Today, after delivering nine trays of mail to the post office and taking care of some business at Landis Homes, Cerwin and I visited Uncle John, whose wife, Bertha, died on Monday. Then we went to the next building to see Cerwin’s mother.

I noticed on the calendar that Mount Calvary Church was giving a program in East Bethany Chapel.

We asked Mother if she would like to go. She seemed pleased to have something to do, so we wheeled her down the hall and around a few turns.

DSC_2988Imagine my delight and surprise when I realized that my Aunt Hazel (center) and her sisters Pauline and Jean were part of the program.

Hazel is married to my mother’s brother, Lester Hawthorne. Lester was also there, but I did not get a photo of him.

DSC_2992I think the last time I heard them sing was sixty-five years ago – at another aunt and uncle’s wedding – when I was a five-year-old flower girl.

DSC_2995I did not know the others who participated in the Christmas program, but each one did an excellent job.

DSC_2997When this man began playing, Cerwin leaned over toward me and said, “That is how to play guitar.”

DSC_3000He is incredibly talented. Cerwin compared him to Chet Atkins.

I am so glad that we did not miss this program.

Afterwards, Cerwin had an appointment (for new hearing aids), we did a bit of grocery shopping, and then went to Outback for supper.

DSC_3003It seems like it has been quite awhile since we went out together for a nice meal – just the two of us.

It was a cold, rainy day – but my heart was incredibly blessed.

Thomas Point Beach Bluegrass ~ Sunday

Sunday, August 31

01-DSC_8534The concert began with an extremely emotional, mostly gospel program by White Mountain Bluegrass as it was the last performance by the parents.

02-DSC_8535The New England Bluegrass Band

03-DSC_8541Lydia (our granddaughter) and Diane (our daughter) made us the neatest lunch! We each had our own jar of salad and dessert.

04-DSC_8543I felt so “cool” eating lunch from a jar.

05-DSC_8549You are always guaranteed a fun-filled concert when The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band With Leroy Troy is on stage.

06-DSC_8560Balsam Range

07-DSC_8565Twisted Pine was the winner of Thomas Point Beach Showcase Band Contest on Thursday.

08-DSC_8567Thomas Point Beach Children of Bluegrass with Williamson Branch

09-DSC_8569The weather forecast predicted rain by 5:00 PM ~ and it was accurate!

10-DSC_8572We quickly decided to go back to the tent while there was still room.

12-DSC_8576We were surprised at how many people stayed in the open with umbrellas.


14-DSC_8580Anyone who knows anything about bluegrass is familiar with Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys.

15-DSC_8582He is 87 years old, and this summer was supposed to be his farewell tour – but he changed his mind. He is going to keep going. 🙂


17-DSC_8592I walked toward the front to get a picture of the group when this band member played this ram’s horn shofar.

It was amazing. I stood there almost expecting the Lord to return.

18-DSC_8594This is what the tent looked like as I approached our seats.

19-DSC_8600The final performance for this year’s festival was Dailey & Vincent. There is a reason that they are last. They are the best and have won many awards.

I liked the way the stage was framed by the people and tent in front of me.

Shortly after I took this picture (about halfway through their concert) a thunder storm approached and a flash of lightening lit up the audience, and within seconds Pati (owner of the campground) wisely stopped the concert.

We picked up our chairs and headed home – satisfied that we had a fabulous weekend.

Some of our grandchildren stayed and enjoyed music under the tent, and I think there was some singing in the Snack Bar.

Thomas Point Bluegrass Festival ~ Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday, August 31

1 (1)We have never attended the 9:00 AM worship service on the beach ~ because we like to stay in touch with the church friends where Mark and Diane and their family attend.

But this year we decided that we were going to join the beach fellowship ~ and we were glad we did.

1 (2)We were excited to see so many people at the service.

1 (3)

1 (4)Pastor Mike and Mary Robinson spend most of the year in their motor home traveling up and down the east coat to bluegrass festivals sharing the message of faith and music.

1 (5)

1 (6)This man was gathering clams, and got to enjoy the music as he worked.

1 (7)There was a cross for a backdrop.

1 (8)

1 (9)Preparing to sing Amazing Grace


3 (1)

3 (2)It was nice that the morning clouds hid the sun as the crowd was facing east.

3 (3)They led us in singing several songs, every now and then featuring some of the people who practiced with them the day before.

3 (4)

3 (9)After about half an hour of singing, Mike shared a challenging message on creation.

3 (10)

3 (11)

3 (12)

3 (5)They closed the service about 9:45 so we could get to the festival music which was starting at 10:00 AM.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow night.

Thomas Point Beach ~ Bluegrass ~ Day 2

Saturday, August 30

01-DSC_8430Heze was working on “Old Moxie” when we left for the bluegrass concert on Saturday morning. I don’t think he had a name for her the day before.

02-DSC_8437The Spinney Brothers

Some of the groups were repeats of the day before, so I only took a few pictures – of the groups I had not previously photographed.

03-DSC_8440Sisters of Williamson Branch playing the same fiddle.

04-DSC_8443It was an emotional weekend for White Mountain Bluegrass as this was the final concert for the parents, Hazel (sitting) and Herman (back right).

05-DSC_8447Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass

06-DSC_8454Someone was usually at the Jenga when I took my camera for a walk.

07-DSC_8458Enjoying the beach.





12-DSC_8476On my way back to the concert a new person was at the Jenga game.

13-DSC_8479Balsam Range

14-DSC_8481A beautiful sky after supper.



17-DSC_8487The closing concert of the day was The Del McCoury Band.


It was another delightful day of relaxing music.

Thomas Point Beach ~ Bluegrass ~ Day 1

Thursday, August 29

1 (2)The day always begins with the national anthems of the United States and Canada. This man sang, O Canada.

1 (1)Canada is honored because a few musicians are from Canada and there is a good representation of Canadians in the audience.

1 (3)Rhonda Vincent sang The Star Spangled Banner

1 (4)Mike Mulligan (son of Thomas Point Beach owner, Pati Crooker) led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

1 (5)The music began with Barefoot Movement. Yes they sang barefooted!

1 (7)The Steel Wheels quickly became my favorite group of the weekend. I loved their sound, which was bluesy-mountain-folk in style.

1 (6)They called this their ugly stick, and used it to keep time in a few songs.

1 (8)Williamson Branch was a delight to listen to, as many of their songs were Gospel. The group is made up of a father, mother, and three daughters.

1 (9)They asked a friend (banjo) to join them for the weekend. The girls did some clogging as one of them is a champion clogger.

1 (10)The Lonely Heartstring Band

1 (12)I went for a walk shortly after lunch.

1 (11)Mike made two large Jenga games that many people played during the weekend.

1a (2)It was a pretty time to walk around the grounds as the tide was in.

1a (1)High tide usually means there are a few boats and canoes in the water. These two amused me, because it looked like they were on cell phones. 🙂

1a (3)Rhonda Vincent’s bus

1a (4)Vendor row

1a (5)This view of the water was from the campground.

2 (2)The sound of people playing instruments was everywhere as I walked through the campground.

2 (1)

2 (3)

2 (4)

2 (6)

2 (5)This lady said she was taking her “baby” for a walk.

2 (7)Back at the concert The New England Bluegrass Band was on stage.

2 (8)Rhonda Vincent & The Rage are a crowd favorite. When she sang “His Promised Land” you could have heard a pin drop.

Outside music events are not usually real quiet because there are vendors and lots of people walking around talking, but this song got everyone’s attention. I said to Cerwin, “Listen to the silence.”

2 (9)Reno & Harrell

2 (10)My favorite The Steel Wheels were back.

2 (11)I noticed this girl playing Jenga during supper break.

2 (12)The Maine Youth Bluegrass Ensemble opened the evening program.

2 (13)I enjoyed an evening walk as I listened to the music.

2 (14)It was now low tide.

2 (15)

2 (16)

2 (17)

2 (18)I got a delicious lobster roll here.

2 (19)Back to the concert.

2 (20)

2 (21)Rhonda back on the stage

2 (22)Her two son-in-laws play in her band.

3I enjoy the tight harmony of The Gibson Brothers which was the closing concert for the evening.

I should correct that. They were the closing concert on the stage. There is always field picking and singing, but that music is not amplified around the grounds.


It was a delightful, relaxing day. Thomas Point is only about two miles from Mark and Diane’s house, so it doesn’t take us very long to get home each evening.

Food & Bluegrass

Saturday, July 12 ~ At Jakey & Crystal’s (our niece) new house.

Bluegrass and Food (1)I took only a few pictures of the delicious food.

Bluegrass and Food (2)Every couple brought a dish or two.

Bluegrass and Food (3)

Bluegrass and Food (4)

Bluegrass and Food (5)Crystal is standing at the door.

Bluegrass and Food (6)There was a light rain after supper, so they began pickin’ and singin’ in the garage.

Bluegrass and Food (7)

Bluegrass and Food (8)

Bluegrass and Food (10)

Bluegrass and Food (9)

Bluegrass and Food (11)We all enjoyed watching Bryson crawling on his hands and feet.

Bluegrass and Food (12)

Bluegrass and Food (13)I don’t think this is the first time he helped his daddy (our nephew Bryan) play guitar. 🙂

Bluegrass and Food (14)

Bluegrass and Food (15)Mamma Leslie was nearby to make sure he was okay.

Bluegrass and Food (16)

Bluegrass and Food (17)Bryan surprised his dad (Cerwin’s brother) and went to Virginia to bring Elvin’s friend Luther to this special evening. Luther is blind, and an amazing guitar player and singer.

Bluegrass and Food (29)Luther is seated in the foreground.

Bluegrass and Food (26)Elvin was also surprised to see two of his bluegrass friends from New Jersey (center – banjo and guitar).

Bluegrass and Food (18)It was a fabulous evening of old bluegrass and gospel songs.

Bluegrass and Food (22)

Bluegrass and Food (21)

Bluegrass and Food (20)

Bluegrass and Food (19)

Bluegrass and Food (23)

Bluegrass and Food (27)

Bluegrass and Food (25)Cerwin and his brother, Elvin, singing.

Bluegrass and Food (24)

Bluegrass and Food (30)

Bluegrass and Food (31)It was a delightful, relaxing evening.

Bluegrass and Food (32)Super moon was coming over the horizon as we prepared to go home.

Music For Spring

Fifth and Sixth Grade Band, Orchestra, and Chorus

Tuesday, May 6 ~ At Our Local Middle School

1 (1)Welcome by Dr. Richardson

1 (2)Orchestra ~ Director Mrs. Shirk

1 (3)The Lion Sleeps Tonight ~ Bob Cerulli

Double Trouble ~ Loreta Fin

1 (4)Star Dancer ~ Mark Williams

Caribbean Delight ~ Victor Lopez

1 (5)Jazz Band ~ Director Mr. Eisenreich

1 (6)Tyrannosaurus Charlie ~ Dean Sorenson

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ~ Joe Zawinul/Mike Story

Blues to Grown On ~ Dean Sorenson

Play That Funky Music ~ Robert Parissi/Mike Story

1 (7)Chorus ~ Directors, Mrs. Brubaker with Mrs. Barclay on Piano

1 (9)Following the Drinking Gourd ~ African American Spiritual

1 (8)Reflections of a Lad at Sea, The Captain’s Mate, The Ghost Ship ~ Don Besig and Nancy Price

Fifty Nifty United States ~ Ray Charles

1 (11)Shades ~ Hank Beebe

1 (10)

2Band ~ Director Mr. Eisenreich

DSC_9229This is why we attended this musical ~ to watch our grandson Ian play in the band.

DSC_9233We learned to sit on the balcony so we can see him, as those playing cymbals, bells, and the bass drum stand in the back.

DSC_9217Raiders March ~ John Williams/Jack Bullock

Themes from Harry Potter ~ John Williams/Paul Cook

DSC_9265Kingdom Hearts Theme ~ Hikaru Utada/Michael Story

Star Wars ~ John Williams/Carl Strommen

DSC_9278Great job, Ian!

I love hearing you play.

Piano Recital

By Students of Rachel Siegrist ~ Sunday Afternoon, April 6, 2014

1We enjoyed a delightful recital in the chapel at Pleasant View Retirement Community.

I wanted to include each student in one entry, so used more photos than I usually do.

DSC_7240Prelude by Renee – granddaughter of Rachel.

1a (1)Rachel – a friend of ours – is the student’s teacher, including our grandchildren Jana and Jared. In this photo she is welcoming the audience.

1a (2)Anya ~ Carol of the Bells ~ Leontovich

1a (3)Quinn ~ Flying Fingers ~ Vandoll

1a (4)Heather ~ Hoe-Down ~ Rollin

1a (5)Carrie ~ Canon in D ~ Pachelbel

1a (6)Carlie ~ Will You Be There ~ Jackson

1a (7)Crissa ~ We Three Kings/Fur Elise ~ Hopkins/Beethoven

1a (8)Alicia ~ Breathe ~ Barnett

1a (9)Renee ~ Prelude in C# Minor Op. 3 #2 ~ Rachmaninoff

1a (10)Makayla ~ River Flows in You ~ Yiruma

1a (11)Colleen ~ Waterfall ~ Schmidt

1a (12)Alexis ~ Ballade ~ Burgmuller

1a (13)Carson ~ Hungarian Dance #5 ~ Brahms

1a (14)Anya played a prelude following a break – inviting us to take our seats.

1a (15)Claryn ~ LeRetour – Burgmuller

1a (16)Jana ~ In Schubert’s Day ~ Krentzlin

1a (17)Georgie ~ Beautiful One ~ Hughs

1a (18)Tianna ~ The Entertainer ~ Joplin

1a (19)Kevin ~ Shout to the Lord ~ Zschech

1a (20)Jenna ~ River Flows in You ~ Yiruma

1a (21)Kristy ~ Tarantella in G Minor ~ Austin

1a (22)Heather ~ The Black Hawk Waltz ~ Walsh

1a (23)Rachelle ~ Breathe ~ Barnett

1a (24)Jared ~ The Chariot Race ~ Unknown

1a (25)Gretchen ~ Rise and Shine ~ American Folk Song

1a (26)Brooke ~ Tiger Lilies ~ Gerlach

1a (27)The grand finale was a duet by siblings ~ Makayla and Quinn.


I could listen to these recitals more than once a year.

Oh, What a Salvation This ~ That Christ Liveth in Me

I woke up with this song in my head and on my heart.

I love when that happens, and expect it is because we sang it in church last night. (We are having revival services ~ with Dwane Schildt as evangelist.)



The song was written by Daniel W. Whittle (1840-1901)…


…and put to music by James McGranahan (1840-1907)


It was inspired by Galatians 2:20:

I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. Galatians 2:20 (New King James Version)

Indianapolis to Branson

1It is always delightful to see the 198 foot tall cross when we travel through Effingham, Illinois.

DSC_9571Enjoying coffee, the scenery, and three hours of Gospel music on Sirius Radio (bluegrass channel) was heavenly.

2As we talked about the delightful, heavenly morning, we came upon highway that was quite bumpy.

I said to Cerwin, “This road reminds us that we are not yet on streets of gold.” 🙂

DSC_9534Someone is getting a large delivery of pipe fittings.


DSC_9572One of our first sightings of the St. Louis Arch.


DSC_9601There were many large sign advertisements – during the last half hour before arriving at Branson.

DSC_9602Missouri hills

DSC_9607Branson is definitely a city of food, music and entertainment.

DSC_9609Cerwin was into something smoked and made of beef, so we stopped at this restaurant near our motel.

DSC_9612We enjoyed the delightful music of this country music crooner while having our first real meal of the day – smoked brisket and a salad bar.

DSC_9613There was also a friendly man in the entrance area who helped us organize our three days in Branson – with information about the best concerts.

DSC_9615Our first tickets were to hear The Texas Tenors at Starlite Theatre. I took this picture in the diner/entrance area. This was about two hours after supper, so a dip of vanilla ice cream sounded good while we waited for the theatre doors to open.




DSC_9628Oh, my! What an incredibly, fabulous concert.

DSC_9636Some of you will remember them from “America’s Got Talent” in 2009 – when they became famous, even though they did not win the top spot.

DSC_9647The concert included gospel, patriotic (Veteran’s Day is a big deal here in Branson), classical, country, and familiar Christmas songs.

DSC_9649John Hagen reading the story of the birth of Jesus from Luke.

DSC_9655They enjoy having fun with their amazing talent.


DSC_9661If you go to Branson, don’t miss this concert.