Jesse & The Highway News

Monday, June 17

Jesse was here for the week, because his brothers Ian and Jared were in Wyoming for a science trip (through school), his big sister and brother have jobs, his dad had a busy week at DHIA with meetings, and his mom was doing her own job at the doctors office, plus filling in for a coworker who was on vacation, and another one whose husband is in the hospital.

He wanted me to take a picture of him looking sad that there was so much work. ūüôā

But he wasn’t really sad.

Cutting the strapping that holds a pack of 100 Highways.


When a bundle is finished, they are put in a post office bag like this. When we were finished there were seven bags.


The mailing was ready for the post office for Tuesday morning.


At suppertime he read devotions to us.

He is so easy to have in the house.

Kids’ Days at Esbenshade’s Garden Center

Tuesday, July 11

I know I took pictures at the High Reunion on Sunday, July 9 – but they are nowhere to be found, so I must have accidentally deleted them. ūüôĀ Consequently I am moving on to photos from Kids’ Days.

An Esbenshade’s employee welcomed us to the event.

When I received the email from Esbenshade’s, I thought it would be a fun morning for Ian, Jared, and Jesse – and for me as I enjoy seeing the animals from ZooAmerica, Hershey, PA.

The ZooAmerica employee told us about five critters – the first one being Black Jack the Black Snake who is six foot long.

There was an overflow audience, meaning that many did not fit under the tent.

Then we learned about Chuckwalla lizards.

This one’s name is Mesa.

Next we met Yoda the American Alligator

He is two years old.

Checkers is a Dessert Tortoise

You can tell by his feet that one of his skills is digging.

The last one was a red-tailed hawk.

They have named her Artemas.

When she was finished with her presentation, the kids were invited to go to a variety of stations through out the green houses. After the animals were back in the ZooAmerica vehicle, the children were invited back to the tent for ice cream and drink.

Jesse chose this game first. It is fairly simple, but the prizes were determined by the color circle your ball settled into.

Jesse received two prizes for this placement of balls.

A prize at this station was determined by what was written on the bottom of the duck you chose.

Most of the games were for young children, but these three had fun decorating balloons.

After having fun with their balloons, we went for ice cream and drink.

They could each choose a flower to plant – from a specified area. They didn’t think they wanted any, but I did, so I chose for them. ūüôā

Following Esbenshade’s, they talked me into taking them to McDonalds for lunch

Jesse playing with a toy that came in his Happy Meal.


I miss doing this with the other grandchildren, but they are all grown up now with jobs and busy lives. ūüôā These three will soon have outgrown it as well so I will enjoy days like this when I can.


Monday Evening, June 12

It was a beautiful evening, an early ballgame, and a slow week for us in the evenings Рa perfect reason to watch our church team, White Oak Red, play a game.

Plus we have two grandsons and a grandson-in-law on the team.

Jordan, left, and Nate were playing, but Dustan did not play because he was on call at work.

I needed a photo shot for Nate’s¬†birthday, so got him to pose during a break.

Congratulating Nate (right) after a homerun that brought in several runs.

Okay, Nate, now you can give me a good smile. ūüôā

This one made the grade as his 2017 birthday picture.

It looks like these guys can count.

The other team congratulating Red on their win. Good job guys!


We’ve had a busy few weeks, so it was nice to spend a relaxing evening watching a game.

Josiah Moves West

Friday, June 9

Our oldest grandson Josiah stopped in to say goodbye to us before he moved west.

He has a job with a combining crew, but his real goal is to drive a big rig.

We have stayed in touch via messages in the two weeks since he moved to Texas.

He worked for the combining crew for a bit, then did get a driving job on a big rig – just like his Dad and Grandpa High.

Bacalaureate ~ Manheim Central High School

Wednesday Evening, June 7

This service at Manheim Brethren in Christ Church is not mandatory for students but open for those who wish to attend.

All 200+ graduate’s photos were presented by a video slide show. However, we were only interested in one. ūüôā


Welcome and Opening Prayer

Praise Songs

Sign language for those without hearing.

Scripture Reading – Psalm 139

Scripture Reading – Luke 9:23-27 – by Jana


Scripture Reading – Colossians 3:1-3 – by Jana’s friend Makenzie Burkholder


Scripture Reading – 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 – Emily Kline – daughter of friends of ours.


Scripture Reading – Proverbs 3:5-6


Message by Pastor Wes Siegrist

He gave a fabulous challenge on comparing the fingerprints of Satan and the fingerprints of God.

I did not keep notes on the fingerprints of Satan, but tried to write down the fingerprints of God –¬†In Him you are:¬†1. Completely Accepted, 2. Extremely Valuable, 3. Eternally Loved, 4. Totally Forgiven. 5. Fully Capable.

The service closed with a candle lighting ceremony.

Benediction Prayer

With her parents and younger brothers

With us

Makenzie and Jana

Leaving the church at sunset as the moon was rising.

So blessed to live in a school district that encourages a service that honors God.

Seeing Jonah at Sight and Sound

Thursday Evening, May 25

We took Dustan and Jenna for Dustan’s 2017 birthday gift.

In the entrance area

After getting something to drink and a few snacks, we found our seats and waited for the program to start.

Scenes on the stage

Photos are not allowed after the show begins.

It was a fabulous presentation of the Bible story of Jonah.

Some of our other children and grandchildren have also chosen to see Jonah, so we are anxious to see it another time or two.

5th & 6th Grade Track and Field Day

Wednesday, May 24

Kristen invited me to join her in watching Manheim Central’s Track and Field Day.

The event began with the Pledge of Allegiance

Jared sat on the bleachers with friends until he was called to the high jump.

It reminded me of the days (long ago) when I enjoyed doing the high jump in grade school.

It was a great day for a track and field competition – slightly cloudy and cool.

He tied for 3rd place by clearing 50 inches.

There were students in every area of the field – decked out in a large variety of colors.

Jared also competed in the shot put.

He was the winner and even broke a 6th grade shot put record when he threw it 35.9 feet.

Good job, Jared.

Thanks Jared and Kristen for inviting me.

I haven’t been to a track and field day since our children competed.

Honoring 2017 Graduates at Manheim BIC

Sunday Morning, May 21

Jere and Kristen invited us to go with them to Manheim Brethren in Christ Church where Jana was going to be honored as a graduate Рalong with 30 other BIC Seniors.

Corby Burkholder, Lead Youth Pastor, announced the names of the graduates and their next step in life – college, missions, or employment.

We know three of the thirty-one students.

Makenzie and Jana have been friends since grade school.

Makenzie will be serving with Youth With a Mission in Denver, Colorado.

Our favorite high school senior this year.

Jana will be serving with Youth With a Mission in South Africa.

Shtefan is our grand nephew – grandson of Cerwin’s sister Velda and her husband Mel and youngest son of Don and Gabi Rhoads.

Shtefan will¬†begin basic training with the Navy in July –¬†Naval Special Warfare.

Prayer for the graduates.


Following this we were challenged by a sermon on Developing Unity and Harmony.

Spring Concert

Thursday Evening, May 18

Opening by Momentum – Stephanie Smith and Chelsea Smith, Directors

Beethoven’s Bellmen – Jeffrey T Parthun, Sr

Bolivia – Dan Heslink

Diners Club – Chris Crockarell

This song was done by playing plates, glasses, and other things that were on the table.

Striking Spruce String Ensemble – Shenna C. Shirk, Director


Bob Lipton, edited by J. Cameron Law

String Orchestra – Shenna C. Shirk Director

A Million Miles Away – Francis J. Caravella

Lullaby – Francis J. Caravella

La Rejouissance – from “Royal Fireworks Music”

George F. Handel Рarr. Richard Meyer

Coming of Age – Sean O’Loughlin

The Jazz Band – John Brackbill, Director

This is what we had been waiting for because Ian plays percussion.

Get Back

John Lennon and Paul McCartney, arr. Michael Sweeney

Jump, Jive an’ Wail

Louis Prima, arr. Roger Holmes

Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)

John Lennon and Paul McCartney – arr. Michael Sweeney

This little guy was quite entertaining as he pretended to be the backup director.

Uptown Funk

Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, Jeff Bhasker, Devon Gallaspy and Nicholaus Williams – arr. Michael Sweeney

I went back to my seat – after standing in the right front corner of the balcony – and this was my view of the Concert Choir. We always choose the balcony so we can see Ian in the band.

Concert Choir – Stephanie Magarao, Director

Yonder Com Day – arr. Tucker

Oye – Jim Papoulis

Aurora Borealis – Amy Bernon

This was sung to a Power Point presentation

We Are the World 25 for Haiti – arr. Emerson

Stand By Me – arr. Emerson

Featuring 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Boys

Meistersingers – Stephanie Magaro, Director

Lux Aeterna – Christi Jones

Clouds – Zach Sobeich, arr. beck

Concerto No. 3 in D (II. Andante) – D. B. Kabalevsky –¬†Margaret Marsch and Andrew Rajaratnam on piano

Notice: he is playing without sheet music!

Andrew is AMAZING on the piano.

Ian in the Concert Band – John Brackbill, Director

Ian is on the far right next to the curtain.

Allegory – Michael Kamuf

Dynamo – Todd Statler

Invocation and African Dance – Matt Conaway

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

John Williams, arr. Robert Longfield – Performed by the 5th & 6th Grade Band.

I enjoy these programs and watching Ian grow in his percussion skills.

Manheim Central High School Awards Party

Wednesday Evening, May 17

Jana with her silly dad. Kristen was walking toward her spot to pose with Jana.

We were happy that grandparents were invited to witness the seniors (and a few others) receive their awards.

There were delicious snacks for those who arrived early.

The chocolate fountain was a favorite.

The strawberries were my favorite. They were almost too delicious to cover with chocolate.

We were pleased to see that Jana was one of 33 students listed as the Barons Best and Brightest for 2017.

There are 231 graduates this year. Good job, Jana.

There were lots of awards, so I only took pictures of students we know.

This is Larry and Karen’s (our niece)¬†son, Travis Dull, receiving the Agriculture Education Award.

Good job, Travis!

Marcus Huber, Class President, and Jana’s prom date receiving one of several awards.

Jana received Manheim Historical Society Robert Morris History Award from Mrs. Bea Kreiner.

Blair, son of our friends Jere and Jen Martin received a Baron Stage Award.

Travis and his girlfriend Stephanie Balmer received Agriculture Education Awards.

If I remember correctly both received a Ressler Mill Foundation Award and she received the Manheim FFA Scholarship.

Jana receiving her Barons Best and Brightest award.

These 33 students said their name and what they are doing following graduation.

She will be serving with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Cape Town, South Africa this fall Рfor six months.

These students stood along the stage until each had received their Best and Brightest Award.

Emily, daughter of our friends Craig and Janet Kline also received a Best and Brightest Award.

Good job, Emily.

You go girl – with God’s blessings.

Heading toward the car after a fun and interesting evening.