Getting My Affogato Fix

Thursday Evening, April 13

My affogato and Cerwin’s ice cream at Fox Meadows Creamery

We sat at a table for two and enjoyed the farm scenery – the farm that produces the milk for the ice cream products.

We were surprised to look up and see Jeff (oldest son) and Chris walk in the door. What fun to go to a table for four and catch up a bit on their family.

I love when that happens. 🙂

Writing on the Wall

Wednesday, April 5

Our niece, Karen, texted me saying that she would like me to come to the farm and take a picture of some writing on the wall.

Karen, her husband and son bought the Hershey Homestead (house and farm) from my brothers and are redoing the middle section of the house. They plan to move there in the near future. (I took this picture in 2012. The old tree is no longer standing.)

The sandstone part of the house, on the left, was built between 1819 and 1821 – according to writing on the basement and attic walls. We knew the middle section was built in the early 1900s. This writing in the plaster probably identifies it as 1904. The newest section (on the right) was built in 1997 when my brother Dale and his wife Dot lived there.

They uncovered the writing in the plaster after removing the tobacco lath and horse hair plaster when preparing to insulate the outside walls.

This part was built when my great grandparents lived here. My grandpa was born in June 1895 – and would have been almost nine years old in May 1904 when the writing was put in the plaster.

While standing in this room that was stripped bare, I tried to imagine the excitement of a nine-year-old boy running through the new part of the house, examining the freshly plastered walls.

I don’t have any pictures of Grandpa when he was nine. Only this one when he was three or four and lived in the sandstone part of the house.

The next one I have was when he was a teenager. By then the frame part of the house was probably nine or ten years old.

Now back to the writing in the plaster. A. B. Young – May 3, 1904.

Who could that be?

Our son Jeff thought he might have been a fork maker. Jeff enjoys antique sales and said there was a Young who made wooden forks.

I called my friend Doug Shaw who lives near us (Penryn) and makes wooden forks. Doug said, “No, that was M. B. Young.” He suggested that I call Manheim Historical Society.

I got the answering machine, but told them about the writing in the plaster.

Two days later, someone called me saying, “I think we found your man. We found the obituary of Amaziah Benton Young in the Manheim Sentinel, August 18, 1932. He was a cigar maker and plasterer.”


It appears that we have deciphered the writing on the wall and found the plaster of the house in 1904.

I found that to be very interesting.

Pro Dad with Jere & Jesse

Early Morning, March 22 at Doe Run Elementary School

Jesse, Jere, and Cerwin

From Pro Dad’s website:

Pro Dad is on a mission to help you love and lead your family well.

We are a group of people passionately committed to bringing intentional focus to fathers around the world. Our message will inspire you to embrace who you are, give you tenderness of heart, and boldness of character as a dad and husband. We are consistently here for you to provide guidance and practical tips in raising your kids in a life giving way.

An Evening With Anthony

Tuesday, March 21

Our granddaughter had a book/Bible study and Nathaniel was working, so we were blessed to have an evening with Anthony.

He likes to have his picture taken.

He and great-grandpa were building a barn for the animals.

“I want to see that one grandma.”

He likes to see himself in my camera.

Re-arranging the barn a bit

Hauling animals to the barn

I spent some time on the floor too – working as a railroad dock worker while Anthony delivered goods to the other end of the kitchen.


One year ago he cried when Abby left. This time he cried when he had to go home.

He wanted to sleep here. 🙂

If felt good that he has gotten comfortable with us.

Visiting Uncle Lester & Aunt Hazel

Sunday afternoon, March 19

It has been a while since we saw my Uncle Lester and Aunt Hazel Hawthorne, so we purposed to visit them on Sunday afternoon.

After talking to my cousin Bonnie, I learned how to find their apartment at Masonic Village in Elizabethtown. We invited my step-mother – who was pleased to go along.

We had a most delightful afternoon.

Lester is a brother to my mother.

As we traveled home and neared Penryn, we could see remnants of the mud sale. The mud was on the side of the road leading away from Penryn. 🙂

As we drove by the fire hall the road was mud-covered on both sides of the road.


It appears that spring weather is just around the corner. The snow is melting and spring flowers are showing signs of life.

Appointments & Visiting

Thursday, March 16

I was glad Cerwin could be my chauffer because of the roads. The main roads were okay, but some of the country roads were still snow covered because of blowing snow – especially ours.

First we picked up my 92-year-old step-mother to take her to the visitation/funeral of her former sister-in-law Miriam (age 98) who was the sister of Mother’s first husband, Ivan, who drowned in a boating accident. We know the family well and took time to visit them. Another family member was able to take Mother home after lunch at our church.

Because we were early for my tests, I checked out a new place for manicures and pedicures. It is very large with 14 adult and 4 children’s chairs for pedicures. I expect there were that many stations for manicures as well. I took a business card so I can call them sometime.

Then I had my routine mammogram and DEXA scan. I went to a new location and was very impressed. We arrived half-an-hour early. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to wait. Both appointments were completed a few minutes after my original appointment was scheduled to begin.

When I came out to where Cerwin was waiting, he asked where I go for my second test. He was surprised when I told him that I was finished. 🙂 Both ladies who did the scans were very well trained in their jobs.

Since we weren’t far from Landis Homes, we went to visit Cerwin’s 101-year-old uncle John. He was reading the Bible when we opened the door to his room. He had just finished reading the book of Malachi – the last book of the Old Testament – and was anxious to begin the New Testament.

We love hearing his stories, and this time – because we were discussing the snow – he remembered when he got thirty cents an hour for shoveling snow when working for the state. 🙂 He said that was good pay.

After our visit with him we decided to do a “walk of memory” in the building where Mother High lived. It was fun seeing a few of Mother’s nurses and a friend (Bonnie Russell) who lives in the same area. Bonnie had a stroke and some seizers in the past few years and could not remember us – but pointed upward, saying, “I cannot remember people, but I know Him.”

The last room where Mother lived in now occupied by a woman named Lois Dagen. She was not in the room when we got there, so we did not get to meet her.

We walked to the other end of the building to spend some time with Cerwin’s Uncle Amos. He is a younger brother of John. We found him in the dining room drinking coffee and waiting for lunch. He is very hard of hearing, so it is a bit difficult to carry on a conversation with him.

He was glad to see us and always likes to hear about Transport For Christ because he used to be a truck driver. He will be 88 on April 24.

We enjoyed driving over some country roads as we made our way from Landis Homes to Fox Meadows Creamery for lunch.

By noon most of the roads were bare – except in areas where there was drifting.

We went to the Creamery for two reasons. One: because they just began serving lunch and we were anxious to see their menu. Cerwin got a hamburger with “everything” – it even included an egg. He eventually went for a knife and fork. 🙂

My glorified hot ham sandwich and chips – and affogato – were delicious. The lunch menu is not yet online so I couldn’t find the names for our sandwiches.

Our second reason for going was to buy ice cream – some to take home for our almost-every-evening snack and two pints for my Aunt Julia and Uncle Glen. I called from the creamery – she chose Wilbur Chocolate and he chose a nut variety. Julia just had shoulder surgery. I knew they were getting lots of meals, so thought ice cream my be a nice treat.

We took our ice cream home before going to Glen and Julia’s. They live about two miles from our place. Julia is my dad’s youngest sister. We enjoyed visiting them and with Glen’s sister Marian and her husband who were also there.


The day felt productive and rewarding.

A Visit from Nsimba & Elizabeth – Part 2

Sunday Evening, February 26

Abby and Josh

The evening started with a 5 pm supper with the High family – the reason Elizabeth and Nsimba decided to come to Pennsylvania.

Everyone brought something to contribute to the meal.

Cerwin and I provided the Cheeseburger Soup.

There is lots of noise, laughter, and visiting when we are together.

The supper was planned because Cerwin’s sister Doris and her husband Bob were visiting from Minnesota. They are on the center right. Cerwin’s three siblings are in this picture – Velda, Elvin and Doris.


It is fun to watch the little ones changing and growing up since we last saw them.

Our daughter Deb feeding Caleb.


Bryson and Peyton


Roy and Bailey clowning

We enjoyed meeting Charity (third from left) Jeremy’s girlfriend.

Each person brings a new personality to our family.

We are even gathering new countries. Gabi (left) is from Romania and Nsimba’s homeland is Africa. Don and Gabi’s son Jeremy speaks French as does Nsimba, so they had a great time communicating.

I love this family of ours!

A Visit from Nsimba & Elizabeth – Part 1

Sunday, February 26

Nsimba and Elizabeth wanted a weekend away, and since the High family was coming to our place for Sunday supper, they chose to drive to Pennsylvania – from Maine.

We decided to invite my siblings (Hersheys) to drop in during the afternoon, and told Elizabeth that she was welcome to invite the Myers (her dad’s family).

They were pleased that it suited her Grandpa and Grandma Myers.

This photo was an accident, but I liked Elizabeth’s bare feet and everyone’s hands.

This is the real picture. Nsimba and Elizabeth with my brother Dale and sister-in-law Dot. I missed taking pictures of our son Jere, my sister Nancy and our sister-in-law Brenda.

Our daughter Deb and her Grandma Hershey. You may or may not be in trouble, Deb. Was Grandma scolding you or just making a point. 🙂

Elizabeth and Nsimba with their Great-Grandma Hershey

Deb and Roy were the first people to arrive for the evening meal. That way they were able to visit with some of the afternoon visitors.

More tomorrow night

Visiting an Uncle & Aunt

Sunday, February 19

After church we went to Fairmont Homes to visit Cerwin’s Uncle Luke and Aunt Willa Mae.

I wanted to take a picture of them, but waited too long, and was uncomfortable doing it after two other couples arrived. We had a great afternoon with them.

Two days later we had a sunrise that was brilliant for several minutes.

Shortly after I got back in the house, the clouds took over and the red was gone.

Birthday Lunch With Our Pennsylvania Children

Sunday, February 12

We took our Pennsylvania children to General Sutter in Lititz for lunch after church.

Flowers and a card from Jere and Kristen’s family.

Our crew. I am so honored to do life with them. They are the best!

Notice that our oldest and youngest are not paying attention to the photographer. 🙂

Okay, now we have everyone’s attention.

An appetizer for the table.

Dinner is served.

My favorite meal at General Sutter – Chicken & Leek Pie

Apple Caramel Toffee Pie

Chocolate Lava Cake

Pretzel Salted Caramel Ice Cream Cake 

My Limoncello Cake – A Sicilian lemon infused sponge cake, Italian mascarpone. Oh, yum!


I love, love going out with these guys. We missed you Mark and Diane.