A Saturday Evening Walk ~ With A Delicious Reward

Saturday, June 21, was a beautiful, early summer evening.

01-DSC_1908I was thinking about taking a walk when our granddaughter Jana called and asked if we wanted to come to their house for homemade ice cream at 6:30 PM.

Who can turn that down!

I left for my walk so I would arrive at their house about that time – taking the long way which is a bit more than one mile. (The short way is exactly one mile.)

02-DSC_1912I thought you may enjoy seeing some of the things I saw in our neighborhood.


04-DSC_1914Notice the rock on the right?

05-DSC_1917This is it close up.


07-DSC_1924Approaching the farm of our Amish neighbors.

09-DSC_1930They were in the driveway doing their Saturday evening cleanup, so after talking a bit I moved on. This is looking back at their place.







17-DSC_1943Just before taking this picture, I talked to neighbors who were working in their yard – and waved “hi” to a friend who was sweeping her walk.


18-DSC_1945I love how farmers in our neighborhood mow the grass strip between their crops and the road.


20-DSC_1949About the time I got to the point of the road – at the top of the picture – Cerwin came for me in our car because the ice cream was ready earlier than 6:30.

I took this picture from Jere and Kristen’s deck – while he was serving ice cream.




24-DSC_1959Oh, yum!

And there were fresh strawberries to go with it.

25-DSC_1961It was warm with only a slight breeze – a perfect evening for ice cream on the deck.

26-DSC_1965We left just as the sun was setting.