Teen Central Banquet

Thursday Evening, November 2

Jared, our niece’s husband volunteers here – which was our connection to this banquet.

Teen Central is a local center that cares for Manheim’s young people who need mentors and a place to meet with friends.

We sat at a table with my sister, Nancy, sister-in-law Anne, and friends from teenage days – Carl and Marian Metzler. We hadn’t seen Carl and Marian for several years, so it was fun catching up on their lives.

Shawn Haldeman opened with the welcome and prayer. He grew up in our neighborhood and still farms his family farm. It was nice to talk to him. We usually just see him on a tractor – in a field that is along our road.

Country Home Catering – Dean and Carole Ziegler catered the delicious meal.

Randy Boll recognized the staff and volunteers and told us about some of the things that are happening at Teen Central.

This was our table. Carl, Marian, and Cerwin. Nancy is in blue across the table from Marian.

This lady shared some of her experiences of being a Bible study leader for the teens.

We enjoyed listening to Rick Stiemling – the evening speaker.

Notes from his message:

  1. Someone, something, needs to get in the way of the kids who have chosen a destructive lifestyle.
  2. Someone needs to show them “The Way.”
  3. Are you a critic or a carer?
  4. Water that doesn’t flow is a swamp.
  5. Be part of changing the trajectory of those who are traveling on a wrong path.

Manheim Farm Show Parade

Wednesday, October 11

It was a drizzly evening, I was dealing with a cold and didn’t want to spend the evening outside – so we arrived at the staging area early where we could watch from our car.

We walked a few blocks – to Memorial Drive – so we could watch our grandson in the Manheim Central Marching Band.

The police and fire trucks were first.

Loved this old truck

Then it was time for the Marching Barons

It is difficult to find someone when they are all dressed alike. 🙂

I knew that Ian was toward the back of the band because he plays a drum. You can see him in this picture under the green sign.

We stayed to watch the horses.

The Grand Marshal Coach carried our friends Luke and Eileen.

This coach carried the queen and her court.

After the horses went by, we walked back toward our car – beside the parade floats and trucks that were waiting to move – and met several people we knew. Jared Harnly (married to our niece Chelsey) was with the Teen Central float.

The Achenbach long john representative. (You have to live in this area to know what this means. 🙂

This is an Achenbach long john – which was handed to us as we walked by.

Our friend Brent driving a McCracken truck.

Our “wanna be” grandson, Donovan. 🙂 He’s dating our granddaughter Diana. He also drives for McCracken’s Feed Mill.

By this point we were back at the staging area – so most of these pictures were taken from inside our car.

Dave’s Lawn & Garden have a little truck that got a lot of attention.

This is what Cerwin was waiting for: Gene Gehman’s garden tractor train. He had stopped in at G & G Feed in the morning and helped Gene attach the train to the tractor.

I understand that Greg Gehman put this cute train together.

We left before the parade ended – but that was fun.

A Saturday Evening Walk ~ With A Delicious Reward

Saturday, June 21, was a beautiful, early summer evening.

01-DSC_1908I was thinking about taking a walk when our granddaughter Jana called and asked if we wanted to come to their house for homemade ice cream at 6:30 PM.

Who can turn that down!

I left for my walk so I would arrive at their house about that time – taking the long way which is a bit more than one mile. (The short way is exactly one mile.)

02-DSC_1912I thought you may enjoy seeing some of the things I saw in our neighborhood.


04-DSC_1914Notice the rock on the right?

05-DSC_1917This is it close up.


07-DSC_1924Approaching the farm of our Amish neighbors.

09-DSC_1930They were in the driveway doing their Saturday evening cleanup, so after talking a bit I moved on. This is looking back at their place.







17-DSC_1943Just before taking this picture, I talked to neighbors who were working in their yard – and waved “hi” to a friend who was sweeping her walk.


18-DSC_1945I love how farmers in our neighborhood mow the grass strip between their crops and the road.


20-DSC_1949About the time I got to the point of the road – at the top of the picture – Cerwin came for me in our car because the ice cream was ready earlier than 6:30.

I took this picture from Jere and Kristen’s deck – while he was serving ice cream.




24-DSC_1959Oh, yum!

And there were fresh strawberries to go with it.

25-DSC_1961It was warm with only a slight breeze – a perfect evening for ice cream on the deck.

26-DSC_1965We left just as the sun was setting.