Geranium & Eastern Bluebirds

Monday, April 10

My stepmother gave us a beautiful geranium.

I am anxious to plant it in a flower bed on our patio so we can enjoy it all summer.

I was glad to see a bluebird pair. We rarely see them but know they are in our woods

I think he was looking for a nest.

I have tried mealworms to lure them to our patio, but I am not aware that they noticed them.

They made my day!

Sitting in the Rain

It was a rainy morning, so I decided to take my camera along on my drive to the Lititz Post Office – to deliver a bulk mailing for TFC.

I was hoping the Canada goose couple would be swimming in the farm pond so I could title this “Swimming in the Rain.” ūüôā

They come here every spring to raise their gaggle of goslings.


By the end of the day we had almost three inches of rain and many roads were flooded. Cerwin had to detour from his usual way home from the TFC shop.

Orange & Yellow at Our Feeders

Tuesday, March 29

The robins are back in our woods.

I love to see their bright orange breasts.

I see them in the yard more than in our trees.

The other day I was watching one pulling a worm from the ground. It almost fell over backward when it finally came out of the ground.

I would love to capture a picture of that. ūüôā

The male goldfinches are finally turning yellow.

Is it just me or are they turning yellow later than usual. I thought it usually happens in early March.

In just a few week our eyes will be treated to a brilliant yellow.

I love to live in an area where birds are plentiful and colorful.

A Bit of Snow & Sunshine

This is what our first crocus looked like after a light snow on Friday morning, March 10.

The snow left us with a beautiful landscape.

(This was the small snowfall – before the big snowfall a few days later.)

The geese are still in the field looking for food.

March 11 & 12 were filled with sunshine.

I have been careful about not filling the feeders, because our days have been windy – which is kind of normal for the month of March in our area.

Sunrise & Hawk

Friday, February 17

I never tire of seeing our beautiful winter sunrises.

In the late afternoon we saw this hawk outside one of our windows.

Because of the afternoon shadows, it is difficult to tell if it is a Sharp-shinned or Cooper’s Hawk. I lean toward a Sharp-shinned. What do you think?

Snow & Birds & Gifts

Thursday, February 9

Day six of my birthday week

I was glad that I didn’t have to go anywhere on this day.

We have had so little snow this year that I treasure every snowflake we get. ūüôā

A starling in its winter feathers.

After enjoying the snow and birds, I opened the goodie bags that our daughter Deb gave us yesterday.

The book in the center – Brothers by Choice –¬†is a cute story about two of Roy and Deb’s¬†rescues – Evan Opossum and Dale Squirrel.

Deb and I each received 5 containers of body cream from the owner of the nail salon yesterday.

The afternoon sun melted some of the snow, making pretty ice formations on bird feeders.

Could you put some fresh seed in the feeders. This is cold and wet.

Great American Outdoor Show ~ Part 2

Monday, February 6 ~ Harrisburg, PA

Raptors Up Close – Birds of Prey – The Ultimate Hunters

Because I enjoy birds, I made sure to be in the small arena at 11:30.

I like listening to¬†Howard Caldwell’s information¬†about his birds. The first one¬†was a Great Horned Owl. (Do you think he noticed that I was taking his picture?) ūüôā

This is a female Barn Owl. He said the male is a bit whiter.

Farmers like them because they keep the mouse population down around the barns.

I love their eyes and faces.

He talked a bit about the history of hunting with birds of prey.

His son Jason is getting into falconry – which takes a lot of permits, work, and time.

This Red Tailed Hawk is wearing a hood – which is placed on the bird to keep them calm. They use their eyes to look for prey, so it might not be good if the bird saw a small dog or other small animal.

Harris Hawks are beautiful raptors that live in groups and hunt in pairs.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about these birds.

Snow Geese

Monday, February 6 (day three of my week of birthday events and celebrations)

We went to the post office in Lititz early Monday morning Рwith a bulk mailing for TFC Рbecause our excursion of the day was The Great American Outdoor Show at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

After leaving the post office we saw a large flock of snow geese in a field not far from our place.

They are quite noisy and constantly moving.

We saw one reminder of our Lancaster County area before getting on the main roads and turnpike on our way to Harrisburg.


Tomorrow night – scenes from The Great American Outdoor Show.