A Beautiful, Cool, Autumn Morning

Wednesday, October 19

fall-1It’s interesting to look at pictures from a week and a half ago, because the corn was harvested a few days ago. (Stay tuned for pictures of that – probably a week from now.)


fall-3I am thoroughly enjoying these beautiful mornings.




fall-7Even the sky looks cool and beautiful these mornings.

The Last Flowers & Leaves Of The Year

Monday, November 9

Last flowers and leaves (1)I thought I better get some pictures before all the flowers and leaves are gone.

Last flowers and leaves (2)Yarrow

Last flowers and leaves (3)

Last flowers and leaves (4)Most of the leaf-shedding trees will soon be bare.

Last flowers and leaves (5)

Last flowers and leaves (6)I was surprised to see that our one cherry tree still had many leaves.

Last flowers and leaves (7)

Last flowers and leaves (8)

Last flowers and leaves (9)I think this was a dogwood tree.

Last flowers and leaves (10)

Last flowers and leaves (11)Most leaves on the trees and on the ground look something like this.

Last flowers and leaves (13)

Last flowers and leaves (12)There are still a few nuts on the trees – but most are on the ground, or hidden in secret places by the squirrels.

Last flowers and leaves (14)Our beautiful crepe myrtle bush is reduced to this – until next summer.

Last flowers and leaves (17)It is getting easier and easer to see the sky from our yard.

Last flowers and leaves (15)

Last flowers and leaves (16)I love finding beauty in all situations and seasons.

Morning Beauty

Tuesday, November 3

DSC_4484I suppose by now you can tell that I enjoy beautiful fall mornings.

DSC_4485Our tall shellbark trees were pretty this year.

DSC_4487Our Japanese Maple

DSC_4488My brothers are letting this corn dry in the field – I expect to harvest the ears. It seems like many years since they have done this. I guess they had enough silage this year.

DSC_4489The dogwood tree on our patio

DSC_4491Morning dew



DSC_4511Our lilac bush


DSC_4501Though the leaves were quickly falling by early November, there were still a few pretty ones in the woods.

DSC_4502 DSC_4513







DSC_4524I love the beauty of fall.

Magnificent Morning

Thursday, October 29

1When I looked out a front window and saw this, I decided to take my camera outside.

1aaThis is what I saw on the patio.

1bMy next view was this, so I decided to get into another position because of the beauty in front of me.

DSC_4412Still looking for a better view.

DSC_4419There it is!


DSC_4420When the morning looks like this, you want to stop time.

DSC_4421Since I can’t stop time, I just kept taking pictures.




DSC_4430It was a magnificent morning.

Noontime Beauty In Our Yard

Monday, October 26

1 (1)I just couldn’t resist going outside on this beautiful fall day two weeks ago.

1 (2)


2 (1)

2 (2)

3 (1)

3 (2)

3 (3)

3 (4)

3 (5)

4 (1)Part of me is sad to see this beauty falling to the ground, but I know that cold weather and winter must come – and that is beautiful too.

4 (2)Until then I will enjoy these brilliant leaves – even though some of them were beginning to look tattered.

5 (1)

5 (2)

5 (3)


DSC_4390 DSC_4397

DSC_4396Photos by Doris – Beauty by God

Afternoon Beauty

Sunday, October 25

DSC_4355Decorative grass at Landis Homes


DSC_4369Driving home from our visit with Mother.








DSC_4381The church where I made the decision to follow Jesus – sixty years ago.

DSC_4384The meadow I used to play in when I was a little girl was beautiful in the late afternoon sun.

A Tea With Our Daughter Deb

Saturday, October 24

tea (1)It was a beautiful fall afternoon for the one-hour drive to RD’s American Grill near Quarryville.

tea (2)

tea (3)

tea (4)

tea (5)The ladies of RD’s do a fabulous job with their teas.

tea (6)Our daughter Deb lives nearby and helps with the setup.

tea (7)

tea (8)My cute table mates – Lily and Eva

tea (9)

tea (10)A few of the hats

tea (11)

tea (12)

tea (13)

tea (14)Some decorations

tea (15)

tea (16)

tea (17)

tea (18)The food

tea (19)

tea (20)

tea (21)

tea (22)

tea (24)This warm dip was delicious!

tea (25)

tea (26)

tea (27)

tea (28)

tea (29)

tea (30)

tea (31)

tea (32)

tea (33)

tea (34)

tea (35)

tea (36)

tea (37)Deb (right) and her friend Naomi sat across the table from me.

Thanks, Deb, for inviting me.

tea (38)The tea was delightful, and it was so much fun to sit with these two young ladies.

tea (39)Then it was time to drive home.

tea (40)The leaves were just coming into their peak color.

tea (41)Almost home

tea (42)Home

tea (43)

tea (44)It has been a beautiful fall in our area.

A Beautiful Day To Buy A Trailer (for chapel construction)

Friday, October 23

1 (1)Leaves were at peak color during the fourth weekend of October, so I tried to take advantage of the morning sun.

1 (2)

1 (3)

10-23-15a (3)A bus of students on the way to school.

10-23-15a (10)

10-23-15a (11)

10-23-15a (13)Look what jumped into my photo.

10-23-15a (17)

10-23-15a (18)

11Later in the day, Cerwin and Glenn Fahnestock went to a nearby trailer auction.

They were pleased with the purchase price of this 53’ Utility MFG trailer for the next chapel construction project. The purchase was made possible by a donation from “Friends of the Bucks-Montgomery Chapter.” It will become part of our new strategic driver wellness initiative. Cerwin is excited about the challenge of using a new chapel design. Stay tuned for updates as we make progress.