Caleb Joshua’s 1st Birthday

Saturday, July 15

Caleb Joshua (or CJ) is our grandnephew – grandson of Cerwin’s brother, Elvin, and his wife Pat – son of our nephew Bryan and his wife, Leslie.

Our daughter Deb with Caleb. Roy and Deb are sometimes weekend babysitters so he is a special little one to them. (Roy happened to be sick this weekend so wasn’t able to attend the party.)

With Uncle Ted

His mom, Leslie, creatively designed a photo collage on a large one.

Daddy Bryan and Uncle Ted

Bryan, Caleb, Ted, Cerwin and Caleb’s grandpa Elvin.

Food table

Our granddaughter Jana and daughter Deb. Jana is an occasional babysitter for CJ.

Caleb did not like his party hat.

His personal cake

It didn’t take him long to figure out what to do with this.

All gone – if I remember correctly, his mom removed some of it so he wouldn’t eat every bite.

The party cake

The gift/toy/play/note table. I didn’t think of taking a picture of the other end of the table. Leslie encouraged everyone to bring a pack of pampers, pull-ups, or wipes to donate to a woman’s/babies center.

Water balloons

Peyton broke a balloon on Caleb’s big brother Bryson.

Caleb chewing on a balloon.

  Jesse and Josh played ladder golf.

Some of the young ones enjoyed the playground equipment.

Cerwin and his brother

Leslie and Caleb saying goodbye to a friend.


Thanks for inviting us – we had a great time.

Jesse’s Birthday Party

Monday, July 3

First thing was taking a picture of Josiah and Josh. Since both have similar haircuts and beards, we thought they really look like cousins.

Josiah was with us for a few days before beginning a trucking job out of North Dakota.

Birthday supper. These three had their own table.

My favorite part of the meal.

After I took this picture, Josh said, “Take another one I was looking down.”

Now everyone is looking, but we have a “photo bomber.” 🙂

Now Deb and Josiah aren’t looking. Oh, well – we have enough pictures. it’s time to eat. 🙂

The birthday cake.

He got a few candles that relit. 🙂

He finally blew them out and stopped them from relighting.

Gift time

I think someone is trying to deceive him. 🙂

Just what he wanted. A tabletop baseball game.

Going to the chicken house to see the new chicks.

If I remember correctly they got two batches of 24 – and a “special gift chick” with each batch. They know this one with a tuft on it’s head is one of them.

They haven’t found the other one yet. Sometimes the gift bird is a rooster.

Picture time before Roy and Deb go home. Deb and Jana.

Jana and Josiah

Jana and her dad

Roy and Jana. I think they were holding up the clouds. 🙂


That was a delicious and fun evening.