Road Trip ~ Surprise & Friends

Saturday, July 5

03-DSC_3863After returning from my photo shoot (previous post), and while Howard and Cerwin worked on the air conditioner, I went to the living quarters area to meet the volunteer chaplain who had arrived just before I got there.

01-DSC_3858After learning that his name was Bob, I learned that he was a retired missionary from Indonesia.

Since we have missionary friends in Papua, Indonesia, I began asking more specific questions and soon discovered that we knew the same people – Kevin and Beth!

Bob was a retired missionary pilot with MAF and Kevin is a current pilot with MAF. Bob knew Kevin’s dad. Bob said he knew Kevin since he was a little boy. And I have known Beth since she was a little girl.

I send a Facebook message to Kevin to tell him that I was visiting with Bob Johanson on one of our chapels, and that he was now a volunteer chaplain with TFC.

This is the message that Kevin sent back.

“Give him greeetings from me – he evaluated my dad for service with MAF, before we came to the field when I was a kid and his service here was really selfless. What a blessing for you to cross paths with him!”
I had the most amazing visit with Bob. When he learned of my interest in the area, he showed me a video about translating the Bible into the language of an Indonesian tribe.
He told me that in the early days this tribe of people had never seen a door, a cross, nails, or a lamb, so imagine finding words to say that Jesus is the Door, that he was nailed to a cross, or that He is the Lamb of God.
He said that in the early days they had to explain Jesus as the “pig” of God until they could show them what a lamb was.
04-DSC_3864He told me stories that were so fascinating about this remote tribe and how the missionaries developed an alphabet for them and eventually (after many years) published a Bible in their language.

06-DSC_3869I will treasure that one-hour conversation for a very long time.


08-DSC_3871When Chaplain Howard’s wife, Dorinda, arrived at noon, it was time for Bob to leave and for us to go for lunch.

09-DSC_3873We had a delicious, delightful lunch with Dorinda and Howard. We treasure their friendship and always have lots to talk about.

10-DSC_3875Howard got an interesting lunch that was baked in tin foil.

11-DSC_3877Dorinda’s lunch

13-DSC_3879Cerwin and I were meeting friends for supper, so ordered a very light lunch. He got a bowl of soup.

12-DSC_3878I got a small salad and a cup of soup.

14-DSC_3883When we were about to leave, Volunteer Chaplain Roger and his wife, Ann, came to the restaurant. While we were hugging and talking, we asked the waitress to seat them next to us. I think we stayed for another hour. I took this picture when we were leaving – at the same time. We had so much fun with them.

15-DSC_3884Ann thought we should get Dorinda in the previous photo, but she was ahead of us in getting to their van because she knows it takes a bit of a process for her to get inside. (She was paralyzed in a car accident shortly after their wedding many years ago.)

She is an amazing woman and certainly doesn’t let her handicap hinder her life. She was our driver – to and from the chapel.

17-DSC_3889Back at the chapel we had another pleasant surprise. When we were at the restaurant my phone beeped, so I looked to see if it was a message from Kevin in Indonesia. It was not, but I noticed that my blog and Facebook friend Christy had just posted something, so I told her that we were at the chapel.

She asked how long we would be there. I said maybe three or four o’clock.

16-DSC_3887I was so pleased that she and Ed took time to come see us. Ed also serves as a volunteer chaplain.

18-DSC_3891We have been blog friends for many years – when both of us blogged on Xanga.

This turned into a day of one blessing after another.

And I expected to have a quiet day of doing counted-cross stitch while the men worked. 🙂

19-DSC_3894When the air conditioner was installed and we had put all of Cerwin’s tools (and the old air conditioner) in our car, I took a picture of Howard with his cycle.

It seems that he wants to show it to “someone” at the International Office. 🙂


It was time to go to our motel and freshen up for supper.

I’ll tell you about that tomorrow night.

Meeting the Jutzi’s

I was excited to receive a Facebook message from a blog friend (Juanita) on Friday morning saying they were in the Lancaster area to see Noah at Sight and Sound, and were toying with the idea of going to TFC’s International Office.

1 (1)   I messaged her back. “If you decide to do that, call me as I have a half hour drive to the office.”

1 (2)A short time later my phone rang and it was Juanita saying they were going to be at the office between 1:15 and 1:30 in the afternoon.

1 (3)They have a special interest in Transport For Christ as John has worked for Erb Transport for forty years and knows our overseas director, Murray Scott, his wife, Audrey, and their son Kevin (Assistant Overseas Director).

DSC_4781Cerwin did some work at the Harrisburg Chapel on Friday morning and was on the road getting supplies for the Hudson, Wisconsin, chapel, but since he knew when John and Juanita were going to be at the shop and office, he scheduled his day to be there when they arrived.

DSC_4780John had lots of questions about chapel construction, and both were surprised at how rough a trailer looks before it is transformed into a chapel.

DSC_4782Cerwin and several volunteers began installing the base floor on Thursday.

DSC_4784After that we took them inside International Chapel #2 – a promotional chapel. I should have had my big flash on the camera because it was fairly dark inside as it is not hooked up to electricity or a generator.


DSC_4788Our last tour was inside the office. Inge was interested to know of their history with TFC.

I was delighted to meet Juanita and John after knowing her for many years through our blogs.