Chuck E Cheese’s With Jared and Jesse

Saturday, August 15

Chuck E Cheese's (1)This visit was for Jared and Jesse’s 2015 birthdays.

Chuck E Cheese's (3)

Chuck E Cheese's (4)

Chuck E Cheese's (5)Jared hit the jackpot – and emptied the machine of tickets. 🙂

Chuck E Cheese's (6)

Chuck E Cheese's (7)Skittleball

Chuck E Cheese's (8)This is my favorite Chuck E Cheese’s game.

Chuck E Cheese's (9)

Chuck E Cheese's (10)Trying the jackpot game again after the tickets were replenished.

Chuck E Cheese's (11)He did it again!

Chuck E Cheese's (12)

Chuck E Cheese's (13)Jesse’s “loot”

Jared gave Jesse all his tickets, plus Jesse had received a lot of tokens and tickets as a birthday gift.

I enjoy any day I get to spend with children or grandchildren.

The Final Game

Tuesday Evening, August 11

DSC_8756We were back the next night to watch the final game of the championship games.

DSC_8760If you read my blog last night, you will remember that White Oak Red won the first two games (in the best of five) in the championship series and Chiques Gold won the next two – so this was the final game.

Championship Game

Monday Evening, August 10

We had only gotten to one church game this summer, so when we heard that our church’s Red Team was in the championship playoffs, we made time to get there.

Championship Game (1)Preparing for the game against Chiques Gold.

White Oak Red went into this championship with an advantage of having already won two of the “best of five” games.

Championship Game (2)Our grandson Nathan (24) is assistant coach.

Championship Game (3)Prayer

Championship Game (4)

Championship Game (5)Nate

Championship Game (6)Our nephew Tristan came dressed to impress. 🙂

Championship Game (7)Can you tell by the body language that this game is not going well.

Championship Game (8)Phil

Championship Game (9)

Championship Game (10)Our granddaughter Jana (left) and two of her friends watching the game.

Championship Game (11)Diana (granddaughter) and Donovan stopped to talk to Jana before going to their seat.

Championship Game (12)

Championship Game (14)

Championship Game (13)The second game did not go well for the Red team either.

Championship Game (15)That means the championship games were now tied – White Oak Red won 2 and Chiques Gold won 2.

We will go back the next evening to watch the final game.

Mountain House For The Weekend – Part 2 of 3

Saturday, April 4

DSC_8064Early morning warmth

DSC_8082Jesse and Deb

DSC_8069Deb and Jared

DSC_8062I like Roy’s shirt.

DSC_8075Preparing breakfast






DSC_8060A variety of pictures of the day’s activities.




DSC_8118The children enjoyed playing an old Xbox (or something like that) game that they haven’t seen for years.


DSC_8123Morning snow

DSC_8139We put carrots and other things in the yard the day before, hoping to attract birds and animals. The items were still there in the morning.



DSC_8163Wood for the fireplace.


DSC_8175Dutch Blitz




DSC_8185Hot dogs for those who wanted something for lunch.


DSC_8192Jana moved all the candies to one end of the brownie before eating it – saving the best for last.

DSC_8196Afternoon hike

DSC_8208Ping pong


DSC_8218Our Easter meal was on Saturday evening.



DSC_8224Corn and potatoes

DSC_8230Clear evening sky

DSC_8232Jere put the ham bone and some scrap pieces out in the woods – hoping a bear or other animal would smell it and come by.

DSC_8239Wall decorations


DSC_8264Playing phone games

DSC_8268Someone is playing X-box in the loft.


DSC_8290Waiting for birthday cake for our evening dessert.




DSC_8300Deb brought a facial kit along – just for fun – that she found at a discount.

I think there were 5 different tubes and steps.

Ian was our assistant.






DSC_8314There was still some cream/oil left in the tubes, so we gave the boys facials. 🙂


IMG_20150404_194156A selfie of our new “beautiful” faces before bedtime. 🙂

Oh, what a fun, relaxing day.

Mountain House For The Weekend – Part 1 of 3

Friday, April 3 – Good Friday

This was a 16th birthday gift to Jana (from her parents) who wanted to spend a weekend in the mountains – and we were blessed to be invited to go along.

DSC_7918We were up early, and I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful moon with clouds behind it.

DSC_7923This was the scene in our neighborhood when we left the house to meet at Jere and Kristen’s place – a mile away.

DSC_7925Ian got to travel with us, and mostly read or played games on my laptop.

DSC_7928Our convoy to the mountain house included Jere and Kristen (white suburban) and Roy and Deb (black truck in front of us).

DSC_7935The Susquehanna River was beautiful in the morning haze.


DSC_7950We stopped for breakfast in the Sunbury area.

DSC_7959On the road again.



DSC_7967Stopped for a break at a quick stop gas station. I was fascinated by the name of the doughnuts.

DSC_7969Saw a small flock of turkeys as we approached Potter County.

DSC_7972I can’t resist taking a picture of a colorful truck.

DSC_7974The final few miles were driven on dirt (muddy) road.


DSC_7994Only family, friends, and church friends will know whose mountain home we rented.

DSC_7995The driveway was still snow-covered.


DSC_8001Jere getting some dead flies and live spiders with the sweeper.

DSC_8004After settling in, Cerwin found his spot by the fireplace.

DSC_8006Kristen relaxing.

DSC_8008Jere, Ian, Jared, and Jesse explored the outside area.


DSC_8011Josh and Jana fooling around.


DSC_8021Returning from a mountain hike.



DSC_8029Playing Dutch Blitz.

DSC_8032Jere needed some attention!

DSC_8035Dutch Blitz is serious business when playing with these three. It is difficult for anyone to out play Jana. 🙂

DSC_8036Jere preparing kindling wood.

DSC_8040Ian learning about building a fireplace fire.


DSC_8044My spot on the couch. There was no internet and little cell phone service, so I may have been reading something or playing a game.

DSC_8046These four played a game after an early supper.

DSC_8050I took these pictures from the top of the steps to the second floor.

DSC_8051Jared was in charge of evening devotions.

DSC_8054It was a delightful day.

Lydia, Snow, Games & Pizza

Maine ~ Wednesday, January 7

1 (1)The beginning of breakfast – by Lydia

1 (4)It’s fun (and delicious) having a granddaughter who is in college to study culinary skills.

1 (3)

1 (2)

1 (5)The delicious finished product – caramel and blueberry cream cheese pastry.

1 (6)There were also smoothies.

2 (1)It was a cold, snowy day – especially during the afternoon.

2 (2)

2 (3)Because the weather forecast predicted snow, we planned to stay home and play games.

3 (1)We spent most of the day playing Racko and Dominos

3 (2)For lunch we drank homemade tomato soup – from a coffee cup – which I had prepared the day before.

I love drinking homemade tomato soup on a cold, cloudy day.

3 (3)Supper was pizza from Pappa Johns.

It was our last night in Maine – for this trip. 🙁

Another Set of Baseball Tournament Pictures

The Red team played again after the homerun derby.

2 (1)Nate

2 (2)This time they played Retro Red – the guys who no longer play on a regular White Oak Church team, but have fun creating a team just for this tournament. Better known as the “old guys.”

2 (4)

2 (5)

2 (6)

2 (7)

2 (8)

2 (9)

2 (10)

2 (11)Father and son ~ Leland and Eric.

2 (12)

2 (23)

2 (20)

2 (21)

2 (13)

2 (14)

2 (15)

2 (17)

2 (18)

2 (16)

2 (24)

2 (25)Jen talking to our daughter-in-law Chris and granddaughter Gloria as they keep an eye on the game.

2 (26)During a break between games, a few children ran around the bases.

2 (27)More pictures tomorrow night.

Church Baseball Tournament & Fundraiser ~ Part 1

Saturday, April 26

1 (1)I was glad we had the day open this year to relax and spend time watching church friends ~ especially our grandsons Jordan and Nate (above) play. Jordan plays for Gray and will be featured later.

1 (2)It was a beautiful day for this event ~ which brings out many church families and those who enjoy baseball.

We have three ball teams ~ Gray, Red, and Orange ~ plus Retro Red a team made up of ex-players. The tournament lasts all day as they vie for the title of winner.

Proceeds from donations and the food go to people (usually from our church) who have special financial needs at the time of the tournament.

1 (3)

1 (7)Nate

1 (8)

1 (4)Running toward third base.

1 (5)

1 (6)Safe!

1 (9)

1 (10)Congratulating each other at the end of this game.

1 (11)

1 (14)

1 (13)

1 (12)Pep talk by the coach.

1 (16)

1 (15)The children enjoyed the playground while parents visited nearby. 

1 (18)Nate participated in the homerun derby.

1 (19)The four winners with their prizes. We were proud of Nate for coming in second and receiving a deluxe folding chair.

1 (20)

1 (21)After Nate and his friend Brent checked out the features ~ a small table on one side and a cooler on the other ~ they tried to figure out how to fold it. 🙂

1 (22)They eventually got it!

1 (23)Then it was back to the game.

1 (17)More pictures tomorrow night.