We Have a Boarder

Several weeks ago our granddaughter Lydia called to see if she could stay with us for awhile – if she moved here from Maine. I expect that she will be here for awhile until she gets settled in a job.

She came about a week ago and is looking for a job in the food industry, so started with a temp agency.

Her first job was in the cafeteria at Women & Babies Hospital.

Most of these photos are from my cell phone so I could send the pictures to her parents

On Thursday she went along with us to Walmart to get supplies for our Christmas dinner tomorrow. First we stopped at Arby’s for lunch.

Yesterday she had to wear a tux outfit for a job at the Marriott Hotel.

She could have had a few more jobs this weekend, but had plans to fly to Nashville to visit with her brother Hezekiah for her birthday.

It is lots of fun having her here.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Thursday, November 23

We always look forward to this meal because Jere and Kristen seem to thrive on preparing Thanksgiving lunch for anyone in our family who doesn’t have a place to go.

It looks like we better save room for dessert.

Time to carve the turkey.

Learning to cut turkey from their dad.

Josh and Grandpa

Wonder what that conversation was about.

Kristen is a very creative cook.

Those who surrounded this year’s table.

Clockwise: Jared, Deb, Jesse, Roy, Ian, Josh, Jere, Kristen, Lydia (who just moved here from Maine), Mother Hershey, and Cerwin.

Dessert sampler

A new serving board.

Cerwin seems a bit animated about this conversation, so I expect he was telling Roy about his mule deer hunt. 🙂

Lydia telling Great-grandma about her new job with Drexel Group Staffing.

Roy and Deb are parenting this tiny baby goat that was only a day old on Thanksgiving Day. They get so many of these to pamper for a week or two that I sometimes forget, but I think this one was a triplet that was rejected by its mother. Deb does an amazing job of keeping rejected baby animals alive.

Jesse loves helping with them when Roy and Deb come to their place.


A delightful meal and afternoon.

Supper at Bully’s Restaurant

Tuesday Evening, March 31

I chose this picture of the exterior of Bully’s Restaurant from the Internet, because this is pretty much what it looked like when we arrived. However, it would have been difficult for me to take this picture because of evening traffic.

Mark, Diane, Deb, Roy, Chris, Jeff, and Cerwin. (We were disappointed that it didn’t suit Jere and Kristen because he was on a business trip.)

Several things brought this supper about.

  1. Mark and Diane were here for only one day – after going to Tennessee to visit their son Heze and before going back to Maine.
  2. We wanted to take Mark out for his 2017 birthday.
  3. When Roy heard that Diane, Deb, and I were spending the afternoon together, he said, “I would like to see them too.” 🙂

We tried to find a restaurant in the Columbia area so Roy could meet us after work. (He works in Hanover.) Several restaurants in that area are closed on Tuesday nights, so I was glad to learn that Bully’s was open – and had fabulous online recommendations. We each had between a half-an-hour and one-our drive.

We were pleased to have a small room to ourselves and enjoyed the delicious food.

None of us had ever been here, but I am sure we will return. (I think Jeff and Chris went back the following week for her birthday.)

An Afternoon with Diane and Deb

Tuesday, October 31

This is something that doesn’t happen very often because our daughters live 500-plus miles apart.

They rarely get to spend time together – just the two of them – and it is just as rare that we get to spend a few hours of being a threesome.

Following brunch at Brenda’s house, Diane and I drove about an hour to meet Deb at BB’s in Quarryville (which is in Deb’s area). The one thing our daughters have in common is a love of bargains.

This is a special treat for Diane because of the scarcity of this kind of store in their area of Maine.

We went through the aisles slowly – stopped, talked and laughed often at our great bargains – or at silly things that none of us needed. Two hours later we were checking out.

Diane also wanted to shop at Good’s in Quarryville.

My find at this store was a shirt for Cerwin. He likes their western-style shirts.

We had about an hour and a half left before meeting our husbands and Jeff and Chris for supper, meaning we had half-an-hour for coffee at Drumore Diner (used to be RD’s so Diane and I could say hi to Leslie (a waitress here).

Leslie and Diane

Leslie doesn’t usually look like a dog. 🙂 This was Halloween.

She has a special place in our hearts as she and Deb were best friends in junior and senior high school and spent a lot of time in our home. She and Deb live in the same neighborhood and see each other on a regular basis. Diane rarely sees her and I may only see her about once a year.


It was a fun afternoon.

Brunch at Brenda’s

Tuesday Morning, October 31

Brenda, our sister-in-law (back to camera), had a brunch to honor Anne who is selling her house and moving to the Pittsburgh area to help her daughter, Jessica’s family. Rob and Jess adopted two young children, then – earlier this year – gave birth to twin girls.

Brenda served baked oatmeal with a delightful variety of toppings – fruit, nuts, yogurt or milk.

There were also cinnamon donuts and apple turnovers.

 Anne, Brenda, Mother Hershey, Nancy, Dot, and Diane.

I was pleased that Diane was in the area and could enjoy this. She misses out on lots of family gatherings because they live in Maine.

Diane used my camera to take a photo that included me.

We had fun talking, laughing, and discussing Anne’s move. Some of us have spent a lot of time helping Anne prepare her house for sale and packing to move. My sister, Nancy, was especially valuable, as she and her husband empty houses and prepare them for sale as their vocation.

Thanks, Brenda, for doing this to honor Anne.

Breakfast with Jere

Thursday Morning, October 26

This was the morning that suited the two of us to go out for breakfast. I am still processing the fact that we have children with gray hair. In my mind he is still that little curly-haired guy running around the house.

I am glad that our children keep their promises. 🙂 He promised me a breakfast after my February birthday.

His coffee

We took a selfie to send to their daughter, Jana, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sending messages to Jana.

The Brick House in Manheim serves delicious breakfasts. I loved my egg/bacon/cheese wrap and fresh fruit.

Thanks, Jere. That was a fun birthday gift.

A Sunday Afternoon Walk with Mark and Diane

Sunday, October 22

This was three weeks ago – during warmer days – when Mark and Diane were visiting.

Cerwin was in Ohio, preparing for an archery hunt, so it was nice for me to have company on this walk.

Shortly after taking the first picture, Mark and Diane noticed this praying mantis dragging a dead caterpillar across the road.

A pretty flower and moth at the farm.

Diane wanted to see how Larry and Karen updated the house.

We did get to see the house, but spent a lot more time in the barn where Hershey was giving birth to puppies.

These little guys were wet and squealing.

Speaking of squealing – these guys thought I was there to feed them.

Our next stop was above the puppies and pigs – on the second floor – where they raise a large flock of chickens.

Then we walked another 3/4 of a mile to Jere and Kristen’s house. (They live exactly one mile from our house.)

Diane wanted to see the chickens.

I wonder what she was telling her little brother.

They have a fascinating flock of chickens right now.

I love all the feather patterns.

Some appeared that they were ready to roost for the evening.

We were grateful that Jere offered to take us home.

That was a fun and interesting afternoon.