Book Fair with Kristen and Jesse

Tuesday, October 17

This was my first time to visit Doe Run Elementary – a brand new school in our district.

These photos were all taken with my cell phone – because the battery was dead on my Nikon. That was a first for me. A reminder to always take my camera bag – where I keep spare batteries.

It was interesting to watch the children shopping for books and enjoying lunch with their parents or grandparents.

Kristen and Jesse

Paying his bill


It has been a long time since I had lunch at a school.

My lunch – a banana and a chicken sandwich – and iced teal that did not make the photo.

Schools have come a long way since I was in grade school. I went to a one-room-school from 1st to 3rd grade.

After lunch Jesse shopped for more books. You can tell by his eyes that his mom was also taking a picture. 🙂

Time to go back to my office and work on a mailing.


Thanks Kristen and Jesse for inviting me.

Weekend Visitor

Friday, September 15 through Monday, September 18

What fun to have our grandson Josiah here for the weekend. I am sure his parents noticed the pictures that included him at our church picnic. 🙂

He is an over-the-road trucker – based out of North Dakota – and had been on the road since mid-July.

We text and talk on the phone now and then, but that is not quite like seeing him.

He asked his dispatcher if he could get a load to the east so he could stop in with us to check on his mail and get supplies from his storage space. He did it.

Then he asked, “Can you get me a load to Maine so I can visit my parents?” The dispatcher wasn’t sure about that, but in less than half an hour found a load from Baltimore to Wells, Maine! He told Josiah to spend a few days with his parents and call when he was ready to get back on the road.

The next time I talked to him, he was in New York picking up a load for Alabama.

Methinks he is enjoying his job as he was ready to get back on the road after spending a few days with us, and again after being at home in Maine.

Live 10:27 Ministries Banquet

Thursday, September 14

Our granddaughter Jana went to Europe in July on a backpacking mission trip with Live 10:27 Ministries. We were invited to join her, Jere and Kristen at the ministry banquet at Calvary Church, Lancaster.

Earlier in the day I was surprised to notice this pretty gift bag inside our garage.

Inside was a corsage and boutonniere. I thought maybe they came from Jere and Kristen because they were the only ones who knew we were going to the banquet – and it was our wedding anniversary.

Jere said no, but call Dad. Jere knew about it because Cerwin called him from Maine before placing the order.

Since we were going to the banquet, he thought it would be fun for both of us to have a corsage. 🙂

I love the photo bomber in this photo. 🙂

A table setting

Sandy (Sanford) Good – Jana’s team leader – Jana, Kristen, and Jere

Not sure why they were hugging, but I liked it.

The room

I was surprised to discover that the young man sitting next to me was a teacher from Greenwood Mennonite School and knew Daniel and MaryAnn Yutzy and Mark and Polly Yoder – blog/Facebook friends of ours.

There was a note at each place setting – with short testimonies from this or a previous trip.

The evening program

I think this was preparation for speaking.

The July team

Welcome – Mr. Bill Arnold, Board Chair

Prayer – Mr. Mark Strunk, Board Member

Special Music – Emerald Peters, former student/friend

“Lord, take me where my trust is without borders.”

Jana was the first speaker from the July Team.

Talking to two girls in Belgium. The purpose for beginning conversations with people on this mission trip is to make them think about life and God. She said one of these girls was an atheist.

“God is loudest when I am quiet.”

(She is now in South Africa to serve a six-month term with Youth With a Mission. She will train with her team for three months and at this time it looks like she will be going to the country of Jordan – her first choice – for three months.)

Kristen and Jere listening to Jana

This may have been when Jana said, “I think I should have listened to my dad and written a few notes.” 🙂

Tyler Warfel, teacher at Greenwood Mennonite School, shared how Dr. Good has impacted the school.

Sarah Eby, July Team Member

“I will never forget what I learned on this trip.”

Brook Nissley, July Team Member

“The trip was far better than I expected.”

Sandy Good, Program Director

The team members who were able to attend the banquet.

They were each asked about their favorite thing about the trip and the least favorite. They also demonstrated a few things that happened on the trip – like how someone was in charge of counting the number of people to make sure everyone was there when leaving for a new area.

“Always keep your word.”

If you promise someone that you will send them something from the United States when you get home – Do It!

Mr. Tom Ponessa, former student, friend, investor – T.W. Ponessa & Associates.

Mr. Tim Wentworth, Board member, told us about the financial needs of Live 10:27 Ministries before the freewill offering.


One thing that impacted me from the team members who shared about their July backpacking trip – It was a life-changing experience.


Because it was our anniversary, Mrs. Good gave us a beautiful centerpiece.

Dutch Apple with Dustan and Jenna

Wednesday, September 6

What fun to spend an evening with Dustan and Jenna at Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre.

It was Jenna’s choice for her 2017 birthday gift.

We enjoyed delicious food and catching up on their lives.

My Pina colada. Yum!

Our view of the stage during dinner.

A pretty light fixture above us

We saw the Broadway musical – Pippin.

A story of a young man who was searching for happiness and fulfilment.

My favorite song was Take Time…

Time to take time, cause spring will turn to fall in just no time at all….

My favorite part of the evening…

Time with Dustan and Jenna. 🙂

Departing Guests and Impending Storm

Monday, September 4 and Tuesday, September 5

Lydia was on the road to Maine so early that I didn’t think about taking a picture of her, but I thought about my camera when I noticed Nsimba using his selfie stick and wearing a new t-shirt he bought at the music festival.

Nsimba and Elizabeth still have this heart on their van – from their wedding ten months ago. 🙂 They left for Maine right after I took this picture.

After they left I noticed our Amish neighbors picking their butternut squash. They loaded quite a few trailer loads.

The next day the truck pulled into the field right in front of our house. I was hoping to get some close-up pictures of them working in the field.

A few hours later the weatherman warned us to keep our eyes on the sky for a serious wind and rain storm.

It did rain and get windy, but not too bad. By this time the truck had pulled away from the wagon.

I was disappointed that no one picked pumpkins the next day when I was home.

Grand Ole Opry with Hezekiah

Friday Evening, August 25

The purpose of this trip was to visit our grandson Hezekiah who lives near Ashland City, Tennessee.

After getting to our motel, we stopped in at his place to take him to the Opry – his 2017 birthday gift.

We bought food at the Opry so we could eat while waiting for the show to start.

I took this picture with my cell phone – to send to Heze’s parents.

John Conlee opened the show.

Glen Cambell’s daughter Ashely (second from left) asked her dad’s sisters to join her on stage (two ladies on right).

Mike Snider (on the stage – left – and on the stage monitor – top center). Funny.

The Whites. Buck (the dad) is pictured on the monitor. Good gospel music.

Sharon White (Ricky Skaggs wife)

Mark Lowry – the reason we chose the Friday night opry. He is known for co-writing “Mary Did You Know” and for being part of the Gaither Vocal Band.

It was the first time I heard his newest song, “What’s Not to Love.”

You can click on the song at this link and listen to it:

Rocky Top by Bobby Osborne and The Rocky Top X-Press. Hearing them in person was a special treat to Cerwin.

Turnpike Trubadours. I enjoyed them.

A reminder that this was being aired live.

Riders in The Sky. Love their humor and cowboy sound.

Sunny Sweeney. Great singers.

Thompson Square. I enjoyed their harmony.

It was delightful to spend this evening with Hezekiah.

Ziplining at Refreshing Mountain

Thursday, August 17

We were back at Refreshing Mountain by 8:38 am on Thursday morning for Ian and Jared’s ziplining appointment.

Getting into their harnesses

Ian leaving the first platform

Jared leaving the first platform

Zipping above me

Near the end of the course I realized that my automatic focus had gotten bumped off, so there were several close up pictures that I could not use, I was glad that I took plenty of distant photos that focused fairly well.

Because of all the shadows and trees and leaves, I didn’t notice that my automatic focus wasn’t working. 🙁

After getting to the second platform, there were several challenge courses which the boys enjoyed. There was a family (father, mother, three girls), and two guides who were part of their experience.

There is an easier zipline course, but Jesse decided to watch this year. If you look closely through the canopy of trees you can see the team on the platform.

Here comes Ian


Jesse played with a critter on the deck near the lake as we waited for the boys and the rest of their team.

Trying to focus on him is when I realized that my automatic focus was turned to off. As you can see, I corrected it. 🙂

As Ian approached the last platform, the guide applied the brake too quickly, and he drifted back on the zipline and hung over us.

We told him to jump! 🙂 The lake was below him.

It didn’t take long for the guide to rescue him.

Jared approaching the last platform

Jared dismounting

Ian dismounting

They both agreed that it was a fun experience. I took this picture at 10:26 am – one and a half hours after they began.

There was plenty of room in the pool as we had to wait a few minutes for it to open.

I enjoyed a pizza/cheese panini and a latte while the boys swam. They also got food after a time of swimming.

It was a fun morning. I smiled as I noticed that the sun was creating smiley faces through the pool chairs.

Refreshing Mountain ~ Explorer Package

Wednesday Afternoon, August 16

Day 4 of Brothers’ Week

After getting our tickets (which we reserved on Monday) we followed the paw prints to the Explorer Package starting point.

They watched a video while waiting for their guide and other team members to arrive for their 1:00 PM appointment.

Walking toward the Paintball Targets Challenge

Their guide filling their guns and telling them the rules.

A target along the Paint Ball Course

Getting refills. Because there were only six in their group (a father and his three daughters and our boys) they went around the course three times – to the boys delight.

Next was the Archery Challenge

They were anxious to try the Climbing Tower

Listening to instructions

There were four challenges on the wall. The easy one did not need supervision, and Jesse got permission from their guide to do this while others tried the #2 and #3 challenges. The #4 challenge was too difficult for learners so nobody tried that one.

Jesse on the #3 Challenge

Jared on the #3 Challenge. He made it to the red line – success – and beyond.

Jesse on the #2 Challenge

Ian working his way toward the red line on the #3 Challenge


Lost that foot hold

Back on course again

Ian on #3 and Jared on #2

Success on #2

Ian going to the top of #2


Next was the Pedal Cart Challenge

It was the middle of the afternoon – 2:30 – when they finished and the pool was so full that they decided to have milk shakes and head for home.

A view from our parking spot.


Supper tonight was Jared’s choice. We ate at Lititz Family Cupboard.

Supper at Gus’s with the Boys

Tuesday Evening, August 15

Supper was part of Jesse’s 2017 birthday gift. He chose Gus’s because they have an all-day breakfast. He wanted pancakes. 🙂

We were each ready to eat after bowling two games.

Jesse was happy with his pancakes and bacon.

I chose a breakfast as well.

When the waitress heard that we were celebrating Jesse’s birthday, she told us that he will get a free cake.

I said, “His birthday was earlier in the summer.”

She said, “That doesn’t matter.

Listening to the waitresses singing to him.

There was a large group of special needs adults who also joined in the singing. Jesse liked that.

That was a neat way to end our day.