Our Yard ~ Easter Weekend

April 15 & 16

I snapped the picture just as this goldfinch headed toward the ground. 🙂

Remember when I advertised for Ian last week – that he was looking for a few more summer jobs.

It worked! He got several calls and has begun some new jobs. 🙂

A breezy evening ruffled its feathers

A beautiful, foggy Easter morning

Looking spiffy in the Easter morning sunrise.

Is this pose better for you?

How about I turn just a bit more.

Checked out the two tomatoes we planted on Saturday.

They looked pretty in the morning sun – with a few drops of dew still clinging to the leaves.

The sun will soon burn away the fog.

It was a beautiful Easter morning.


This was our view on Wednesday morning – about 7:30 am.

I enjoy gray mornings.

They seem quiet and peaceful.

The fog slowly lifted – between 8:00 and 8:15 am.

This is almost the same view as picture #2.

I enjoy that each day is a bit – or a lot – different than the day before.

A Bevy of Doves & Evening Fog

Tuesday, December 22

I noticed these mourning doves just before lunch.

1 (1)Did you know that a group of doves is called a bevy?

Or, according to Wild Birds Unlimited: A group of doves has many collective nouns, including a “bevy”, “cote”, “dole”, “dule”, and “flight” of doves.

1 (2)An interesting fact about the Mourning Dove is that when they are building a nest the female stays at the nest site and the male bird collects the sticks. He then stands on her back to give her the sticks and she then weaves them into their nest.

1 (3)Their wings make a musical whishing noise when they fly. The feathers of a Mourning Dove are loosely attached to their skin and serve as a means of escape by easily pulling free when grabbed by a predator.

2Later in the day Cerwin captured this beautiful strip of fog in our valley.

3He thought it was too pretty to let go uncaptured in a photo, and got my camera. He was going to call me upstairs – from my basement office – but knew I was busy, so took the pictures himself.

12-22 (5)Good job, Cerwin!

12-22 (6)Looks like he even captured a mourning dove in this one. 🙂