Cerwin’s 2nd Birthday Party

Wednesday, April 5

This time we ordered two party trays from Subway.

It was fun having a second party.

It didn’t suit Jeff’s family on Sunday – for the first party – and it didn’t suit Jere’s family, Roy, Deb, Josiah, or Hezekiah on Wednesday evening.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Nathaniel, Abby, Anthony, Mark, and Diane got to go to both parties. 🙂

Anthony blew out the candles.

Jeff and Chris gave Cerwin some fresh asparagus for his birthday.

She is careful to cut it when it is young and perfect.

It was wonderful to have fresh asparagus. Thanks, Jeff and Chris.

A Birthday Party for Jana

Sunday, April 2

Kristen made homemade noodles for Jana’s choice of fettuccini for lunch.

This looks like ingredients for a delicious salad.

Sparkling grape juice

Jana putting rolls in a basket

Colt hoping that someone will give him a snack.

Those at our table: Cerwin, Jana, Deb, Jared, and Josh

The other table – clockwise: Kristen, Mother Hershey, Roy, Jesse, Ian, and Jere. (You already met those at the other table.)

Lunch is prepared.

Chicken breasts


Peas (I probably didn’t have to identify these.) 🙂

The honored guest gets to go first.

My plate

Time to open gifts and cards

Roy and Deb gave her some fun things for a future mission trip.

She has been accepted by YWAM (Youth With a Mission) and will be going to Cape Town, South Africa, in late September.

Jere and Kristen invited us to go along to visit when she graduates from YWAM. Yes, we are dreaming of going to South Africa next spring! 🙂

She will graduate from high school in June and – just maybe – go on a short back-packing mission trip to Europe.

Birthday cake

Notice the plane and luggage.

There were cookies between the layers.


It was a fun birthday lunch.