Lydia’s Graduation from College – Part 2

Saturday, May 13

These are the photos I took after the graduation ceremony – pretty much in the order I took them.

We went outside to look for Lydia.

Found her!

With her instructors


Grandpa giving her a hug

A hug from her mom

Diane, Lydia, and Mark

Checking on a cell phone picture

We liked this unique tree.

Heading to the van before going to Portland for lunch.

This was when I noticed her sneakers.

Lydia said, “We were told to wear comfortable shoes.” ūüôā

I like this view of Diane and Mark who were walking ahead of us.


Next post: Lunch

Lydia’s Graduation from College ~ Part 1

Saturday, May 13

Diane watered some of her seedlings before we left for York County Community College, Ogunquit, Maine.

We watched a downy woodpecker for a bit.

When I went outside to wait at the van for the others, I noticed dew drops on some of the new growth around the side of the house.

We are on our way to Ogunquit – south of Portland.

Lydia and Grandpa – waiting for the auditorium doors to open

York County Community College – 22nd Commencement Ceremony – 10:00 AM


National Anthem

It was difficult to get good photos with the bright lights on the stage, but I did my best.

The speaker, Jean Ginn Marvin, Innkeeper at Nonantum Resort, gave a great speech on facing life after graduation.

One of her points was: there are times that you have to toot your own horn, because nobody else will do it for you. ūüôā She proceeded to play her “horn.”

Lydia receiving her Associate in Applied Science.

I enjoyed seeing the decorated caps of some of the students sitting in front of us.

Closing remarks by the Dean of Students

It was delightful to be here for this special event in her life.


Tomorrow evening I will post the pictures we took outside the college and where we went for lunch.

Nsimba and Elizabeth

We had a full Sunday, visiting with Mark and Diane and their church family Рthen tonight we took Nsimba and Elizabeth and Mark and Diane to the hotel restaurant for supper.

Since I don’t have a lot of time for posting pictures (and we leave Maine early tomorrow), I chose a favorite of mine from yesterday’s¬†wedding.


Diana’s Graduation

Thursday, June 9 and Friday June 10

1 (1)Diana came to our house so I could get a few pictures before her graduation.

1 (2)

2Finally – graduation time arrived


3If you noticed my blog date, you saw two dates.

If you live locally, you know the story of the graduate who talked about shooting up graduation and that graduation was postponed from Thursday night to Friday night and the venue changed from LCBC to Manheim Central Football Field.

3bThere was some police presence, but by the time of graduation the young man was in jail and most of us felt safe to be in an open field. (LCBC Church was not available on Friday night.)

DSC_4405Our son Jeff talking to a friend.

DSC_4409The audience


DSC_4416The band entering the field

DSC_4418Faculty and graduates walking from school to the field.


DSC_4422Diana’s picture on the football screen.




DSC_4437We located Diana by her long white dress – below her gown.









DSC_4505The speaker was Hwaen Ch’uqu a 1993 graduate of Manheim Central. He is an Inca Indian – a native of Peru – and an¬†accomplished musician of world renown.¬†He is blind and has been in the United States since the¬†age of five.

DSC_4541Receiving their diplomas

DSC_4546Diana waiting to hear her name




DSC_4568Our great niece Katie receiving congratulations





DSC_4665A hug from her mom


DSC_4668Hugs from best friends

DSC_4669Her very best friend – Donovan


DSC_4674Sharing the good news with another friend


DSC_4687With her dad – our oldest son

DSC_4699With her mom


DSC_4704Her youngest sister, Gloria

DSC_4712Her friends




DSC_4748Another graduate wanted his picture taken with Diana


DSC_4752With her grandparents



DSC_4756It was a beautiful evening.

Congratulations, Diana.

We love you and believe God has great things planned for your future.

Never stop searching for God’s direction in your life.

Christmas Eve

Thursday Evening, December 24

Jere and Kristen invited us to join them and Roy and Deb in their Christmas Eve tradition of going to see a family movie at Penn Cinema and supper at their house.

Christmas Eve (1)Ian, Josh, Jared, Jana, Jesse, Allie

Christmas Eve (2)It was almost like having a private viewing, as it was our group and maybe six or eight other people.

Christmas Eve (3)Love unposed pictures! ūüôā

Christmas Eve (4)I gave them a second chance, and expect they will like this one better. However, they are still covering Jared’s face with the popcorn container.

Christmas Eve (5)This year they went to see The Road Chip – an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

Christmas Eve (6)Oh, what fun!

Christmas Eve (7)It was a combination of Roy and Deb’s house “The Nut Hut” and the movie Home Alone.

Christmas Eve (8)I didn’t even like taking¬†a bathroom break because I didn’t want to miss the action.

Christmas Eve (9)

Christmas Eve (10)

Christmas Eve (12)

Christmas Eve (11)When they discovered that their “dad” was dating this young man’s mother, they did all kinds of things to keep them apart – because they didn’t like each other. Buy the end of the movie they liked each other and did every thing they could to get their parents together again. ūüôā

The four got in all kinds of trouble in both situations.

Christmas Eve (13)This was the evening sky when we left the cinema.

Christmas Eve (14)

Christmas Eve (15)The drive to Jere and Kristen’s house.

Christmas Eve (16)

Christmas Eve (17)The sunset at Jere and Kristen’s house.

Christmas Eve (18)

Christmas Eve (19)Lighting candles before supper

Christmas Eve (20)

Christmas Eve (21)I brought homemade bread – cheesy/herb and wheat – baked by our niece Amy.

Christmas Eve (22)A pretty bowl ready for taco soup

Christmas Eve (23)

Christmas Eve (24)Frosty – a newly rescued animal at¬†Roy and Deb’s – was a highlight of the evening.

His mama gave birth to quadruplets – one died at birth and she made it clear that she wasn’t going to take care of the runt.

DSC_6194Of course, that is exactly the kind of animal Roy and Deb love to give a chance at life. He already has a lot of people asking to be his forever parents.

Christmas Eve (25)

Christmas Eve (26)

Christmas Eve (27)

Christmas Eve (28)Yes, he his calling for food – “baaaaa!”

That was a fun evening – thanks Jere and Kristen for inviting us.

Class of 2015 ‚Äď Homeschool Graduation ‚Äď Part 2 of 2

Thursday Evening, May 21

2 (1)The¬†graduate’s siblings were invited¬†to¬†the stage to join in a family¬†prayer.

2 (6)

2 (2)Joanna’s family

2 (8)

2 (3)Daniel’s family

2 (9)

2 (7)Corey’s family

2 (10)Tanner’s family

2 (11)Sam’s family

2 (12)I didn’t realize until I was preparing to post these that I didn’t have a picture of Abigail’s family. They are behind the “Congratulations Graduates” sign.

2 (13)Following prayer, there was a slide show of the graduate’s younger¬†days.

2 (14)Tanner

2 (15)Joanna

2 (16)

2 (17)

2 (18)Daniel

2 (19)

2 (20)

2 (21)Corey

2 (22)

2 (23)Abigail

2 (24)

2 (25)

2 (26)Sam

2 (27)

2 (28)

2 (29)

2 (30)Daniel’s dad, Jon, gave the closing remarks.

2 (31)The parents prepared a delicious snack.

2 (32)

2 (33)

2 (37)

2 (34)

2 (35)

2 (36)

2 (38)

2 (39)

2 (40)Sam’s youngest brother, Ben. ūüôā

2 (41)We¬†had a “table¬†dancer”¬†while we enjoyed our snack –¬†our great-grandson, Anthony.

2 (42)He makes me smile.


Thank you, Sam, for inviting us, and thanks to the graduates and their families for planning a delightful evening.

We were blessed.

Class of 2015 – Homeschool Graduation – Part 1 of 2

Thursday Evening, May 21

We were invited to this program by Sam – one of our faithful man cave guys – who was graduating in this ceremony.

1 (1)Each family is a member of the same homeschool co-op.

The graduates each had a table that displayed things of interest to them.

1 (2)Tanner Fahnestock

1 (3)Daniel Martin

1 (4)Joanna Rogers

1 (5)Abigail Wantz

1 (6)Samuel Zuck

1 (7)Corey Rohrer

1 (8)Corey’s¬†youngest sister, Valarae,¬†gave out¬†programs

1 (9)

1 (10)Daniel’s sisters were positioned with programs at the other side of the door.¬†He¬†is the only graduate who does not attend our church, so I do not know their names.

1 (11)The ceremony

1 (12)Sam’s brother Nathaniel Zuck¬†(our grandson-in-law) led the congregational songs.

1 (13)Welcome by Corey’s dad, Scott Rohrer.

A bit of unrelated information: his and Deb’s¬†oldest son, Dustan, will marry our granddaughter Jenna in September.

1 (14)

1 (15) Special music by the graduates РDaniel, Corey, Joanna, Abigail, Tanner, and Sam.

1 (16)Their graduation challenge came from John Minnich


Take time to learn what God has wired you to do.

You have been given much. From the Gospel of Luke: to the one who has been entrusted much, much is expected.

Seize the day. You are a blank canvas. Do not waste your youth. Opportunities are there. Movement doesn’t mean progress.

Serve the Lord. You are six amazing people. God has a plan for you. Put Him¬†first. You are God’s masterpieces.

1 (17)Enjoy the trip of life. Take mission trips. Don’t take life too seriously. Pay off your credit cards.¬†Floss your teeth. Enjoy sunsets. Smell the hay. Live within your means.¬†Honor your parents.


Be blessed by God.

1 (18)John introduced the parents, then said, “Graduates, I talked to your parents about you.”

Joanna – Your parents are grateful that God placed you in their family. They see you as a woman of courage – with grace under strength.

Tanner – Your parents are pleased to see you growing spiritually and are excited to see what God has in store for you.

Corey – Your parents are your greatest cheering squad and said that you gave your best effort during your school years.

Sam – Your parents see you as a young man who is thorough and thinks things through before taking action.

Abigail – Your mom is blessed to see your passionate heart and talent for preparing food.

Daniel РYour parents say that you are gifted in hands-on-work and love hunting and fishing. They are pleased that you are a good example to your younger siblings.

1 (19)Dustin Martin presented the students and parents.

1 (20)Tanner and his parents, Dwight and Rose

1 (21)

1 (22)

1 (23)

1 (24)Daniel and his parents, Jon and Gwenda

1 (25)

1 (26)Joanna and her parents, Dave and Bev

1 (27)

1 (28)

1 (29)Corey and his parents Scott and Deb

1 (30)

1 (31)

1 (32)Abigail and her mom, Doretta

We are used to seeing Doretta alone, as her husband, Buddy, died in a swimming-related accident many years ago. However, his presence was especially missed at this ceremony.

1 (33)

1 (34)

1 (35)Sam and his parents, Dale and Luanne

1 (36)

1 (37)

1 (38)There will be another set of pictures tomorrow night.

Our Two College Graduates ~ Hezekiah & Lydia

Sunday Afternoon, May 17

1After church and the bridal shower, we found a woodsy area to take pictures of Heze and Lydia.

Since we had to miss her graduation, Diane and Mark wanted pictures of both of them.

















DSC_3774We drove by a very interesting farm on the way home.

There were ducks, geese, pigs, and cattle everywhere.


DSC_3788When we got back to¬†Mark and Diane’s house, the late afternoon sun was highlighting this tulip.

DSC_3799There were still a few more poses they wanted before the caps and gowns were put away.



DSC_3824It was a joy and honor to be in Maine to watch Heze and Lydia move on to the next step in their lives – Heze to his job as a big rig mechanic – Lydia to a summer job, then two more years of schooling before her next graduation.

We wish them God’s richest blessings.

Celebration Meal With Hezekiah and Lydia – The Graduates

Saturday Evening, May 16

1By the time we got back to Brunswick, Maine Рfrom Presque Isle Рit was time for supper with the Myers Family. This was the restaurant the two graduates chose.

1aLeft to right – clockwise: Lydia, Hezekiah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Cerwin, Diane, and Mark.

It was fun hearing about Lydia’s day since we missed her graduation, but we will¬†be there, Lord willing, when she graduates again in 2017.

DSC_3366Lydia, Hezekiah, and Elizabeth look over the menu.

DSC_3370Some of the food choices.







DSC_3380That was a fun dinner.

I love having meals with our children and grandchildren.

DSC_3402When we got back to the house, I arranged the two commencement programs and caps for a photo shoot.



DSC_3419We were honored and delighted to participate in this day.