read the first paragraph to understand why we wanted the committee to see it. 🙂


Cerwin and I provided supper, then we had a Lancaster Dinner Concert meeting…

For this meeting we only have to plan the menu and a few minor details.

If you live in our area – or want to come to our area – check out the poster for information.

TFC Chapel Construction

This one will be a new International Chapel to take to truck shows and churches for promotional work. Cerwin hopes to debut it at York Make-a-Wish – the first Sunday of May.

The early pictures are from November and December.

Most photos by Cerwin – using his cell phone.

Glenn grinding the surface where the hinges to the back door had been in preparation for the back wall.

Back wall installed

Inside the back wall

A Thursday work crew. Bunny (vest) enjoys coming over from the office to have coffee with the guys.

Whenever Cerwin and Glenn need a work crew of 4 or 5 people, Cerwin Calls Living Water Chapel, Lebanon, PA.

Framework being installed.

This trailer needed new wheels, so Cerwin asked a friend if he had any good, used wheels? He said he did. Cerwin was surprised when he went to pick them up. Two trucker friends decided to donate brand new ones.

Thank you guys – and wives. You are a blessing to us and TFC.

Last Thursday the work crew installed wiring, insulation, and ceiling paneling.

Our grandson Josh helped a few times when he didn’t have work. Landscaping and lawn care isn’t always busy in winter – unless it snows. 🙂 Cerwin forgot to take a picture of him.

Cerwin is short a few men this winter due to surgeries and injuries, so he asked one of our ministers, Carl, if he would be interested in helping. He was, and helped for the first time yesterday.

Carl helps a son on occasion who has a construction business, so Cerwin knew he was capable of using a hammer. 🙂

Glenn cutting a hole in the back of paneling for an electric receptacle.

I will update you again in another few weeks.

TFC – Bucks-Montgomery Prayer Breakfast

Saturday, December 17

We enjoyed being able to attend the Bucks-Montgomery Christmas Buffet.

Because of the ice and snow, we were glad that we had spent the evening with Sam Rittenhouse. He had some pictures he wanted me to project on the wall – from a recent trip he and Bunny O’Hare made to Minnesota.

Loren Parmer gave a financial update for the chapter while we waited for the buffet to open. It was delayed – per chapter members request – because of the icy, snowy roads.

This is what it looked like outside Franconia Square Café and Market in Souderton.

Some of the Christmas décor inside the café.

The Leatherman Family (seven siblings) blessed us with beautiful Christmas and gospel music.

Bunny gave an interesting ministry update.

The Leatherman’s were back for a final set of songs.

Sam closed the program.

Thanks, Sam, for providing a bed for us. It was great to spend Friday evening with you.

TFC Prayer Breakfast & Bake Sale

Saturday, October 8

00We (Cerwin, Inge, and me) arrived at Menges Diner about 5:45 am – to get ahead of the breakfast crowd. Inge had been in a truck a time or two for a truck parade, but had never been on a regular ride over the road. We were pleased to help her check that off her bucket list.

0Cerwin waited for Bill Menges to arrive to make sure he was in the right spot.

1We knew that we were in the right area, because Bill had it marked off with chairs and caution tape.

2After getting the chapel set up, we went inside for breakfast. This man was driving by and saw the chapel – and turned around to come see it and talk to the “chaplain” before we left. He didn’t know that we were going to be there until 3 pm. It was fun and encouraging to talk to him.

2a-1Locals bring a variety of baked things for the bake sale to benefit TFC.

2a-2Inge taking a picture of a bake sale sign.


3-1Cerwin bought the pecan pie and a few whoopie pie


dsc_8058A creative cake

The bake sale profit was $600.00. Thank you everyone for all the work that went into that profit.

dsc_8060-001A cute fall decoration outside the restaurant.

dsc_8068Another one


dsc_8078Bill Menges lead the devotional and prayer time in the chapel.

dsc_8081Afterward Inge set up an office in the chapel living quarters while I was at the desk. Cerwin and Bill visited with people who were in the restaurant and at the bake sale.

dsc_8085By 3 pm we were taking the steps down and preparing to travel home.

dsc_8092I sat on the bottom bunk and gave Inge the passenger seat – since I get to sit there fairly often.


dsc_8098We had a short sprinkling of rain as we neared Lancaster County.

dsc_8100After taking the chapel to the TFC headquarters, we stopped to get gas for our RAV4. Cerwin thought he recognized a truck that was parked off to the side of the gas station and drove past it to look at the grill. Sure enough it was the driver who recently stopped at the TFC office and ordered this lighted cross.

TFC Chaplain Training School

Tuesday Evening, September 27

1-1This week is Chaplain Training School for TFC. Tuesday evening was the International Staff dinner with the trainees.

1-2Four people in training.

1-3The two on the left are also here for training.

2Cerwin’s and my contribution to the meal was Cheeseburger Soup from Hilltop Acres.

3I also took a dish of tapioca – from Hilltop Acres – a favorite at the office. Inge made sure that none went to waste. 🙂

The man in the background is also here for training. (I have not yet learned their names.) I do know they came from Florida, Canada, and Pennsylvania.

PS: If you are interested in the names, Inge added the names in her comment. 🙂

Day 2 & 3 of Our Trip Home from Texas

Tuesday, September 20

Since I didn’t have time to post the scenes of yesterday, I will show them to you first – then some of the travel highlights from today.

9-20-16-1Yesterday – a beautiful morning in Alabama










9-20-16-87Somewhere between the Tennessee border and Chattanooga (above), the time changed from Central to Eastern Standard – without notice or fanfare.


9-20-16-110Weigh stations are not a trucker’s favorite things to do in a day, but they certainly have become more efficient than many years ago.

9-20-16-119After spending six days on the road and four in a truck stop, we were again reminded: if you eat it, sit on it, walk on it or use it – a truck probably brought it.


9-20-16-124Love seeing the rolling hills of Virginia


9-20-16-130It’s not difficult locating Chaplain David’s truck in the parking lot at Wytheville TA.



9-20-16-141Cerwin and David watching a driver work on his truck. The chapel is next to the garage.

9-20-16-147Discussing something about the chapel.

9-20-16-153David invited us to an evening Bible study. He uses a neat DVD that puts the words on the screen while playing the song.

9-20-16-158He announced the Bible study over the public address system in the truck stop, but nobody else came.

It was great to spend the evening studying the Bible with him.


Wednesday, September 21

9-21-16-3We were on the road by 6:00 am today and enjoyed a pretty, misty morning in Virginia.


9-21-16-13I am showing you this picture to let you know I don’t always get the shot I want – especially when traveling down the road at 60 mph. About the time I saw these three crosses along the road, it was too late. 🙂

9-21-16-20The hills were alive with morning mist.



9-21-16-32These looked pretty in the morning sun as we exited the interstate at 10:00 am for breakfast.




9-21-16-44I like the company name and Bible verse on this truck.

9-21-16-53By noon we were seeing familiar sights – like the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg.



9-21-16-62Little towns with narrow streets

9-21-16-70Three Mile Island

9-21-16-723,008 miles and 11 states later, we were back at the TFC Office and Shop. The list of miles we traveled in each state:

Pennsylvania – 187

Maryland – 24

West Virginia – 52

Virginia – 644

Tennessee – 722

Arkansas 271

Texas 505

Louisiana 185

Mississippi – 154

Alabama 241

Georgia – 23


9-21-16-74I wish I had thought about taking pictures of the ladies who came out to the parking lot to welcome us home – and Glenn and Rachel stopped in shortly after we got back. Glenn helps Cerwin build chapels and followed our trip with great interest – wishing they had thought of flying to Houston to be part of the weekend.

9-21-16-78Then, just over that hill, we were really home – and quickly back into reality.

  1. A phone message that said, “Could we bring some of Mother High’s records to Landis Homes as soon as possible?” The Office of Aging misplaced her records about a year ago. They just found them. Now they need records as quickly as possible. 🙂 She died in February and we or her lawyer have been checking on this every few months.
  2. Our granddaughter, Hannah, was taken to the ER today – then a local hospital in Brunswick – then Maine Medical in Portland for complicated hernia surgery. Pray for her. We just learned that she had 40″ of her small intestine removed. They will keep her sedated until Friday when they plan to finish the surgery.
  3. Cerwin’s TFC credit card bill was here when we got home. When he prepared the receipts to take to the office tomorrow, he showed me an unfamiliar bill of $116.00. I googled the company – they sell clothing. Cerwin uses this card to purchase building supplies for chapel construction or ministry travel. I called the company. They didn’t have any record of a bill to Cerwin. I called the credit card company and told them about it. They considered it fraud and took his card number down. She mentioned other charges – which were from our trip – so this was the only incorrect charge.

Yes, real life hit us quickly. However, God is good all the time. 🙂