Birthday Breakfast

Friday, June 9

This was our first time to eat at Corner House Grill.

We ate here before – but when it had a different name and owner.

I had my camera along, but forgot to take pictures when we were inside.

This breakfast was for my sister, Nancy’s, birthday.

I was taking care of our great grandson, Anthony, so it was great fun to have him along.

I took a few small toys, so after eating his pancake, he played while Nancy and I caught up on each other’s lives. I took this picture when we got back to her house, just to document that we had been together. 🙂

Hershey Pavilion Cleanup

Monday Morning, May 29 – Memorial Day

Ian weed-eating

It was a wet, drizzly morning, but we couldn’t find another day that suited everyone, so we just postponed it about an hour – and the weather did get better.

Jere, Ian, Jared, and Jesse were the first to arrive.


Jesse was in charge of cleaning up the sandbox.

Cerwin cleaned out the fire pit.

I have been doing the weed-eating for years, then a few years ago my Dale joined me, and this year Ian helped as well. That makes it go much faster.

I started at 8:30 to have the pavilion area finished by the time others arrived to rake the leaves.

This is what happens when the grass is wet. 🙂

Josiah was the next to arrive.

Pretty mushrooms

Jeff burns the trash.

Our sister-in-law Dot and her granddaughters Emma and Victoria washed the picnic tables.

Our niece Amy and daughters Heidi and Lindsey.


Dot and Miranda

Sisters – Miranda, Heidi, and Lindsey looking for earthworms.

I think they were going fishing.

My brother Dale and our daughter-in-law Chris.

Victoria and Dot


My sister Nancy

Lindsey, Amy, Heidi

Jesse, Josiah, Dot and Ian

Chris and Nancy

Velma – our step-mother always cleans the pavilion bathroom -which is on the back of Anne’s house.

I said to a few of the others, “I wonder when you are old enough to retire from this job?” She just turned 93. 🙂

Anne – our sister-in-law in the lavender jacket, lives in the house that adjoins the pavilion. She came to recruit a few guys to get some small, fallen trees from her perennial garden.

Josiah took one end and Ian and Jared the other.

It was a bit heavy for the younger boys, so Nathan came to their rescue.

Jordan moved his wheelbarrow out of the way of the tree-carrying guys.





The bathroom is finished, now Mother is sweeping the walkway.

Emma, Gloria, and Victoria

Jesse on his way to chop down a branch for Anne

After Cerwin sawed the logs into pieces Nathan split them.

It reminded me of when his dad (Jeff) and uncle (Jere) lived at home and did this job now and then.

Nancy is in charge of this lunch and by 10:45 was preparing the dishes because the job was finished.

We each bring something – some items leftover from the previous day’s picnic.

The leaves were really wet, so Jeff had to gradually add them so the fire wasn’t smothered.

Anne hung her hammock – to the joy of these girls.

Jesse – being the smart boy he is – sat in the treehouse above them and dropped M & M’s on them. 🙂

Prayer at 11:00.

Dale, Amy, Chris and Victoria roasting their lunch.

We had a great turnout – THANKS, EVERYONE!

After lunch Cerwin and I went to Dustan and Jenna’s new house for peonies. I planted three clumps along the border – between our yard and the pavilion area.

Dustan and Jenna bought a new house with a yard and garden that needed reworked. They dug what they wanted – as did a few others. I noticed the peonies when we picked they up for Sight and Sound a few days earlier and learned that we could have what we wanted.

They were almost finished blooming, but next year I will have some of my own!

Bruce Hershey Family ~ Spring Picnic

Sunday, May 28

Though it was a foggy Sunday morning, I was glad the weather forecast looked like we could be outside in the afternoon.

This picnic is at our house and there were about seventy people signed up to attend. We can seat sixty-two people in our garage and kitchen, but need the outside for the overflow and the many children who like to run around and play in our yard.

This family gathering is my siblings and their children and grandchildren.

The little children love my bird feeding area and worry their parents. I tell the parents to just let them play. The birds will find the seed wherever it is. 🙂

This was the first time most of us met Rob and Jess’ twins – Isla and Iris.

They are my brother Clair’s granddaughters. In these pictures they are being held by Dot – my brother Dale’s wife – and our youngest daughter, Deb.

Time for lunch.

Every family brings something. We use an online program called Perfect Potluck for food signup.

The twins were not the only babies. This is Jared and Andi’s little one.

I loved watching these two – Elyse and Lucy – walk around holding hands.

Roy and Deb’s contribution to the day is an egg hunt – along with cute prizes.

Children age 12 and above hid the eggs – many in plain sight.

Waiting for the word – go!

Watching the children

After each child found the amount of eggs they were allotted, they went to Deb for their prizes.

Some eggs have money inside, some candy, and others say, “prize.” Each gets to choose from a wide array of prizes.

I loved seeing the variety of hair colors – especially in the children.

We have many blonds, a few red heads, and several with dark brown or black hair.

Another mix of hair colors.

Looks like someone received a kite.

It was Vince and Kate’s Lincoln.

Neil and Hillary also have a Lincoln. I think he is the one with brown hair two photos back.

Jackson was intent on playing with his new car.

It was a great day – cloudy and warm. Perfect for an outdoor event.

It began drizzling about the time people began to leave then rained during the evening.

Anthony & Garden Tea

It was a beautiful day to cut garden tea.

The locust trees were blooming…

…and fields were being prepared for crops.

Anthony was here for a few hours and enjoyed helping me cut our mint tea.

Our next job was washing it.

Then it was seeped in boiling water.

Anthony was no longer here when it was chilled and ready to drink.



Sunday in Maine

May 14



Lydia making breakfast. I think these are called Eggs in a Cloud.

She and Hannah have an apartment on a farm where both milk cows – several miles away.

These are made by separating the eggs, whipping the whites, then adding the yokes, cheese, seasonings and whatever you desire: bacon, ham, spinach, etc.

This it what a spinach one looks like after it has been baked.

Bacon and sweet potato flowers.

If I remember correctly, Hannah made these ahead of time.

Sausage from Bisson’s Meat Market – the farm where the girls live.

After breakfast we went to Brunswick Church of the Brethren,Whales, Maine.



The main course for lunch was chicken with bacon and cheese.


It was Mother’s Day, so Diane asked me to take a picture of her with their three Maine children: Elizabeth, Lydia, and Hannah. Josiah and Abigail live in Pennsylvania and Hezekiah lives in Tennessee. (They each called in their Mother’s Day wishes.)

Nsimba reading something in Diane’s bird book.

He and Elizabeth came after their fellowship meal at Lewiston Church of the Brethren, Lewiston, Maine.

Hannah went home to milk cows while Elizabeth, Lydia, Diane, and I played Take One – a form of Scrabble.



This was the first time in thirty years that I had love feast and communion with Diane – and the first time ever with Lydia. This was at Brunswick Church of the Brethren.

These photos were taken with my cell phone.

The lamb and rice soup they have for the love feast meal.

Breaking bread

My piece of unleavened bread

Grape juice

It was a blessed Mother’s Day for me.

Traveling to Maine

Friday, May 5

We left early – as usual – to make the nine-and-a half to ten hour trip to Maine. It seems that we have been traveling in rain a lot the past few weeks. I took this picture at 5:30, and we had already been on the road about twenty minutes.

This picture was taken about the same time – with the focus on the road instead of the window.

Fifteen minutes later we were watching a beautiful sunrise as we traveled east on I-78.

We traveled in heavy traffic about 7:30, but were able to keep moving at a good speed.

Cerwin took the route by the Tappan Zee Bridge (over the Hudson River) because he wanted to see the progress on the new bridge. They got a lot of work done since we were last over it in early January.

We crossed the bridge into Maine just after 1:00 PM.

It looked like springtime when we arrived at Mark and Diane’s house at 3:30 PM.

They are about two or three weeks behind us, so it felt like we were seeing early springtime all over again.

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I asked Diane if she wanted to go with me on a walk. We stopped to look at the swampy area between their house and the Catholic church.

She began checking for tadpoles that she thought should be swimming in the water.

She said the green “mass” is frog eggs. She thinks these are the tree frogs they hear at night. (We heard them that night. They are quite loud.)

As our eyes adjusted to the water, we began seeing tadpoles.

Then we continued our walk around the church.

This is a nice walk because the long entrance and exit roads to and from the church are behind Mark and Diane’s house – meaning there is no traffic. Unless you happen to be walking about the time of a service.

You can enter the church driveway beside the Myers’ drive way and return by going only a short distance on the road by their house.

Flowers next to the church

We came back to the house through the back yard and garden area. Their rhubarb will soon be ready to cut.

They garden with raised boxes.

Strawberries are coming through the ground.

Lydia and Hannah came for supper – and brought dessert.

Their delicious dessert. If I remember correctly is was a cheese cake with caramel topping.


We had a great evening catching up on their lives and making plans for the next morning when Lydia would graduate from college.

We Can Always Depend on Our Children to Pray for Us!

I loved the quick responses when I sent out a quick prayer request to our children last night when Cerwin discovered that he was missing a hearing aid:

“Aww. Will do.”

“Oh, dear! Praying that he finds it.”

“Oh, crap!”

“Oh no, sending prayers.”

Cerwin was concerned that he had trouble understanding a question I asked and reached up to his right ear to make sure the hearing aid was in correctly. That is when he discovered it was missing. 

He quickly searched around the la-zee-boy where he was sitting. Then, because he had been cleaning the lawnmower after supper, he supposed it was in that area. We could not find it. 

I helped a bit, then went to bed. 

He came and told me that he will look more in the morning, then came to the living room to watch a hunting program. When he picked up his laptop and opened it to do some research, he found the hearing aid laying on the computer keys.

He quickly came to the bedroom with his praise report.

I’m not sure which prayer request got to the Lord, but we are thankful he found it. 🙂 

It would be fun to know how it got on the laptop keys. It was probably loosened when he worked on the lawnmower and fell out when he prepared to move the laptop from his lap to the table. He always closes the laptop before putting on the light stand beside him.

We will never know, but praise the Lord that it was not buried in lawnmower grass.

Ladies Luncheon

Tuesday, May 2

Velma, Chris, Deb, Diane, Chris, Abby and Anthony

Since Mark and Diane were here for a week – and there was no day when it suited everyone to get together for Cerwin’s birthday, we decided to do a ladies luncheon at Lititz Family Cupboard. They make specialty iced teas. On this day it was strawberry mango and coconut peach. I was delighted with the taste of the coconut peach.

This was actually the first picture – while the other ladies were talking to a friend who came to our table and I waited for everyone to be ready for a group photograph.

What fun to have other ladies come to our table – who heard that Doris was here with her girls. 🙂

We chose a variety of lunch items – taco salad (above), soups and sandwiches.

Anthony enjoyed the ice cream cone that came with his meal.

Anthony with Great-Great-Grandma Hershey

Kristen came from work so had a stethoscope with her. Anthony wasn’t sure about it so she showed him how to listen to his heart.

That made him smile.

Oh, what a fun lunch.

Cerwin’s Birthday Party #1

Sunday, April 30

Actually, this first picture is from Saturday night after supper when Hezekiah, Jesse, Diane, and Jared played Qwirkle.

I accidentally saved it in Sunday’s file. 🙂

We had Sunday lunch after church with those who were in the house – or arrived about lunch time. Clockwise: Jesse, Deb, Jared, Ian, Heze, Mark, Diane, Josiah, and Cerwin.

During the afternoon we had a great time playing a kind of progressive Scum. There were two tables of five. After each game determined a king and queen, the king and queen exchanged tables.

Cerwin must be Scum, because he is dealing cards. 🙂

Look who is dealing the cards now.

Look at Mark’s face.

At times we laughed until our bellies hurt.

Jared was telling us silly jokes.

Oh, dear, I’m dealing again.

After Jere and Kristen got back from Washington DC – where they went for the weekend to celebrate her birthday – we moved the tables so we could have six at each table.

Cerwin made hamburgers and hot dogs for those who were able to come to this birthday party.

I love the cakes at Lititz Family Cupboard “Cake & Cup”. I told them that Cerwin enjoyed hunting. They made a target on top and camouflage on the side.

His birthday was a week earlier, but we waited until Mark and Diane were here.

Heze and Grandpa share a love of bluegrass. Since Heze now lives near Nashville, he went to the Ryman to buy Cerwin a coffee cup.

As you can see, he received some other goodies.

Jere set off a firework before he and his family headed for home.

Anthony received this big truck from Uncle Hezekiah and used it to help grandma clear the tables.

A few of the guys decided to play Ticket to Ride (Rails & Sails).

Heze, Josiah, Mark and Nathaniel.

A game of Qwirkle was being played at the other end of the set of tables.

Cerwin, Abby, and Diane

It was an incredibly fun day.

I love having family under our roof.

Pizza & a Movie

Saturday, April 22

We enjoyed a delightful evening with Jere and Kristen’s family – to celebrate Cerwin’s birthday.

First they took us to Pizza Hut for supper.

Then we went to Penn Cinema to see Born in China.

From the Internet: Born In China” follows the adventures of three animal families the majestic panda, the savvy golden monkey and the elusive snow leopard. Featuring stunning imagery, the film navigates the vast terrain from the frigid mountains to the heart of the bamboo forest on the wings of a red-crowned crane, showcasing remarkably intimate family moments captured on film for the first time ever.

We arrived early and relaxed before others arrived.

This room got quite full by the time the movie began.

It was amazing to watch the lives of these animals through out the four seasons of a year on a big screen.

I kept thinking, “How did they get that picture?”

The scenery was breath-taking.

At the end they showed many of the photographers and some cute candid shots.

Thanks, Jere and Kristen, for the delightful evening.

That is a movie worth seeing.