Ohio Truck Rally

Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8


Friday Evening Parade of Trucks – after leaving The Kidron Auction


Arriving at Mt. Hope Auction


John and Lydia Schmid – singing at Mt Hope Auction


Ice cream


Saturday morning at Mt Hope Auction


The chapel was parked in front of the building.

There was a horse auction next door. I liked watching the sulkies go by the door as I enjoyed my breakfast and morning coffee.

There was a pancake and sausage breakfast provided by the Ohio TFC staff.

Allen Hostetler and Cerwin

Trucks at Mt Hope Auction on Saturday morning


Children’s Activities, Door Prizes, Auction


Children’s activities

Trucker door prizes

Checking out the auction items

Getting auction numbers

The auction began at noon.

Gary and Pearl Nussbaum (right) watching the auction. They put a lot of work into the activities of these two days, along with their son Jason and his wife, Shannon.

Thank you for a great truck rally.

If you like seeing trucks, I posted 699 pictures on a Facebook album: https://www.facebook.com/doris.j.high/media_set?set=a.10154760659387322.1073741878.612697321&type=3&pnref=story


We left for home about 1:30 pm so we would be home for a family reunion the following day.

TFC’s Ohio Truck Rally

Friday Evening, July 7

Drivers began arriving at The Kidron Auction early to participate in the 7:00 pm Parade of Trucks. We arrived at 4:30 and there were already a lot of trucks on the 13 acre parking lot.

The Sprunger Building was the center of activity as this is where drivers registered their truck, food was served, and where everyone could sit and listen to the music of John & Lydia Schmid.

Those who paid the truck registration fee received a ticket for a sandwich, chips, and drink. In this photo Shannon Nussbaum (pink) and Martha Hostetler (white) were serving sandwiches.

There was a charge for those without a truck..

Pearl Nussbaum (seated) oversees this part of the rally and is giving instructions to a friend – I think for receiving payment for food.

Homemade ice cream

Truck Registration

The Kettle Corn was a fundraiser. If I remember correctly, Pearl told me it was for a firefighter’s family.

I walked through a line of trucks to get to the entrance area to take pictures of the arriving trucks.

Allen Hostetler giving directions to an arriving driver.


Tomorrow night – The Parade of Trucks

Traveling to Ohio

Thursday, July 6

We had a relaxing, uneventful drive from our house to Berlin, Ohio – with the exception of some rain between 9:30 and 10:45 am.

It was a good day to begin a novel that I had downloaded onto my Nook – probably two years ago. It has been a long time since I read a novel as I prefer biographies and life stories.

Ohio – 1:39 pm

We got to our motel in the late afternoon – about 5 pm.

After unpacking, we went next door to the Berlin Homestead for supper.

I picked up a few brochures in the entrance area and looked over them as we waited for our meal. We noticed that Amish Country Theater had a show that night, so called to see if we could reserve seats.

What a fun relaxing way to spend our first evening in Ohio.

The doors opened about 6:30, so we went inside and found our seat. There were a few others in their seats.

We noticed the construction of this as we entered Berlin, now know what that was about. Next year they will be in a new building.

Photos aren’t allowed during the show, so I took a few shots during the slide show previews.

We were impressed with the professional actors and actresses and musicians.

Ken is an amazing ventriloquist.

The evening sky was beautiful when we left the building.

Driving by the Farmstead (where we had supper) as we entered the motel parking lot.

I always look forward to this trip to Ohio for TFC’s Truck Rally.

It is nice and relaxing for me – as compared to the PA Truck Rally two weeks earlier.

Truck Rally – Part 3 – Rally Celebration

Sunday, June 25

Susie and Sam – Sunday morning welcoming committee. 🙂

They stayed at our house overnight.

The Perrys provided the worship service between 10:30 and 11:30 am for about 200 people.

Following the worship service we went outside for the new chapel dedication. Cerwin opened with a few comments on how this chapel came to be – through the donation of a friend of ours – in her will.

He then proceeded with our audience participation “The Act of Dedication.”

Dan and Bunny concluded the reading of “The Act of Dedication.”

Anointing the chapel door

Bunny anointed and prayed for Cerwin and me since we will be taking this chapel to truck shows and churches – for promotional work and ministry to the drivers at the shows.

He then anointed Chaplain Jake and Jane Wise who will also serve with this chapel.

Another highlight of the morning was praying for and anointing Dan and Melody Witwer. Dan became TFC’s President and CEO on July 1.

I am holding the mic for Bunny in this photo. If you wondered what I am doing. 🙂 If you scroll back on the photos, you can see we took turns holding the mic – depending on who was closest to Bunny.

Dan closed the program with prayer for the noon meal.

The delicious meal was catered by Country Home Catering – Dean and Carole Ziegler.

The Stoner family was in charge of cleanup in North Hall on Sunday. I like this picture of Trent and Jack in silhouette.

Their parents Sherry and Will and Grandpa Geff were behind them in normal lighting.

John Heistand removing his featured antique from North Hall.

When I saw Jack Stoner run and jump into his mother’s arms, I asked them to do it again – and loved the silhouettes I captured.

The beautiful stage – Lanita Specialized LLC – leaving the building.

A handshake ended this years rally.

It was a delightful weekend. Thank you to each volunteer and donor.

Truck Rally 2017 – Part 2

June 24, 2017 – Continued

Trucks returning from the parade of trucks.

I understand that this is a new trailer.

I commend the owner on the choice of lettering.

Effects of the early morning rain created a splash and play area. 🙂

The 171 trucks are all back on the grounds of Lebanon Expo.

The brand new chapel had lots of visitors.

The feature pickup truck with the vendors was Will Stoner’s.

West Hall was filled with vendors.

The Main Auction in North Hall

Auction table to receive numbers and pay bills.

Children’s Activities were in the two Brightbill Buildings.

Peaceable Kingdom has an interesting petting zoo.

The children enjoy this obstacle course brought by Big Bright Bounces

Judd Musser was kept busy with his “train.”

Kidz Puppet Ministry in East Hall at 4:00 pm.

5:30 barbecue supper

The Perrys opened the 6:30 pm program with a half-hour gospel concert.

Gene and Rose Gehman prayed for the ladies and men involved in trucking.

Rose prayed for the ladies – truckers and wives of truckers.

Gene prayed for the men involved in trucking.

Bunny O’Hare gave a chapel update for Chaplain Chris – concerning a lady who escaped to TFC’s chapel at Harrisburg when she realized the trucker planned to keep her for sexual favors. The lady had gotten in his truck to get a ride to Philadelphia. By the time they got to Harrisburg, she realized that he had no intention of going to Philadelphia.

Dan Witwer – TFC’s new President & CEO – gave a ministry update.

Our son Jere – Rally Coordinator – came on stage to make a few announcements before Cerwin shared a bit about the new chapel that would be dedicated the next day and the evening offering.

The Perrys closed the evening with another half-hour-concert.

John and Karen’s rig looked pretty at the end of the day – as I was preparing to head home – and most other truckers had left the grounds.


I posted all 773 pictures in a Facebook album: https://www.facebook.com/doris.j.high/media_set?set=a.10154710812052322.1073741875.612697321&type=3&pnref=story


Truck Rally 2017 – Part 1

Saturday, June 24

I posted all 773 pictures in a Facebook album: https://www.facebook.com/doris.j.high/media_set?set=a.10154710812052322.1073741875.612697321&type=3&pnref=story

If you like trucks, you are welcome to go there.

The Expo’s new sign is attention-getting.

Packaging cookies on Friday evening

This waitress is my “protector”! This year she sat in “my” seat until I arrived. I am not sure how many years ago this began, but the guys try to sit in this seat just to tease her – knowing they will get chased away. 🙂

This year we had about 35 volunteers take advantage of this breakfast. We have many more volunteers than that – about 200 – but these are the ones that can come to the breakfast.

The welcome banner was put up early on Saturday morning.

The truck parkers gather for up-to-date information.

This year the weather gave them a bit of a challenge. Because of heavy rain the night before, trucks could not be parked in the lower field.

Karen Sauder oversees these tables. These blue and yellow bags of goodies were donated by two chrome shop businesses.

Glenn Ober registering his truck.

Trucks were already arriving as I walked out to the end of the driveway where I placed a lawn chair – so I would have a comfortable place for taking pictures of arriving trucks.

As I approached my chair I heard a cheerful greeting and looked up to see a pretty cardinal. It felt like a personal “hug” from God.

Jason Shelly was one of the first to arrive after I sat down.

Nelson Martin assists the drivers as they enter.

Many of the trucks arrived between 9:30 and 10:00 am.

Maybe because of the previous night’s rain, the clouds created a beautiful sky.

I love John and Karen Rissler’s truck.

Because we had several emergencies in the past few years, we hired a local EMT to be on duty for the busiest time of the day.

11:00 am – time for the parade of trucks – lead by the chapel.

Because I can’t feature all 171 trucks here, I chose some that used Truck Rally banners for the parade.

More pictures tomorrow night.

ATCA Antique Truck Show

Saturday, June 17

The park was busy by the time we were awake, dressed, had the chapel in order, and were ready for breakfast.

We enjoyed sitting outside and watching trucks arrive – even thought it was drizzling.

It was a busy day on the chapel as Saturday is the best attended day of the show.

Jake offered to take us around the show on his borrowed golf cart before golf carts were discouraged due to the crowd of people.

It was interesting to meet Robert – who recently bought the Buffalo chapel. He plans to bring it to the show next year.

A classy way to move a camper.

I finally found a 1944 – my birth year – truck.

This truck was built when Cerwin’s mother was two years old.

This certainly fit into a truck show.

This little guy wasn’t impressed with the chapel. He wanted to see where the driver sat and drove the truck.

Doug Maney (right) put out two buckets at the picnic the night before and asked people to vote by donating money to ATCA. One bucket voted for him to shave his mustache of 30 years. The other voted for him to keep it. His Dad (left) wanted to get in on the pictures.

A final picture before he shaved his mustache.

He used the bumper of a Mack as a mirror.

Maybe I should keep half of it. 🙂

I guess not

I saw him at TFC’s Truck Rally a week later and he was still clean shaven.

Clyde Dieter and Warren High appreciated when Jake offered to take them around the park.

Denis Yaworski from Connecticut always comes to visit us. He usually brings his Doodle Bug.

When Jake saw the owner of our former chapel tractor, he went to ask him a few questions. He bought it from a friend who had it in a barn. He had more questions for Jake – wanting to know the history of the truck.

Our chairs were a popular place for drivers to rest after spending hours walking.

The owner of Denver Paint stopped by to talk to Cerwin. He painted the tractor that pulls this chapel.

That’s a cute ride.

Another nice ride

That’s creative. 🙂

People began leaving about mid-afternoon.

He dumped the rain water that had gathered in the bed of his truck before backing unto the lowboy.

The people on golf carts were lined up to watch trucks leaving.

Jesse (Chaplain Jake and Jane’s son) helped Cerwin pack up the steps.

It was good to be at Macungie ATCA again this year.

It started raining when we were about half an hour away from home.


If you like antique trucks, I have a lot more on my Facebook page album https://www.facebook.com/doris.j.high/media_set?set=a.10154689473262322.1073741869.612697321&type=3

ATCA – Antique Truck Show

Friday, June 16

Cerwin had taken the chapel to Macungie Memorial Park the day before, so we left home about 7 am.

In this picture: Alvin Wise (Chaplain Jake’s Dad), Chaplain Jake and his wife, Jane, Betty and Bob Russell (Bob is a volunteer chaplain), Cerwin, and Volunteer Chaplain Steve Neiswender.

We have a nice area to set up our canopy and several chairs next to the chapel so drivers feel welcome to come by and visit us.

We have a great place in the park where we can watch trucks arriving.

We enjoyed a nice variety of visitors – some who were familiar with the ministry of TFC and others were not.

We each took turns walking around the park – looking at trucks and visiting people.

This year I decided to feature trucks that were built prior to 1930.

This “hillbilly” truck got lots of attention.

There was so much “stuff” that it was difficult to see the truck. 🙂

The longer you looked – the more you notiece.

I remember having these watering containers for our cows when I was a girl.

We also used these buckets with nipples to feed calves.

The owner (blue shirt) talking to some onlookers.

I sat next to the owner of this fire truck during our evening meal and learned about his interest in Buffalo Fire equipment. When he asked where we live, and I said Manheim. He said, “They have a Buffalo Fire truck.”

He emailed me this picture of his truck.

We immediately recognized this paint job as a tractor that used to be attached to one of our chapels.

When I got up close, I could see the outline of our old logo. The lettering had been removed, but the markings remained.

The name “Life-Saver” means it was with the chapel at the TA in Elkton, Maryland.

We used to have the tractors attached to chapels for a heating fuel supply. Since we now hook up to truck stop electricity, we rarely use tractors – unless one is donated for a specific chapel.

After being at this truck show for two days, I began to understand why little boys grow up to like trucks. 🙂

There were a lot of fathers and grandpas with young boys.

When I got back to the chapel, Cerwin was visiting with a driver.

We had two sizes of bottled water for anyone who was thirsty.

Dick Weaver (Center) and Don Hollinger (right) TFC friends, were at the chapel visiting with this driver. Don takes lots of pictures and writes interesting stories for the Highway News.

We always like to say we are in the “power row” – the military and a chapel. We also like to remind them that God is the higher power. 🙂

During the afternoon I walked through the “flea market” area.

These three looked like they were having fun.

As I walked by these three the lady called, “Doris”. I was surprised that she knew my name. It turned out that Tom (the man on the left). Thought he knew me and asked her to call my name. He is a neighbor who lives across the field from us.

We saw all kinds of motorized golf carts and vehicles, but this one was unusual.

You could find almost anything truck and vehicle related in the flea market.

There is also a row of trucks that are for sale.

Back to the rows and row of antique trucks. There were 672 by Saturday noon. I did not hear a number after that, and not many arrive after noon.

Back at the chapel – Chaplain Jake’s wife, Jane, was sketching one of the trucks by using a picture on her cell phone.

She was using a picture she took of this dump truck.

She is incredibly good.

It was fun to meet Elam Martin, Jr. who was featured in the May issue of TFC’s Highway News http://www.transportforchrist.org/pdf/HighwayNewsOnline%2005-17.pdf, when his family organized a convoy of trucks to go by his house – following a serious injury.

Toward supper time we took our lawn chairs to the picnic area where Doug Maney was welcoming everyone and giving instructions for the auction and door prizes.

I was impressed with this auctioneer. She had a great voice and way of selling things.

I quickly noticed that this man was a Mack lover – with a Mack belt, ring and cane.

He quickly showed them to me.

Supper was being prepared.

Chaplain Jake was asked to pray for the meal.

On the way back to the chapel we found a 1941 truck – Cerwin’s birth year.

Last year I featured trucks built in his birth year and mine – and found quite a few. At this point I still hadn’t found any that were built in 1944 and this was the first we found a 1941.

Bedtime in the chapel felt good because we had done a lot of walking.


If you really like antique trucks, go to my Facebook page – Doris Jean High – where I posted many more. https://www.facebook.com/doris.j.high/media_set?set=a.10154685182267322.1073741868.612697321&type=3&pnref=story

The Stage – Truck Rally Feature for Today

We received so many questions about our stage, that I have chosen it to be my Rally feature for today.

Thanks to Larry & Scott Diller – Lanita Specialized LLC – for providing this beautiful rig.

I called Scott this morning to get some information that people are asking: Total length of the rig – 82 feet. Tractor – a 2016 Kenworth, glider kit, CAT motor, 320″ wheel base, 108″ sleeper, 550 horsepower. Sleeper features a shower and refrigerator. Trailer a 53′ MAC. Driver is Sheldon (Shelly) Yoder.

It was our stage for the afternoon benefit auction…

…the evening concert for the Perrys…

…and Sunday morning worship with the Perrys.

I had opportunity to get more photographs on Sunday afternoon when Sheldon (Shelly) pulled it out of North Hall.

I got the benefit of various shots as he posed and positioned the truck for another photographer.

I didn’t think about getting Sheldon to pose with it.

Because of positioning the truck for the other photographer, he backed it out of North Hall.

Oh what a beautiful rig!

TFC President Scott Weidner’s Retirement Party – Part 2

Monday Evening, June 5

Following the meal, Dan Witwer presented a cute PowerPoint on retirement.

In reality, we know that whatever Scott and Karen choose to do, they will continue to serve the Lord.

Bunny shared a few memories – as did a few others.

Bunny is Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains.

Jim and Linda Germak are seated center. She is in white and he is in wearing a blue shirt.

Jim serves as secretary on the International Board of Directors.

Then it was time to present Scott with his gifts.

I think I introduced everyone but Bunny’s wife, Peg, seated on the right. I almost missed getting a picture of her.

Those wrapping the gift wanted to camouflage it so Scott didn’t automatically know that it was a gun.

Do you think he was surprised?

This 1921 Parker 12 gauge shotgun is just like the one his grandfather had and like the one Scott and his dad used.

“Where did you find this?”

Look at the satisfied smile on his dad’s face. 🙂 He was the one who told the International Staff what he thought would mean a lot to Scott.

Inge presented flowers and a gift to Scott’s wife, Karen.

Then there was another gift for the two of them.

I suppose they were expecting a certificate, but it was a cash gift.

Thanks to the staff and donors around the country for responding to the gift request for Scott’s retirement.

Scott giving his farewell speech and transfer of “power” to Dan Witwer.

Dan officially accepting the responsibility as President and CEO of TFC.

We are impressed with Dan and know he is very capable of the responsibility – starting July 1.

Inge wanted a few pictures with Scott and Karen.

Inge has been Scott’s Executive Assistance for many years.

Then it was over and each of us headed to our respective homes.

The International Staff did a fabulous job of preparing for this evening.