Sunrise ~ Birds ~ Ice

Monday, January 8

The day started with a brilliant sunrise.

The birds were busy, so I expect they knew the weather  was changing.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Male Cardinal and finch

Our “bibbed” starling

It was an icy afternoon and evening.

I am going to keep taking pictures of our Yellow-bellied Sapsucker as long as she is around.

I know it is a she, because there is no red on its neck.

Birds & Cookies on a Snowy Day

Saturday, January 6

The goldfinches are just beginning to get their yellow winter feathers.

I like that the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker keeps hanging around.

This is another view of the Starling with a “bib”. With this picture I noticed that the “bib” is a bit off to the right side instead of under it’s neck. There are also other disheveled feathers. I’m still not sure if all this is a birth deformity or the result of a fight.


A pretty male Downy Woodpecker.

The Hairy Woodpecker is much larger than the Downy.

They also have a much larger beak than the Downy.

Remember when our granddaughter Jenna gave us a jar of cookie mix for a Christmas gift?

It was a quiet, wintry Saturday – a perfect day to bake cookies.

It was also a perfect evening to have a cup of coffee and two cookies.

I froze most of them – and put four in Dustan and Jenna’s church mailbox the next day. 🙂

More Birds

Thursday, January 4

Diane, I thought you might like to see a few birds that were enjoying the suet ring you gave me.

Male cardinals look so pretty on cold, snowy days.

We have a starling with a bib. Not sure if it was hatched this way or got involved in a fight.

A Downy doesn’t come to the window feeder very often.

Starlings eat at every feeder. 🙂

Never tire of watching birds – even if they are ordinary.

Taking Care of Our Birds

Wednesday, January 3

It was the first time I saw a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker this winter – and she pointed out to me that it was time to refill the suet feeder. Empty feeders are the result of spending five days in Maine. 🙂

This was a gift to me – from Mark and Diane – for my February birthday.

Since it was time to re-fill the feeders, I also hung my new suet wreath on the patio dogwood tree. Notice the nuthatch peeking over the top of the wreath. It was the first bird on the wreath.

The Yellow-bellied Sapsucker soon returned to a feeder – after fluttering away when I brought fresh seeds, suet and the wreath outside.

A male downy woodpecker quickly found the suet feeder. Woodpeckers feed from regular suet feeders – but usually after this is empty or another bird is on this log.


It was good to get back in to the routine of home.

A Starling in It’s Winter Plumage

 Tuesday, December 26

I am always a bit surprised the first time I see a starling in its winter feathers, after having gotten used to seeing them in their spring, summer, and fall dress code of a purple/black metallic sheen.

They are a noisy bird.

They are not native to the United States. My bird books says they were brought to New York City – from Europe – in 1890.

Their bill is black in winter and yellow in summer.

Though they are a very common bird, I find them to be rather pretty.


They can be a pesky bird, but I enjoy all birds – when they aren’t chasing others away from our feeders.

A New Birdfeeder

This is what I brought home from the Steam Show in Berryville, Virginia. I had the hanging apparatus – from a secondhand store – for several years and was looking for something to fit inside it. I had been using baskets, but they rot after a few months.

I found this graniteware strainer at one of the antique vendors. It is a perfect fit.

The matching ladle came from the same vendor.

It didn’t take long for the birds to find it.

A moth even stopped by one evening.

I captured a few other pictures while keeping a check on my new birdfeeder.

I was delighted to find a pair of goldfinches feeding at the newest additions to my feeders.

“Hey, miss. May I eat at this feeder?”

“No, you are not welcome there.”

“Did I hear you correctly. You don’t want me at this feeder?”

“But I like eating here. The seed is fresher than at the ground feeder.”


“No, go back to your tree.”

“Okay, okay, I will leave.”

“Would you reconsider?”