A Sunset That Colored The Entire Sky

Wednesday Evening , April 5

When I saw this sky outside our living room window – which faces southeast – I knew there must be a pretty sunset.

I was not disappointed when I went outside. Still looking southeast.





It has been a long time since I saw a sunset that colored the entire sky.


A Variety of Summer Happenings

The last week of July


July 22

7-22 (1)I’d rather see a hummingbird.

7-22 (2A)Hey, squirrel that is my chair.

7-22 (3)It is so warm these days that the suet is melting.


July 25

7-25 1A rain like this in summertime makes farmers smile.

7-25 2

7-25 3It also makes our flowers smile.

7-25 4The sun is shinning and it’s still raining – a sure mix to create a rainbow.

7-25 5 (2)

7-25 3AAbove our house.

7-25 6I had to walk down the road to get a better view.

7-25 7

7-25-16 (9)


July 27

7-27 A (2)Sunset



July 29

7-29 (1)Breakfast

I love having fresh, local fruit for breakfast. There is no better way to eat fruit than when it has never been in a refrigerator.

Birds & A Brilliant Sunset

A short lesson on the tufted titmouse and dark-eyed junco who frequent our feeders this time of year.

1-15 (1)I see these small gray birds quite often and love watching them.

1-15 (2)My Stokes Field Guide to Birds – Eastern Region – tells me that they are about 5″ in length.

They eat insects, seeds, and berries – and I can affirm that they like sunflower seeds and suet.

12-18 (3)The dark-eyed junco is slightly larger at 6″.

12-18 (4)They usually feed on the ground but also like sunflower seeds.

12-18 (5)Flocks of juncos return to the same area each winter.

12-19 (1)This beautiful sunset – on the evening of December 19 – drew me outside.

12-19 (4)I was particularly interested in the vertical glow of light in this evening beauty.

Sunsets Remind Me That God Is Still In Control

Thursday, December 10

0 (2)Yes, I know, most of you are posting Christmas pictures, but because I post pictures for relaxation and pleasure, I am still working on pictures from early December. 🙂

0 (1)Dry, old leaves from summer – that just don’t let go – kind of fascinate me.

01The same fascination goes for shellbarks that are still hanging on after most have fallen to the ground or have been consumed by our squirrels.

01aThey remind me to never give up on things I pray about – things in life that bring great concern me.

Things that almost cause me to let go – give up hope.

1 (1)Then I look toward a pretty sunset and hope returns.

1 (2)Because each sunset reminds me that God is still in control.

1 (3)

1a (1)

1a (2)

1a (3)


DSC_5701From the very beginning, God has been in control of all the world.

Job 34:13 Contemporary English Version

Yard Crew & Another Pretty Sunset

Monday, December 7

1 (3)Glenn (second from left) mentioned in our Sunday school class that Harold and Doris needed help to get their yard ready for winter. Both are not well enough to do the job.

1 (4)This is the crew of guys who helped – John Henry, Mark, Glenn, Marv, and John. Mark’s wife, Ruth Ann, also helped, but was not in any of the pictures – as did Cerwin who took the pictures with his cell phone.

1 (1)

1 (2)Marv cleaning up with the leaf blower.

1 (5)They even trimmed the bushes.

Harold and Doris were at the doctor while the crew was there, but he later called Glenn – twice to thank everyone.

2That evening we enjoyed another pretty sunset.

Like the previous night, it affected the entire sky. The above picture was facing south.



2cThis is facing north.



DSC_5531This is facing west where the sun was setting.




DSC_5536I love a productive, pretty Monday.

A Sunset That Colored The Entire Sky

Sunday Evening, December 6

1This sunset colored the entire sky – from west to east.




DSC_5525The Lord’s name should be praised
    now and forever.
The Lord’s name should be praised
    from where the sun rises to where it sets.
The Lord is supreme over all the nations;
    his glory reaches to the skies.

Psalm 113:2-4 New Century Version