Living Hope Native Ministries Banquet

Friday Evening, March 31

It was a rainy drive to Yoder’s in New Holland.


We liked the buggy’s mud flap. 🙂

The screen welcomed us and told us to check out the door prizes. Many are items crafted by First Nations people and books written by LHNM missionaries and friends.

We each received a numbered ticket when we entered the room. The drawing is a way for them to say thank you to those who attend the banquet.

Cerwin won the photo of the loons on the right.

Welcome by John Derstine, Downingtown, PA

The room was kind of dark and I didn’t want to use a flash. The speakers photos will reflect the lighting.

Merle Nisly

Merle was our pilot a few of the times we took Bible school teams to Pikangikum – a First Nations reserve in northwestern Ontario, Canada.

He is now President and CEO of LHNM.

He and Rita have become good friends as we kept communicating over the years since our first trip to Red Lake and Pikangikum in the mid 80s.

Rita was not able to attend this year due to upcoming surgery a few days after this banquet.

Rita and Merle from LHNM website..

I missed getting a picture of Stuart and Delores Swartzentruber – who were also at the banquet. We also learned to know them during our time at Pikangikum and have kept in touch through Facebook and newsletters. I found this picture of them on LHNM website. They serve at Sudbury Reserve.

Waiting for dinner

Table centerpieces

Our table. Notice Cerwin on the left, then Ray and Eva Nolt, Lois and Dale Wolgeumuth and Orpha and Gary Stevens. Ray and Eva and Gary and Orpha were also team leaders to Pikangikum.

A mother and son shared their testimony of receiving the message of Christ through LHNM.

Mary Faus closed in prayer.

She appears to be a First Nations native and has an inspiring way of praying.


We were blessed and challenged to pray more specifically for the work of LHNM.

Christmas Week ~ Part 1

Sunday, December 18 through Tuesday, December 20

We started Christmas week by having lunch at Pizza Hut with most of Jeff and Chris’ family to celebrate a few 2016 birthdays – Chris, Donovan, Diana, and Gloria.

Oh, what fun to be with their family.

The next day (Monday) we enjoyed lunch with the staff at TFC’s International Office.

Jon (Lynn’s husband), Cerwin, Lynn, Danielle, and Carol

Waiting for the hot dishes to be put in place.

George (Jane’s husband), Jeff, Scott, Karen (Scott’s wife), Mike, Carol’s daughter (I don’t remember her name), Carol, Dan (hidden) and his wife, Melody.

Everyone brought something.


Lynn Kolb blessed us with a song as we enjoyed the food.

I don’t think most of us realized that she has a beautiful singing voice.

We posed for a staff picture after the meal: Left to right – Lynn, Ruth, Carol, Mike, Inge, Scott, Danielle, Dan, Bunny, Jim, Sam, Cerwin, Jeff, Jane, and me.

Tuesday evening I went outside to enjoy and photograph the beautiful sunset that filled the western sky.

Same sunset – but a bit more to the north.

What I was seeing through the dogwood tree on our patio.

It was a delightful beginning to our Christmas week.

Supper with the Old Gang

Sunday evening, October 23

1-1This year we were on the committee to plan an activity for “The Old Gang” – which is made up of guys who ran around together 50+ years ago and their wives.

1-2We chose The Brickerville House because it is close to us and has a nice room for 30-40 people.

2-1There was an hour for visiting before supper.

As often happens the ladies were in one area of the room and the men in another. 🙂

2-2We chose the middle of the afternoon, because there was no charge for the room – between 3 pm and 6 pm.

2-3  3It is nice going to an attractive room where somebody else does the cooking.



64:00 pm – Time for supper










old-gang-23Following supper Rachel had a game of trivia -multiple choice.

old-gang-24Rachel and Wil were the other couple on the committee.

old-gang-22They had prizes – 3 dishs of chocolates – for the trivia winner, for the couple married the longest, and for the couple with the most grandchildren. We were tie for the most grandchildren, but deferred the gift to the other couple since we were on the committee.


old-gang-19After the games and gifts, Wil (blue shirt on the right) led a time of sharing old memories. Since the guys were “The Old Gang” there were a lot of stories about fast cars. 🙂

old-gang-27That was fun.

Meeting Friends from Canada

Friday, October 21

Our friend June Kuehl called us about a week before she and her daughter Maureen came to Lancaster County on a bus tour – from Ontario, Canada – to see if we could get together.

0Friday lunch worked for them and us. This is a pretty scene from our drive to Kitchen Kettle Village.


2While Cerwin shopped for a new wallet, I looked for photo opps.

2aI was sitting near the buggy rides, so the horses and carriages were of interest to me.



3-1The pretty leaves, berries, and pumpkins also got my attention.








3-9Then we saw their bus and soon noticed them walking toward us.

4June has been a friend of ours through TFC for many years. This was the first time we met Maureen.


6We enjoyed lunch and getting caught up on each others lives.



7-3Thanks, June, for giving us this opportunity by staying in touch.

7-4We saw this beautiful wild turkey just a few miles from home.

7-5Cerwin backed up a bit so I could take these pictures while hanging out the passenger side window. 🙂


7-7By this time another car and a motorcycle had stopped to watch him.

Lititz Craft Show

Saturday, August 13


DSC_4706My shopping partners – our daughter Deb and her friends Dee and Bernae.



DSC_4714Craft shows always remind me of the talent and creativity that God has given people.





DSC_4728The resident ducks were plentiful in the park.









DSC_4755Deb was talking to the designer of a cute raccoon picture, but I took this for the saying on his shirt: “I am not trying to be difficult, it comes naturally.” 🙂


DSC_4758I was fascinated by this cute Amish couple. I don’t think they were from our area because of their dress style and the design of her cap.


DSC_4769At this point I was more attracted to these flowers than the crafts across the street.







DSC_4781An attractive bush along the street.



DSC_4788By 10:00 AM it was hot and there were wall-to-wall people.





DSC_4806We were glad to get a table in General Sutter at 11:00 AM where it was cool – and we could sit for a while. This is Deb’s meal.

DSC_4808Dee’s lunch

DSC_4812Bernae texting someone

DSC_4813Deb is also checking her messages and Dee is reading the menu.

DSC_4816My watermelon soup. It was cold and delicious.

DSC_4818The scene on Broad Street as we walked toward our cars.


Thanks Deb, Dee, and Bernae for allowing me to tag along.

A Funeral on July 4

Rockwell Funeral (1)Cerwin and I were honored to be invited to speak at our friend Alan Rockwell’s funeral in western Pennsylvania. He was a salesman who sold “Jesus is Lord” mud flaps to TFC for many years. I was his contact person from 1990 to 2005. We often visited when he delivered mud flaps, and sometimes he would call me for prayer when something was going on in his family’s life.

Because it was a four-hour drive – and the visitation began at 11 AM – we left the house at 7 AM.

Rockwell Funeral (2)About the time we got to the first tunnel on the turnpike, I remembered that our grandson Jordan was also going this way – for his job. I messaged him to see where he was. He was an hour or two ahead of us and already off the turnpike and on his way to his first hog farm.

Rockwell Funeral (3)

Rockwell Funeral (4)Our breakfast stop

Rockwell Funeral (5)We followed this trucker for quite a while.

Rockwell Funeral (6)I like to pray for truckers as we travel. I had lots of time to ask God to meet this person’s needs. 🙂

Rockwell Funeral (7)

Rockwell Funeral (8)

Rockwell Funeral (9)

Rockwell Funeral (10)

Rockwell Funeral (11)Another tunnel. There are four.

Rockwell Funeral (12)I took this picture next to the gas station where Cerwin stopped for gas. Dining on a patio sounds like something nice to do.

Rockwell Funeral (13)The sun was just right to photograph this pretty barn.

Rockwell Funeral (14)

Rockwell Funeral (15)This large banner was on a building as we neared the town where the funeral would be held.

Rockwell Funeral (16)Uniontown – where the funeral was held.

Rockwell Funeral (17)

Rockwell Funeral (18)Our drive home was quite different, as it had begun raining during the funeral.

Rockwell Funeral (19)

Rockwell Funeral (20)The Pennsylvania mountains are pretty even when partially covered by fog.

Rockwell Funeral (21)Seems like these trees have very little life left in them.

Rockwell Funeral (22)

Rockwell Funeral (23)

Rockwell Funeral (24)It’s not very nice driving when it is this foggy.

Rockwell Funeral (25)Another set of trees without leaves. I always find it sad to see dead trees.

Rockwell Funeral (26)It was a good day. A rather unusual way to spend Independence Day. But a good day.

We were glad that we went to say goodbye to Alan and meet his family.

Lunch with Friends

Sunday, June 19

DSC_5024There must have been Amish church in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful morning for scooters and open buggies and we met many as we drove to our church.

DSC_5026Lunch was our annual friends birthday dinner – this year at Mark and Marcy’s house.


DSC_5027Roast Beef


There was also a vegetable and salad that I didn’t photograph.

DSC_5043We enjoyed a delightful, delicious lunch. Our hosts, Mark and Marcy, are on the left and next to Marcy is Emma Jean (or Cookie as she is known to us). Her husband Gene was not feeling well so was not able to come. Next is Gerald, whose wife, Joanne, died from cancer three years ago. She is keenly missed at these dinners. Cerwin has his back to the camera and my chair is empty because I am taking the picture.

We get together once a year to celebrate our friendship. This group of eight began many years ago because the ladies birthdays are in the same month – February. Sometimes we are together in February and sometimes we prefer a warmer month.

When our children were small, the group was much larger because together we have thirteen children.

DSC_5041We finished our meal with this delicious strawberry dessert.

DSC_5028Marcy is a talented decorator, so beauty abounds in their house.




DSC_5040Time always goes so quickly when we are together, and soon our visit was over.

Lunch With Roy, Deb & Inge

Saturday, December 12

DSC_5748I love pretty Saturday mornings in December.

DSC_5751Inge has been wanting to see the animals at Roy and Deb’s “Nut Hut” and this was the day – but first we had lunch at RD’s.

DSC_5752Inge (from TFC’s International Office), Deb, Roy, and Cerwin.

DSC_5760They make the best sweet tea.

DSC_5763My lunch

I like RD’s brisket – almost every way they serve it.

DSC_5765The others chose these meals.


DSC_5768Since I only took four meal pictures, I expect two got the same meal. 🙂

DSC_5771I enjoyed their creative Christmas decorations.








DSC_5791We had some delicious desserts before heading to Roy and Deb’s house.

DSC_5794Love RD’s crème brulee.


DSC_5799RD’s mother, Mame, makes the best pecan pies – and every now and then Deb orders one for Cerwin to take home.

I am not a pecan pie fan, but this was delicious!

Prayer Team & Fall Colors

Sunday, October 11

10-11-15 Prayer Team (1)Our prayer team was here for lunch – then an informal meeting where several staff members shared an update on their part of the TFC ministry.

10-11-15 Prayer Team (2)We invited Jeff and Ruth Martin as guests, so the team could meet them and hear about Ruth’s work as Administrative Assistant in the Office of Chaplains.

Sam Rittenhouse (right), Assistant Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, shared some experiences of his contact with the chaplains during the past year.

10-11-15 Prayer Team (4)Bunny O’Hare (second from right) Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains, updated us on his staff chaplain contacts and visits to the chapels.

10-11-15 Prayer Team (7)Cerwin and I shared about the ministry events in our lives.

These friends are a great blessing to us..


Friday, October 16 & Saturday, October 17

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (1)These pictures were taken two weeks ago – when the leaves in our woodlot were just beginning to change.

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (2)

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (3)

10-17 (1)

10-17 (2)

10-17 (3)

10-16-15 Morning and Evening (4)I enjoy seeing fall colors and sunsets.

Old Gang Get-together, Birthday Dinner & Sauder Reunion

There were four events that happened just before we went on the cruise, so I want to post three of them before I go into the details and photos from the cruise.

I will work on the fourth one, Brethren Disaster Relief Auction, after I post the cruise photos.


Old Gang Get-Together – Sunday evening, September 20

DSC_1112We enjoyed a delicious supper and evening at Bob and Lois’ house to celebrate our friendship with the old gang.

DSC_1114The old gang is made up of a lot of guys who “ran around” together when they were teenagers.

DSC_1117Many years ago – probably 40 to 45 years – after most of the guys had married, someone began this get-together.

It started with a picnic when our children were small. Now most of us have grandchildren and many have great-grandchildren.

DSC_1120A committee is chosen after each event – to plan the following year’s get-together. This year the committee provided soup, bread, and drink while the rest of us brought a salad or dessert.


DSC_1116Notice the bouquet of flowers – between the candles – on the nearest table.

DSC_1125This is what they looked like up close.


DSC_1122The beautiful view from Bob and Lois’ screened-in porch.

It was a delightful evening.


The next morning – Monday, September 21 – we had a beautiful sunrise.



A Birthday Supper With Jere and Kristen – Wednesday, September 23

1The appetizer we shared.

I was so excited about going out with Jere and Kristen for their birthday meals that I forgot my camera – so we used cell phones.

2Our delicious meals.

3 (1)

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)

3 (5)Jere’s birthday dessert.

I love spending time with our children.


Sauder Reunion – Saturday Evening, September 26

Reunion (1)The reunion was held in a separate area of Landis Homes campus – making it possible for us to take Cerwin’s mother to the supper.

Reunion (2)Mother recently had her 98th birthday and John’s 100th birthday is coming up in December, so Cerwin’s cousin Reba had a birthday cake made for them.

Reunion (3)

Reunion (4)While Reba held the cake, we encouraged them to take a fingerfull of icing. 🙂

Reunion (5)

Reunion (6)We placed them and Uncle Amos (a younger brother) in the open area of the room with chairs between the wheelchairs so their children and nieces and nephews could easily visit with them.

Reunion (7)

Reunion (8)These are just a few of the delicious things we had for the covered dish supper.

Reunion (9)

Reunion (10)

Reunion (11)

Reunion (12)

Reunion (13)

Reunion (14)The dessert table

Reunion (15)

Reunion (16)

Reunion (17)Enjoying food and fellowship

Reunion (18)

Reunion (19)Uncle John and Mother singing an old hymn.

Cerwin’s cousin Larry (left) came to ask John about an old church hymnal, after which they talked about a song that was a family favorite.

John said, “We sang it so often, I think I still know all the words.” Mother thought she knew the words as well. I asked them if they would sing it if I got everyone quiet. They said they would.

I can’t remember the name of the hymn, but everyone remembered it as Grandpa Sauder’s favorite, and a song the family often sang on the front porch in summertime.

It was a special moment.

Cerwin’s sister Doris read this and asked Mother about the name of the song. I found it online.

Rest By and By

Words: W. F. Cosner
Music: Rest By and By | Charles Edward Pollock
1. Often weary and worn on the pathway below,
When the burden is heavy, my heart throbs with woe;
Oh there comes a sweet whisper to quell ev’ry sigh,
“Do not faint ’neath the load, there is rest by and by.”

2. It becometh not thee to seek earth’s transient bliss,
Or thy treasure to place in a region like this;
Tho’ the cross may seem heavy, the moments soon fly
In the beautiful city, there is rest by and by.

3. You will not labor long for the Master below,
Soon His call you will hear, your free spirit shall go
To the light of His presence in mansions on high
Where the faithful repose, there is rest by and by.

Then, dear Saviour, I would not in sadness repine,
Nor would here on a bed of sweet roses recline;
For a country I seek where they nevermore die,
And in Zion, my home, there is rest by and by.

There is rest by and by,
In the beautiful city there is rest by and by.
Where the ransomed shall live with the Saviour on high,
In the beautiful city there is rest by and by.

Reunion (20)Mother, Lucy, and the prayer shawl Lucy made for her last year after Mother fell and broke her hip.

It was an especially good reunion.