I Love Our Country Life

The beautiful sunrises through our trees.

If I want I can walk beyond the trees to get a picture – even in my housecoat – and nobody is around to see me.

I love the colors of sunrises.

Later in the day, while looking out our kitchen window – and still being surprised by our unobstructed view to the south since the ash tree was taken down – I enjoy seeing a Dutch Valley truck going by our house.

Because we are at the end of a narrow country road – at the bottom of the mountain – I know he must have had business to do in our quiet valley, as no big rig goes by our house just for the fun of it. 🙂

The Boys Are Here

Pictures from Thursday, January 21 through Saturday, January 23

1This was the day Jere and Kristen left for a business trip and vacation in Florida. Jesse was the first one home from school.


He had to estimate the length of something, then measure it to see how close he was.

2 (1)This was the weekend the big snow was predicted for our area, and the Friday morning sunrise warned us that a “red sky in the morning is a sailor’s warning.”

2 (3)

2 (5)

2 (6)Snow began just before suppertime.

2 (7)Some of the birds got their last meal before finding a dry place for the night.

2 (8)

2 (9)

2 (10)

2 (11)You know you are at grandpa and grandma’s house when you can get just what you ordered for supper: Buttered noodles, bacon, and pancakes. 🙂

2 (15)While it snowed on the outside, we labeled the single Highway News and Good News – the February issue.

Ian, Jared, and Jesse are our three youngest grandchildren. Their sister, Jana, and brother, Josh, took care of themselves. Their house is just a mile from ours.

2 (12)Ian

2 (13)Jared

2 (14) Jesse

2 (16)I’ll show some pictures from our snowstorm in my next entry.

A Beautiful, Cold, Frosty Morning

Sunday, Morning December 6

Very Heavy Frost (1)I have lived in our house for the past 48 years, but never get tired of our morning view – especially in wintertime when the fields are empty and I can see the homestead where I grew up.

Very Heavy Frost (2)It looked especially pretty on this foggy, frosty morning.

Very Heavy Frost (3)The sunrise even affected the southwestern sky and neighborhood.

Very Heavy Frost (6)It was a cold morning to be outside in my housecoat.

I love living in the country where nobody sees me outside in my housecoat. 🙂

Very Heavy Frost (4)The eastern sky changed by the moment – from grayish pink to orange.

Very Heavy Frost (7)

Very Heavy Frost (5)

Very Heavy Frost (8)

Very Heavy Frost (9)On the patio our roses were covered with heavy frost.

Very Heavy Frost (10)I can’t imagine they will survive this cold morning.

Very Heavy Frost (11)I love a cold, frosty morning.