A Birthday Party for Jana

Sunday, April 2

Kristen made homemade noodles for Jana’s choice of fettuccini for lunch.

This looks like ingredients for a delicious salad.

Sparkling grape juice

Jana putting rolls in a basket

Colt hoping that someone will give him a snack.

Those at our table: Cerwin, Jana, Deb, Jared, and Josh

The other table – clockwise: Kristen, Mother Hershey, Roy, Jesse, Ian, and Jere. (You already met those at the other table.)

Lunch is prepared.

Chicken breasts


Peas (I probably didn’t have to identify these.) 🙂

The honored guest gets to go first.

My plate

Time to open gifts and cards

Roy and Deb gave her some fun things for a future mission trip.

She has been accepted by YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and will be going to Cape Town, South Africa, in late September.

Jere and Kristen invited us to go along to visit when she graduates from YWAM. Yes, we are dreaming of going to South Africa next spring! 🙂

She will graduate from high school in June and – just maybe – go on a short back-packing mission trip to Europe.

Birthday cake

Notice the plane and luggage.

There were cookies between the layers.


It was a fun birthday lunch.

Snow & Birds & Gifts

Thursday, February 9

Day six of my birthday week

I was glad that I didn’t have to go anywhere on this day.

We have had so little snow this year that I treasure every snowflake we get. 🙂

A starling in its winter feathers.

After enjoying the snow and birds, I opened the goodie bags that our daughter Deb gave us yesterday.

The book in the center – Brothers by Choice – is a cute story about two of Roy and Deb’s rescues – Evan Opossum and Dale Squirrel.

Deb and I each received 5 containers of body cream from the owner of the nail salon yesterday.

The afternoon sun melted some of the snow, making pretty ice formations on bird feeders.

Could you put some fresh seed in the feeders. This is cold and wet.

Birthday Supper at Inn 422

Wednesday, February 8

We don’t get here very often, but Cerwin knows that this will be my choice if I choose my favorite restaurant.

My salad

My favorite meal here is a breakfast: Eggs En Cocotte (Sheared Eggs, Baked with Asparagus, Lump Crab Meat & Mornay Sauce)

When our waitress saw Cerwin taking pictures of me, she offered to take pictures of the two of us.

Then we got a picture of her.

It had been more than a year since we were here and the first thing she said to us was, “It’s been a long time since you were here.” I felt honored that she remembered us.

My lemon meringue pie

Cerwin’s pecan pie

It was a delicious, relaxing way to spend a birthday evening.

Sunday, February 5

Day two of my week-long birthday celebration.

I love to celebrate what God has done in my life and the people and beauty He has given me – and continues to give.

I challenge myself to celebrate life all 360 days in a year, but I up that celebration to a higher level during my birthday week.

Thank you, Lord, that we were invited to have Sunday lunch at Kyle and Korina’s house (they didn’t even know their lunch was part of my celebration), and for their other guests: Meredith, Joyce, John, and Lois.

When we got home, this female Downy was having supper.

Then, before I even walked away from the window this beautiful male Red-bellied Woodpecker came to the same feeder.

Another highlight of the day was a visit from our youngest son Jere.

He and Kristen intended to invite us for lunch – to help celebrate Josh’s birthday – but we were invited to Kyle and Korina’s place first. (Jere and Kristen’s oldest son Josh and I share the same birthdate.)

He brought me the gifts I would have received at their house. This was a large, delicious chocolate chip cookie.

A card

There was also a small package.

They know me well. I enjoy a cup of decaf coffee with supper almost ever night.


Thank you, Lord, for:

Sundays. A day to refresh my spiritual being with a fabulous church family.

Friends who invite us for a delicious lunch and ears to hear the interesting conversation during the afternoon.

Family. I am delighted that I get to do life with them.

Eyes to see birds

Taste buds to enjoy a delicious lunch, cookies and coffee.