Fields, Geese – and the New TFC Chapel is Finished!

Late May and early June

Our Amish neighbor was in the field across the road from our house one day when I had time to watch.

As I took the picture, I noticed that someone from the Hershey farm was putting manure on the next field.

I love my country life!

There are new babies on the farm pond.

I like how the little ones are in a straight line behind their mom while dad keeps an eye on me.

They must have felt a bit safer because it appeared that they relaxed as they arrived in the middle of the pond.

The one on the left was even going after a bug – or something.

Me thinks it must be the bravest of the five.

I worry about little goslings in this pond, because it is sometimes the home for snapping turtles.


The new TFC chapel is ready for its debut!

Merv Weaver Painting did an amazing job of preparing the chapel for painting.

Cerwin picked it up in late May.

Then it was lettered at Eckert Signs.

Stiegel Valley Flooring installed the vinyl (chapel) and carpet (living quarters).

These three very skilled businessmen – painting, lettering, and flooring – are a blessing to TFC.

Cerwin and I spent the next morning getting the chapel set up for its weekend debut.

Come back tomorrow night to see that event.

I haven’t cried and sobbed like this for a long time.

 I am the only sibling of the five of us who isn’t really involved in the transition of the family farm. My three brothers are selling it to my sister’s daughter Karen, her husband, and son. So, I was surprised at my emotional response. But seeing two large cattle trucks at the farm today totally unglued me. They were there to take more cows away. I think only 50 are staying.

We are excited that the Hershey farm is staying in the family – the sixth and seventh generation. It is going to be fun to see what Larry, Karen, Travis, and Ashlea do with the farm – and I KNOW they will take good care of it. The dairy barn is being leased to another farm who is bringing in their own cows – and we are pleased about that.

I just had to cry awhile. Now I am okay again. 🙂

Relaxing With Our Houseguests

Wednesday Evening, August 4 and Thursday, August 5

Two relaxing days (1)Reuben and Judi spent part of the evening (after their day in court) having fun with their children.

Two relaxing days (2)The next morning I relaxed on our patio – with coffee, bread, and my Nook – where I keep my devotional readings.

Two relaxing days (3)It is kind of difficult to concentrate on reading when the sun is coming up over the neighbor’s cornfields.

Two relaxing days (4)But it was easy to be grateful for this beautiful day in our part of the world.

Two relaxing days (5)

Two relaxing days (6)Morning moon

Two relaxing days (7)

Two relaxing days (8)Silhouetted wren

Two relaxing days (9)Playing in the yard

Two relaxing days (10)Miss K and I decided to walk to my brothers’ farm.

Two relaxing days (11)

Two relaxing days (12)

Two relaxing days (13)


Two relaxing days (17)Checking out the calves

Two relaxing days (18)

Two relaxing days (16)

Two relaxing days (15)

Two relaxing days (20)Reuben, Judi, and Little K came to join us as we approached the dairy barn. They drove in our van.

Two relaxing days (21)

Two relaxing days (19)There was a brand new calf in the maternity section. It looks like the next calf is going to be #2500.

Two relaxing days (22)Other pictures around the farm

Two relaxing days (14)

Two relaxing days (23)

Two relaxing days (24)

Two relaxing days (25)

Two relaxing days (26)It was nice to have a relaxing day.

Manure & Sheep

Wednesday, February 25

1 (1)We awoke to a certain “country scent” in the air after manure was spread on the field next to our house.

1 (3)Thankfully we did not smell it indoors.

1 (4)It is interesting that God created birds to love this kind of thing.

1 (5)That way, the corn and grain that was eaten by the cows becomes food for the crows.

2 (2)I enjoyed seeing a farmer’s sheep as I traveled to the post office.

2 (1)

3 (1)Sheep always make me think about Psalm 23.

3 (2)

4This was the scene directly across from the sheep pasture.

5There is a lot of pretty winter scenery around here this winter.

Corn Harvest Next To Our House

Friday, September 19

01-DSC_8916I heard the machinery before I saw them.

02-DSC_8917This is when I pray for those running tractors on top of the silage.














16-DSC_8943By the time I went to the motel to meet my blog friend, Donna, (from Virginia) the field below our house was finished.

We had a wonderful evening together – catching up on each others lives.

17-DSC_8945With many empty cornfields, it is certainly beginning to feel a bit like fall in our area.

A Saturday Evening Walk ~ With A Delicious Reward

Saturday, June 21, was a beautiful, early summer evening.

01-DSC_1908I was thinking about taking a walk when our granddaughter Jana called and asked if we wanted to come to their house for homemade ice cream at 6:30 PM.

Who can turn that down!

I left for my walk so I would arrive at their house about that time – taking the long way which is a bit more than one mile. (The short way is exactly one mile.)

02-DSC_1912I thought you may enjoy seeing some of the things I saw in our neighborhood.


04-DSC_1914Notice the rock on the right?

05-DSC_1917This is it close up.


07-DSC_1924Approaching the farm of our Amish neighbors.

09-DSC_1930They were in the driveway doing their Saturday evening cleanup, so after talking a bit I moved on. This is looking back at their place.







17-DSC_1943Just before taking this picture, I talked to neighbors who were working in their yard – and waved “hi” to a friend who was sweeping her walk.


18-DSC_1945I love how farmers in our neighborhood mow the grass strip between their crops and the road.


20-DSC_1949About the time I got to the point of the road – at the top of the picture – Cerwin came for me in our car because the ice cream was ready earlier than 6:30.

I took this picture from Jere and Kristen’s deck – while he was serving ice cream.




24-DSC_1959Oh, yum!

And there were fresh strawberries to go with it.

25-DSC_1961It was warm with only a slight breeze – a perfect evening for ice cream on the deck.

26-DSC_1965We left just as the sun was setting.

One Evening Last Week

Wednesday, April 90It was a cool, breezy evening, but the beautiful sky drew me outside.

1cThe sky was filled with interesting clouds.



2 (2)I walked to a spot ~ just a short distance from our house ~ where I had a good view of the valley and the setting sun.

2 (3)Then took pictures of what I saw.

2 (5)

2 (11)

2 (10)

2 (1)

2 (4)

2 (7)

2 (6)

2 (8)

2 (9)Yes, I can see that many farms from the road in front of our house.

7I didn’t have to move from the spot to watch the sun set behind the western horizon.


7a (2)

7a (1)

9Back in our driveway.