Gospel Music Festival – Part 3

Sunday, September 3 – American Music Theatre, Lancaster, PA.

Sunday morning worship opened with a concert by Soul’d Out Quartet.

Dr. Phil Hoskins preached the morning message and had several interesting stories from his many years of preaching.

A few notes I wrote:

What you believe, you eventually become.

I want to cross the finish line with my torch still burning.

Maintain your Christian character. Maintain your compassion.

Since there was no charge for the morning service and our two extra seats were vacant, Nsimba and Elizabeth chose to go back. We walked across this bridge to Panera Bread for lunch. (Two young men were pleased to use our two extra seats for the evening service.)

We tried a variety of poses to get some pictures of them.

We enjoyed watching this mule in the field next to the bridge.

Soul’d Out opened the evening concert.

Wes Hampton (tenor for Gaither Vocal Band)

Booth Brothers

Daily and Vincent are one of our favorite groups.

They had a few young, talented musicians with their group.


We were blessed to just sit and relax and soak in the ministry of each of the individual people and groups.

Gospel Music Festival – Part 2

Saturday afternoon and evening, September 2

This was Nsimba’s 2017 birthday gift. He and our granddaughter Elizabeth arrived from Maine the night before. (Photo without flash)

With flash

Southern Raised opened the afternoon concert.

They do bluegrass gospel, but are classically trained and brought the audience to their feet with a Beethoven piece.

Aaron Wilburn was back with his comedy.

Legecy Five

They have a very talented pianist.

Jimmy Fortune is one of my favorite singers.

During evening break we walked across the street (busy Route 30 East) to Cracker Barrel for supper.

Tribute Quartet opened the evening program.


For some reason I forgot to take a picture of Larry Gatlin.


The Hoppers closed the evening program. I think this was Nsimba’s favorite group. He loves Southern Gospel music but had never been to a live concert. It was fun taking him to his first concert. Knowing that he was blessed, was a blessing to us.

Paraguayan Folk Harp Concert

Sunday Evening, September 25

dsc_7945We were pleased to learn (via Facebook) that the Klassen’s were in our area on Sunday evening.

The pictures aren’t great because the lights were behind them, and I didn’t want to use a flash.

dsc_7947He is an amazing harpist and entertaining story teller, and uses those talents to challenge Christians to live faithful, happy, godly lives.

dsc_7949He learned to play harp in a Paraguayan jungle – on an old harp. He and his brother replaced missing strings with fishing line.

dsc_7950His wife, Christine, is from Canada – where they live today. She accompanies him on keyboard.

dsc_7955I love to hear the stories of his youth in the jungle of Paraguay where he lived in a large Mennonite colony.

dsc_7953Today he and Christine travel around the world sharing the gospel with his harp, her keyboard, and his entertaining, challenging stories.

dsc_7957We first heard them on our cruise to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick last fall.

We just may go with them on another cruise in 2018 – to Mexico – in mid-winter.

Pennsylvania Gospel Music Festival

September 9, 10, 11

If you follow my blog and Facebook page you know that I rarely post pictures in real time – or in this case a bit ahead of real time. 🙂 But I have reason to post these pictures this morning. (Read the last paragraph.)

1-1We are currently enjoying the gospel music festival at Hershey Theatre – a 53rd anniversary gift from our wonderful children. This picture was taken when we arrived on Friday evening – the opening concert.

1-2We haven’t been to this gospel festival for many years for several reasons. It is often held on Labor Day weekend and we are usually visiting our Maine family and the bluegrass festival near their house. This year the gospel festival is not on Labor Day weekend and the bluegrass festival near the Myers house was cancelled due to the illness and death of the venue owner.

Next year the gospel music festival will go back to Labor Day weekend and will be held at American Music Theatre. We are thinking of reserving seats, because some of our favorite gospel bluegrass groups will be there.

1-3Going to Hershey for the past few days gives me a feeling of going “home” because I was born in Hershey Hospital when my parents worked on one of the Milton Hershey farms that were associated with the Hershey Boys School and Foundation.

I had never been to the theatre and am fascinated by this beautiful, old building that seats 1,904 people.

From the Internet: The magnificent Hershey Theatre was conceived by entrepreneur and philanthropist Milton S. Hershey in the early twentieth century. Lancaster architect C. Emlen Urban drew the plans for the Community Center Building in 1915; however, it was built between 1929 and 1933 as part of Mr. Hershey’s “Great Building Campaign” of the Great Depression, which also produced such Hershey landmarks as the Hotel Hershey, the Hersheypark Arena, and the Hershey Stadium.

2-1The concert began on Friday evening at 7:00 PM with a concert by the Erwins. We love our center section, seventh row, aisle seats. I was challenged by the words of one of their songs that included the words, Lord I’m chasing after You.

2-2Comedian Tim Lovelace has been our funny and interesting master of ceremonies. He reminded us that God, the composer of life, is writing your song.

2-4Karen Peck and New River gave a beautiful concert. I was encouraged by the song with the words, “Everyone is going through something and everyone faces storms, but I would sure rather go through something with Him.”

A featured musician in the group, Ricky Braddy (second from left) was in the top 15 of Season 8 of American Idol.

2-6My favorite group of Friday night was Triumphant Quartet. I love their style and harmony.

2-7My favorite song of the night – and maybe the concert – was this father-son duet (Clayton and Scott Inman) singing about the power of the scriptures – from Genesis to Revelation – during Triumphant Quartet’s concert.

2-8The newest group of the weekend is Cana’s Voice – a combination of three soloists forming one group: Jody McBrayer, TaRanda Greene and Doug Anderson. We enjoyed them together and as soloists throughout the concert.



Because I wanted to post the pictures of this weekend before we leave for Texas, I didn’t want to take a lot of phots, plus it is difficult to get good shots because of the lighting. I left my camera at home for the rest of the concert.

img_20160910_162432Yesterday (Saturday) I took several pictures with my cell phone to comment on a few highlights. We were interested in hearing the Perry’s because they are coming to the Truck Rally in 2017. We were blessed by their songs and testimony – especially since Tracy Stuffle’s stroke that has him in a wheel chair. I was blessed by their song that included the words: Keep on. Stay strong. Be brave. Pray hard.

img_20160910_190228Then there was Gordon Mote. Oh, my, what an amazing pianist – and he is blind.

One of my favorite comments by him: “How many of you have never seen me before?” After many of us raised our hands, he said, “Join the ranks. I have never seen me either.” 🙂

img_20160910_194801I took this picture of Doug Anderson (of Cana’s Voice) to show you what I mean about the fabulous stage lighting which made taking photos a bit difficult.

A group (whom I did not photograph) from yesterday were The Penny Loafers who are a capella with a distinct doo-wop sound. I think they were in their third song before I realized they were a capella. 🙂

img_20160910_210345A truly amazing group from yesterday was the Collingsworth Family. It was a highlight to listen and watch Kim (mother) on the piano. They brought the audience to their feet with The Battle Hymn of the Republic. She takes her piano with her to every concert. Afterward I asked Phil (father) if they could put it on a flatbed truck. He said they could! I need to call their agent to see if we can line them up for our 2018 Truck Rally.

Sunday (today)

We are looking forward to another day of music – beginning at 10:00 AM with music by The Couriers and preaching by Dave Kyllonen (of the Couriers).

The Couriers were one of the first gospel music groups Cerwin and I ever saw in concert. During our dating days Cerwin and I broke up between October 1961 and May 1962. Our first date back together was going to a Couriers concert in Harrisburg. Interesting that we are going to hear them again for our 53rd wedding anniversary. 🙂

This afternoon and evening should be a great finale with The Hoppers, Greater Vision, and Brian Free and Assurance.



We plan to begin our trip to Houston, Texas. Cerwin wants to be pulling out of the TFC parking lot by 5 AM – to deliver the newest chapel to the Flying J, at US 59 and Highway 242. I will update you on our trip as I can because we know there are family and TFC friends and staff who are praying for us and want to follow our trip – especially Chaplain Don DeSimone and his wife, Barbara in Texas. We look forward to meeting them on Wednesday – Lord willing.

Music for Spring

Tuesday Evening, May 17

We love being invited to school concerts where our grandchildren are involved.

1This one involved our grandson Ian.

DSC_2368Welcome by Mrs. Debbie Rill, Interim Principal at Manheim Central Middle School

DSC_2374Seventh and Eighth Grade Orchestra – Mrs. Shenna Shirk, Director

String Ensemble

Viva La Vida – Berryman, Buckland, Champion and Martin – arr. Larry Moore

DSC_2381Seventh and Eighth Grade Select String Ensemble – Courtney Weaver, Solo

On an Eastern Shore – Alan Lee Silva

DSC_2386Time Machine – Richard Meyer

DSC_2388Iroquois Journey – Doug Spata

DSC_2391Luminescence – Alan Lee Silva

DSC_2401Seventh and Eighth Grade Jazz Band – Mr. John Brackbill, Director

Scooby-Doo, Where are You? – David Mook and Ben Raleigh – arr. Mike Lewis

DSC_2404April in Paris – Vernon Duke and E.Y. Harburg – arr. Rick Stitzel

DSC_2405Birdland – Josef Zawinul – arr. Michael Sweeney

DSC_2411Spinning Wheel – David Clayton Thomas – arr. Michael Sweeney

DSC_2412Flight of the Foo Birds – Neal Hefti – arr. Roy Phillipe

DSC_2420Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus – Mrs. Stephanie Magaro, Director – Charis Dinger and Shiloh Harrill, Piano

Bonse Alba – Victor C. Johnson

DSC_2421Blackbird – John Lennon and Paul McCartney – arr. Audrey Snyder – Abby Ritter and Francesca McClure, soloists

DSC_2423Rejoice and Sing – Rollo Dilworth

DSC_2434Jailhouse Rock – Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller – arr. Ed Lojeski – by fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade boys

DSC_2438This was the fun song of the evening. 🙂


DSC_2442Meistersingers – Mrs. Stephanie Magaro, Director

DSC_2444Arlequin dans sa boutique – French Folk Song – arr. Earlene Rentz and Suzanne Rita Byrnes – Andrew Rajaratnam, Piano

DSC_2447Letter from a Girl to the World – Andrea Ramsey

DSC_2448And This Shall Be for Music – Mary Lynn Lightfoot

TJ Faulkner, Seth Haldeman, Ethan Harner, Kate Huber, Isaac Martin – percussion

DSC_2451Manheim Momentum Percussion Ensemble – Mrs. Stephanie Smith and Mrs. Chelsea Smith, Lead Instructors

Londonderry Air – Traditional – arr. Mario Gaetano

DSC_2458Xylophonia – Joe Green – arr. Bob Becker

DSC_2472Seventh and Eighth Grade Band – Mr. John Brackbill, Director

This is the group that we had been waiting for. 🙂 Ian is second from left – standing in the back.

DSC_2479Ian (green shirt) does a great job in perrcussion.

Themes from Jurassic Park – John Williams – arr. Michael Sweeney

DSC_2495Ionosphere – Dwight Beckham, Sr.

DSC_2521Ancient Ritual – Elliot Del Borgo

DSC_2535Fire Dance – David Shaffer


DSC_2558Good job, Ian!

DSC_2560Thanks for inviting us!

Holiday Concert at Middle School ~ Seventh & Eighth Grades

Tuesday Evening, December 15

DSC_5889But, first the pretty Tuesday morning sky.


DSC_5895Arriving at Manheim Central Middle School


DSC_5897Welcome: Mrs. Debbie Rill, Assistant Principal


Photos were taken from the balcony without a flash.

DSC_5902String Orchestra – Mrs. Shenna Shirk, Director

Snowflake – Yukiko Nishimura

DSC_5905Cold of Winter-Le Froid de L’hiver – Soon Hee Newbold

DSC_5907Dance of the Reed Flutes – Tchaikovsky/arr. Gruselle

DSC_5912Jazz Band: Mr. John Brackbill, Director

Jammin’ with Charlie – Dean Sorenson

DSC_5915Jingle All the Way – James Pierpont/arr. Lopez

DSC_5917Choir: Mrs. Stephanie Magaro, Director

In Dulci Jubilo – Emily Crocker

DSC_5919God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen – Trad/arr.Campbell

DSC_5920Peppermint Winter – Adam Young/arr.Snyder, as recorded by Owl City

DSC_5926Meistersingers Select Choir: Mrs. Stephanie Magaro, Director

New Year Carol – Benjamin Britten

DSC_5927Silent Night – Trad./arr.Emerson, as recorded by Pentatonix

DSC_5931Concert Band: Mr. John Brackbill, Director

Look for our grandson Ian in the salmon colored shirt.

DSC_5933Noel Fantasy – arr. James Curnow




DSC_5950The Holly and the Ivy – Trad. English Carol/arr. Gassi



DSC_5961\ DSC_5968A Crazy Mixed-Up Christmas Concert – David Shaffer



DSC_5980Recognizing the directors and promoting Manheim Central Music shirts


DSC_5988When the program was over, and I looked over the balcony, I saw friends from church, Jerry and Jen. They had no clue I was looking down on them. 🙂

DSC_5991Ian can now relax – the concert is over.

DSC_5993Good job, Ian.

He enjoys playing percussion.

TFC Truck/Car/Cycle Show & Banquet

Saturday, September 19

0aIt was a beautiful afternoon for Bucks-Montgomery Chapter’s Truck Show.

1 (1)

1 (2)


2 (1)

2 (2)

2 (3)

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)

2 (8)

2 (9)


3 (1)

3 (2)

4 (1)

4 (2)

2 (4)

4 (3)


5a (1)

5a (2)By 6 PM it was time for the evening dinner concert.

5a (3)

5a (4)

5a (5)

5a (6)

5a (7)Scott Weidner, TFC President and CEO gave a ministry update.

5a (7a)We enjoyed a great concert by King’s Strings. They are a family of nine children. Two of them are in college, so there were only seven at this concert. Five are birth children and four are adopted. The baby is not yet playing an instrument. 🙂

5a (8)They all wore the same style and color sneaker.

5a (9)

5a (11)The mother of the family.

5a (13)They are incredibly talented and played by using a lot of unusual styles and methods.

5a (14)



DSC_0829One daughter went out in the audience and danced a jig with Jason Shelly – the MC for the evening – while playing fiddle.


DSC_0837Playing with the bow between their legs.


DSC_0841We were blessed by their fabulous concert.

Bluegrass Festival in Maine – Day 3

Sunday, September 6

We were at the beach early – 8:30 – for the morning worship service with Mike and Mary Robinson.

Bluegrass (1)This small boat was anchored here all weekend, and looked different each time I went by – depending on the tide and time of day.

Bluegrass (2)We watched these birds from a distance while waiting for the service to begin.

Bluegrass (3)

Bluegrass (4)Mike (blue shirt – center) and Mary (blue dress/red blouse) invite others to join them for the Bluegrass Gospel Sing and Jam.

Bluegrass (5)

Bluegrass (6)We sang songs like “Will the Circle be Unbroken”, “Amazing Grace”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, and “Do Lord.”

Bluegrass (7)

Bluegrass (8)

Bluegrass (9)Mark, Diane, and Hezekiah are in the back row – close to the camera – 3rd, 4th, and 5th from the right. Elizabeth is in the front on the right. Cerwin was next to Hezekiah, and Hannah and Lydia came after I took this picture.

Bluegrass (10)

Bluegrass (11)Some listened from their canoes.

Bluegrass (12)The man in the white “Bluegrass” shirt often whistled the chorus.

Bluegrass (13)

Bluegrass (14)

Bluegrass (15)

Bluegrass (16)The festival sketch artist was sitting next to me.

Bluegrass (17)I asked him if he has been sketching his entire life.

He replied, “My brother said I was born with a pencil in my hand.”

Bluegrass (18)Pastor Mike’s Sermon was about the significance of Peter walking on water and applying it to our lives.

Realize – a trouble or need

Recognize – that the solution is Jesus

Respond – get out of the boat

Rely – on Jesus to finish well

Bluegrass (19)

Bluegrass (20)If I remember correctly this was a grandson and grandfather singing.

Bluegrass (21)

Bluegrass (22)

Bluegrass (23)

Bluegrass (24)

Bluegrass (25)

Bluegrass (26)Going for a cup of water.

Bluegrass (27)

Bluegrass (28)Got it

Bluegrass (29)

Bluegrass (30)The Larry Stephenson Band opened at 10:00 on the stage.

Bluegrass (31)Della Mae

I enjoy their style and sound.

Bluegrass (32)Town Mountain

Bluegrass (33)Photos from my lunch walk.

Bluegrass (34)

Bluegrass (35)

Bluegrass (36)The sketch artist was putting the finishing touches on the morning worship service.

Bluegrass (37)Lonely Heartstring Band

Bluegrass (38)The Blue Angels are back for their final show of the weekend.

Bluegrass (39)

Bluegrass (40)Someone said, “It doesn’t get any better than a weekend of Blue Angels, blue skies, and bluegrass. 🙂

Bluegrass (41)

Bluegrass (42)Our last sight of them.

Bluegrass (43)Heze’s sweet Sarah joined him for the evening program.

Bluegrass (44)Another plane leaving the naval base.

Bluegrass (45)Evening reflections at high tide.

Bluegrass (46)

Bluegrass (47)There’s that boat again.

Bluegrass (48)My favorite group of the day – The Gibson Brothers. The two brothers are in the center playing banjo and guitar.

They have great sibling harmony and comedy.

Bluegrass (49)Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives closed the stage show. They are incredibly talented musicians.

After the stage shows, there is the Late Night Stage (10:30) under the tent with Tennessee Mafia Jug Band with Leroy Troy. Town Mountain was on at 11:45.

I can’t stay awake that late, but Diane, Elizabeth, Hannah, Heze, and Lydia stayed until sometime after midnight. Mark went home early because he had to be at work before sunrise on Monday morning.

Bluegrass (50)It was an incredibly relaxing three days.

Bluegrass Festival in Maine – Day 2

Saturday, September 5

Bluegrass Saturday (1)Cerwin wanted me to get a picture of this Mack as we entered Thomas Point Beach..

Bluegrass Saturday (2)

Bluegrass Saturday (3)Williamson Branch girls doing a bit of clogging while their parents played the music.

Bluegrass Saturday (4)Larry Stephenson Band

Bluegrass Saturday (5)Karl Shiflett and Big Country Show

Bluegrass Saturday (6)Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa

Bluegrass Saturday (7)The beach is a great place for digging and playing – especially when the tide is out.

Bluegrass Saturday (8)

Bluegrass Saturday (9)Town Mountain

Bluegrass Saturday (10)A lobster!

Bluegrass Saturday (11)Beaches are great places for flying kites.

Bluegrass Saturday (17)

Bluegrass Saturday (12)These young people were having fun on a floating couch.

Bluegrass Saturday (13)Rose hips

Bluegrass Saturday (14)

Bluegrass Saturday (15)A beautiful afternoon for sailing.

Bluegrass Saturday (18)The air show has begun at the naval base just behind these trees.

Bluegrass Saturday (19)

Bluegrass Saturday (20)

Bluegrass Saturday (21)

Bluegrass Saturday (22)

Bluegrass Saturday (23)

Bluegrass Saturday (24)

Bluegrass Saturday (25)

Bluegrass Saturday (26)Evening reflections

Bluegrass Saturday (27)

Bluegrass Saturday (28)

Bluegrass Saturday (29)The lady said she walks with him so she get attention. 🙂

Bluegrass Saturday (30)An evening row

Bluegrass Saturday (31)I was looking for this – and found it in the main lodge. The banjo flower arrangement that was given to Pati during the opening program on Friday.

Bluegrass Saturday (32)

Bluegrass Saturday (33)Doyle Lawson & Quicksliver always give a great program. I especially like their Gospel songs.

Bluegrass Saturday (34)The closing group for the day was The Earls of Leicester. Oh, my they were good!

It was another relaxing, wonderful day.

Bluegrass Festival – Day 1

Friday, September 4

Thomas Point Beach is a beautiful venue for a bluegrass festival.

Bluegrass day 1 (1)We arrived an hour early on Friday morning – to set up our lawn chairs. We also had chairs for Mark and Diane’s family for Sunday. We put some on the lawn and others under the tent – to protect us from the heat of the afternoon sun.

Bluegrass day 1 (2)This man was testing the sound before the opening ceremony.

Bluegrass day 1 (3)Since I had time, I looked for some photo opportunities.

Bluegrass day 1 (4)There were geraniums in hanging pots under the roof of the main lodge.

Bluegrass day 1 (5)Cerwin liked the side rails on this pickup truck.

Bluegrass day 1 (6)The truck and guitar necks were an advertisement for Bourgeois Guitars.

Bluegrass day 1 (7)

Bluegrass day 1 (8)Cerwin enjoyed talking to a staff person from Bourgeois.

Bluegrass day 1 (9)The opening ceremony included “Oh, Canada” and “Star Spangled Banner”.

Bluegrass day 1 (10)There was barely a breeze in the morning (as you can see in the previous photo) so I took another picture of the flags later in the day.

Bluegrass day 1 (11)Pati Crooker Mulligan (center with blue glasses) owner of Thomas Point Beach was honored with a banjo flower arrangement – by her two sisters.

Bluegrass day 1 (12)Opening group: Michelle Canning and Rough Edges

Bluegrass day 1 (13)Williamson Branch is a regular at this festival and a favorite of ours.

Bluegrass day 1 (14)Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa – my favorite group this year.

Bluegrass day 1 (15)

After lunch I went for a walk around the campground.

Bluegrass day 1 (16)A broad view of the grounds. Some of our chairs were near the blue umbrella on the left. We had several other chairs under this white tent.

Bluegrass day 1 (17)The tide was coming in.

Bluegrass day 1 (18)This is a great place for clamming.

Bluegrass day 1 (19)Not sure why there was a wagon full of stuffed toys near the beach fence.

Bluegrass day 1 (20)It was a beautiful afternoon.

Bluegrass day 1 (22)

Bluegrass day 1 (23)

Bluegrass day 1 (24)

Bluegrass day 1 (25)I love the sights, scents, and sounds of the campground.

Bluegrass day 1 (26)Behind the vendors and the stage (right)

Bluegrass day 1 (27)

Bluegrass day 1 (28)

Bluegrass day 1 (29)

Bluegrass day 1 (30)My favorite vendor at this festival. Love the lobster roll and the crab cakes are incredibly delicious.

Bluegrass day 1 (31)Twisted Pine

Bluegrass day 1 (32)There were two large Jenga games on the grounds.

Bluegrass day 1 (33)

Bluegrass day 1 (34)

Bluegrass day 1 (35)

Bluegrass day 1 (36)Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen

Bluegrass day 1 (37)Lonely Heartstring Band

Bluegrass day 1 (38)

Bluegrass day 1 (39)The home of a Maine Osprey.

Bluegrass day 1 (40)One side benefit of being at Thomas Point Beach this past weekend was the air show at Brunswick Naval Base – next door.

Bluegrass day 1 (41)Friday was the best day to see the Blue Angels, because they were practicing for Saturday and Sunday shows – giving us many opportunities to see and hear them.

Bluegrass day 1 (42)

Bluegrass day 1 (43)

Bluegrass day 1 (44)

Bluegrass day 1 (45)

Bluegrass day 1 (46)

Bluegrass day 1 (47)

Bluegrass day 1 (48)

Bluegrass day 1 (49)

Bluegrass day 1 (50)

Bluegrass day 1 (51)

Bluegrass day 1 (52)

Bluegrass day 1 (53)There were five of them.

Bluegrass day 1 (54)

Bluegrass day 1 (55)

Bluegrass day 1 (56)

Bluegrass day 1 (57)Foghorn Stringband

Bluegrass day 1 (58)

Bluegrass day 1 (59)I went for another walk during the dinner break.

Bluegrass day 1 (60)

Bluegrass day 1 (61)

Bluegrass day 1 (62)

Bluegrass day 1 (63)

Bluegrass day 1 (64)

Bluegrass day 1 (65)

Bluegrass day 1 (66)

Bluegrass day 1 (67)While walking along the beach I came upon this artist and talked to her a bit.

Bluegrass day 1 (68)She was pleased that I asked to take pictures of her.

Bluegrass day 1 (69)

Bluegrass day 1 (70)

Bluegrass day 1 (71)

Bluegrass day 1 (73)

Bluegrass day 1 (72)

Bluegrass day 1 (75)

Bluegrass day 1 (74)  Bluegrass day 1 (76)It was a cool evening, and after ordering a cup of decaf coffee to help me stay warm, I also purchased something new for me – fried dough. This was my supper. 🙂

It was a bit like a donut and came with maple syrup. Cerwin ate about half of it.

Bluegrass day 1 (77)Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa were back after supper.

Bluegrass day 1 (78) We went back to Mark and Diane’s house after Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen because it had gotten quite cold.

We did not stay to hear the Del McCoury Band.

It was a most delightful day.