A New Light/Fan for an Old House

The light above our kitchen table stopped working a few days ago, so my fix-or-install-almost-anything-husband bought and installed a new one.

It’s nice having a new, working light.

After he was finished, I said, “It’s nice to have something new in our fifty-year-old house.”

It was fifty years ago this spring, summer, and fall (March-October) that our house was built. Cerwin was twenty-six. I was twenty-three. Jeff was two. Diane was one. We did not know that Jere and Deb would someday be part of our lives.

“You Have A Really Old Dryer.”

We were home from our road trip just one day when the envelope printer in my office died. The repairman said, “You have a really old printer.”

A new one had to be ordered because he could not find a motherboard anywhere in the country.

DSC_0845The next day Longenecker’s came to repair my clothes dryer that wasn’t working properly before we left on our trip.

He said, “You have a really old dryer” and proceeded to show me all the things that were wrong with it.

Repairs would have cost $300.

DSC_0847When we went to Longenecker’s to order a new dryer, the salesman told us that there was a discount if we also bought a washing machine.

DSC_0849Our washer was even older than the dryer, so it seemed like a wise idea – especially with the rate of appliances dying at our house these days. 🙂

This is the first time in almost 52 years of marriage that I have a matching washer and dryer.

DSC_0851We weren’t home from our road trip more than three days, when I was ready to go back on the road – and the new printer, washer, and dryer were not the reason.

I am also learning new Pitney Bowes software for doing TFC’s bulk mailings. I had to use it by May 1.

The software tech spent most of a workday setting up my computer for this new process and teaching me how to use it.

I barely slept the next two days trying to follow my notes to get two mailings to the post office – which I accomplished.

I am glad…

  • my weeks are usually a lot more relaxing than this past one.
  • for good repairmen and computer technicians.
  • we live in a country where it is quite easy to buy new equipment.
  • for grace and strength from the Lord during tough and uncomfortable times.

By the way…

  • I love my new washer and dryer.
  • The new envelope printer is a lot quieter and faster than the old one.
  • I am getting used to the new software, and prepared a large newsletter mailing today – without too many glitches.

…and guess what. Something is wrong with our fax machine – a repairman is coming. I hope he doesn’t tell me it is really old – which it is. 🙂

Day-By-Day ~ Last Week

I am going to post more pictures than usual tonight to bring you up to date in our lives.

1The chapel for Pass Lake, Ontario, is coming along nicely ~ thanks to a great crew of workers.

1aThe paneling is finished.

1b (1)Monday and Tuesday: At our house – the Daryl Bollinger Company did a great job of installing fascia and soffet in the spouting/roof area of our house. They also installed a gutter guard in the spouting (to keep leaves and sticks from getting inside).

Now no more painting under the roof, and hopefully Cerwin will not have to get on the roof to clean out the spouting. 🙂

1b (2)Tuesday: It was a beautiful, foggy morning as I traveled to and from the post office.

1b (3)Tuesday and Wednesday: Jesse and Gloria got to spend time at our house.

1b (4)Wednesday was Jesse’s first experience at helping to label the Highway News. Behind him is Alex, a next-door-neighbor who came with his grandma.

1b (5)At the other table was Gloria, Mary (Alex’s grandma), Julia, Glen, and Cerwin.

1cThat evening Gloria’s friend Ashlea came to spend the night ~ and brought a cake she had decorated in cake-decorating-class.

It’s fun for me that my sister and I have granddaughters who are good friends.

2 (1)Great job Ashlea.

2 (3)Jesse

Friday Evening: Jere’s invited us for supper.

While we waited for supper the boys showed us the boats they made with Legos.

2 (2) Ian

2 (4)Jared

2 (6)Ian showed us his new glasses.

He usually wears contacts, but at times needs glasses and his old ones were getting too small.

2 (5)It was fun having Lydia (from Maine) join us. She is in Pennsylvania for BBI (Brethren Bible Institute) next week.

2 (8)Jere grilled the chicken and steak to perfection!

2 (7)

2 (9)Jesse, Irene (exchange student from Spain), Jared, Kristen, Josh, and Jere.

2aOur dessert was ice cream and s’mores.

Jared was roasting mine ~ and I told him that I like them melted the whole way through.

24-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (14)Oh my. It was perfect!

26-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (16)  He also made a good one for himself.

27-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (17)After supper Jesse decided to go for a swim.

28-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (18)

29-7-16-14  HN, Jere's (19)

30-7-19-14 Daylily (1)Saturday: I spend the day working in the flowerbeds, so our yard would look nice for the weekend.

32-7-19-14 Daylily (3)The daylilies were so pretty.

31-7-19-14 Daylily (2)

33-7-19-14 Daylily (4)

34-7-19-14 Daylily (5)

36-7-20-14 Pavilion (2)Sunday lunch: Cerwin and I had the pavilion ready, the tables set, and the doggie fire ready for the Hershey Reunion a few minutes before everyone arrived.

35-7-20-14 Pavilion (1)Since we had a bit of time, I told Cerwin that I want to take a picture of him showing how tall the corn in beside the pavilion.

37-7-20-14 Pavilion (3)Our sister-in-law Brenda brought a delicious taco salad.

38-7-20-14 Pavilion (5)Dave and two of his and Laura’s boys (Caleb & Benny) roasting hot dogs.

41-7-20-14 Pavilion (8)It was a small group for the Hershey’s (maybe 35 or 40) but it was a perfect day for a family get-together and we had fun visiting aunts, uncles, and cousins.

40-7-20-14 Pavilion (7)Victoria and Emma in the sand and Kelci in the background.

39-7-20-14 Pavilion (6)Regan and Jake.


After the Hershey’s left, we refreshed the table cloths and prepared for our Sunday school picnic.

42-7-20-14 Pavilion (9)It was a great evening of eating and visiting.


That brings you up to last night ~ and we have big travel plans for tomorrow, so stay tuned.

A Pretty Fall Sunday

One of our Amish neighbors was having church at their place.

DSC_9327I love to hear the clip-clop of horses hooves.

DSC_9333It is unusual to see a white horse pulling a black Amish buggy in our area. Look at the elegant way the second horse holds himself.

DSC_9338He walks with a beautiful high step.

DSC_9341As I watched them from our house, this is what they were seeing.



DSC_9357I miss these pretty fall colors. Most of the leaves are now gone, and those that are left on the trees are tattered and brown.

DSC_9360It was a beautiful early November Sunday in Pennsylvania.