Make-A-Wish Convoy – Part 2 of 2

This was our view on the 26-mile loop.

DSC_1843Leaving Burle Industries



DSC_1850It was a nice day weather-wise, consequently there were lots of people along the parade route.






























DSC_1942Leaving Ephrata and heading back toward Lancaster.


DSC_1946By this point we usually feel like the convoy has ended, but with so many trucks this year, we followed trucks back to Route 30 West, where we exited to go to the TFC shop.

DSC_1948We even met the end of the parade – still headed toward Ephrata.


DSC_1953It was a great day.

Make-A-Wish Convoy – Part 1 of 2

Mothers Day, Sunday May 8

1 (1)Our view on the way to Burle Industries near Lancaster where the trucks meet before the convoy.

1 (2)Just after we pulled into our space, these trucks entered the lot.

1 (3)

1 (4)

2After getting the chapel set up, we walked around the lot to see other trucks.

I always enjoy seeing what John and Karen Rissler have done with their truck – and love the new lettering.

3 (1)

3 (2)Geff Stoner (center) invited us to his truck for breakfast. He made a delicious egg casserole.

3 (3)I took a few pictures while walking around between trucks.

3 (4)

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (7)


5 (1)

5 (2)

5 (3)We had a packed chapel for the 10 AM service. Packed for a chapel is about two dozen people.

5 (4)Three of John and Karen’s boys joined me in the living quarters of the chapel.

You may have noticed the little one was also in the previous picture. He was not happy on his dad’s lap after seeing his older brothers on the couch. 🙂

5 (5)By the end of the service, the lot was full of people.

5 (6)A new group came for the 11 AM service. Both devotionals were led by Chaplain Jake and his wife Jane. Jane leads the singing and Jake shares the message.

5 (7)

5 (8)After lots of visitors, it was time to put the steps away and prepare for the 1:30 PM convoy.

5 (9)There were lots of people moving toward their spots for viewing the parade.

6 (1)

6 (2)Remember this picture when you scroll down to the next one.

7 (1)This is kind of the same view from the air.

There was a fire truck with a tall ladder parked next to us and giving rides. Inge and I would have liked to go up, but by the time the line shortened, they stopped giving rides. Inge asked one of the ladies with the fire company if she would take her (Inge’s) camera up and take pictures.

I “stole” this picture and the next one from Inge’s blog.

7 (2)This was the view in front of the chapel.

The organizers where hoping for a world record number of trucks in a convoy and they made it by having a reported 590 trucks.

8 (1)

8 (2)Now that is one sharp trucker. His shirt and tie match his truck.

8 (3)The children – and adults – enjoy this clown and his unicycle.

8 (4)I took this photo from the cab of our truck while waiting for the parade to start.

8 (5)The first truck in the convoy was our friends Marv and Fay Sauder.

8 (6)I took only a sampling of the trucks who passed us as we waited our turn.

8 (7)

8 (8)

8 (9)

8 (10)

8 (11)

8 (12)

8 (13)

8 (14)We are next!

I’ll show you our view of the people watching the parade in my next entry – tomorrow night.

Make A Wish Lancaster – The Convoy

Sunday, May 10

DSC_2313The convoy began promptly at 1:30 PM.

DSC_2317Because they exit Burle Business Park to Route 30 West, the trucks go right by the chapel, giving us a good view of those that leave early.

DSC_2318Waiting for their turn to leave the parking lot next to me – on the passenger side of the chapel.

DSC_2319I read several news articles and most say there were 380 trucks this year, with 100 kids getting “their wish” to ride in a truck for the convoy.

DSC_2322The event raised about $300,000.00 for Make a Wish.



DSC_2326We left our spot a 1:47 PM and immediately saw several family members.


DSC_2331The umbrellas were for shade as it was quite humid and warm.



DSC_2338There were lots of signs like this: Blow your air horn – or use your Jake brake.

DSC_2340Ian was our official-air-horn-blower.

We rigged up a plastic grocery bag so he didn’t have to reach over Cerwin’s head and hinder his driving.

He had a lot of fun developing different sounds.



DSC_2347One of the articles I read concerning this day, said there was an estimated 6,000 spectators.

DSC_2352The Rissler’s exited Route 222 N at Brownstown just ahead of us, giving me a good view of their rig.


DSC_2366Now we are going around the exit – to Route 272 – looking up at trucks behind us who are preparing to exit.






DSC_2382Main Street Ephrata (Route 322)





DSC_2397This is the official end of the convoy – as we exit 322 and get back on 222.

DSC_2407There were still a few people – in small groups – watching the trucks.

DSC_2409At one point we had a good view of 272. These trucks were several miles behind us.





DSC_2421Then we met the end of the convoy. These trucks had not yet exited 222 at Brownstown.



DSC_2428My last picture of the day is this Amish girl waving to us.


This shot was taken exactly one hour after the shot of our family waving to us as we left the business park.

Reports say that if you return to Burle Business Park, it will take about 1 hour and 45 minutes to make the 27-mile loop.

We did not go back to the Park, but headed to the TFC shop where our rig is parked.


It was a fabulous day.

Make A Wish Lancaster ~ Part 2

Sunday Morning, May 10

make a wish 2 (1)It’s almost 11:00 AM – time for the second chapel service.

make a wish 2 (2)Chaplain Jake’s wife, Jane, leading singing.

make a wish 2 (3)Jake sharing the devotional.

make a wish 2 (4)

make a wish 2 (5)Outside the chapel following the service.

make a wish 2 (6)

make a wish 2 (7)Ian reading “The Prayer of Jabez for Teenagers”. Several books were donated to the chapel, so I gave him one.

make a wish 2 (8)Our nephew, Bryan, his wife, Leslie, and their son Bryson talking to Josh and Jana at the Highgrade trucks.

make a wish 2 (9)

make a wish 2 (19)A short time later I talked to Cerwin’s brother (right) and his wife, Pat, as they headed in the direction of the Highgrade trucks which Elvin owns. They have their granddaughters Bailey and Peyton with them.

make a wish 2 (10)The clowns began assembling for their group picture.

make a wish 2 (11)Don’t miss the two clowns on the far left. 🙂

make a wish 2 (12)

make a wish 2 (13)Several Make A Wish children joined the clowns.

make a wish 2 (14)Ian got in on this picture – left.

make a wish 2 (15)What a delight to watch and hear a group of clowns praying for the safety of the convoy.

make a wish 2 (17)

make a wish 2 (16)

make a wish 2 (18)Afterwards they went about their clowning duties.

make a wish 2 (20)1:30 PM time for the convoy to begin.

make a wish 2 (21)Tomorrow night the convoy.

Make-A-Wish Lancaster ~ Part 1

Sunday Morning, May 10

1 (1)Entering Burle Business Park where the trucks meet for this convoy.

1 (2)Ian helping Grandpa set up the steps to the chapel. (It was his turn to go with us this year.)

1 (3)After the chapel was set up, we walked around a bit to see trucks and look for Ian’s brother Josh and sister Jana.

1 (5a)We found them at the Highgrade Construction truck that Josh drives.

1 (5)Josh is enjoying his job with Highgrade – which is owned by Cerwin’s brother, Elvin.

1 (3a)The other Highgrade driver polishing his truck.

1 (4)

2 (1)A pretty tow truck.

2 (2)

2 (5)We were told that breakfast was waiting for us at Geff Stoner’s truck, so we worked our way toward him

2 (6)It was wonderful to be treated to breakfast. Thanks Geff.

2 (7)His daughter-in-law Sherry joined us.

2 (8)One of Geff’s trucks

2aJohn and Karen Rissler’s big rig (left) was parked nearby, and I thought Ian would enjoy seeing inside.

2b (1)Three of their five boys were glad to give us a tour. Their cab includes a shower, bunk beds, and refrigerator.

2b (2)The other two boys and their dad (left) were outside the truck talking to Cerwin and Don Hollinger. Karen was nearby, but I missed getting a picture of her. Both drive the rig and homeschool the boys.

2b (3)Ian loves Camaros and tried to convince Grandpa to loan him $20,000.00. 🙂

2b (4)Ian liked this large lawn chair.

2b (5)

2b (6)Stinger was hoisted in the air.

2cThis grandpa and grandson posed next to Garber Farm’s new truck.

2dA bit later we met one of the Garbers, so Cerwin asked him about this beautiful Peterbilt.


2f (1)I asked for permission to see inside.

2f (2)I love the smell of new trucks.

2f (3)One of the most interesting “rigs” in the convoy.

2f (4)Clowns abound in the parking lot – many raising funds for Make-A-Wish.

2fThe first chapel service was at 10:00 AM, so it was time to be at the chapel.

2gMark, a clown friend, stopped by to ask if the clowns could take their group picture in front of the chapel after lunch. (Stay tuned for those pictures – one of my favorite times of the day.)

4 (1)The chapel was full to overflowing with two dozen people in the first service. Chaplain Bob and a young Rissler were in the living quarters.

4 (2)Ian, Cerwin, two young Rissler’s, and I stood in the back.

4 (3)Singing

4 (4)Chaplain Jake sharing a devotional.

4 (5)Leaving the chapel.

4 (6)Some hung around and visited for awhile.

4 (7)I noticed that Lafayette Fire Company was allowing people to go up their aerial lift and got in line.

4 (8)Sherry Stoner and their boys were just ahead of me.

4 (9)

4 (13)What a great view!

4 (10)The fireman operating the lift told me it can go up to eight stories. I think we were up about five stories.

5 (3)

4 (11)

4 (12)

4 (14)

5 (1)Our friends Fay and Marv sitting next to their truck. Notice the #1 between their chairs. That means they were leading the convoy.

5 (2)More pictures tomorrow night.

York Make-A-Wish Convoy

Sunday, May 3

DSC_1648The moon was still bright in the western sky – as the sun was coming up in the east when we left the house.

DSC_1653Crossing the Susquehanna at Columbia


DSC_1670Entering the parking lot at Harley-Davidson Gettysburg.

DSC_1664Race cars in front of the chapel.



DSC_1692We are given a great spot for parking the chapel.

DSC_1700We had only one person at the devotional, but he was quite interested in the ministry of TFC.

DSC_1855We had a nice amount of visitors outside and inside the chapel.



DSC_1698Our outside display.



DSC_1677Pretty blossoms next to the Harley building.

DSC_1680The truck parking lot.













DSC_1733If you really like to see trucks, you can go to my Facebook album where I downloaded all the pictures:



DSC_1851I liked seeing this money-collecting dog.

It was collecting funds for Make A Wish.

DSC_1862The sun was setting as we approached home.