Gifts Come in a Variety of Ways

Friday, September 29

We received this beautiful gift from friends (you know who you are) a few weeks before it bloomed. I thought they may like to see it in bloom.

Thanks to our son Jeff (left) for trimming a few trees along the driveway below our yard.

When I see pretty flowers and butterflies or moths I am thankful to God for the gift of sight.

Fall is a beautiful time of year.

Petals, Flowers & A Moth

Saturday, April 29

We had rain and wind during the night – bringing down most of our cherry blossoms.

It was when Cerwin left to take Ian to a neighbors place to do some mulching (one of Ian’s jobs) that I noticed the flower petals on our van. I told Cerwin that he looked like a “flower child” going down the road. ūüôā

I took this picture after he returned from the four-mile round trip.

Next he and Hezekiah went to Stauffer’s of Kissel Hill to get an azalea to match the other three. The one in this spot did not survive the winter.

This is our very old – and beautiful – azalea in another area of the patio.

I was pleased that our white dogwood was still blooming, because Mark and Diane were arriving by evening.

We planted this twenty-three years ago in memory of Elijah.

He is¬†Mark and Diane’s fifth child, was born with a heart deformity, and only lived five months.

Our rhododendron was filled with buds, so we were expecting it to be beautiful this year.

…and it was

Later in the afternoon Рwhile cleaning the patio РI noticed a Luna moth on our front door.

I’m not sure that I have ever seen one of these in person.


By-the-way, Hezekiah did surprise his parents – especially Mark. Diane was a bit suspicious because of something he said, but did not know for sure that he was going to be here.

I was so excited to see them surprised that I didn’t think about taking a picture.

Imagine that! ūüôā

Cherry Blossoms

We don’t have to go to Washington DC to see cherry blossoms.

At first I thought¬†this was our cherry tree, then realized the building is not our neighbor’s house. ūüôā¬†I had to think a bit to remember where I took the photo. It came from a¬†day last week when I was driving through Lititz.

The rest of the photos are from our tree.

A Mix of Things I Saw in Our Yard Last Week

Our brand new red bud tree is beginning to bud.

We planted this in memory of Cerwin’s mother.

Our dogwood trees were beginning to display their flowers.

Our red maple was pretty in the evening sun as leaves were opening.

The Eastern Bluebirds were back.

The tulips are on their last days.

It had no idea that eating the bird’s sunflower seeds was frustrating to me.

Does anybody want to start a new scurry of squirrels in their yard?


Yes, I am still delighting in springtime.

The Colors of Springtime in Our Yard

Sunday, April 2

This female downy just sat and watched as I took her photo from our car.

I think she is enjoying the warmer weather.

Inge, this is one of your daffodils – at the gravesite of your feline friends Timothy and Barnabas.

Daffodils in our memory garden Рfrom my dad.

I brought three inside – which changed the lighting on the photos.

I am enjoying the signs of spring.

Tulips & Chocolates

Tuesday, February 7

Day 4 of my birthday celebration ūüôā

Tulips and chocolates from Cerwin – for my birthday and valentines day.

Each piece of candy was fabulous, but the piece on the bottom left was the best.

The tulips were a bit “wimpy” when they arrived and the buds¬†very tight.

Look at the difference half an hour later.

A few days later they were open and still beautiful.

That evening as we drove to Stewardship Advisors Winter Seminar at Spooky Nook Sports, I noticed the beautiful sky.

Sometimes I think the Sky Artist has fun creating masterpieces for us to enjoy.

Hershey Gardens ~ Orchid Show Part 2

Saturday, February 4

A section of orchids.

There were white orchids…

…black ones – and many¬†colors¬†in between.

Butterflies and orchids –¬†a beautiful respite¬†in the middle of winter.

The butterfly house and orchid display – on top of the hill – were quite busy while Hershey Park rides below us were silent on this mid-winter day.