Road Trip – Part 18 – The Lake

Monday, April 13 to Friday, April 17

The Lake (1)This is Bob and Doris’ back yard.

The Lake (2)

The Lake (29)

The Lake (30)

The Lake (3)

The Lake (4)It is unusual to not see or hear water fowl during this time of year.

The Lake (5)Bulrushes that survived the cold winter.

The Lake (6)There were many red-winged blackbirds who perched on them and did everything they could to get my attention with their noisy song.

The Lake (7)

The Lake (8)

The Lake (9)

The Lake (10)I enjoyed catching the bulrush’s fluffy seed heads in the morning or evening sunlight.

The Lake (11)

The Lake (12)

The Lake (13)

The Lake (14)When I mentioned to Loraine that I was going to the lake to take pictures, she offered to go along. 

The Lake (15)There were trumpeter swans making a lot of noise as they came in for a landing.

The Lake (16)They landed beyond my sight, so I did not see them in the water.

The Lake (17)During our time there I saw a variety of ducks and waterfowl.

The Lake (17a)

The Lake (18)I am not an accomplished birder, but I think these are goldeneyes.

If I have identified any of these incorrectly, please let me know.

The Lake (23)Hooded mergansers

The Lake (23a)

The Lake (24)Wood ducks

The Lake (28)Canada goose

The Lake (26)Pretty Reflections

The Lake (27)

The Lake (31)

The Lake (32)If I lived next to this lake, I would have to retire so I could take pictures all day.

Afternoon Visit With Mother & A Beautiful Sunset

Tuesday, November 25

DSC_2654Today I knew which entrance to use when visiting Mother in Oregon House at Landis Homes.

DSC_2655I didn’t need the ambulance to show me which door to enter. 🙂

DSC_2652We like the sign that the nurses made for her – attached to the wardrobe in her room.

DSC_2651Cerwin’s brother, Elvin, and sister Velda were in her room when I arrived at 2 PM – as well as Ann Shertzer (pastor’s wife from Erb Mennonite church).

DSC_2649It is a delight to visit with Ann. She is a great encourager to Mother. (Actually, I think they encourage each other.)

After the others left, I thought Mother looked tired, so I asked if she wanted to sleep, or go for a walk and look up her brother Amos. She quickly replied, “Let’s go find Amos’ room.”

A walk for her still means me pushing her in a wheelchair.

I asked her nurse to point me in the direction of Aspen – and we were on our way. After one wrong turn, (we ended up in a dead end hall) we found Aspen and Uncle Amos’ room. It was fun watching them visit – a 97-year-old sister and an 85-year-old brother.

As we were leaving, her rehab therapist found us (she knew where we were) and said she was ready for mother’s afternoon therapy. It was interesting to watch Mother go through the routine.

When finished, it was about half-an-hour until supper, so I asked Mother if she needed to rest, or wanted to stay in her wheelchair. She preferred the wheelchair. As we approached her room, I heard Christmas music coming from a computer at a resident’s table, and asked Mother if she would like to stay there. She loved that idea, and just as I pushed her in place, a nurse pushed Mother’s friend Winifred in beside her. They were next door neighbors in Harvest View when they were both in independent living.

Winifred had a stroke recently – I think since Mother’s fall – and now they are next door neighbors again. As I watched them together, it felt like Mother was “home” again.

DSC_2656This was my view on the way home.











DSC_2709Now, we wait for tomorrow’s predicted snow.

October Nature

I went through photos from October – before we delivered the chapel to Pass Lake – and gathered a potpourri of shots for tonight’s post.


Wednesday Evening, October 8

0 (1)A pretty sunset

0 (6)The blood moon was beautiful in the night sky.


Thursday, October 9

1 (2)Evening sky

1 (7)When walking toward the house from the previous shot, I noticed one azalea bloom. This bush is usually in full-bloom in spring.

It is rare to find flowers in fall.


Sunday, October 12

2 (2)Morning dew

2 (12)

2 (6)

2 (16)Golden sunset

2 (17)The golden sunset created copper-colored leaves to one of our shellbark trees.

2 (18)

2 (19)


Thursday, October 16

10-16-14 Spotted moth (1)At first I thought a leaf was stuck in our front door – then noticed that it was a moth.

10-16-14 Spotted moth (2)I looked up leaf-colored moths. The closest match I could find was the spotted moth. That may not be correct. There are many varieties of leaf-colored moths.


Sunday, October 19

10-19-14 (1)Morning sunshine on our front yard trees.

10-19-14 (3)

10-19-14 (2)


Friday Evening, October 24

10-24-14 (1)When I looked toward the west to check on the sunset, I noticed movement – at a distance – in the field across the road and saw a rather attractive fox .

10-24-14 (2)Even though we know there are foxes in our area, we don’t remember ever seeing one in this field.

10-24-14 (7)That evening the Lord painted one of the prettiest sunsets of the month.

10-24-14 (6)

10-24-14 (4)

10-24-14 (3)So ends this series of nature shots.

Fog ~ Dirt ~ Fall Sunset

The last few days of September.

1 (1)A foggy, fall morning.

1 (4)

1 (6)

2 (1)Cerwin ordered a load of topsoil to fill in a low area in our yard.

2 (2)

2 (4)

2 (6)Then he borrowed my brothers’ skid loader to level it.


It was not enough, so he ordered a partial load the next day. Then it rained, then he was busy, then it rained, then it rained. So there is still a pile of dirt in our yard. 🙂

3 (1)We have been having some beautiful fall evenings.

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (7)

4 (2)I love a beautiful, fall sunset.

I Want To Be LIke This Corn Stalk

 Each time I drive by this single corn stalk in the field near our house, I think…

I want to be like this corn stalk. I want to be strong enough in my faith in God to stand strong – and alone if necessary.

DSC_9329I want to trust God when the news is frightening.

Because He said I should.

I want to show love to the person who is being cruel to me.

Because He said I should

I want to live a life of joy when things are tough.

Because He said I should.

I want to show patience when waiting is difficult.

Because He said I should.

DSC_9331But sometimes…

I worry when I should pray.

I react with words of frustration when I should wait.

I complain when things are not as I like.

I am impatient when I think God is moving too slow.


I am grateful for a loving God who patiently molds and makes me (even when I make mistakes) and I know that when I trust in Him, and wait on Him, He will give me strength to stand strong and tall – just like the corn stalk


Plant your roots in Christ and let him be the foundation for your life. Be strong in your faith, just as you were taught. And be grateful. Colossians 2:7 Contemporary English Version (CEV)


September 23, 24, & 26

1 (2)The early morning shadows captured my attention on Tuesday, September 23.

1 (3)

1 (1)

9-24 (1)The next day Cerwin was up early to take Jesse and Jared to the All Pro Dad breakfast at their grade school.

9-24 (2)They arrived early. Cerwin took pictures with his cell phone.

Jere was on a business trip and asked Cerwin if he could take the boys. Cerwin enjoys the opportunity to do this now and then.

9-24 (3)We are blessed to live in a public school district that encourages these opportunities for dads (and grandpas) and a few mothers to share a breakfast with their children and listen to a challenging message.

9-24 (4)On this day the challenge was on acceptance.


This is from the Pro Dad website:

All Pro Dad’s Day is a simple idea with a profound impact that can really strengthen a dad’s relationship with his children. Start a chapter at your child’s school, and you will get to discuss topics such as The Power of Being Consistent, Seeing from a New Perspective, Learning Contentment, and Encouraging Creativity.

9-25 (1)On Friday we woke up to a beautiful foggy morning.

9-25 (2)

9-25 (3)Everywhere I looked there was a beautiful haze.

9-25 (5)

9-25 (6)

9-25 (7)

9-25 (4)I love a foggy morning.

Sam’s Orchard

Sunday Morning, September 21

I made sure I had time to walk through Sam Rittenhouse’s orchard and garden following breakfast on Sunday morning.



3Sam and Cerwin visited while I walked among the trees and flowers to enjoy the early fall beauty.

3a (1)Sam could tell you the name and variety of every flower, berry, apple, pear, fig, and strawberry, but I can’t so I will just show you the pictures.


3a (2)

3a (3)

3a (4)

3a (5)





5 (1)

5 (2)

5 (3)

5 (4)



6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)

6 (4)

6 (5)

6 (5a) (1)

6 (5a) (2)

6 (6)I think these flowers are his sister’s. She lives next door and they work together on their land.

6 (7)

6 (9)

6 (10)

6 (11)

6 (12)

6 (13)

6 (14)

6 (15)




8 (1)

8 (2)

8 (3)


61-DSC_9124I think I could walk through gardens every day of my life.

Maybe when I get to Heaven I will get that opportunity.