Visiting Lydia at Work

Thursday, December 28

I almost missed these pictures – which should have come before our trip to Maine. After posting last night, I suddenly remembered these pictures in our cell phones.

Since Lydia recently moved to Pennsylvania, we wanted to visit where she works – in the kitchen of Lancaster General Hospital. Lydia, Diane, Abby, Anthony, Josiah, and Cerwin.

She gave us a time when we could meet her for lunch in the hospital cafeteria.

After lunch she gave us a peek into the very large kitchen.

Then I quickly took a picture of Diane with three of their six children – and their grandson.

She has had to be content with seeing their children in shifts this year. The two oldest (Elizabeth and Hannah) live near them in Maine, Josiah is an over-the-road truck driver, Abby and Lydia live near us in Pennsylvania, and Hezekiah lives in Tennessee.


Tomorrow night I will continue with our visit to Maine.

Traveling to Maine

Friday, December 29

We left home early for our annual end-of-year drive to Maine to visit our family who moved there just over 31 years ago to help start a new church in the area of Brunswick.

It was a cloudy day, so we weren’t afforded a pretty sunrise.

This was our first drive across the newly finished northbound lanes of the Tappan Zee Bridge – which crosses the Hudson River in New York.

It amazes me that men and women can design and build bridges that span a three-mile wide river.

When leaving the rest stop near Darien, CT, where we stopped for breakfast, I noticed the lettering on this truck. It kind of tells me something about the heart of this truck driver.

Our traveling companion for this trip was our oldest daughter Diane, who came to Pennsylvania just before Christmas – with friends from their church who came to Pennsylvania for Christmas. She was here to enjoy time with their daughters Abby and Lydia, son-in-law, Nathaniel, and grandson Anthony. She also enjoyed spending time with their truck driver son, Josiah, who spent the week at our house.

Cerwin was driving under the medication of Motrin due to a very sore neck muscle. He thinks it happened when he helped to move a heavy object.

Diane introduced us to the music of Brackin and Lindsay Kirkland.

I especially enjoyed “It is Well” which was recorded in a silo.

You can listen to it here:

Go to the YouTube link for the song “It is Well” or any one of their songs.

The farther north we traveled, the more it looked like winter.

As we neared New Hampshire we got into a light wintry mix of snow.


We carefully passed Department of Transportation trucks that were putting sand on the highway.

They were in every lane – appropriately spaced so they didn’t block the interstate.

Usual scenery in Maine in the wintertime.

Low tide

We were now off the interstate and on local roads heading toward their house.

I love the Maine countryside.


We got to their place about 4 p.m. – in time for a light supper. Mark was still on the road, but arrived home later in the evening.

Christmas Eve – Evening

Cerwin, Diane, Lydia and I were invited to Nate and Abby’s for a light supper. (Josiah was attending another Christmas dinner.)

We took soup and ingredients for grilled cheese sandwiches while Abby made hors d’oeuvres.

These were made with brie cheese, jelly and nuts.

While they baked and we prepared the soup and sandwiches, Great-grandpa and Anthony played a game.

Abby made the sandwiches with a panini press.

The finished hors d’oeuvres were delicious.

Lydia came after work. Anthony had gotten a fireman’s hat earlier in the day and insisted that Grammy Diane wear it.

Nathaniel and Cerwin checking out something on the cell phone.

There were a few gifts.

These were specially shaped pasta from Maine.

The shapes were things like moose and bear.

Showing them to his parents

A gift for his parents.

Something for Anthony

Looks like some books – from Pappy and Grammy

A gift for Lydia

Anthony wanted a close up shot of his mouth. 🙂

Diane’s new socks from another event.

Checking out a selfie


It was also nice to see Nate and Abby’s place as they had recently exchanged houses with his parents. They are now in the farm house while Dale and Luanne are in the apartment at her mother’s place.

Christmas Eve Afternoon – Pizza and Ferdinand

December 24

Jere and Kristen invited us to go with them to Pizza Hut and Penn Cinema to see Ferdinand.

Clockwise: Jared, Cerwin, Jesse, Jere, Sandy (hidden), Josiah, Kristen, Diane, Deb, Roy, Ian, and Josh

Not sure why Jesse was balancing a cup on his head – but he was. 🙂

After it was securely balanced, Jere threw something into it and promptly tipped it over.

A pretty Christmas tree at Penn Cinema

Jere, Jared, Josh, Jesse, Ian, and Kristen. We missed Jana this year – but are glad to know that she is enjoying her time across the ocean with YWAM (Youth with a Mission).

We were the first in the theatre – but more arrived before the movie started.

Jesse was in charge of the large container of popcorn. As needed, he filled smaller cups for the rest of us.

This was an incredibly good movie about a bull.

If you know the storyline, he cared more about flowers and his friend – a girl – than he did about being a mean bull.

We took time for a few pictures afterward. Jere, Diane, and Deb.

This Christmas Eve ritual – of lunch and a movie began when Jere and Kristen’s family and Roy and Deb were the only family members without something special to do on Christmas Eve. Then when the extended High Family meal was changed to another time of the year, they invited Cerwin and me to go along – because we were no longer busy planning for a large family meal the next day. It was especially fun to have Diane and Josiah with us this year.

Roy and Deb

Cerwin and me

Following an Amish buggy on the way home.

Josiah is Here!

Friday Afternoon, December 22

It was good to see his truck coming in the driveway below our yard.

He parked his trailer on a neighbors lot and brought the truck here. He is an over-the-road driver – based out of North Dakota – and pretty much lives in his truck. Because of cell phones he stays in touch with us and his family in Maine on a regular basis.

We are thankful for a dispatcher who gave him a load to Pennsylvania and allowed him to have a one-week vacation between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

You will see pictures of him during the next few days. 🙂

High Family Get-Together

Sunday Evening, December 17

Jeremy, Sami, with their grandma Velda (Cerwin’s sister).

Our nephew Don and his wife, Gabi, hosted this evening drop-in for the High family who could come and say, “Hi.” to Dave, Denise, and Sami who were visiting from Minnesota.

Mel (holding his great-granddaughter Izabella – the newest High family member), Velda watching Owen play a game while Haley (Izabella and Owen’s mother) watches.

Pretty Izabella

Great-Grandma and Owen

Denise, Donald, Dorretta – Mel and Velda’s three children.

Audrina feeding a snack to great-grandma

Audrina and Great-Grandma

Denise, Roy, and Gabi

The kitchen seemed to be the busiest, noisiest place. 

Deb helping Audrina think she was taking pictures.

Haley, Izabella, Gabi and Jeremy

Denise, Justin, Haley, Izabella, Gabi, Jeremy, Sami, and Dave

Sami with her dad, Dave

I do not remember what was so funny, but if Dave, Denise, and Deb are in the same room, this will eventually happen.

Dave and Deb

This was probably about the time that Deb began snorting. 🙂

I love listening to belly laughs when the family is together.

A Morning with Mother Hershey

Monday, December 11

My 93 1/2 year-old-step-mother still drives, but is no longer comfortable driving in town or to new places, so I began taking her to her eye appointments in Ephrata. It has become a really fun time for us.

This time she asked if I had time to stop at the Clay Bookstore so she could get some last minute Christmas cards before or after we went to the ophthalmologist. We opted to go before her appointment.

On the way home we stopped at Fox Meadows Creamery for lunch – almost across the street from Clay Bookstore. I was glad to have my cell phone along to take a few pictues.

My delicious tomato basil soup

Mother got a cheeseburger soup.

Photos I didn’t take:

  1. Our ice cream in a waffle bowl (Mother had a coupon for a free waffle bowl.) The server asked if we wanted both dips of ice cream in the bowl. The bowls are large enough for 2 or 3 dips 🙂 We said sure. I chose Vanilla – I always do – and mother chose Brown Butter Almond Brickle.
  2. My sister and her youngest daughter Chelsey – who were doing some shopping – also stopped in for lunch. We moved to a larger table and enjoyed our ice cream while they ate their lunch.
  3. I purchased 2 half gallons of ice cream for at home. One box of Madagascan Vanilla for me (the vanilla beans are from Madagascar) and one box of Brown Butter Almond Brickle for Cerwin.


What a fun morning.

We Have a Boarder

Several weeks ago our granddaughter Lydia called to see if she could stay with us for awhile – if she moved here from Maine. I expect that she will be here for awhile until she gets settled in a job.

She came about a week ago and is looking for a job in the food industry, so started with a temp agency.

Her first job was in the cafeteria at Women & Babies Hospital.

Most of these photos are from my cell phone so I could send the pictures to her parents

On Thursday she went along with us to Walmart to get supplies for our Christmas dinner tomorrow. First we stopped at Arby’s for lunch.

Yesterday she had to wear a tux outfit for a job at the Marriott Hotel.

She could have had a few more jobs this weekend, but had plans to fly to Nashville to visit with her brother Hezekiah for her birthday.

It is lots of fun having her here.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Thursday, November 23

We always look forward to this meal because Jere and Kristen seem to thrive on preparing Thanksgiving lunch for anyone in our family who doesn’t have a place to go.

It looks like we better save room for dessert.

Time to carve the turkey.

Learning to cut turkey from their dad.

Josh and Grandpa

Wonder what that conversation was about.

Kristen is a very creative cook.

Those who surrounded this year’s table.

Clockwise: Jared, Deb, Jesse, Roy, Ian, Josh, Jere, Kristen, Lydia (who just moved here from Maine), Mother Hershey, and Cerwin.

Dessert sampler

A new serving board.

Cerwin seems a bit animated about this conversation, so I expect he was telling Roy about his mule deer hunt. 🙂

Lydia telling Great-grandma about her new job with Drexel Group Staffing.

Roy and Deb are parenting this tiny baby goat that was only a day old on Thanksgiving Day. They get so many of these to pamper for a week or two that I sometimes forget, but I think this one was a triplet that was rejected by its mother. Deb does an amazing job of keeping rejected baby animals alive.

Jesse loves helping with them when Roy and Deb come to their place.


A delightful meal and afternoon.