TFC’s York-Adams Prayer Breakfast

Saturday Morning, October 14

We came upon this rig on the way to York.

That takes one back to a memorable day in 2001.

Their prayer breakfast is held in the Ensemble Room of Cross Keys Village, New Oxford, PA

We join the retirement community residents for the breakfast buffet.

Enjoying breakfast

  Cerwin opened the meeting by thanking Bill Menges for his four years of leading this prayer breakfast group as their contact person.

Cerwin, Howard (new contact person), Bill, and Dan (TFC President).

Dan challenged the group with a short devotional.

Lynn, a chapter member, read a thank you note to Bill and presented him with this framed Bible verse.

Following the presentation, Bill shared his thoughts on passing the responsibility to Howard.

Howard shared a bit on how God led him to take on the responsibility of being the contact person for this chapter of TFC.

Blessings to you, Howard.

TFC’s Chapel at Gerhart’s Truck Show

Friday, October 6 and Saturday, October 7

Photos by Cerwin – using his cell phone.

Our son-in-law Roy stopped it to see the trucks that had arrived by Friday afternoon. He especially liked this large pickup.

I did not attend this show – other than take Cerwin there on Saturday morning.  This show is not far from our house.

Cerwin said they had a great spot and lots of visitors to the chapel.

Volunteer Chaplain Bob Russell talking to visitors.

Chaplain Jake (right) with two visitors. The CB Man is a frequent visitor to truck shows.

One of the drivers did a show for those who enjoy this kind of power.

This was the last scheduled show for this chapel in 2017.

Sam Rittenhouse’s Garden & Orchard ~ Family Worship Center

Sunday, September 24

I love when a TFC ministry activity takes us to the Lansdale area and we get to stay at Sam Rittenhouse’s house for a night. He is an accomplished orchard keeper and gardener.

This is one of the first things I saw as I stepped out of his kitchen door.

The end of September is the close of the season, but there are still many beautiful scenes on his property – like these containers of apples and pears which he and some of his family members had picked in the past few days.

I noticed this row of onions on a shelf above the apples and pears in his greenhouse.

It was a beautiful morning to walk through the garden, which he and his sister Betty care for throughout the growing season.

It was obvious that the growing season was coming to an end.

The bean stalks were still green.

I even found a few that may mature if given enough warm days.

It was difficult to pull myself away from the flowers that were soaking up the morning sun.

After reluctantly leaving the garden, I walked through the orchard that had recently been relieved of its bountiful fruits.

Sam said it had been a very good harvest because of our many, timely rains during the spring and summer months.

I hoped that there would still be some figs – and wasn’t disappointed.

There were even a few late-growing – hanging – strawberries.

A pretty leaf in the grape arbor

Oh, bummer! I just heard Cerwin calling my name, saying that breakfast was ready.

I would have rather stayed in the orchard a bit longer – but we needed to eat and get ready for the service at Family Worship Center where TFC’s chapel was a feature of the morning service.

Opening worship is a special feature of the early and late service. We attended the late service so we could be on the chapel when people were leaving the first service and arriving for the next one.

It was great to be with our friends at this church family and meet new people who had many questions about TFC’s  ministry to truck drivers.

Because the chapel had been in the Lansdale area for two weeks, I followed Cerwin for the one-and-a-half-hour drive – mostly on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. We separated at a certain point when Cerwin headed to the TFC office near Marietta and I went home.

It was a great weekend!

TFC – Bucks-Montgomery’s Truck-Cycle-Car Show and Banquet

Saturday, September 23

Because Biker’s Sunday and this event were just one week apart, Cerwin kept the International Chapel at a friend’s house. I followed it from the Clemmer’s house in Lansdale to Family Heritage Banquet and Conference Center in Franconia.

There were some good-looking vehicles.

We had lots of visitors on the chapel. Including TFC’s president, Dan Witwer (orange shirt) who rode the-almost-two-hours on his cycle.

Cerwin and Chaplain David Hoy (Elkton, Maryland). David was impressed with this new chapel.

Our good friend Sam Rittenhouse (teal blue shirt) coming in the door. He is the contact person for Bucks-Montgomery Chapter and TFC’s Assistant Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains.

March Forth opened the banquet with a short concert.

Jason Shelly, chapter committee member, welcomed everyone and introduced Retired Chaplain Dick Heaney who gave the invocation.

Dick Heaney

Following the meal, Bunny O’Hare, Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, gave a ministry update.

Dan Witwer, TFC President, gave a ministry update from an international perspective.

I focused on our pretty centerpiece during March Forth’s closing concert.

I always enjoy seeing chapel lights at nighttime.

My favorite photo of the day – Cerwin talking to someone who attended the banquet before closing down the chapel for the night and moving it to Family Worship Center, Lansdale, for the Sunday morning service.

Biker Sunday

Sunday, September 17

While I went to the Hershey program at Manor Church on Saturday, Cerwin took the TFC Mobile Chapel to Line Lexington Mennonite Church for a gospel bluegrass concert (Saturday) and Biker Sunday.

Sam Rittenhouse (where Cerwin stayed on Saturday night) checking out a racing bike on Sunday morning.

I always enjoy seeing all the bikes – and missed being there.

CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) provides the morning program – along with a short message from Pastor Delp.

The program begins with “Nitro Call to Worship” – a very loud bike.

The service always closes with a motorcycle burning off a back tire – called “Burnout Benediction.”

Notice the smoke in the background.

Following the service there is a Pig Roast Lunch, then the Motorcycle Rides at 1:00 pm.

Cerwin said that he and Sam had some interesting visits in the chapel.

Repairing the Steps at TFC’s Nashville Chapel

Monday, August 28

Our last Monday in the Nashville area was cloudy and rainy.

It began raining as we neared the Antioch area where TFC’s chapel is located.

Notice the truck stop TA sign to the left of the truck.

Cerwin showed Chaplain Buck the results of our waxing the chapel a few days earlier – when we arrived in the area on Friday afternoon.

Chaplain Ralph arrived a few minutes later.

Our plan for this stop was to help Ralph and Buck repair the deck steps. A driver had bumped the deck a  week or two earlier.

Ralph brought a level to see how much work they had to do to get the steps level again.

As I was taking this picture a lady trucker walked up to us and said she wanted to give us her tithe.

I invited her inside so she could put it in the donation box.

I could tell that she was “on the clock”, but she quickly began to tell me some of her story. I learned that her name is Renay and that she has some painful childhood issues, and had just learned that the home she rents had been flooded. She lives in Houston, Texas, and this was just after the hurricane.

She had a very positive attitude because of her relationship with the Lord.

I prayed with her, then asked Cerwin to take a picture of us. I will add this picture to my prayer list so I can remember her requests.

I gave her a Highway News and Good News before she left. The chaplains also gave her a few words of encouragement.

It was good to visit with Buck and Ralph. It has been a few years since we saw them.


Our final destination for the day was southcentral Ohio where Cerwin and some of Jeff’s family will be hunting this fall. It is a new area for them, and since it fit into this trip Cerwin thought it would be interesting to see it. Photos tomorrow afternoon.

TFC’s Promotional Chapel at the Buck Truck Show – Part 2

Saturday, August 19

More trucks driving by my chair next to the chapel.

I’d like to dash around on this. 🙂

I spent a lot of time talking with this woman while the men brought visitors through the chapel.

We also had a lot of visitors on the outside. People who just wanted to visit and take a break from walking.

Cerwin enjoys visiting with Merv and his children. Merv is the one who did a fabulous job of painting this chapel.

Dan and Danielle (from the TFC office) stopped in to get some photos.

She represents TFC on Instagram.

We went to talk with this couple and their little boy, just to examine their unique wagon.

He said when they learned they were expecting this little guy, they wanted something other than a stroller to go to truck shows.

They explained how almost everything was made from scraps and leftover parts.

They chose this handlebar (wrench) because Williams is their last name.

I was looking from some creative photography, without a lot of walking, so tried to find chapel reflections in truck bumpers and chrome.

Our son-in-law Roy was test-driving a car that he was working on for a friend and stopped in to see us. Katie (above) was with them for the weekend and came along. The car is for her brother.

A few of our last visitors.

We moved the chapel out by 4:00 pm (as do all vendors) to make room for the evening truck pull parking.


We had a good day.

TFC’s Promotional Chapel at the Buck Truck Show – Part 1

Saturday, August 19

I asked Cerwin if I could have an extra five minutes to get a picture of the chapel leaving TFC’s Headquarters Office in the morning sunlight.

It was a breathtaking, beautiful morning as we drove from Marietta to The Buck – about half-an-hour drive.

We arrived about 7:30 am so we could easily get to our spot on the grounds. The staff at The Buck give us a great spot each year. Thank you.

Volunteer Bob Russell, Chaplain Jake Wise, and Cerwin visiting with two early visitors.

Cerwin telling this lady and her children about the ministry of TFC.

Her husband and other son were outside talking to Bob.

Betty Russell and I took our lawn chairs to the shadow of the back of chapel where the trucks were arriving.

I was sorry that I missed getting a photo of our daughter Deb (who lives nearby) and brought us freshly baked blueberry scones and other snacks to go with our morning coffee.

When I noticed drivers also taking advantage of the chapel’s shade, I took our captain chairs there for them. They are standing here, but did use the chairs for quite a while.

This was the view I enjoyed from my lawn chair.

Checking in with The Buck staff.

After enjoying the view of drivers moving by me, I walked across the lot to take a few more pictures. The older I get the more I enjoy sitting and watching them move by me. 🙂

I return to the theme I am using for the summer truck shows.

I know why little boys grow up to like trucks. Their daddy takes them to truck shows. 🙂

More photos from The Buck tomorrow.