Our Shasta Daisies

I know summer is here when our Shasta daisies are in full bloom.

It is easy to look at them as a group and miss all that is going on in the white and yellow beauty.

But when I focus on individual flowers, I see other things.

Imperfections, over-the-hill petals, tiny bugs and…

…larger critters.

When I checked out this photo, I noticed a bee that was coming in for a landing. 🙂

I sent this picture and the last one to our brother-in-law Bob Stauffer to ask if they are different species or different ages as the markings seem different.

Maybe it is just the angle of the pictures.

It is fun to have time to check out the details in a bed of Shasta daisies.

Birthday Cake & A Spider

Sunday Afternoon, August 30

Birthday and Spider (1)Gifts for Ian

Birthday and Spider (2)The cake

Birthday and Spider (3)Oh, there are two names on this cake!

Birthday and Spider (4)Their birthdays are two days apart.

Birthday and Spider (5)Animal decorations for Aunt Debbie.

Birthday and Spider (6)

Birthday and Spider (7)Lititz Family Cupboard staff make delicious cakes.

Birthday and Spider (8)The boys wanted to show me Kevin – their spider.

Birthday and Spider (9)From the Internet: The Black and Yellow Argiope is a common orb web spider. Orb web means it spins a web like a circle.

Birthday and Spider (10)Black and Yellow Argiopes live in fields and gardens. They can be found on shrubs, tall plants, and flowers.

Black and Yellow Argiopes eat flying insects that get trapped in the sticky web. The most common ones are aphids, flies, grasshoppers, bees, and wasps.

These spiders prefer sunny places with little or no wind to build their webs. Each night, they eat their web and build a new one.

Birthday and Spider (11)The web of this spider spirals out from the center and can be two feet across. The female builds the large web, and a male will build a smaller web on the outer part of her web. The male’s web is a thick zig-zag of white silk.

Birthday and Spider (12)Boys, I think you are going to have to change Kevin’s name to Kevinette. 🙂